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Ending The Victimization Of Alleged Perpetrators Of Assault

Emma Sulkowicz performing ‘Mattress Project’ In July of this year, Columbia University settled alleged rapist Paul Nungesser’s lawsuit against the school for gender-based discrimination. Nungesser was accused of raping then-fellow Columbia...Show More Summary

On Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

The ban is discriminatory. Historically, changes in military policies have been indicative of broader fights for social change in America. For example, the military’s desegregation in 1948 reflected the Civil Rights movement’s progress...Show More Summary

The Adultification Of Black Girls

Black girls are seen as older and less innocent than their white counterparts The results of a recently published Georgetown Law study that found Black girls experience “adultification”—or are seen as older and less innocent than their white counterparts—might be surprising to some, but certainly not to those in the Black community. Show More Summary

DACA Might Be At Risk. Here’s What That Means.

Support DACA. After immigrant youth spent years relentlessly organizing and protesting against U.S. deportation laws, President Obama signed an executive order called Deferred Action for Children Act (DACA) in 2012. DACA was createdShow More Summary

Why Is There Still A Rape Kit Backlog?

We need justice for survivors. There are very few (if any) women who haven’t thought about it. We think about it as we walk to our cars after a night out, as we jog around the block after the sun’s been down for hours, as we watch our little sisters leave home. Show More Summary

On Chester Bennington’s Death, Masculinity, And Mental Illness

Chester Bennington Chester Bennington, the frontman of Linkin Park, was a rock legend, an important cultural icon, and a man who, like many, suffered from depression. On July 20, the 41-year-old took his own life. Bennington, who was...Show More Summary

How This Youth Council Is Helping Queer Muslims

Urooj Arshad Our government has a way of minimizing its destructive influence on the minorities of this nation by convincing us that we’re the problem—that we’re all out to get each other and everyone else—so we lose focus on the systemic...Show More Summary

The Fight To Exclude Gender On This Baby’s Birth Certificate

Why do we assign genders at birth? “Is it a boy or a girl?” everyone asks immediately upon learning of a pregnancy or birth. It’s a question that dictates the name parents give their baby, determines the color they paint the nursery, and even catalyzes the shade of powder for a viral gender reveal at baby showers. Show More Summary

What We Can Learn From The Seneca Falls Convention Over 160 Years Later

Seneca Falls Convention The Seneca Falls Convention, which is perhaps best remembered for its demand for women’s suffrage, was held on July 19, 1848. And yet 169 years later, American women continue to struggle within the confines of...Show More Summary

The Troubling Sexism That Persists In Tech

Lack of representation isn’t the only problem Last April, I attended a meeting of Angel investors—individuals who invest personal funds in startups and other early-stage companies—that gathers every couple of months in Portland, Oregon to hear pitches and decide whether to invest. Show More Summary

We Can’t Ignore Trump’s Sexist Treatment Of Female Reporters

Trump’s sexism has to stop From his comments about “pussy grabbing” to the restrictive reproductive policies he pushes to the lack of women on his staff, it’s understandable why so many women are uncomfortable with and resistant to President Trump. Show More Summary

An Interview With Internship Expert Emily White

Emily White’s ‘Interning 101? Emily White is a respected leader in both the music and sports industries. She launched her first company Whitesmith Entertainment in 2009 and has overseen the careers of various musicians and comedians who went on to create Grammy-nominated albums and Emmy Award-Winning writing. Show More Summary

Examining The Gender Imbalance At Music Festivals

Why are music festivals still so male dominated? It was 2014 and I was getting ready to soak up the sun and enjoy an alternative rock music festival in Boston. As I browsed the lineup—which included big names like Bleachers, Twenty One...Show More Summary

This Teen Created An Abortion Map To Tackle Accessibility

Credit: Maddy Rasmussen Abortion. It’s a word that historically has not  been spoken very loudly, but rather quietly murmured from one woman to the next. Over the years, however, these murmurs have turned into yells; women have demanded and continue to demand that their voices are heard. Show More Summary

Being An Ally At Pride

Pride I have lived in the Bay Area for the past two years since starting college at UC Berkeley, and have attended two San Francisco Pride Parades. I love going to our Pride, which is the largest gathering of the LGBTQ community andShow More Summary

Student Loan Debt Is A Feminist Issue

The truth about women and debt While sifting through the simmering remains of the 2016 election, liberals have seemed a little too, oh, distracted to fully interrogate the issues millennials most vocally supported while Trump’s bid for president was still being covered as entertainment. Show More Summary

The Invisibility of Muslim Girls and Women Must End

Art by @nerdybrownkid This past week, a teenage girl identified as Nabra Hassanen was brutally murdered. She was attacked on her way home—assaulted by a man with a gun, beaten with a metal bat, and discarded into a body of water. Before...Show More Summary

Destigmatizing HPV and Cervical Cancer

No shame in learning about sexual health The most obvious reason why abstinence-only education is terrible is the unintended pregnancies that frequently occur as a result from it. But there are actually even more serious potential consequences...Show More Summary

Why The Rihanna-Lupita-Ava-Issa Buddy Comedy Is So Important

We can’t wait for their buddy comedy It started as an innocent, clever, and creative tweet. A picture of Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o sitting next to one another at a fashion show in 2014 was making its rounds on the Internet. The duoShow More Summary

Why We Must Stop The Texas Bathroom Ban

These bans are about so much more than bathrooms. Talking to people in my home state of Texas about policies related to gender identity often feels like screaming at a solid wall of concrete—especially when it comes to policies that curb the rights of transgender individuals. Show More Summary

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