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Doggie Not Down With Human Doing Yoga

6 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

Upstaging yoga-practicing humans is doggie de rigueur on the Internets but somehow it just does. not. get. old. Note to self: wipe down yoga mat before and after each use. Also: use a yoga mat. You may also like… What Happens In Dog Yoga Class Pets Interrupting Yoga is Adorable, Hilarious, and So, So True […]

10 Ways To Resist As A Yogi

7 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

In the wake of the recent domestic terrorism attack in Charlottesville, many are wondering what can be done to fight oppression. Oppression and systemic racism have always had a strong hold on our nation, but with the circus that is the current presidency, blatant racism is on the rise.

Reflections On Michael Stone, Mental Health And Yoga’s Cult Of Positivity

7 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

It's over a month now that Michael Stone is gone. What a strange word that is: gone. Gone, Gone, Gone beyond Gone utterly beyond

Are You Ready For The Eclipse? Warnings, Rituals And Other Fascinating Tidbits

7 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

Eclipses have always been ripe for radical change, according to astrology. This upcoming “Great American Eclipse,” as it’s so been dubbed, could very well be just the perfectly timed cosmic catalyst this country needs to cause even more disruption to our already fragile state. Is it good? Is it bad? That’s for us to find […]

Stop Outsourcing Your Self-Care

7 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

Self-care is all the rage and along with this surge in popularity, a certain watering down has also occurred. I’m not knocking the move to mainstream. We ALL need to prioritize care for ourselves in the hustle and bustle of daily li...

Want To Be An Expert Yoga Teacher? 

7 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

Here it is, the video you’ve been waiting for! Phew…we could use a laugh, huh? While the world’s kundalini is coiled tighter than a handbasket to hell, JP Sears is here to bring us what we can only describe as…wait, are those skin-tight yoga pants or is this man just half cheetah? JP Sears, well-known […]

More People Are Doing Yoga To Survive In Trump’s America—Let Us Not Retreat

8 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

While our national healthcare hangs in the balance, some people are taking wellness into their own hands—a lot of them out of sheer necessity, and for some, maybe even a little desperation? (Serenity NOW.) But it doesn’t go unwarranted. We are living in a brand new era, one the likes of which we have never […]

Chicken Nugget Yoga Takes Wing

8 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

The zen-est thing to happen to fast food since Subway’s yoga mat bread. It’s so ridiculous it could be true. Chicken Nugget Yoga has taken wing! That’s a terrible pun. We’re very sorry. But not as sorry as we are about this new yoga blend. Chicken Nugget Yoga is, of course, a joke (we think!) created […]

Check In To Check Out

8 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

by Tiffany Holmes “Go inside,” the Iyengar teacher at my home studio likes to say. This is where we check our business without worrying about how the shape we’re in looks, but rather how it feels. When I started teaching yoga, I took cues from all over the place, including the mobility/recovery, and CrossFit world. […]

Finally, A Yoga Emoji!

8 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

Here’s some fun and silly…uh, we mean VERY serious news. Apple debuted new emojis and guess what? We’re finally getting a yogi! For when the prayer hands and om symbol just won’t cut it. World Emoji Day was July 17th (you knew that, right?) and the iPhone overlords at Apple celebrated by announcing some fun […]

Michael Stone, Beloved Buddhist Teacher, In Coma, Taken Off Life Support

8 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

We were deeply saddened to hear that beloved Buddhist teacher Michael Stone had suddenly taken ill on July 13th and had reportedly fallen into a coma. We’ve now learned that Stone has been taken off of life support as of Sunday evening, July 16, according to his partner. Michael Stone is a British Columbia-based Buddhist teacher, […]

Protected: Giving Birth In Yogaland

8 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Israel’s World’s Largest Yoga Mat Art Installation (And Namaste To India)

8 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

In case you missed it (and likely you have), Israel hosted the world’s largest yoga mat art installation on International Yoga Day (June 21) to celebrate yoga and art and help commemorate 25 years of diplomatic relations with India. Set up in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square and co-sponsored by the Indian Embassy, the 1500 painted […]

This Is Family Yoga When You Have A Toddler

9 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

Families who yoga together, areweright? Ah, the family unit. And trying to practice yoga with a toddler hanging around your neck. Or your leg. Or your back. This adorable family yoga video from DC-based photographer Eric Ellis sums up in less than a minute what it’s like to (try to) squeeze in some yoga with […]

What It’s Really Like To Teach Yoga After Kids

9 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

Ok, I know we’re not supposed to talk about money + yoga because that’s taboo. But. Yoga’s complicated. It can be at once an ascetic spiritual practice, an embodied meditation tool, a commodified secular fitness regimen, an ancient ethical philosophy, and a New Age approach to wellness. And yes, lots of people teach yoga only […]

Stress And Your Digestive System: Relax To Rest And Digest

9 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

We rarely pause to consider the functions of the organs that process and assimilate our food into our bodies. Yet without our digestive system, our bodies would lack the essential nutrients to keep our beings healthy and vibrant. In this post, we will explore how our habitual body positioning can throw our digestive systems out of whack.

Watch Solstice Yoga Live In Times Square — Happy Summer!

9 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

“This pose is the timeline of your life.” “Feel the stranger’s bum in your face right now.” “Turn to face Bubba Gump Shrimp.” – Overheard at Mind Over Madness Yoga in Times, Square NYC. It’s here, the Solstice has arrived. Happy Summer! Did you make it to Times Square for the annual event? If not, […]

Stellar Actor Ed Harris Stays Present With Yoga

9 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

Ed Harris, the steely eyed, chiseled chinned actor known for his unmistakably stellar and often serious acting style, who currently plays “Man in Black” in HBO’s Westworld, and every great dramatic role to the moon and back (See Apollo 13, Glengarry Glen Ross, A History of Violence, Gravity, etc.), whose performances are so unwavering you wonder if he […]

I Love Yoga And Hate Everything About It

9 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

by J. Brown Pop culture continues to enjoy a glossy-eyed love affair with yoga. But many long-time practitioners and professionals are discovering that, somewhere along their journey over the last decade or so, either yoga or they have changed. As once die-hard yogis attempt to discern what, if anything, of their practice has stood up […]

Almost Time For Summer Solstice Yoga In Times Square 2017

10 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

It’s happening. June 21 is the Summer Solstice (we know, already??) and that means it’s also time for saluting the sun in Times Square. As of today, registration is open for you and approximately 9,999 of your yogi friends to get your Mind Over Madness—that’s what they call it, no it’s not a protest march. […]

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