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2 Breads-One to make now!

The winner of this “bread off”  is: (click play)

Steamy Dreamy Dashi

  It’s the easiest cooking liquid ever. It’s tasty and briny-earthy. It’s not pretty but considering the process it’s one of those miracles that make me love cooking. Lush and simple. It’s liquid umani- not vegetarian, but not too intense. Dried skipper-jack shavings (bonito) and seaweed (kombu) broth. It’s a new flavor profile around here […]

UPDATE: Everybody Knows

It’s as if he’s here: Everybody knows that the boat is leaking Everybody knows that the captain lied Everybody have got this broken feeling Like their father or their dog just died Everybody talking to their pockets Everybody want a box of chocolates And a long stem rose, everybody knows.   -L.Cohen  

A Fine Kettle of Fish! (bones)

The title of this post is somewhat deceptive, as my first semester winds down at the Culinary Institute of America I’m really having a great time. As I mentioned in my previous post there are some challenges, but I’m happy to report that in spite of my lifelong fear of “all things math”, classes are […]

Rainbows and Unicorns

Hello dear readers! Things are really busy around here, there certainly is plenty to blog about, but I’ve found in my new adventure in culinary arts school brings me more ideas than time. My enthusiastic proclamation last month that I would “see you next week” might have been a little optimistic.  I will get here as […]

Darla Cooks- At the CIA!

  This is it friends! This is the post that reveals the most amazing adventure but I have embarked upon. Darla Cooks has gone to an entirely new level –I am now “Darla Magee culinary student” at the Culinary Institute of America. The Culinary Institute of America is known worldwide as the finest cooking school […]

Queen Kong and Frozen Tarts

Man oh man! It’s been a while since I’ve been here, even longer since I shared a recipe with y’all.  There’s a lot going on in Darla-Land right now. (AKA Dar La-La land) I cannot even begin to tell you about it- so I won’t. I’ll tell you later, in another post when everything seems more […]

Spatchcocked Smart Chicken

As I’ve mentioned before, I cook a lot of chicken for dinner. My friend Lana teases me about it constantly, she says every time she calls I’m cooking chicken. That’s probably true. Sometimes I like to mix it up and do a little spatchcocked chicken in the oven. Spatchcocking is just as easy as it […]

Tennessee Bar-B-Que Pork Ribs-Momma’s Style

This is the barbecue of my childhood. I don’t recall the first time I ever had grilled meat.  I must have been in my teens. We didn’t grill. Maybe when we went camping once, but we weren’t campers either. But I digress, THIS is pure home-cooking barbecue. Those are country-style pork ribs (barbecued) and mashed […]

Holiday Miracle Brandied Cherries in an Hour

This recipe is just in time because cherries are about to be unavailable in Texas. I’m sure over on the West Coast you guys are covered up with beautiful cherries for a good part of the year, here in the South, the person who finds them first in the stores each season is given a […]

Rustic Peach Tart

Have this fantasy that I should be able to create beautiful things effortlessly. Why? Because that’s how everyone else does it of course!  Things that look effortless but aren’t really, at least not for me, perplex me. Frozen puff pastry is one good example. I’ve bought puff pastry and put it in my freezer several […]

Lemon Berry Shortcakes

Last year I had so much fun making jam. I went crazy with the jamming and canning. Last week I decided it was time to make jam! So bought a bunch of raspberries that were on sale thinking I would start-up this year’s Jam-o-Rama. I would start with a huge batch of apple pectin and a […]

Parsley Pesto from Bon Appetit

This is an easy peasy recipe from Bon Appetit that would be great at lunch or dinner. The ingredients were on hand, although I did buy extra parsley. I roasted the raw almonds in the oven and it all came together in the food processor. The most “work” was washing the parsley. You’ll need about […]

Ran Roasted Garlic

I like to pan roast garlic in olive oil. It’s fun, it’s wonderful on pizza. I made it the last time I made pizza. I kept the oil and used it for pasta and bread dipping. It makes me feel smart to pan roast garlic. It’s lovely roasted in the oven, but this a a […]

What about the yoga? w/ puppies, pizza and cake.

Hello friends. It’s been kind of quiet around here on the ole blog, but I’ve been really really busy. I had some surgery, got a new puppy, and I had some more surgery! Some of that repair work has been on both wrists.  (I blog with voice recognition software but the thing about pain and […]

Meyer Lemonade with real, By God, Texas Sugar

I just ran out of this lemonade. It is/was so delicious. It’s the second batch I’ve made this month. What you see there in the picture is what I just finished drinking.  I posted about it on Facebook last time I had some; “I have unlocked the secret to sweet lemonade. Nectar!” It’s true. I [...]

Organic Oatmeal Sunflower Seed Dog Treats

I have found in the last year or so that I have focused mainly on the basics while cooking. And by the basics, I mean food that we are going to eat immediately. In other words it’s not food that I’m making because I have the desire to see “if I can make that.” So [...]

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