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6 Lessons in Happiness from One of the Happiest Countries in the World.

I knew there was a different way to live. In my early 20s, I backpacked through Asia for a year and glimpsed a life of joy, discovery, and freedom from

Why the Death of Zuki Breaks my Heart & Pisses me Off.

My first volunteer project was called Journey to Freedom. The goal was to rescue elephants from tourist camps and return them to the jungle. Weeks before I left, a baby elephant had just

What Studying & Living in China taught me about Changing the Tune of our Lives.

The invitation for a four-month Chinese language course arrived in the middle of January. I had to wait until March to depart, and that winter was probably the longest in my whole life.

How my Road Trip shook me from being a Free Spirit to a Normal Person.

My sense of freedom evaporated on the second day as we pulled into a gas station in the heart of Amish country. I stared as a bespectacled and suspendered Amish gentleman walked into the convenience store and bought a Mountain Dew.

Even Wonder Woman has had a Broken Heart.

We've seen this story play out over and over again in books and movies, but when it comes to our own lives, we seem to think it's our successes that define us and make us an inspiration to others.

Dear Creative Digital Nomad: You are not Alone in your Search for Purpose.

You’d rather travel. Work for yourself. Be creative. Find a unique way to serve the world from the ease of your laptop while sitting on a beach in Koh Phangan or overlooking the rice fields in Bali.

The “Ocean Brothers” are rowing across the Atlantic—for a Cause.

Brothers Jude Massey and Greg Bailey are at sea—literally. They're in the midst of an incredible physical and mental challenge—a challenge for a beautiful cause.

The Beauty of the Female Athlete. {Poem}

"She is pretty," I agreed as my daughter and I watched Lindsey Vonn being interviewed before what might be her last shot at the Winter Olympic Games.

This is the Spirit we’ve been Searching For.

Taking my mother to Indonesia a couple of years ago was an eye opener for both myself and her. She had never witnessed village life, having only ever traveled in Asia on carefully orchestrated tours.

February 15th’s Soulmate, Loved-up, New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius.

After two full moons in January (and then two full moons about to occur in the month of March), February really is the perfect time to sit back and take a deep breath before it all kicks into action again. This is why it is the ideal time to focus our energy on the people closest to our hearts.

A Dreamer’s Thoughts on Surfing, Drugs & Compassion for Animals.

She said the easiest way to do it is to speak in a soft voice reverently, thank them for their life, place them on the chopping block, and cut their throats. The chickens then need to hang

Rare Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse kicks off a new 6-month Chapter.

This full moon is a time for manifesting, so it is essential that we are clear about what we want to bring into our lives over the next six months---and most importantly that whatever we ask for aligns with our heart and soul’s needs and desires. Show More Summary

What 100 Days of Traveling Alone will Teach Us.

When I told people that I was travelling solo, the majority responded with sentiments along the lines of, “Oh, I could never do that!” I imagine these responses were mostly driven by the fear of simply being alone. And don’t get me wrong, I certainly was afraid that

3 Lessons about Life Purpose & Love from Merlin & King Arthur.

Growing up, I loved the tales of King Arthur---the knights of the round table, Merlin, Excalibur and Camelot. In short, the stuff of legends. A legend that...

Feel the Fear & Do it Anyway.

And so, she unclenched her belly and loosened her fists. She arched her back and raised her face to the sun, Opening and yielding into her deep, resourceful feminine nature.

The Unromantic Truth about Leaps of Faith.

Our culture romanticizes the notion of following our hearts. Books like Eat Pray Love and TV shows like "Master of None" encourage us to take leaps of faith, quit our jobs, leave our

Why every Woman should Travel Alone.

Since then, I haven’t stopped traveling alone. I’ve filled my passport with visas and stamps from the jungles of Colombia, to the castles of Slovenia, to the mystical temples of Cambodia. I've experienced the shamans of Peru, the geysers of Iceland, and the national parks of the United States.

7 Quotes to Get you Through your Fck Ups.

We are never as alone as we think we are in our struggles, and it is when we are at our most vulnerable that we can learn the greatest lessons.

The First & Most Important Full Super Moon of the Year brings Powerful 11:11 Energy.

January’s full moon is incredibly special, as not only is it the first (and closest to planet Earth) full moon of the year, but it is also the first of two supermoons in January, as January 31st will gift another supermoon to the sk...

How to write a Secret Dream Biography for the New Year.

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. Explore. Dream. Discover." ~ Mark Twain

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