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The Day I Forgot I was going to India.

The other day a friend of mine asked me if I was excited to be traveling to India in a few weeks. I looked at her with a blank stare and said, "I forgot about that!"

This is What we all Feel, but No One will Tell You.

This world is a huge and terrifying place, filled to the brim with uncertainty.

7 Reasons to Book that Ticket Abroad Today.

These are just a few of the infinite reasons why traveling is so good for us. If you've had the itch to go somewhere, take the risk, and book that ticket.

How Taking A Selfie could completely Change your View on Self Image.

If you're so inspired, remember that this is a process. Be kind to yourself or you may find a reason to hate what you see. I took a lot of photos before getting the ones I most appreciated.

How to Surf the Waves of Change—like a Pro.

I feel like I'm being dumped, daily and repeatedly, by six-foot waves that just keep on coming.

We must Run toward Life & not Away from It.

It’s shocking, really, what you can accomplish in 48 hours—especially when you opt not to sleep, throw caution to the wind, and run like hell.

10 Empowering Gal Pal Adventures.

It's important that we have strong social support in our lives. But it's not just about btching about the work day, or commiserating over relationships, or crying on each other's shoulders.

When we are Awake, our Home can be Bigger than our House.

I have done the “running away” thing. I have sat in a midnight ceremony in Bali, drunk the green "medicine" in Peru and done the death meditation in a Buddhist

First Wes Anderson Movie in 4 Years & Here’s the Trailer & it’s Stop Motion Animation & we like it.

First stop motion since Fantastic Mr. Fox and (yet again) this looks to be the Wes Andersoniest Wes Anderson film yet.   You had me at Wes Anderson + Japan + dogs + first stop motion animation since Fantastic Mr. Fox = ISLE OF DOGS tells the story of ATARI KOBAYASHI, 12-year-old ward to corrupt […]

It’s Not Enough to Love Elephants—we Need to Protect Them Too.

Asian elephants, the kind that visited me as a child in India, are classified as being in grave danger with only

For the Women who Lost Themselves. {Poem}

She lost herself in tumbling streets, beside canals lit with fireflies flickering like stars. She walked among couples, hand in hand, whispering the secrets of the chosen.

Pack your bags & Set out for That Trip: 5 Reasons Why you Shouldn’t Wait.

A year back, when I chose the roads over a corporate job, I faced quite a few reactions, that traveling is more of a bourgeoisie pleasure, which not everyone can afford.

How One Moment of Darkness can Pull us Into the Light. 

It was hard not to notice the dark mass that had formed, creating a bridge from the sky to sea. Would it move toward us? Would it unleash a torrent of

10 Ways to Stay Calm while You’re Traveling.

Unfortunately, between my favorite destinations and I is one thing: getting there. If you enjoy adventure, but find the actual journey difficult, these tips will keep you calm as you travel to your destination.

I came here to Write; I left with a Family.

I got more ambitious; it wasn’t just my dream anymore to write like the elephant journal authors, but to be one myself. I decided to join the Elephant Academy, learn their

I “Soulmate Dated” for Three Months—here’s What I Learned.

Some dates were good, some were bad, and some were really, really bizarre---like the guy who showed up in a

“Will you (Still) Travel with Me?”—Tips for Couples who Wander.

I needed two months to come to the conclusion that being with my boyfriend 24 hours a day, seven days a week was affecting our bond negatively.

It’s Impossible to Find Infinity—but we can Find a Good Map.

The universe is just too damn big for its meaning---and therefore life’s meaning---to be realized and understood by my puny, self-centered

Leave the Overwhelm at Home: How to Travel the World as an Empath.

Let's be honest: How many times have you chosen to not go out in public on a weekend in your own hometown because the energy is just too much?

Navigating the Forks in Life’s Trail.

Oftentimes, the destinations that will lead us to the most magic are those we can't even imagine. 

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