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The Vehicles that Transformed Me: 4 Mantras I Learned from Driving.

To date, I have had as many vehicles as movies in "The Fast and Furious" franchise, and each vehicle has come equipped with a

9 Brilliant Life Analogies Mountain Biking Taught Me.

9) A cold beer is the best way to end a ride. The same holds true for your life.

The Mind-Altering Lessons of my Ayahuasca Journey.

I knew in my heart I was ready for my Ayahuasca experience well before I was presented with the option. She just sort of called to me, and I didn’t give it too much thought, because I don’t really partake in anything mind altering beyond caffeine and some occasional sugar. So, I dismissed it as a random thought of my adventurous mind.

Wildlife “Do’s & Don’ts” for Sick & Injured Animals.

We usually instinctively know what to do when we think a human life is in danger, as we have one main number for emergency services—but when it comes to animals, it is a little more complicated.

3 Countries in 3 Years: The Whys and Hows of Living the Travel Life with Kids.

When I tell people that we have lived in three different countries for the past three years, they often think we are rich or involved in illegal activity. The truth is, we are neither.

Instead of Adulting, I’ll Just be a Mermaid or a Unicorn.

Look, magic is everywhere. Maybe I don't see fairies when I'm walking my children to school. Maybe I didn't see a unicorn dart through the woods on my way home. Maybe there aren't mermaids in the ocean or elves hiding my keys when I can't find them.

Be a Dating Pariah.

We must risk to have the life of our dreams. We must first, of course, know what we want, and that's a journey in and of itself.

14 Powerful Dating Tips for Women before they Swipe Right.

Feeling lonely after the break up, I decided to try online dating. As I read through the profiles of the hundreds of men who approached me, I began to notice common themes. Some had written

The Common Reason for the Millennial Quarter-Life Crisis.

This is what so many 20 and 30-somethings are dealing with and working through right now. It’s why we have so many

She Lets Herself Let Go. {Poem}

Down, down, down the other side with her powerful freedom—won because she knows, she just knows, hat when she rides her bike, she becomes herself again.

How I turned my crippling Flight Anxiety into a Spiritual Practice.

That single hour flight was the scariest flight I’ve ever been on. Turbulence rocked the plane within 10 minutes of take-off. The two flight attendants raced up and down the aisles,

Lessons from Hitchhiking.

Ah, the memories of my own hitch-hiking experiences just came flooding back. There really are some good humans out there.

4 Roads to Drive Before you Die.

This almost constant desire to see and experience something new has led me to numerous places throughout the world, and they’ve all had an effect on me. 

5 Reasons Why the Earth Harmony Festival is the Only Festival I’m? Attending this Year.

The Earth Harmony Festival in Southern ?Arizona sets itself apart because it provides lasting value through the ?education offered and the culture being built within the EcoVillage that

Meet the Artist who Paints your Life to help find the Key to your Dreams.

By showing his clients where they have been, he makes it possible for them to imagine where they might go.

50 Ways to Reconnect with our Childhood Joy.

Childhood is precious and oh-so-short, but the truth is that no matter how old we get, we may still feel young inside.

Take me Back to my Happy Place. {Poem}

Take me back to those red, rocky mountains—to that long, winding creek...

The Importance of a Being a Beginner & Taking Leaps.

During a tour at the Vatican, I learned Michelangelo wasn’t painting much when he was commissioned for the Sistine Chapel. Most of his focus was on sculpting at the time. The tour guide pointed out how you can see the quality and intricacy...Show More Summary

5 Suggestions for How to Go out Alone & not Hate It.

There's an extraordinary openness that comes with stepping so far outside our comfort zone that we have nothing to hide behind.

Is This the Life you Dreamed of when you were Small? {Poem}

I had lots of things, lots of stuff, lots of crap I traded it all in for a camera and map

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