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Becoming One with my Backpack at age 53.

I hoisted the thing on my back—and fell backwards onto my bed. Think giant, middle-aged turtle.

You Don’t have a Career, you have a Life—Lessons Learned from 6 Years Living Abroad.

The beauty of travelling is that we each come away with something different. For me, that something different was that it finally gave me the courage to

I Jumped out of a Plane Abroad, but that’s Not how I Faced my Fears.

I can eat an inexpensive, simple meal off the end of the truck's tailgate and feel full and content because of the time and love my partner took to prepare it with care.

How to be a Girl who never stops Finding Herself.

Maybe I’ll hit the road and never stop, my address rolling on four wheels. I’ll grow my hair long and wear long skirts and take on odd jobs as I bounce from town to town. Maybe I’ll dedicate my life to

Finding Childlike Wonder again—as an Adult.

Remember when you were a kid and you saw animals in the clouds? Do that. Look at the sky again the way you did as a child.

5 Ways to Keep your Seat when you’re ready to Lose It.

"Why do you get upset when things are beyond your control?" Said a Theravadran monk to me once at 35,000 feet in the air...

I Just want to Live Happily with Someone who Loves Me.  

There’s an aching within my soul that is pushing me beyond the conventional parameters for living, beyond the void where I’ve been told to never

Why Failure is the Best Gift we can Give our Children.

My parents gave me love, and lots of it, but often faltered in giving me direction. However, the best gift they gave me was the opportunity to fail, and then learn from those failures.

3 Challenges that Petrified me & how I Slayed Them.

There are several ways to re-wire a mindset. We can start small, our successes building our confidence, creating new neural pathways to change our habits. I thought about how I might approach this change and decided to set myself a challenge. Over the remainder of the year, I would do at least three things that scared me---and record what I learned.

Wings {Poem}.

On occasion, people or experiences touch our backs—reminding us where our wings once were.

5 Realities we all must Face as We Get Older.

Few consider that it's the same vulnerability that makes us stronger. If we have the courage to acknowledge our vulnerabilities, what makes us scared, and what keeps us awake at night, we ultimately leave nothing for our imaginary foes to reveal to light.

Why it is Imperative to our Health that we Surprise Ourselves.

We may have become cynics over the years. And we may no longer believe in love or that things happen for a reason. But one thing we can always count on

Free your Toes & the Rest will Follow: How to Reset your Health from the Ground Up. {Partner}

Distorted, "shoe-shaped“ feet and toes cannot function without the support of a shoe. Foot muscles become weak and tight until even walking barefoot around the house can be painful.

9 Spooky Tunes to get you in the Mood for a little Lunacy.

Can you feel your palms getting a bit sweaty? Maybe your heart is starting to race... If getting a little spooked brings a smile to your face---then, you just might enjoy these creepy tunes. Go ahead...indulge your inner lunatic.

Feminist Halloween Costumes for (Men and) Women.

We don't have to be Slutty Maids (no slut shaming here; that's an actual costume) or Sexy Police Officers. I even saw a Sexy Goldfish costume (whaaaat?). While there's

What will they Write of your Tomorrows?

What will they write of you, in the years that follow you? Will they speak of you as one who

The Day I Forgot I was going to India.

The other day a friend of mine asked me if I was excited to be traveling to India in a few weeks. I looked at her with a blank stare and said, "I forgot about that!"

This is What we all Feel, but No One will Tell You.

This world is a huge and terrifying place, filled to the brim with uncertainty.

7 Reasons to Book that Ticket Abroad Today.

These are just a few of the infinite reasons why traveling is so good for us. If you've had the itch to go somewhere, take the risk, and book that ticket.

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