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Little Kid Lays out Ref with an Amazing Nut Shot (Video)

We’ve seen a lot of on-field incidents among kids and referees recently. I’m happy to say that this awesome nut shot clip is completely and 100% accidental. I have no way of knowing that, I just assume that a little kid like this doesn’t have the ability to kick the ball this hard with this […]

Adrian Peterson Says He Was Ready for the NFL Out of High School (And He’s Probably Right)

The impressive sophomore season of LSU running back Leonard Fournette has people once again debating the NFL’s eligibility policy that keeps kids in college for at least three seasons. The issue is obviously complicated. Some wonder if it’s fair to basically force talented kids to play for a fraction of what their abilities could earn […]

Prince Harry Yells ‘Laces Out, Dan’ While Playing Catch With Dan Marino (Video)

I don’t know why this story makes me so happy, but it does. It’s probably a number of things working together for the sake of random comedy. Let’s address. Prince Harry was playing catch with former NFL star Dan Marino when he couldn’t help but drop the Ace Ventura line, “Laces out, Dan!” midway through […]

Josh Donaldson Let the World Know How Many Beers He Had (Video)

Josh Donaldson has every reason to celebrate. The MVP candidate and the Toronto Blue Jays found their way back to the ALDS for the first time in over 20 years. Their season is ending on an upswing (even if they lost the game immediately before celebrating), so they decided to kick back with some ski goggles and […]

Usain Bolt Parties at Miami Strip Club, Seems to Enjoy Slappin’ Dat Ass (Video)

Usain Bolt parties at Miami strip club? Yeah, it’s not exactly the most shocking headline you’ll read all day. But it is amusing. And also true. Usain was in Miami last weekend, and while there he found his way on over to the FDR nightclub for Lil Wayne‘s birthday party. Now, FDR is not a […]

Hurricane Joaquin May Force the NFL to Move or Postpone Eagles-Redskins Game

The NFL and meteorologists still aren’t sure if Hurricane Joaquin is going to land on the east coast this weekend, but if it does, the league would like to have some backup options for the Redskins-Eagles game in Washington. Considering the teams (and fans) can’t pick up and go in an hour’s notice, time is […]

Jimmy Graham Tweets Congrats to Ex-Teammate For Leaving New Orleans

Jimmy Graham is happy to be out of New Orleans and he wants everyone to know it…Until they noticed and he deleted the tweet of him congratulating former teammate Akiem Hicks for leaving the Saints. This is the interwebz, nothing is ever deleted. Screenshot is a lovely tool. Gotcha Graham! He tried his best to […]

Poon and Tang Make One Awesome Hockey Duo (Pic)

Over the years there have been a lot of great hockey duos. Toews and Kane, Kurri and Gretzky, Jagr and Lemiux, Trottier and Bossy, Hull and Oates—in fact, there are so many great duos that I probably offended you just now by not listing your favorite. However, I think it’s safe to say there has […]

Brazilian Soccer Mascot Flips Out, Spikes Head on the Ground (Video)

Mascots are not supposed to get wrapped up in the game. In fact, they exist for the exact opposite reason. They’re supposed to help keep things light and airy, making buffoons of themselves and entertaining little kids. (Or, on occasion, tackling them.) Unfortunately, nobody told that to Brazilian soccer mascot O Vovô, or “The Grandpa,” […]

Munenori Kawasaki Gives a Great Drunk Interview After Jays Clinch Division Title (Video)

The celebration was on after the Toronto Blue Jays clinched their first division title since 1993 by beating the Baltimore Orioles 15-2 in the first game of Wednesday’s doubleheader.  The party in the visiting clubhouse at Camden Yards was loud and rowdy, with no shortage of booze. Among the celebrating players was Munenori Kawasaki , who may […]

For the First Time Since 2013, The Raiders Are Betting Favorites

How bad have the Oakland Raiders been as of late?  So bad that they’ve been underdogs in each of their past 27 games. How bad are the Chicago Bears right now?  So bad that they will help the Raiders end that streak of futility, with oddsmakers naming Oakland as two-point favorites to beat the Bears […]

Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov Was Putting On a Show For The Ages at Practice (Videos)

If the Brooklyn Nets suddenly become contenders during this upcoming NBA season, it will probably have everything to do with Mikhail Prokhorov‘s dribbling drills, which were introduced to the team during Wednesday’s practice. Here’s a drill where the Nets owner does push-ups with his hands and feet on basketballs: Prokhorov doing push-ups with four basketballs […]

Can Newton Provides Perfect Response to Ed Hochuli’s Denial (Video)

Last week, following the Carolina Panthers’ 27-22 victory over the New Orleans Saints, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton claimed that referee Ed Hochuli told him he’s “not old enough” to get a roughing the passer call. When questioned on the incident, Hochuli denied saying anything of that nature, telling NFL VP of Officiating Dean Blandino that he […]

Marathon Hockey Fight: Milan Lucic Battles Rookie Josh Manson in His First Fight with the Kings (Video)

Some hockey fights are notable for their ferocity. Others are notable for their endurance. And while the former may be more exciting, the latter are ultimately more impressive. After all, anybody can go apesht and throw haymakers for 20 seconds. Try wrestling with a 6’2?, 200-pound guy on ice skates for a full minute. The […]

Fox Soccer Reporter Run Over by Car on Live TV (Video)

When you become a sports reporter, you have to accept certain dangers that come with the job. You might get hit by a ball. You might get doused with Gatorade. You might get accused of trading sexual favors for scoops. And you almost certainly will get harrassed by drunken morons. One thing you probably don’t […]

The 3rd Annual Rob Gronkowski Women’s Football Clinic Was Monday, and Gronk Really Enjoyed Himself (Videos)

If you thought Rob Gronkowski was going to suddenly turn down the Gronk just because he’s in a committed relationship with a former Patriots Cheerleader, you thought wrong. On Monday night at Gillette Stadium, Rob Gronkowski hosted the third annual Rob Gronkowski Women’s Football Clinic. Ostensibly, the purpose of this clinic is to teach women […]

Danica Patrick Shows off Her Flexibility in this Instagram Video

Danica Patrick has continued to make a pretty big impression off the racetrack thanks to a social media account that often serves up some slightly (just slightly) suggestive pictures for her fan base. This time around, for reasons that don’t really matter, she filmed herself trying to touch the back of her head with the […]

Now Shaq’s Getting Mimicked by the Internet’s BdotAdot5 (Video)

We’ve seen a number of NBA players get worked up by basketball impressionist BdotAdot5, but this new one he’s done of Shaq feels like the most cartoon-y of the bunch. I never thought of Shaq as a particularly spastic guy on the court, but it appears that’s the way BdotAdot5 (such a catchy user handle) […]

Rangers Mascot Terrifies Fan with by Dangling a Fake Spider (Video)

The Texas Rangers mascot, who goes by the strange name of “Rangers Captain” (even though it’s a horse), does a great job of both scaring and embarrassing a fan when he (it?) goes through the crowd and dangles a spider from a stick. It would likely terrify anyone, even if they were aware that they […]

Marshawn Lynch Did a Bizarre, Funny Pest Control Ad (Video)

Marshawn Lynch has some of the weirder charisma in the world of sports. He’s a man of few words, but he’s certainly got a swagger about him. It looks like the fine folks at Stop Buggin’ Me Pest Control thought that same thing when they cast him to do an ad where he repeats their […]

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