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This Roger Federer Tweener Was Pretty Sweet…But He Still Lost to Andreas Seppi (Video)

Roger Federer got upset at the Australian Open on Friday. The #2 seed lost in four sets to a very impressive Andreas Seppi of Italy. It’s the first time he hasn’t reached the semifinals at the Aussie Open in 12 years, which is crazy. Most tennis fans watching around the world—and especially the folks in […]

Rangers Goalie Prospect Scores Embarrassing Hockey Own-Goal (GIF)

Relative to soccer, hockey own-goals are rare. Pucks go in the net off defensive players all the time as the result of deflections. But real hockey own-goals, where a guy actively directs the puck in his own net? You only see those a couple times a year. This one of those times. On Thursday night, […]

Tom Brady Deflategate Press Conference Twitter Reaction: So Many Wonderful Balls Jokes

On Thursday afternoon at the Tom Brady deflategate press conference, the Patriots future Hall of Fame quarterback stood at the podium and talked to the media for thirty minutes about balls. He talked about how he likes his balls, how other guys like their balls, and whether or not he squeezes his balls. Basically, balls […]

Watch DeAndre Jordan Posterize Brook Lopez (Video)

There are two ways we can describe Thursday night’s game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center. The first and most obvious way would be to tell you the score, which was a ridiculously lopsided 70-37 for the Clippers at the half, and an equally embarrassing 123-84 for the […]

Tom Brady’s Press Conference Almost Made Mark Brunell Cry (Video)

The whole DeflateGate thing has angered many uptight people in the football world.  And Patriots quarterback Tom Brady‘s repeated denial during his press conference on Thursday only served to create more anger among the masses.  But it may be safe to say that no single person is more “deflated” (stole that one from Andrew Luck) about […]

Milwaukee Bucks Mascot Pokes Fun at Pats’ DeflateGate (Video)

Everyone seems to be taking their shots at the New England Patriots these days following the accusations that they illegally deflated footballs during Sunday’s AFC Championship victory. Even the Milwaukee Bucks and their mascot, Bango, have gotten in on the action. Prior to Thursday night’s home game against the Utah Jazz, the Bucks released the following video […]

Watch Every Time Tom Brady Says ‘Balls’ During His Press Conference (Video)

Tom Brady spoke to the media on Thursday about “DeflateGate,” and while there was plenty of talk about footballs, we were provided with no apologies and no further insight regarding exactly how 11 of the Patriots’ 12 balls each lost two pounds per square inch of air. What were were provided with, however, was enough mentioning […]

Tom Brady DeflateGate Press Conference: ‘I Didn’t Alter Balls’ (Video)

Bill Belichick spoke earlier in the day and the Tom Brady DeflateGate press conference just wrapped up moments ago.  Here’s what we know: Bill Belichick has never talked to anyone about air pressure in a football and Tom Brady has not altered any footballs. Much like his coach did earlier, Brady took the “deny, deny, […]

Andrew Luck Says He Feels “Deflated” During Pro Bowl Interview (Video)

During this whole “DeflateGate” fiasco, have you ever once asked yourself, “I wonder how Colts quarterback Andrew Luck feels about all of this?”  For those who have, there is now an answer: Anderw Luck feels “deflated.” That’s right. Deflated.  Those were his exact words during his Pro Bowl media session earlier today.  Is that how […]

Australian Open Ballboy Gets Racked in the Junk by 121 MPH Serve (Video)

If being an Australian Open ballboy didn’t come with hazard pay before, the gang might unionize and demand it now. One of their ranks became famous for the absolute worst possible reason as an Australian Open ballboy took a 121-MPH serve straight to the junk. If I was a lesser journalist, I would make a […]

Bill Belichick Deflategate Press Conference: Coach Says He Doesn’t Know Much About Balls (Video)

You know how you can tell the Patriots are really in trouble with the NFL? Because at the Bill Belichick deflategate press conference today, the legendary Pats coach actually spoke at length and attempted to provide genuine answers to questions from reporters. And you just don’t see that very often. Belichick still has his usual […]

Angry Hockey Dad Takes Things a Little Too Far, Smashes the Glass (Videos)

Set aside thirty seconds to watch this video of an angry hockey dad voicing his displeasure with a call made on the ice. Seriously, don’t even read my dumb recap. If time is a factor, just go straight to the video. I’ll understand. These kids, who appear to be somewhere between the ages of “embryo” […]

New York Post Headline Offers Up a Painfully Dumb Take on DeflateGate (Pic)

No one’s ever expected a New York Post headline to be clever; the newspaper is a pretty notorious tabloid that skirts journalism whenever possible. But last night’s front page may take the cake for stupidity. The New York Post headline reads “What a Blow!” while featuring Gisele and Tom Brady on the cover. And because […]

TV Reporter Asks Eugenie Bouchard to “Give Us a Twirl” After Australian Open Match (Video)

What is it about Eugenie Bouchard that prompts idiot TV reporters to ask her ridiculous sexist questions at the Australian open? I mean look, I get it. Eugenie Bouchard is very attractive. But just because someone is attractive, that doesn’t mean you have to ask them stupid questions. Last year, as you may recall, a […]

Deflategate and 9 Other Cases of NFL Cheaters Caught Red-Handed

Right now “deflategate” is all anyone is talking about ahead of Super Bowl XLIX. And it’s pretty understandable. The problem is not that Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots actually beat the Colts in the AFC Championship Game because they let a little air out of their balls. Nobody in their right mind thinks that—not even Colts players. The problem […]

2015 Edition Of ‘NFL Bad Lip Reading’ Released, And It’s Hilarious (Video)

With all of the cameras and microphones that are strategically placed around NFL stadiums these days, we the fans are able to hear most of the conversations that go on between players and other players, coaches and other coaches, and players and coaches. And because we can often find out what is actually being said by […]

Muay Thai Knockout by Spin Kick Leaves Fighter Drooling and Limp (Video)

This Muay Thai knockout, like most others, seems more violent and dangerous than boxing or MMA knockouts. Probably because it involves a kick, and probably because that kick happens so very fast. And as disturbing as the actual blow is, the way the guy on the receiving end falls is that much more disturbing. It’s […]

Seagull Gets Drilled by Cricket Ball, Then Returns in Majestic Form (Video)

While many consider a seagull to be akin to a winged rat, this one at the Big Bash League cricket tourney in Australia took a licking and kept on cluckin’. It makes me wish I knew a little bit more about cricket so I could give some context, but instead, I just have to explain […]

Kevin Durant Posterized Marcin Gortat with an OT Dunk Last Night (Video)

Right when it felt like the stakes for the Wizards-Thunder game couldn’t get much higher, Kevin Durant posterized Marcin Gortat in the paint with a monster dunk in OT. While the game was close enough through regulation and overtime that no one thing can be attributed to a victory, that just means that almost everything […]

Will Ferrell Kicked Out Of NBA game After Smashing Pelicans Cheerleader in Face with Basketball (Video)

Please enable Javascript to watch this video What’s that? Oh, that’s just a video of Hollywood funny man Will Ferrell drilling a Pelicans cheerleader in the face with a basketball in New Orleans on Wednesday night. You’ve probably seen bits and pieces of the incident online already. However, I bet you haven’t seen that angle. […]

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