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Chargers-Raiders Fan Brawls: Police Arrested 25 in San Diego on Sunday (Videos)

For a long time now, we’ve just assumed that the Raiders fanbase had the highest thugs-to-non-thug ratio in the NFL. And it’s true that a lot of Raiders fans are petty bad. However, as I started looking back at our previous posts in preparation for this one, I saw a hell of a lot of […]

Artist Creates Brilliant Series of NBA Nickname Illustrations (Gallery)

You probably didn’t wake up today thinking, “Boy, it sure would be cool if somebody would create a whole series of NBA nickname illustrations, because I would love to look at those.” However, now that you know somebody actually has created a whole series of NBA nickname illustrations, your interest is piqued, isn’t it? That […]

Jamal Crawford Lucky Bounce: Rim, Backboard, Rim, And In (Video)

You don’t get far in the NBA without getting a few lucky bounces along the way. Judging by this Jamal Crawford lucky bounce from last night’s Bulls-Clippers game, it’s no wonder that the Clippers’ shooting guard is still playing starter minutes at the age of 34. The Bulls stampeeded over the struggling Clippers last night, […]

Meet Mia Khalifa, FSU’s Unofficial Porn Star ‘Mascot’ (Video and Pic)

Let us introduce Mia Khalifa, who, in keeping with everything we know about Florida, is a Miami porn star who has established her social media presence as the “Unofficial mascot of the Florida State Seminoles.” Mia has taken to Twitter, likely to increase her visibility as an “actress,” but it could be that she just […]

Tomas Holmstrom Tenderizes Steaks with Hockey Pucks in Ad (Video)

If you wanted to Tomas Holmstrom do something really, really strange for the sake of a Swedish ISP, you came to the right place. In this Swedish ad, the retired Red Wings forward takes to tenderizing steaks via slapshots. Why? Because it’s awesome, and if you have that kind of accuracy, you’re damn right you are […]

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated Rookie Photoshoot: New, Glorious Behind the Scenes Footage (Video)

Sometimes you have to use a bunch of words to explain what a video is about and convince people they should watch it. But this is not one of those times. If you are a heterosexual male, I’m pretty sure I can convince you that the video below is worth your time in just six […]

Cricket Announcer Announces His Car Getting Hit by a Cricket Ball (Video)

Cricket stories are always fun, because, at least in North America, it usually entails a writer with no idea of what’s going on reporting a story to an audience that has no idea what’s going on. However, some things are universal and transcend the world of batsmen, wickets, tea, and googlies. In this clip, we […]

Carson Palmer Was Mic’d Up When He Was Injured, and We Have The Tape (Video)

Carson Palmer and the streaking Arizona Cardinals both came to a screeching halt last Sunday as Palmer fell to the ground, barely touched, having blown out his knee—it’s a torn ACL, if you’re looking for particulars. It turns out that the Cardinals QB was mic’d up at the time of the injury, so the world […]

22 Classic Sports Depantsing GIFs

Why an entire list of sports depantsing GIFs? Because we want all the Alabama fans who upset about “pantsgate” to understand something. Namely, we want them to understand that an inadvertent rear end exposure isn’t something about which we should be embarrassed or angry. It is something to be celebrated. Because, dammit, butts are funny. What the hell […]

Former NFL Player Charles Grant Fired from College Coaching Job After Fight with Student (Video)

Former New Orleans Saints defensive end Charles Grant wasn’t getting paid to be a linebackers coach for the Division II Bowie State Bulldogs. But getting fired probably still stings. So why was he fired? Because he kinda sorta got into a fight with a student-athlete. Which is a no no. It’s not known whether the […]

Just in Time for the Holidays: the NBA and NHL Are Hocking Ugly Christmas Sweaters (Pics)

What started ironically about 10 years ago has now become a full-fledged holiday tradition. I am talking, of course, about ugly Christmas sweater parties. These days just about everyone under the age of 40 has either been to one or been invited to one. In fact, the trend of mocking corny holiday attire has become […]

Cole Beasley Photobombs Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones at Tower of London (Pic)

I know what you’re thinking. Why were Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones at a Phish concert? However, that’s not some pot-smoking hippy in the background. (Or at least, it’s not just some pot-smoking hippy.) That’s Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and return specialist Cole Beasley. And this Cole Beasley photobomb is pretty much the best thing […]

Blake Griffin Charged with Battery After Btch Slapping Incident at Vegas Nightclub

Bad news: Clippers star Blake Griffin charged with battery for incident at Vegas club. Good news: person allegedly battered was neither wife nor girlfriend, nor even a lady. It was a dude. The incident in question happened on October 19 at the Tao Nightclub at the Venetian in Las Vegas. The reports filed at the […]

New York Regatta Turns into Hilarious Greco-Roman Clusterfck (Video)

I’m no regatta expert. I don’t know much about crew, rowing, shells, coxswains, or even water. But I do know that everything that could possibly go wrong in a boat race did at the Snowflake Regatta in Riverhead, New York. It’s hard to tell what the tming was of these different events, but it’s csafe […]

Martin Jacobson Wins The 2014 World Series of Poker (Video)

The 2014 World Series of Poker was held, as it is every year, and much like in recent years, it was taken down by a rogue player who just sort of fell into the lifestyle. Of course, not many kids are brought up to want to be poker players, so it shouldn’t come as a […]

NFL Quarterbacks Facebook Conversation: 2014 Week 10 Wrap-Up

Every week there seems to be one quarterback that steals the spotlight from the rest of them.  In week 7, it was Peyton Manning after he set the career touchdown record.  The following two weeks after that it was Ben Roethlisberger, who threw for six touchdowns in consecutive games against the Colts and Ravens.  And this […]

Meet UFC Brazil Octagon Girl Luciana Andrade (Video)

Internet, meet new UFC Brazil octagon girl Luciana Andrade. As you can see, she is extremely attractive. What else do we know about her? Not a whole lot. We know she’s 28, and that she’s originally from Curitiba, Brazil, but currently resides in Miami. We also know that she made her UFC Brazil octagon girl […]

This Soccer Tackle Is So Terrible, the Offender Is Heading to Court (Video)

The screenshot of this soccer tackle is a little blurry, but a quick run-through of the video should give you the gist of it. FC Zurich and FC Aarau went head-to-head in a match this weekend, and in the 19th minute, something terrible happened. In pursuing a ball, Aarau’s Sandro Weiser lifted his leg up […]

13 Cheerleader Sex Scandals

Today’s list, as you have probably gathers, is about cheerleader sex scandals. There of course are many varieties of sex scandals. You’ve got your political sex scandals. Your celebrity sex scandals. And let’s not forget your teacher sex scandals. Show More Summary

Hockey Fight Causes Mom to Cover Her Daughter’s Eyes in the Stands (Video)

This hockey fight between Brenden Dillon and Kyle Chipchura reminded a mom that there are some ugly things in this world. And while she can’t protect her daughter from them forever, she can cover her eyes and pretend that everything is just fine. The fight, which went from one side of the ice to just […]

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