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Marshawn Lynch: Doesn’t Do Interviews, Does Return Lost Wallets

Marshawn Lynch has been a pretty polarizing figure in the NFL recently. Amid all the controversies the league is enduring, they still manage to crack the whip when Lynch doesn’t speak to the press, despite a repeated reluctance and aversion to doing so. But Marshawn Lynch doesn’t need formal press opportunities to build goodwill. If […]

This Jeff Teague Dunk Defies the Laws of Gravity (Video)

We saw two astounding things in Atlanta on Tuesday night. One was a Lakers win, which was just their second of the season. The other was a fantastic Jeff Teague dunk that defied the laws of gravity. We’re not going to talk about the Lakers win, of course, because talking about the Lakers just makes […]

Centuries of Japan-China Tension Culminates in this Hockey Brawl (Video)

This hockey brawl between Chinese and Japanese teams is pretty intense. But rest assured, now that it’s happened, the air has been cleared between these two teams, and they’ll likely go back to being close friends tomorrow. Just like two hockey players would after a brawl, each country will take the other country out and […]

Giancarlo Stanton Celebrates Contract by Judging Twerking Contest at Miami Club (Pic)

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt celebrated his $100 million contract extension earlier this year by buying his mom a car. Which was nice. But Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton just signed a new contract worth more than three times the one Watt signed. And when you sign a contract worth a THIRD OF A […]

Female Fan Cheers Like She’s Possessed by the Devil (Video)

This female fan cheers in a very unorthodox way. The context isn’t at all important, which is fine, because we don’t have any.  We’re not quite sure where she is, or what sports team she is cheering for.  All we need to know is that she seems to be an enthusiastic supporter or hater of whatever […]

Canadian Hospitality: Maple Leafs Fans Finish American Anthem After Mic Malfunctions on Singer (Video)

Last night the Maple Leafs hosted the Predators at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, and before the game, during the American national anthem, the microphone cut out on the singer. That’s not exactly a diplomatic crisis, seeing as how the U.S. and Canada are BFFs. But it is an unfortunate faux pas. It’s kind […]

Epic Buffalo Snow Storm Forces Sabres’ Patrick Kaleta to Take a Snow Day (Pics)

By now you have surely heard about the epic Buffalo snow storm that has dumped six feet (yes, feet) of snow just south of the Queen City. However, what you might not have realized is just how drastically snowfall totals vary across town. If you’re downtown or just north of downtown, you’ve only got a […]

NFL Quarterbacks Facebook Conversation: 2014 Week 11 Wrap-Up

Not many people predicted the St. Louis Rams would beat the Denver Broncos at the Edward Jones Dome on Sunday.  Even fewer, if any, would have guessed the final score would be as lopsided as 22-7 in favor of the now 4-6 Rams. You’d think that would be enough to make Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning explode. […]

Grandson of Phil Martelli Makes Adorable Return at Press Conference (Video)

Phil Martelli is the head basketball coach for St. Joseph’s. That’s somewhat notable, but not very interesting. They had a great year in 2004, but have been just above-average since. So why are we talking about Phil Martelli? Because he has an amazing grandson who manages to steal the show every chance he gets. Previously Phil […]

Lance Armstrong Tries to Do Beer Mile, Quits After One Lap and Two Beers (Video)

Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France a record seven times in a row, which is still impressive even though we all know he used PEDs, because everyone else was using PEDs too. But when he recently tried doing the Beer Mile in Austin in preparation for the Beer Mile World Championships, the poor bastard […]

Could Michael Jordan Still Dominate the NBA in 2014?

Could Michael Jordan dominate the NBA in 2014? Well that depends. Are we asking if the Michael Jordan we all know right now—i.e. the 51-year-old owner of the Charlotte Hornets—could dominate the NBA? Because if so, then the only people who would answer “yes” are Bill and Bob Swerski. (Provided Ditka was Jordan’s coach, obviously.) […]

Bruins Pay Tribute to and Hang with Veterans During Devils Game (Video)

The Bruins have recently come to light as one of the more charitable sports organizations in North America, which makes some sense. Boston has experienced some hardship over the past two years, and it’s got that reputation as an honest, working-class town. So it comes as no surprise that the Bruins pulled out a few […]

Goalie Makes Three Crazy Saves Off of Swiss League Penalty Kick (Video + GIF)

You might recognize the Swiss league team FC Aarau from a story we ran a few days back in which one of their players, Sandro Wieser, ended up getting criminal charges against him for an illegal tackle that likely ended an opposing player’s career. However, in the wake of that unpleasantness, we have learned that some […]

Floyd Mayweather Lays on a Massage Table While a Dozen Girls Twerk (Video)

Floyd Mayweather recently has done an excellent job of owning the hate against him. In addition to taking pictures of his multi-million dollar checks, hanging out with Justin Bieber, not reading so good, and hitting women, he’s now taken to posting gloriously over-the-top videos on Vine. Like, I don’t know…this one. Here’s Floyd Mayweather laying […]

The 25 Funniest NHL Names of All time

Today we’re counting down the funniest NHL names of all time. But maybe you wonder, why focus on the NHL? There are funny names in every pro sports league. The NFL has it’s Kirby Dar Dars, the NBA has it’s God Shammgods, and MLB has it’s Enos Slaughters. However, when it comes to funny names, nobody […]

Chargers-Raiders Fan Brawls: Police Arrested 25 in San Diego on Sunday (Videos)

For a long time now, we’ve just assumed that the Raiders fanbase had the highest thugs-to-non-thug ratio in the NFL. And it’s true that a lot of Raiders fans are petty bad. However, as I started looking back at our previous posts in preparation for this one, I saw a hell of a lot of […]

Artist Creates Brilliant Series of NBA Nickname Illustrations (Gallery)

You probably didn’t wake up today thinking, “Boy, it sure would be cool if somebody would create a whole series of NBA nickname illustrations, because I would love to look at those.” However, now that you know somebody actually has created a whole series of NBA nickname illustrations, your interest is piqued, isn’t it? That […]

Jamal Crawford Lucky Bounce: Rim, Backboard, Rim, And In (Video)

You don’t get far in the NBA without getting a few lucky bounces along the way. Judging by this Jamal Crawford lucky bounce from last night’s Bulls-Clippers game, it’s no wonder that the Clippers’ shooting guard is still playing starter minutes at the age of 34. The Bulls stampeeded over the struggling Clippers last night, […]

Meet Mia Khalifa, FSU’s Unofficial Porn Star ‘Mascot’ (Video and Pic)

Let us introduce Mia Khalifa, who, in keeping with everything we know about Florida, is a Miami porn star who has established her social media presence as the “Unofficial mascot of the Florida State Seminoles.” Mia has taken to Twitter, likely to increase her visibility as an “actress,” but it could be that she just […]

Tomas Holmstrom Tenderizes Steaks with Hockey Pucks in Ad (Video)

If you wanted to Tomas Holmstrom do something really, really strange for the sake of a Swedish ISP, you came to the right place. In this Swedish ad, the retired Red Wings forward takes to tenderizing steaks via slapshots. Why? Because it’s awesome, and if you have that kind of accuracy, you’re damn right you are […]

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