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Le’Veon Bell Shows Off His Hops With Dunk Tape (Video)

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell can do it all.  During just his second season in the NFL, the 23-year-old Pro Bowler rushed for 1,361 yards and eight touchdowns, and he added another 854 receiving yards and three receiving touchdowns on 83 receptions. Those are some pretty impressive numbers for the all-purpose running back, but […]

Documentary Called “Tiger Woods of Bengal” Tells Story of Kids in India Who Make Their Own Golf Clubs Out of Trees (Video)

The next time your kids complain because you won’t rearrange your monthly budget to buy them the latest pair of Jordans, make them sit down and watch this documentary. It’s called Tiger Woods of Bengal, and it’ll give them some perspective. In Tiger Woods of Bengal, aspiring filmmaker Danny Mamik travels to West Bengal to […]

Check Out the Awesome Indiana Pacers Hickory Uniforms Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of “Hoosiers” (Pic)

There is no definitive ranking of the greatest sports movies of all time. However, a quick scan of Google results suggests that most people agree the underdog classic Hoosiers belongs in the top five. And if you are one of those people, you will probably enjoy this piece of news. On Tuesday, the Indiana Pacers […]

Minor Leaguer Really Wants Ronda Rousey to Attend a Game (Pic)

Cubs minor league player Anthony Giansanti has been, uh, “courting” MMA star Ronda Rousey by leaving her a single ticket under his name at all AAA Iowa Cubs home games. So far, he hasn’t gotten any feedback good, bad, or otherwise from the star, but that won’t keep him from continuing to try. Giansanti said […]

Gronk and Papi Are Still Putting Out Music for Dunkin’ Donuts (Video)

Gronk and Papi are likely on their third or fourth attempt at a musical collaboration for Dunkin’ Donuts. The bad news is that it hasn’t gotten any better. It may have actually gotten worse. However, the good news is that both they and the brand seem to have become more self-aware, so the videos are […]

Drill Sergeant Goes Viral After Calling Overweight People “Repulsive and Disgusting” (Video)

John Burk calls himself a “fitness motivator,” but he might as well call himself a fitness drill sergeant. That, after all, is the approach the United States army veteran takes to getting people in shape. On July 20, Burk posted a video on his Facebook page ranting about the so-called “bullshit excuses” people make for […]

Blackhawks Legend Denis Savard Tells Story About That Time Patrick Kane Got Distracted by Taylor Swift and Gave Up a Goal

Today the Chicago Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane is a mature 26-year-old with a steady girlfriend. But it wasn’t all that long ago that the three-time Stanley Cup winner was an untamed party animal with a penchant for binge drinking, shirtlessness, and chasing after hot chicks. One of the hot chicks Kane apparently chased after? None other […]

John Cena Teams with Make-A-Wish to Make Adorable 7-Year-Old’s Dreams Come True (Video)

If that John Cena Footlocker commercial wasn’t enough to make him your favorite professional wrestler, this video will probably do it. On June 29, Cena and the Make-A-Wish Foundation teamed up to give an adorable seven-year-old named K.J. the greatest day of his life. Born with one kidney that didn’t work at all and another […]

DeAndre Jordan Explains Free Agency Fiasco in His Own Words (Video)

A lot of people had a lot of things to say about the whole DeAndre Jordan free agency fiasco. However, the one thing nobody said was, “gee, that DeAndre Jordan sure handled free agency with class and professionalism.” Because, obviously, he didn’t. That’s not a knock on his character. Jordan seems like a pretty nice […]

Luis Suarez Reminds a Fan That He’s Not the Best, Messi Is (Video)

While signing some autographs for fans prior to Barcelona’s friendly against the LA Galaxy, a young fan tells Luis Suarez that he’s the best. Suarez smiles, then insists that he’s not the best. He then asks the fan if he knows who the best REALLY is. The fan then replies, matter-of-factly, “Messi.” Suarez smiles some […]

Three Year-Old Nails Skateboard Trick, To His Dad’s Delight (Video)

I feel like anything I write here will just detract from the awesomeness of this video. This video, in which a three year-old boy hits a simple enough skateboard trick (flipping the board right-side-up and landing on it), isn’t awesome because the trick is great. It’s not a great trick. It’s awesome because it highlights […]

Jordan Spieth Lost the Open, Drank From the Jug Anyway (Pic)

I don’t care how proper British golf is, the rules will never be a match for a 21-year-old’s lust for alcohol. Zach Johnson may have won the British Open, but he gave a little love to his also-ran buddy, Jordan Spieth. (Keep your eye on him, he’s poised for big things.) They flew back Stateside […]

Jeff Bagwell Grabs Girlfriend’s Boob on Live TV (Video)

Jeff Bagwell has been retired from baseball for almost 10 years now, but on Tuesday, while seated behind home plate for the Astros’ home contest against the Red Sox, he showed off those smooth hands that helped him win one Gold Glove award (1994) and three Silver Sluggers (1994, 1997, 1999). So, what did he […]

Female’s Killer Crossover Causes Opponent To Do The Splits (Video)

Here’s a tip for all of you basketball players out there: Stretch your groin before every game.  You just never know when a defender will put you on skates with a killer crossover, causing you to drop into full-out splits.  And when that moment happens, you’ll want to be prepared. I’m not sure if this girl got […]

Meet Mama Selter, Jen Selter’s Really Hot Mother (Pics)

Remember Jen Selter, the fitness model with the incredible derrière? Of course you do! Who could forget a body like that? Anyway, in case you were wondering where she got that body from, we can tell yo for a fact that she got it from her mama, Jill Selter (and perhaps a bit of exercise). […]

Kevin Durant Drops Easy Pop-Fly at Celebrity Softball Game (Video)

Kevin Durant: Very, very good at basketball.  Very, very bad at baseball. The Oklahoma City Thunder all-star was playing in Richard Sherman‘s celebrity softball game on Sunday when botched an easy pop-fly off the bat of the Clippers’ Jamal Crawford, proving to everyone that all the basketball skills in the world won’t necessarily make you […]

Undertaker and Brock Lesnar Brawl on ‘Monday Night Raw’ (Video)

Yesterday we told you about The Undertaker‘s return at WWE Battleground on Sunday, which has set up an epic main event at SummerSlam between “The Deadman” and Brock Lesnar. During last night’s episode of ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’ we witnessed the spillover from Taker’s return at Battleground—which ended up costing Lesnar his shot at reclaiming […]

Colombian Soccer Player Celebrates Goal by Proposing to Girlfriend (Video)

I’m guessing for most Colombian players it’s tough to top the feeling of scoring a goal at the professional level in the soccer-crazy country. However, Martin Arzuaga, a Colombian soccer player, may have found a way. After tallying up a goal, he took a decidedly more romantic tact with his celebration and proposed to his girlfriend.  […]

Oh, Good! Dwyane Wade’s Making Wine Now!

In case you were wondering what fading star Dwyane Wade is doing with his offseason, we can help with that. The Miami Heat guard, during a tour of China, announced that he’s starting his own wine label, called simply, “Wade.” I’m hoping somewhere that Wade Boggs is kicking himself for not getting dibs on that […]

NFL Rookies React to Their ‘Madden ’16? Ratings (Video)

Most NFL rookies probably aren’t hurting for confidence (at least the ones drafted in the first few rounds aren’t). Of course, that confidence may slowly get chipped away at as the pre-season starts and the training camp rituals remind them that they’re the low men on the totem pole. But to prepare them for that harsh reality, the […]

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