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Kanye Tosses Microphone After Malfunction at Pan Am Closing Ceremonies (Video)

Despite a petition to get him pulled from participating in the Toronto Pan Am games, Kanye West‘s performance at the close of the events still took place. However, things didn’t go exactly as planned, as they often fail to when it comes to Kanye appearances. The microphone he was using had a pretty low output, making […]

This Spinning Heel Kick to the Groin Looks Like it Hurt (Video)

Let’s play a quick game of “Would You Rather.” But before we do that, I’d like you to take a look at this clip of a spinning heel kick to the groin that Edson Barboza landed on Paul Felder at UFC on Fox 16 this past Saturday: Okay, now it’s time to play the game: Would […]

Blue Jays’ Awful Base-Running Results in Strange Triple Play (Video)

This 3-6-2 triple play that was executed by the Seattle Mariners during Sunday’s 6-5 win over the Toronto Blue Jays on Sunday was a mixture of all sorts of ugliness, from mental errors to inexplicably tripping over one’s own feet. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not how you play baseball: Your browser does not support […]

Ladarius Marshall Throws Down INSANE Reverse Dunk OVER TWO PEOPLE (Video)

Ladarius Marshall took to the Jordan Brand’s ‘First to Fly’ dunk contest to show the world a two-handed reverse dunk that won’t be soon forgotten. The fact that he managed to clear two full-size humans while performing it is just the icing on the cake. Marshall is only in high school, which makes the feat all […]

Fenway Fans Chant ‘Free Tom Brady’ at Sox Game (Video)

In case you thought this DeflateGate thing was ever, ever going to die, it’s not looking like that’s the case. At a baseball game at Fenway (a completely different sport, btw), the camera panned the crowd and the Fenway faithful broke out into a “Free Tom Brady” chant. The sentiment comes after his four game suspension […]

Boxer Cam Awesome (Yes) Gives an Awesome Interview (Video)

Cam Awesome may not have won his boxing match in the 91 kg division at the Pan Am Games this weekend, but he certainly deserves an award for post-fight interviews. After taking the loss, he referred to himself often in the third person, dropping such gems as “Cam you keep up the good work,” and the […]

Soccer Player Tackled by Rogue Dog on the Field (Video)

There are few things in sports more exciting than when a loose animal gets on the field. Most recently, we saw a wayward dog not just infiltrate a soccer field, but actually take out a player, which is like the double rainbow of dogs on fields. You can tell from the video below that this wasn’t a […]

There’s Another LeSean McCoy Party, And You Won’t Believe Who’s Gonna Be There!

LeSean McCoy‘s private, females-only party was supposed to take place yesterday.  I wasn’t invited, so I couldn’t tell you whether or not it still went down, but what I do know is that on Sunday, the Buffalo Bills running back was already busy planning his next party. Officially, he’s calling it his “Back to Business” […]

Bill Belichick Renamed His Boat from ‘V Rings’ to ‘VI Rings’ (Pics)

Of course, Bill Belichick has a boat. And if you’re lucky enough to afford such a luxury, you’re likely going to give it a vanity name, because that’s what people with boats do. So when the Pats won their most recent Super Bowl, it was time to update the boat’s name from “V Rings” to […]

Famous FSU Ballboy Red Lightning Making the Jump to NFL

We don’t report much news on ballboy transactions in the NFL, but that’s only because few ballboys stand out the way Florida State’s Red Lightning did. The ginger-haired presence on the FSU sidelines was the subject of memes and discussion for the past two years. Now, it looks like he’s been able to parlay that […]

Iowa State Football Team Surprises Teammate Mitchell Meyers on His Last Day of Chemo (Videos)

Back in February, when Iowa State defensive end Mitchell Meyers was first diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma, he chose to undergo treatment in Ames, Iowa, rather than his hometown of Woodlands, Texas. Meyers’ prognosis was good. Doctors gave him a 90% chance of recovery. However, he still had to undergo seven months of chemo treatments, which […]

Jamaal Charles Special Olympics Speech Will Give You the Feels (Video)

If you’re a football fan, you might remember that Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles competed in track as well as football at the University of Texas. But did you also know that Jamaal Charles, a 2x All-Pro and 4x Pro-Bowler, competed in the Special Olympics when he was 10 years old? Because he […]

Mike Trout Hits Grand Slam Into a Fan’s ‘Trout Net’ (Video)

Hitting home runs has become too easy for Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout, so in an effort to make things more challenging, he’s now hitting grand slams into nets being held by fans in the outfield bleachers. Seriously.  Grand Slams.  Into 2-foot nets. Check it out: Your browser does not support iframes. That […]

Dude Gives Urinating Friend An RKO Off The Dock (Video)

The last time we showed you an RKO outta nowhere off a dock, it was a little more dangerous, but a lot less disgusting. What makes this RKO outta nowhere a little less dangerous?  The fact that it was performed on a 200-pound dude, and not a 100-pound chick.  And why is it much more […]

Arena Football Team Celebrates TD With “People’s Elbow” (Video)

During Saturday’s 63-16 blowout victory over the Tampa Bay Storm, the Arena Football League‘s Jacksonville Sharks celebrated one of their many touchdowns with a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson-inspired “People’s Elbow.” If something like this were to take place in the NFL, it would likely result in at least 50 yards worth of penalties and over $1-million […]

Adrian Peterson Shows Off New Tattoo (Pic)

One week ago, Adrian Peterson‘s body was receiving plenty of attention as images of the ripped Minnesota Vikings running back taking part in some off-season training drills began to circulate around the internet. Now, A.P.’s body is back in the spotlight, but it has nothing to do with his peak physical conditioning.  Rather, it’s his […]

Brittney Griner Misses Two Consecutive Dunks During SportsCenter Segment (Video)

To say that Brittney Griner‘s consecutive missed dunks during her appearance on SportsCenter Saturday morning set the WNBA back a decade may be a bit of a stretch, but it certainly didn’t help the women’s professional basketball league in their effort to increase their fanbase. Maybe two years is more realistic. Check it out: Damn. […]

Tony Romo, Eli Manning Star in Hilarious Direct TV Commercials (Video)

Is anyone better at making a nerdy NFL quarterback seem funny and cool than DirectTV?  Probably not. They’ve shown what they can do in the past when they made a huge splash with their Manning Brothers rap videos, and they followed that up with their “Football Cops” trailer, once again staring Peyton and Eli. As […]

CM Punk Exchanges Words With Fan Who Challenged Him at UFC Press Conference (Video)

On Friday, the UFC held a Q&A session for fans in Chicago ahead of their “UFC Fight Night” event on Saturday.  Among the fighters taking questions was former WWE star Phil Brooks, a.k.a. CM Punk. What did we learn during this Q&A? Apparently, not everyone is convinced that the professional wrestler-turned-mixed martial artist is ready […]

Cole Hamels Throws No-Hitter vs. Cubs (Video)

With everyone expecting the Philadelphia Phillies to trade Cole Hamels any day now, the left-handed starting pitcher did the team a huge favor and upped his trade value by no-hitting the Chicago Cubs on Saturday. Hamels needed 129 pitches to get through all nine innings, in which he allowed just two walks while striking out 13 […]

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