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OHL Hockey Coach Flips Out on Reporter After Losing 10 Straight Games (Video)

Hockey coach flips out after his team loses their tenth straight game? Not a big shocker there. Any coach in any sport is probably going to be a little testy in the midst of a losing streak like that. What makes this case so amusing is the fact that Paul Fixter, the hockey coach in […]

Peyton Manning Tells Broncos Fans to STFU, Throws Mile High Scoreboard Operator Under the Bus (Videos)

Peyton Manning and the Broncos had another strong performance last night in Denver, cruising past the Chargers 35-21. However, late in the fourth quarter, with the game all wrapped up, the Broncos got flagged for a false start because they couldn’t hear each other. And what does Peyton Manning do in situations like that? Peyton […]

Rex Ryan Punked Sammy Watkins During His Conference Call with Jets Reporters (Audio)

Rex Ryan punked Sammy Watkins during Watkins’ conference call with Jets reporters yesterday. Does that seem strange to you, given that the New York Jets are 1-6 right now and Rex’s days as an NFL head coach are numbered? Because it shouldn’t. Being a serious human being is not what Rex Ryan is about. (Have […]

Eric Bledsoe Crossover Leaves Jared Cunningham in the Dust (Video)

This Eric Bledsoe crossover is the type of move that leaves you facing 180 degrees in the wrong direction. Just ask Jared Cunningham, who was left wondering what year it was and who all these people were after an Eric Bledsoe crossover last night left him spinning. Following the crossover, Bledsoe had like 30 minutes to spot up as […]

Notre Dame Freshman Justin Brent Goes on Date With 42 Year-Old Porn Star Lisa Ann

We knew that Notre Dame freshman had it good if they were involved in the football program, but THIS good? Seems like more of an SEC or Florida State move than the handiwork of someone enrolled in a Catholic school, football player or not.  NONETHELESS, we’ve got visual evidence, thanks to the public service of […]

Triple H One-Ups Randy Orton, Give Diver the Chair in Vine Clip (Video)

If you have no idea what this headline means, we’ll explain.  Last week, some zealous WWE fans crudely inserted Randy Orton into sports clips, making it look like he was taking soccer players and pedestrians out in a fit of rage. This week, Triple H gets to step up and do some stupid, stupid damage. […]

Insane, Completely Unnecessary Erik Lamela Rabona Is the Soccer Goal of the Year (Videos)

I could just cut to the chase and show you the Erik Lamela Rabona, but it’s better if I explain a few things first. First, Erik Lamela has scored just one goal for Tottenham in 29 appearances since transferring from Roma last year and has been considered by fans to be an epic disappointment. Second, […]

Brandon Marshall Struggles to Spell ‘Communication’ While Mic’d Up (Video)

Brandon Marshall knows the importance of communication. Even if he can’t spell it. None of his teammates seem to be able to spell it either. These are all guys that went to college, and I’m guessing several of them majored in Communications. Oh well. We all have our dumb moments. At least Brandon Marshall was […]

Arianny Celeste Likes Her Selfies with an Open Shirt and No Pants (Pic)

Arianny Celeste clearly holds the title of “Queen of the Ring Girls,” and that title is constantly under attack. As such, she must defend it using every weapon at her disposal, which is pretty much just pictures of her scantily clad body. It’s a good, effective weapon that has served her (and us) well. Also, […]

DeMarco Murray Gave iMacs to His Offensive Linemen as Thanks for All the Running Room They’ve Provided (Video)

Looking for an explanation for the Dallas Cowboys’ sizzling 6-1 start? Start with running back DaMarco Murray. The guy is leading the NFL with 913 rushing yards through Week 7, which is 298 yards more than Arian Foster, the next guy down on the list. That being said, the dude would not be averaging 130 […]

Clippers Fan Fight: Dude Punches Like a Girl, Gets Punched Back by a Man (Video)

A Clippers fan fight broke out last night when one presumably drunk fan took a shot at another nearby fan. Let’s just say that the punch wasn’t exactly “Mayweather-caliber,” though Money Mayweather was in attendance and I’m sure he would have been happy to weigh in. The fan took a punch at a dad (guessing by […]

29 Pavel Datsyuk GIFs that Prove He Is Some Sort of Wizard

A whole list of Pavel Datsyuk GIFs? Really? Yes, dammit. You may not have noticed because the NHL decided back in 2007 that Sidney Crosby was the face of the league, but Detroit Red Wings center Pavel Datsyuk is a hockey genius—nay, hockey wizard. The man is capable of doing things with a puck that are […]

9 Most Insane Floyd Mayweather Sports Bets

Recently there have been a number of stories about some pretty huge Floyd Mayweather sports bets, and this really should not surprise us. The champion boxer they call “Money” has been making insane sports bets for years now. And while he has always remained strangely silent about his losses, he never hesitates to brag about his big wins […]

This Is the Craziest Blocked PAT You Have Ever Seen (Video)

In the NFL, if the kicking team recovers a blocked PAT, they can try to run it into the endzone for a two-point conversion. However, if the defending team recovers, the play is dead immediately. That’s not the case in college. Under NCAA rules, a blocked PAT can be recovered by the defending team and returned […]

Anthony Davis Instagrams Fan Getting Arrested From Sideline of Game (Pic)

Anthony Davis, is a lineman for the 49ers, but due to an MCL sprain, he was on the sideline during last night’s 49ers-Rams game in civilian clothes. And because he wasn’t getting called to play, he was allowed to let his attention wander a little bit. And because you don’t go anywhere without your cellphone, […]

Browns Fan’s Beer Bong Is Disgusting and Awesome at the Same Time (Video)

The less said about this Cleveland Browns fan’s beer bong, the better. We can all enjoy it silently, but we DO NOT talk about it. Because this Browns fan’s beer bong is crass and awful. And wonderful. And ingenious. It’s so many things that make us feel so many ways. I can’t handle it. The […]

49ers Tight Ends Compete for Touchdown Pass and Drop It (GIF)

Two 49ers tight ends were wide open in the end zone during the fourth quarter of Monday night’s game against the Rams. Well, they were only wide open if you don’t count each other interfering with the catch. Vernon Davis and Vance McDonald seemed to run different patterns that put them in the exact same spot […]

Columbus Blue Jackets Fan Gets Fired Up with ‘Turn Down for What’ (Video)

This Columbus Blue Jackets fan strikes me as a pretty excitable fella. I mean, sure, we’re happy that hockey started, but it’s a long road, and being a marathon, not a sprint, maybe you want to save some fan energy for further down the line. Or, maybe this Columbus Blue Jackets fan just wants to […]

Desperation 3-Pointer From Nate Robinson Falls, Because Nate Robinson is Magic (Video)

A desperation 3-pointer with time running out will only fall if you’re a certain kind of player. Or so it seems. Players without the right mojo will never get an ill-advised desperation 3-pointer to fall. Then there are players like Nate Robinson, who are NOTHING BUT MOJO. The man has leprechaun blood in him, which explains […]

Seahawks Fan Crams Purse in Her Pants…Only God Know Why (Pics)

While most NFL fan bases carry with them negative stereotypes, a Seahawks fan doesn’t have much of an image at all. Sure, they’re loud, they’re the “12th man,” and they can be obnoxious, but they aren’t known as embittered, foul people like the fans of certain other teams that will remain nameless. That doesn’t mean that […]

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