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Cam Newton To Release Erotic Romance Novel On Amazon “Dabbin’ with Cam”

You just lost in the Super Bowl, so of course the next thing you’re going to do is….release an erotic romance novel?? The Amazon description for the book reads as: “Caroline’s life is passing her by while she grinds away at her office job. That all changes when Caroline’s friend, Emily, secretly enters her in […]

Greg McElroy On Cam: I Have Issues With Him, He Quit On His Team (Audio)

Former Alabama QB Greg McElroy, co-host of First Team on SiriusXM had strong words for Carolina Panthers QB & former Auburn star Cam Newton after he refused to dive after a fumble in the 4th quarter.  “I have big issues with the way Cam handled himself, not only on the field but in the post-game as well,” McElroy […]

TMZ Releases Alternate Angle Of LeSean McCoy Bar Brawl (Video)

Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy might be hearing from Roger Goodell pretty soon once he takes a look at these videos months from now(Obvious Ray Rice reference). Yesterday, Crossing Broad released a video of the bar brawl that McCoy was involved in that left two off-duty officers seriously injured, it was hard to spot exactly which […]

Dortmund Fans Protest High Ticket Prices By Throwing Tennis Balls Onto Pitch (Video)

There are plenty of ways to protest high ticket prices at sporting events.  One way, and perhaps the way which makes the most sense, would be to not show up at said sporting event. Another way, which is apparently the preferred way in Dortmund, is to throw tennis balls onto the pitch. Via The 42: […]

Report: Clippers Suspend Blake Griffin 4 Games For Toronto Street Fight

The Los Angeles Clippers have concluded their investigation into Blake Griffin‘s altercation with the team’s equipment manager, and they have determined that the proper course of action would be to suspend Blake for four games without pay. The incident took place outside a Toronto restaurant back in January and it resulted in a broken hand for Griffin, which is expected […]

Erectile Dysfunction Super Bowl Ad: These Women Can’t Walk After Sex With Their Men (Video)

If you live in Omaha and saw this commercial from the NuMale Medical Clinic on your television during Super Bowl 50, you probably asked yourself, “What the FCK?!?!?!” During the 30-second ad, which only aired in Omaha, women are shown in a doctors office, struggling to walk and in need of medical attention, because their […]

Eli Manning Comments on Sad Reaction to Broncos’ Super Bowl Victory (Video)

When Eli Manning failed to crack a smile after the Broncos scored a touchdown to put them up 22-10 late in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl, many suspected it was because he had just realized he was no longer the only Manning with two championship rings… Not quite. Reporters caught up with Eli as he was leaving California, […]

Over a Million Fans Show Up to Broncos Super Bowl Parade (Pics)

On Monday, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning took part in a Disneyland championship parade in Anaheim, California.  On Tuesday, he and the rest of his teammates returned to Colorado to take part in their team’s official Super Bowl victory parade through the streets of Denver. Over a million fans were in attendance to show their support for […]

Porn Star Lisa Ann Wants to Reward Emmanuel Sanders For Winning SB (Audio)

Former porn star Lisa Ann is a very busy woman these days according to her. She stated she had a lot to do with Indiana Pacers G Paul George recovery back when he broke his leg, now she plans on rewarding Denver Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders for winning the Super Bowl. “According to Lisa Ann […]

BREAKING: Peyton Manning Says He “Wants to Play in Dallas, Win Jerry Jones a Super Bowl”

Everyone’s been sitting patiently, waiting for Peyton Manning to make an announcement regarding his future. Well, it appears as though the wait is over, as the two-time Super Bowl champ released the following statement just minute ago: “I know you’ve all been waiting for me to make an announcement regarding my future plans.  After thinking long […]

Peyton Manning Leads the Disneyland Parade (Pics)

Super Bowl MVP Von Miller won’t be making the traditional trip to Disneyland, so it appears as though Peyton Manning has stepped in to fill the void. Manning was at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California on Monday, taking part in a championship parade down Main Street, U.S.A.  Joining him aboard the Broncos’ championship float was his son […]

Peyton Manning Earns $2-Million Bonus For Winning Super Bowl 50

Another championship ring and one last chance to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy are just two of the ways in which Peyton Manning was rewarded for winning Super Bowl 50.  But perhaps his greatest benefit from winning Sunday’s big game will come in the form of a $2-million bonus that he’ll receive from the Broncos for […]

DeAndre Jordan Surprises Us With This Sick Full-Court Pass (Video)

We were already aware of the fact that DeAndre Jordan can dunk, rebound, and block shots with the best of them, but who knew the Los Angeles Clippers center was capable of making passes like this one?

Hilarious Cubs-Yankees Twitter Feud Erupts for No Real Reason Whatsoever (Tweets)

Every year when the Super Bowl is over, die-hard baseball fans turn their attention to spring training. (Which, at time of writing, starts in 8 days, 10 hours, and 47 minutes. Not that I’m counting.) However, for most fans it takes a little more than the mere absence of football to get them thinking about […]

Jay-Z Didn’t Know about Snapchat Until Usher Showed It to Him at the Super Bowl (Video)

I’m not sure if “Jay-Z learns about Snapchat surprisingly late in the game” is a groundbreaking story, but it’s pretty funny that the media mogul wasn’t really aware of a billion-dollar photo sharing site until this past Sunday. Fortunately, Usher was there to fill him in at Super Bowl 50, and now Jay-Z will be […]

Kobe Gave a Pair of Shoes to Paul George After Last Night’s Game (Pics)

Now that a fork has been stuck in the NFL season, the Kobe Bryant farewell tour will likely get more and more attention. It began last night.  After Paul George and the Pacers edged out Bryant and the Lakers, 89-87, Kobe swung by the Indiana locker room and bequeathed the rising star with a pair of […]

Report: Browns Lied About Johnny Manziel’s Concussion

Remember during Week 17 of the NFL season, when Johnny Manziel was said to be dealing with a concussion and was in the league’s concussion protocol?  Well guess what?  It was all a cover-up by the Cleveland Browns after Johnny Manziel showed up to Wednesday’s practice drunk. According to the NFL Network’s Michael Silver, a Browns […]

Cam Addresses Leaving Presser Early & Not Diving on Fumble (Video)

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton wants everyone including his critics to know that he hears the whispers and doubts about him and he addressed a few points today. One was him not diving for the fumble late in the 4th quarter while the Panthers were down only 6. The other was how he handle the […]

St. Louis Lawyer Bashes Rams Owner Stan Kroenke In Local Super Bowl Commercial (Video)

Rams owner Stan Kroenke didn’t just pull his football team out of St. Louis. The dude set fire to the bridge on his way out of town, bashing the city and its fans in his official application for relocation so as to make Los Angeles seem like his only option. Not surprisingly, the people of […]

If You Break the 40-Yard Dash Record at the NFL Combine, Adidas Will Give You $1 Million

You might read that headline and think that this is an open call for anyone and everyone to run at the combine and win a million bucks running a fast 40-yard dash. Nope. You’re not invited to the combine, and even if you were, you’re, in all likelihood, very, very slow. But those that are invited […]

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