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Cesc Fàbregas Kicks Ball at Opposing Player’s Face (Videos)

Chelsea has already clinched the Premier League title, leading second-place Manchester City by eight points with just one game remaining. That probably explains why some players on their team didn’t seem all that interested in showing discipline or winning their game against West Bromwich Albion on Monday. Show More Summary

NHL Linesman Injured by Hit from Kevin Klein and Steven Stamkos, Out for the Playoffs (Videos)

On Monday night, NHL linesman Brad Kovachik was injured during Game 2 of the NHL’s Eastern Conference Finals. Tampa Bay’s Steven Stamkos checked New York’s Kevin Klein as he was entering the Lightning zone, sending him right into Kovachik, who was manning the blue line. After the collision Kovachik was unable to put any weight […]

Astros Pitcher Lance McCullers Makes Major League Debut Wearing Amazing Batman Cleats (Pics)

On Monday night, 21-year-old Astros pitching prospect Lance McCullers made his Major League debut. Under normal circumstances that wouldn’t be big news. Yes, scouts consider McCullers the Astro’s 10th-best prospect. Yes, he was making the jump from double-A ball. And yes, he did pretty well over 4 2/3 innings, giving up three hits and three […]

A Mets Fan Kept Grabbing His Girlfriend’s Boobs (Video)

Baseball can be pretty boring at times, so it’s nice to have another activity to distract you during those lulls. Some people keep score, some do crossword puzzles, but for many, a nice, squeezable pair of boobs will make the hours just fly by. At the Mets game yesterday, this guy wouldn’t stop squeezing his […]

Phillies Fan Rips Home Run Ball from a Lady’s Hands (Video)

There are few things on this earth more upsetting to me than watching one fan steal a souvenir from its rightful owner. It happened with a Bengals-Saints football, and this time it happened with a home run ball at a Phillies game. Maikel Franco got his first home run ever, which was recovered from the […]

Watch a Ballboy Fall Hard Behind Maria Sharapova (Video)

Being a tennis ballboy is hard. If you do your job well, then no one notices you, but if you screw up, you get as much attention as the athletes on the court. Of course, we have a very recent example of this. Maria Sharapova was resting in the hot sun at the Internazionali BNL d’Italia between […]

Craig Sager Breaks from Chemo to Attend Rockets-Clippers Game 7 (Video)

As most NBA and TNT fans know, Craig Sager hasn’t been on the NBA’s sidelines for the past year or so because he’s been battling leukemia. He’s been getting regular chemotherapy treatments at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, so when there was a game 7 back in town, it wasn’t a HUGE surprise […]

James Harden Celebrates Win by Tossing Shoes into Stands (Video)

The Houston Rockets went the distance with the LA Clippers, and despite having a number of gaps in their play, were able to decisively take the seventh game. A big reason for that was utility big man James Harden, who proved to excel in every aspect of the game during this series. You can add […]

During Red Sox Game, Mariners Fans Chant ‘Brady Cheated’ (Video)

Oh, burn! I’ve never understood using one sport’s platform to knock a team from another sport. And whenever it happens, Boston seems to be involved. For instance, at the Patriots Super Bowl parade, the fans would start cheering “Yankees suck.” Those Yankees must really get under your skin if that’s on your mind at a […]

Vladimir Putin Played Suspiciously Good Hockey This Weekend (Video)

I’m happy to say that we’ve got a Vladimir Putin news piece here that doesn’t threaten our way of life, nor remind us of the systematic civil rights oppression that’s taking place in and around the Kremlin. Everyone’s favorite shirtless president (Sorry, Clinton) took to the ice to skate with some retired NHL stars, and […]

This Ed Carpenter Indy 500 Practice Crash Is Pretty Terrifying (Video)

Though the main event is still a week away, there’s already drama on the track as Ed Carpenter experienced an Indy 500 practice crash that reminds us just how dangerous things can get. And that’s with no one else even on the oval. Taking a few laps, Ed Carpenter just spun out in turn 2, and […]

Caped Rugby Streaker Gets Suplex’d by Field Security (Video)

In regards to the title of this piece, I must admit I don’t know exactly what a suplex is, but I’m pretty sure it’s what is performed on this caped rugby streaker. At a French rugby match between two teams you’ve definitely never heard of (FINE! Grenoble and Toulouse), a guy in something resembling a superhero […]

Marlins Man Makes His Presence Known at the Preakness (Pics and Tweet)

If you don’t know who the hell “Marlins Man” is, don’t feel bad. I didn’t know this dude existed until several outlets reported his appearance in high-profile Preakness pics. For those unaccustomed, Marlins man is pretty much what it sounds like. There’s a guy, Laurence Leavy, who seems to find his way into major sporting […]

ASU Batter Gets Hit by Pitch, Tosses Ball Back to Pitcher (Video)

Let’s give props to ASU batter Johnny Sewald, who realizes that not every hit-by-pitch is a malicious act of war. Two days ago, he was squaring off against Washington State pitcher Layne Bruner when he got oh-so-gently beaned. The ball just sorta stuck to him, so rather than go through the formality of handing the […]

Miguel Angel Jimenez Aces a Hole, Gets a Ton of Free Beer (Video)

Why is it that the people least in need get the most awesome free stuff? (That was a rhetorical question. We all know why. Because they’re famous.) However, we can still hold out hope that Miguel Angel Jimenez will take the spoils of his most recent hole-in-one and give them to a worthwhile, thirsty cause. At […]

Brazilian Girls Play Twister, Which We’re Gonna Call a Sport (Video)

We at TPS are constantly criticized by our significant constituency of South American Twister enthusiasts for our lack of coverage of the sport. We’re here to say that we acknowledge the oversight and are doing everything we can to fix it. We decided to show some Brazilian girls playing the sport this time, but next […]

This Padres Groundskeeper Can Dance Like a Machine (GIF)

It doesn’t rain often in southern California, so people go a little crazy when it does. Most of the time, they just drive like wild animals or flake out on any social plans that night, but this Padres groundskeeper used the rain delay as an opportunity to show a captive Petco Field audience his dance […]

Edelman Weighs in on Deflategate While Driving a Porsche (Video)

If you’re going to offer an opinion on something, it’s always better to do it while driving a Porsche convertible. For instance, if the presidential debate could take place with one candidate at a podium, and the other circling him slowly in a Carrera convertible (or even a Targa!), the candidate in the car wins […]

Tom Brady Once Said He Prefers Deflated Balls In a Radio Interview (Video)

Please enable Javascript to watch this video I’d like to hear how the New England Patriots plan on rebutting this piece of DeflateGate evidence from a radio interview Tom Brady took part in 2011. During an appearance on WEEI radio back on November 14, 2011, Brady was asked to talk about Rob Gronkowski‘s punishing touchdown […]

Boca Juniors Fans Pepper Spray River Plate Players in Game (Video)

A day after we showed footage of a not-so-smooth Boca Juniors fan stealing a laptop from a press conference, we’ve now got a much more sinister act caught on tape. Supporters of Boca Juniors, during the team’s match against rival River Plate—dubbed the Super Classico—went ahead and pepper sprayed the visiting team, forcing the game […]

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