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People Think John Wall Was Throwing Up Gang Signs Last Night (Video)

I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between gang signs and sign language, so I promise to keep my opinion and thoughts out of this one. Some folks are thinking that John Wall was throwing up gang signs last night during Game 5 of the Wizards-Hawks series. He was certainly doing something with his fingers, but Doug Christie used […]

Man Caught Stealing Tablet after Soccer Press Conference (Video)

If you’re going to steal a tablet, maybe don’t do it in the background of a broadcast following an Argentinian soccer press conference. Just some advice to you thieves-in-training out there. Wait until the cameras are off so millions of people don’t see you. And don’t look RIGHT INTO the camera like you’re guilty as […]

J.J. Watt Does a Killer Schwarzenegger Impression (Video)

Add a “far above-average Arnold Schwarzenegger impression” to the list of J.J. Watt achievements. Not only can the man jump super-high, but he could maybe pass for the Austrian movie star to a blind person with a mild ear infection. The Texans recruited several of their players to give their best Schwarzenegger impression for the camera. […]

This Hawks Kiss Cam Beer Spill Has to be Staged, Right? (Video)

The kiss cam is a wonderful, funny innovation that provides cheap and easy entertainment for tens of thousands of sports fans. But with that entertainment comes a sacred bond, a trust, that the love we’re seeing is real. I believe that trust was betrayed last night during the Hawks-Wizards game. The framing, the reactions, and the […]

Check Out the Terrifying Helmet Cam Footage of the Helio Castroneves Crash (Video)

Helio Castroneves has won the Indianapolis 500 three times, putting him among the 10 greatest drivers in the race’s 104-year history. However, while taking his practice runs at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Wednesday, Castroneves demonstrated that, in auto racing, not even the all-time greats are immune to death-defying crashes. Show More Summary

Keith Olbermann Offers Sound Advice in “Open Letter to Tom Brady” (Video)

When the Wells Report came out implicating Tom Brady in the Deflategate scandal, like all athletes caught in major scandals, the legendary Patriots quarterback had two choices: come clean and admit to breaking the rules in an effort to look like you’re a man of integrity, or double down on the denial and hope everybody […]

RIP Harrison Barnes’ Groin, 1992-2015 (Videos)

If you heard a weird noise last night around 11:30 ET, that was the sound of hundreds of thousands of men around the country yelling in agony as they watched Harrison Barnes’ groin get annihilated on live television. Late in the first half of Game 5 between the Warriors and Grizzlies, Golden State’s third-year forward […]

Paul Pierce Trash Talk to Atlanta Bench After Late Three Backfires Big Time (Pic)

If you can’t believe the guy they call The Truth, who can you believe? Late in Game 5 between the Wizards and Hawks on Wednesday night, a Paul Pierce turnover led to an easy layup and an 80-78 lead for the Hawks. However, on the next possession, Pierce redeemed himself by hitting a corner three […]

John Wall Makes Crazy Overhead No-Look Pass (Video)

The Washington Wizards may have fallen to the Atlanta Hawks in Game 5 on Wednesday, 82-81, but this overhead, no-look pass by John Wall was still pretty damn impressive—especially when you consider the fact that the Wizards guard was playing the gam with several broken bones in his left hand. I couldn’t even do this with […]

Odell Beckham is the Madden 16 Cover Athlete

The ballots are in and the votes have been tallied.  Your EA Sports Madden 16 Cover athlete is… …Odell Beckham Jr.!!! The New York Giants wide receiver beat out Rob Gronkowski in the final to become the youngest ever Madden cover athlete—at 22 years of age. He is also the first member of the Giants […]

Al Horford Putback with 1.9 Seconds Left Give Hawks the Win (Video)

Sure, it’s may not be as exciting as an overtime winner in Game 7 of an NHL playoff series, but this Al Horford putback with 1.9 seconds remaining in regulation to give the Atlanta Hawks an 82-81 Game 5 victory over the Washington Wizards is still worth the watch. So watch!  

Rangers’ Derek Stepan Scores Game 7 OT Winner vs. Caps (Video)

It wasn’t easy, but the New York Rangers continued their incredible run of Game 7 success on Wednesday, thanks to this Derek Stepan game-winner just over 11 minutes into overtime: That goal by Stepan gave the Rangers the 2-1 victory, and the 4-3 series win.  It was their sixth consecutive Game 7 victory, and they remain […]

Did Aaron Rodgers Drop The F-Bomb on Celebrity Jeopardy? (Video)

This one is way too close to call.  I’m going to leave the decision to you: Did Aaron Rodgers drop the f-bomb during his appearance on Celebrity Jeopardy last night? Watch the Vine below and let us know what you think:

Anthony Rizzo Answers Questions While Eating Very Hot Wings (Video)

Let’s face it.  You’re not going to watch the video below because you’re interested in hearing the worst thing a St. Louis Cardinals fan has ever said to Anthony Rizzo. You’re watching it because you want to see what the Cubs first baseman looks like when he’s eating a chicken wing that has a pungency measurement […]

Real Madrid Ball Boy Plays Keep-Away With Patrice Evra (Video)

Hats off to Juventus left-back Patrice Evra, who somehow resisted the urge to punch this Real Madrid ball boy in the face after he purposely (and annoyingly) kept the ball away from the French defender during today’s Champions League match. Watch: C’est le fils de A : Fernandez B : Courbis C: Lizaraazu D : […]

Honduran Field Invader Takes Kung Fu Kick to His Honduran Face (Video)

There are many reasons not to run out onto the field at a professional soccer game and threaten the players. Getting arrested is one. Getting banned from the stadium for life is another. However, I would say, for me, the biggest deterrent would have to be the possibility that one of those players might give […]

The 23 Greatest NBA Playoff Buzzer-Beaters of All Time

Ask any NBA fan and they’ll tell you few things in life are more exciting than playoff buzzer-beaters. Clutch shots under enormous pressure on the game’s biggest stage? What more could you possibly want? Of course, not all playoff buzzer-beaters are created equal. Sometimes the defense blows it and your guy gets wide open for an easy trey. And sometimes your guy […]

Check Out These Leaked Images of the 2015 NBA Christmas Uniforms (Pics)

The NBA has not made any announcements regarding the uniforms that are expected to be worn during next season’s slate of Christmas Day games.  Heck, they haven’t even announced which teams will be playing next Xmas Day, but somehow not even that lack of information was able to prevent images of the 2015 NBA Christmas […]

These LEGO Jordans Look Like a Disaster Waiting to Happen (Pics)

If you thought sneakerheads freak out when you step on the top of their shoe, just wait until they accidentally kick the curb and are forced to pick up thousands of shards of their shoes. Ok, so that actually sounds pretty funny. And it’s a realistic issue too, should these concept LEGO Jordans ever get […]

Fan Tries to Join Cycling Race, Ends Up Causing Giant Crash (Video)

Non-cycling-fans might not be familiar with the Giro d’Italia, but it’s regarded as the second-biggest race of the year, behind the Tour de France. Only the elite get to give it a go. But that didn’t stop one idiotic fan from trying to roll right in with his own bike to become part of the action in […]

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