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Jordan Spieth and Steph Curry Star in a New Under Armour Ad (Video)

Under Armour has done very well picking its spokespeople the last few years, and they are churning out ads to constantly remind you of that. This time around, they got the most popular golfer and the most popular basketball player together. As if that wasn’t enough, they cloned them thousands of times to really drive […]

This GIF Shows the Evolution of Every MLB Logo over Time

There have been a number of golden eras for MLB logo and uniform design. There have also been a lot of non-golden eras. And this GIF shows us a fluid representation of how the logos and graphics for teams have changed over time. It also shows us, as a function of that, when the league expanded […]

Rousey-Mayweather Feud: Ronda Says She Makes More Money Per Second than Floyd…Then Calls Him Illiterate (Video)

The folks over at TMZ spotted UFC superstar Ronda Rousey walking her dog on the streets of Los Angeles on Tuesday, so obviously they approached her and asked the question everybody wants to know the answer to. Oh I’m sorry, did you think I meant they asked her if she is dating alleged wife beater […]

“LexTwerkOut” Is Probably the Greatest Fitness Routine Ever Devised (Videos)

Looking for a new fitness routine that combines your love of EDM with your passion for twerking? Well look no more, because I’ve got good news for you. Such a routine actually exists. It’s called “LexTwerkOut,” and it’s probably the greatest series of YouTube fitness videos ever devised. The genius behind LexTwerkOut is a young […]

We’ve Got Another Softball Bat Flip-Trick Shot Clip for Ya (Video)

Last week, we showed this clip of a girl who was able to use the ground, her feet, and her bat to knock a softball deep. It was pretty cool and unexpected. Now we’ve got another bat flip aficionado looking for that sweet, sweet Internet glory. So what do you think? Does this guy deserve […]

Stefon Diggs Saves Cordarrelle Patterson from a Crotch Shot (GIF)

We hear a lot about the animosity between players, even teammates, during training camp. So it’s nice to see a video like this, where a teammate is looking out for another. Or, at least another player’s crotch. Which is really just an extension of the person. Sure, it’s a pretty quick moment that would be […]

‘Tosh.0? Lays into Nick Saban about His Biography (Video)

Daniel Tosh and Tosh.0 aren’t known for having a strong sports slant, but that just makes the times they do all the more funny. For instance, Nick Saban‘s unauthorized biography has hit shelves, and it contains a lot of stuff Nick Saban would rather not read about. Like his defection from the Dolphins to the […]

Andrew McCutchen Dugout Dance Keeps Pirates Loose Before Game (Videos)

It’s good to be a Pirate these days. After 20 straight seasons with a losing record, and, consequently, 20 straight seasons without a postseason berth, the Buccos currently own the third-best record in baseball, are hot on the trail of the Central Division-leading Cardinals, and are all but guaranteed to reach the postseason for the […]

Ronda Rousey-Travis Browne Scandal: UFC Superstar Rumored to Be Dating Married Man Accused of Domestic Violence

Rumors have been circulating online for the last few weeks that UFC superstar Ronda Rousey is dating UFC heavyweight Travis Browne. And under normal circumstances, a rumor like that wouldn’t be news. Unfortunately, the circumstances in this situation are not normal, because (a) Travis Browne is married and (b) back in July his wife accused […]

Mosley-Mayorga Press Conference Turns Violent After Mayorga Slaps Mosley’s Girlfriend’s Butt (Video)

No one is really looking forward to this weekend’s Shane Mosley-Ricardo Mayorga fight. Mayorga is 41 and well past his prime. Mosley, once the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, is now 43 years old and coming out of his second retirement. If any bout is in need of a little pre-fight press conference fireworks, […]

Expletive-Laden JJ Watt Speech Highlights This Week’s Episode of “Hard Knocks” (Videos)

When HBO announced that the Houston Texans would be the subject of “Hard Knocks” this year, everyone knew that really meant JJ Watt would be the subject of “Hard Knocks” this year. After all, Watt isn’t just one of the two or three most dominant players in the NFL. He’s also one of it’s most […]

Watch Brian Cushing Puke an Endless Stream of Vomit (Video)

Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing may be a badass motherfcker, but he’s still human.  And when a human gets worked beyond his limits, as is often the case at NFL training camps, he pukes. Watch Cushing prove to everyone that he’s only human by puking for nearly a minute during last night’s episode of HBO’s Hard […]

Check Out These Stoner NFL Logos…Or Don’t, Whatever (Gallery)

Have you ever found yourself watching a football game and wondered what all the logos would look like if they were designed by a stoner? If so, you probably are a stoner. In which case you probably lack the motivation to actually redesign all 32 NFL logos. However, there is at least one stoner out […]

Some Might Call This Curt Schilling Tweet Comparing Muslims to Nazis “Ill-Advised” (Pic)

Oh, Curt Schilling. So good at baseball, so bad at knowing what not to say. Back in April, during an ESPN broadcast of a Cubs-Cardinals game, Schilling decided to discuss his sex life with millions of baseball fans watching at home, claiming he was “not pleasureable, but consistent.” But at least that was on live […]

Check Out This Incredible One-Handed Catch from Canadian College Football (Video)

Wanna see an incredible one-handed catch? Of course you do. And you’re in luck, too. We’ve got one for you right here. It’s not by Odell Beckham, though. In fact, it’s not by anyone in the NFL, the NCAA, or even the CFL. The catch is by a kid named Aaron Baker of the McMaster […]

Rugby Brawl Features Some Insanely Hard Punches (Video)

Ah, rugby. We can always count on you to give us a brawl that ends up with actual blood. Well, you guys and minor league Eastern European soccer, too. This match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Canberra Raiders was going fine until a normal-looking tackle did something to set off one side, then […]

This Trick Shot Parody Is Perfectly Spot-On (Video)

There are no shortage of trick shot videos out there, and they all seem to share a common style about them. They’re all a little “bro,” and the indoor ones all seem to take place in houses that seem just a little too nice for the guys in the video. Someone picked up on the […]

Drake and Serena Share a Smile During Her Warmups (Video)

After yesterday’s photos surfaced, it was pretty clear that Drake and Serena Williams are kind of enjoying a little romance with each other. Again. Yesterday, they were making out at a restaurant, and now he’s been filmed on the court for her warmups, that same weekend, flashing that big goofy Drake smile that everyone loves. […]

Will Ferrell Discusses His Arsenal of Pitches for His HBO Show (Video)

Will Ferrell spent this spring going around, invading spring training fields for an upcoming HBO special called Ferrell Takes the Field. The film airs on HBO September 12, so HBO is getting its PR machine going, and in this clip, Will Ferrell discusses how he differs from other pitchers. Whereas most pitchers have three or […]

DirecTV Gives Us Petite Randy Moss, and He’s Awesome (Video)

DirecTV got into some trouble with its Rob Lowe commercials a while back, making claims that the FCC felt weren’t supported. So those ads had to be pulled. But it’s nice to see the company, which just recently was approved to merge with AT&T, hasn’t abandoned the idea of weird versions of celebrities. Next up: […]

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