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James Harden and Gregg Popovich Compare Beards (Video)

The San Antonio Spurs hosted the Houston Rockets in a possible first-round preview on Wednesday, but it’s still only the regular season.  So we’re not really that interested in the actual game itself. What we are interested in is seeing James Harden and Gregg Popovich compare facial hair during a break in the action. You can watch Harden and Popovich […]

Tiger Woods’ Daughter Makes Putt at Masters Par-3 Tournament (Video)

Tiger Woods was playing the part of “good dad” on Wednesday when he allowed his two children, Sam and Charlie, to caddy for him at The Masters’ Par-3 Tournament.  And he even took things one step further when he allowed his 7-year-old daughter Sam to tap in one of his short putts for him. Woods […]

Jack Nicklaus Hits Hole-In-One at Masters Par-3 Tournament (Video)

At 75-years-old, Jack Nicklaus won’t be winning another green jacket at The Masters, but there is still the chance that he can someday win the Masters Par-3 Tournament.  And that someday could be today, after the six-time Masters champion drained this hole-in-one on the Par-3 fourth hole at Augusta National Golf Club. Check it out:

Powerlifter Tears His Quads From the Bone During Lift! (Video)

In case your day has been nice and breezy so far, it’s our pleasure to offer to take it in a very different direction with this video. A powerlifter named Tommy Dolan (I think he might be Irish!) competing in the Irish Powerlifting Organization National Championships (I knew it!) tried to squat 618 pounds. It […]

Ex-NFL Player Dwight Jones Allegedly Starved Dog to Death

Ugh. Former UNC player and undrafted free agent Dwight Jones has been arrested on a felony count of killing an animal by starvation when it was discovered that a dead, malnourished pitbull was found in his backyard after a 14-degree night. Another dog on the property was found malnourished, but alive. The dogs were discovered on […]

Boston Marathon Bombing Verdict: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Guilty

The Boston Marathon bombing verdict is in. Two years after three innocent people were murdered and 264 others were maimed or injured, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the two brothers accused of orchestrating and carrying out the terrorist attack, has been found guilty in a court of law. The jury began deliberating on Tuesday. On Wednesday, […]

Apparently Grabbing Tiger Woods Nipple Is the New Secret Masters Handshake (Photo)

This week Tiger Woods announced that his hiatus from competition is over, and that he will indeed play in the 2015 Masters. Obviously, this is great news for everybody who loves the game of golf, including the PGA, its fans, and other professional golfers. However, nobody—and I mean nobody—is more excited to have Tiger back […]

30 Most Ridiculous Ballpark Food Items of the 2015 MLB Season

Ballpark food used to be simple fare. You had your peanuts. You had your Cracker Jack. You had your encased meats. And, if you were really lucky, you had your nachos. That was pretty much it, and people liked it, because they were there to watch baseball, not go on a gastronomical adventure. Thing are […]

Pacer Chris Copeland and Two Women Stabbed in NYC (Video)

Indiana Pacer forward Chris Copeland was stabbed outside 1Oak nightclub in Manhattan last night as he exited with a woman, Katrine Saltara. Sources from ESPN are saying that she was approached by a man outside the club, and when Chris Copeland told him to get lost, he stabbed Copeland. Saltara, in a somewhat heroic move, jumped […]

Porn Star Offers Russian Soccer Player Sex In Exchange For Goals (Pics)

Normally, athletes don’t need much more incentive to do well on the field. Sure, money always motivates, but these guys are trained competitors who want to win no matter what. STILL, I don’t think what porn star Alina Henessy is offering Russian soccer player Alexander Kokorin will go unnoticed. Have a good day everyone! […]

Brett Lawrie Struck Out 4 Time on Just 12 Pitches (Video)

I think we can all agree that two games isn’t nearly enough to begin to gauge a player’s success with a new team. It’s not even enough time to get used to seeing a player in a new uniform. However, that likely won’t stop A’s fans from squirming a little when it comes to Brett Lawrie […]

Mariners Fan Catches Ball With Popcorn Bucket (Video)

We’ve already showed you the first field intruder of the 2015 MLB regular season, and now we bring you the first great fan catch of the year. It comes via last night’s AL West match-up between the Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels at Safeco Field.  With David Freese at the plate in the top […]

Soccer Bite! Mexican League Player Suspended Two Games for Sensual Nibbling of Opponent (Video)

For a long time I wondered by biting seems to be so prevalent in soccer. Then it hit me: it’s the no hands thing. Players are so used to not using their hands, they bite each other instead of hitting or grabbing. The soccer bite we have for you today comes from Mexico’s Liga MX. […]

Tropicana Field Invader Nearly Escapes Over Center Field Wall (Videos)

Well, that didn’t take long. Three days into the 2015 MLB season, and we’ve already got our first idiot running onto the field. It happened on Tuesday night in St. Petersburg, during the Rays-Orioles game. (That’s right. The Rays don’t actually play in Tampa Bay.) Some guy ran out onto the abomination that is the […]

New York Islanders Tie Game with 28 Seconds Left, Blow It Again 25 Seconds Later (Video)

Technically the New York Islanders needed two points against the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday to clinch a playoff spot. But one point would have gotten them really, really close. And after coming back from a 4-1 third period deficit to tie the game with just 28 seconds left in the third period, it looked like […]

Referees Confess to Controversial Blown Out-of-Bounds Call in NCAA Final (Video)

With just under two minutes remaining in the NCAA Finals and Duke leading Wisconsin by five points, the referees awarded possession to Duke after the ball went out of bounds over the baseline. Then they went over to the scorer’s table to review the play. Given how tight the game was, and given what was […]

Gronk Dances, Plays Giant Flip-Cup on SportsNation (Video)

Pretty much anytime Gronk dances, it’s newsworthy. But Rob Gronkowski‘s appearance on SportsNation earlier today is worth our attention for reasons other than the fact that he tried to imitate many of the NFL’s best touchdown dances. Those reasons include giant flip cup glasses and root beer. Watch: And here’s a video of Gronk trying […]

Barack Obama Trash Talking Paul Pierce Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch Today (Video)

Barack Obama trash talking Paul Pierce is probably one of the last things you’d expect to see on the Presidential basketball court.  After all, Obama doesn’t seem like much of a trash-talker.  And even if he was, what are the chances of him ever getting the better of Pierce? Well, you’re not going to believe […]

12-Year-Old Boy Wins ESPN Tournament Challenge (Video)

If I told you that a 12-year-old could fill out a better March Madness bracket than you can, you’d probably take that as an insult. But you shouldn’t.  That’s because a 12-year-old really can fill out a better March Madness bracket than you, as well as 11.57 million other people, which is exactly what twelve-year-old Sam […]

March Sadness Video Captures All the Crying and Heartbreak of the 2015 NCAA Tournament (Video)

There may be no crying in baseball, but there’s definitely crying in college basketball. Lot’s of crying, in fact. Especially at the NCAA Tournament. Fans cry when their team loses. Players cry when they realize they’ve just played the last game of their basketball careers. And though I’ve never seen it personally, I like to […]

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