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Double Chocolate Chunk Pecan Cookies

The next time that you’re in the mood for a very chocolatey cookie, look no further than this recipe for Double Chocolate Chunk Pecan Cookies. These cookies have a intensely chocolate base and are studded generously with chunks of chocolate, so you get a double dose of ever bite. There are also... The post Double Chocolate Chunk Pecan Cookies appeared first on Baking Bites.

One-Bowl Vanilla Waffles

When it comes to breakfast foods, waffles are often perceived as being more difficult to make than pancakes are. As a result, I find plenty of people who make pancakes on a regular basis, while saving waffles for “special occasions.”...Show More Summary

Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Sugar Baking Mix, reviewed

Trader Joe’s packs in a lot of new products during the holiday season, but while they discontinue many seasonal items in the beginning of the year, they don’t stop releasing new treats for fans of the grocery store chain to try. OneShow More Summary

Blueberry Orange Quick Bread

Blueberry muffins, coffee cakes and other baked goods are excellent additions to just about any brunch spread. I particularly like it when blueberries are paired with citrus, as the brightness of lemons, limes and oranges really contrast well with jammy sweetness of the berries. Show More Summary

Iced Lemon Bars

When you think of lemon bars, you probably picture the lemon curd-topped treats that make citrus-lovers’ mouths water. I love a good lemon bar – and I have a recipe for perfect ones – but that’s not the only lemon dessert out there when you’re in the mood for a little... The post Iced Lemon Bars appeared first on Baking Bites.

Sisters’ Gourmet Million Dollar Cookie Mix, reviewed

I’m sure that I’m not the only person who made sand art projects growing up. These works of art involved layering colored sand inside glass jars or other containers to make eye-catching patterns. The unexpected layers made those simple...Show More Summary

How to Make Rough Puff Pastry

Puff pastry is an ingredient that most of us buy at the market, rather than make at home. Puff pastry is made by laminating layers of dough and butter to form a pastry that has hundreds of layers to it and bakes up to be crisp and flaky. The process of making the... The post How to Make Rough Puff Pastry appeared first on Baking Bites.

Whole Wheat Banana Bread

I am a huge fan of banana bread variations, adding a wide variety of mix-ins and other flavors to my recipes. Sometimes, however, I forget about simple changes that can make a big difference in the finished product, like switching out all purpose flour for whole wheat flour to make this Whole Wheat... The post Whole Wheat Banana Bread appeared first on Baking Bites.

Baking Bites for Craftsy: 15 Tips for Baking Success

Baking is both a science and an art. This means that you not only need to use a certain set of techniques to get the best results, but that you will need to develop a feel for what you’re doing to be able to combat any unexpected problems that come up. Over... The post Baking Bites for Craftsy: 15 Tips for Baking Success appeared first on Baking Bites.

Cajeta Shortbread Crumb Bars

If you like dulce de leche, you’ll love cajeta. Cajeta is a goat milk caramel sauce that is just as thick, sweet and rich as dulce de leche, but with a slightly more complex flavor. There are many ways to enjoy both of these caramel sauces and these Cajeta Shortbread... The post Cajeta Shortbread Crumb Bars appeared first on Baking Bites.

What is Cajeta?

Cajeta is a thick caramel sauce made with goat’s milk. It is similar in color and thickness to dulce de leche. Dulce de leche starts with sugar and milk – it is commonly made with sweetened condensed milk, which already has some of the water cooked out of it... The post What is Cajeta? appeared first on Baking Bites.

Coconut Almond Biscotti

Biscotti are one of my top cookie choices when I have a cup of coffee or tea that needs something sweet beside it. They’re wonderfully crisp on their own, and firm enough to hold their shape if you choose to dunk them without falling apart in a hot beverage. They also have a... The post Coconut Almond Biscotti appeared first on Baking Bites.

Baking Bites’ Top 10 Recipes of 2017

It has been another year of delicious treats and useful baking tips here at Baking Bites. In 2017, I published over 185 new recipes for cookies, breads, ice cream and more – and that doesn’t include the dozens of recipes that I shared over on the Craftsy blog, too!... The post Baking Bites’ Top 10 Recipes of 2017 appeared first on Baking Bites.

Apple Cinnamon Pecan Muffins

They say that some of the best things in life are the simplest. I don’t know if that is always true, but I do know that I appreciate a recipe that is easy to put together and doesn’t have an ingredient list that requires me to make a trip to the market before... The post Apple Cinnamon Pecan Muffins appeared first on Baking Bites.

Classic Rum Cake

Rum cakes are a very grown up treat that is sure to please guests at any party. These desserts usually start as buttery, pound cake-like cakes that are thoroughly soaked in a rum syrup, making the cake very moist and very flavorful. Whether you’re already a fan of rum cakes or want... The post Classic Rum Cake appeared first on Baking Bites.

Eggnog Coffee Cake

During the holiday season, I serve up quite a bit of eggnog. It’s a wonderful treat for family and friends because it is not only delicious, but it’s also only available around the holidays, so it really makes a gathering festive. I make homemade eggnogs and buy eggnog, as well.... The post Eggnog Coffee Cake appeared first on Baking Bites.

How to Make a Caramelized White Chocolate Mocha

I love to work with good quality white chocolate. Though it is sweeter and contains more sugar than its darker counterparts, the vanilla and dairy flavors of a high quality, ultra-creamy white chocolate are hard to beat and work exceptionally well in many recipes. Show More Summary

Chocolate Peppermint Chiffon Pie

The combination of rich chocolate and cool peppermint is a good one in just about any form, whether you’re sipping a mug of peppermint-spiked hot chocolate loaded up with marshmallows or indulging in a slice of this Chocolate Peppermint Chiffon Pie. Show More Summary

Double Chocolate Ginger Bar Cookies

Chocolate cookies are crowd pleasers in my house. No matter what occasion I’m baking for, whether it is strawberry shortcakes in the spring or pumpkin pies in the fall, there are always a few holdouts for a chocolate dessert. Cookies are a great way to offer a chocolate dessert any time, as... The post Double Chocolate Ginger Bar Cookies appeared first on Baking Bites.

Five Spice Molasses Cookies

Molasses is a wonderfully rich ingredient that I bake with regularly during the fall, winter and holiday baking seasons. It’s rich, bittersweet flavor is the backbone of many spice cakes, gingersnaps and molasses cookies. These FiveShow More Summary

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