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Roasted, Mashed, and Beyond: 14 Thanksgiving Potato Recipes

Potatoes are simultaneously ubiquitous and overlooked when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner. No Turkey Day spread would be complete without them, but all too often they come in the form of a mealy mash or a bowl dry, bland roasted spuds. Show More Summary

For the Ultimate Butternut Squash Soup, Deep Roasting is Key

Smooth and silky butternut squash soup is a cold-weather staple. The secret to the most intense, sweetest flavor is to roast the squash until deeply browned and caramelized in the oven, then purée it with a base of browned butter and golden sautéed onions. Show More Summary

How to Take the Temperature of Your Turkey

Want to guarantee that your turkey will be tender and juicy? Throw out the timing charts and forget about cooking "until the juices run clear." Just use a thermometer. It's the only way to guarantee perfectly cooked meat—provided that you know how to use it correctly.

Go Beyond Pumpkin Pie With These 12 Thanksgiving Squash Recipes

There's a good chance that the only squash to appear on your Thanksgiving table will be puréed and poured into a pie shell. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but this year, why not dive a little deeper into the vibrant color...Show More Summary

3 Roast Turkey Variations That Are Anything but Boring

Most of us crave the classic Thanksgiving meal, but let's be honest: As comforting as it is, it can be a little boring. Not so with these three flavor variations on spatchcocked turkey, which will load your bird with more flavor than most Thanksgiving tables have ever seen.

15 Thanksgiving Bread and Roll Recipes

You could be forgiven for overlooking the bread basket come Thanksgiving—your stomach can only stretch so far, after all. At the same time, if you skip the bread, what exactly are you going to use to sop up all that tangy cranberry sauce,...Show More Summary

Knife Skills: How to Slice and Dice an Onion

No matter how you slice 'em, I'd estimate that onions are used in a good 30 to 40% of any cook's savory-dish repertoire, if not more. They are the first thing you should learn how to cut when you pick up a knife, and, at least for me, still one of the most pleasurable foods to take a sharp blade to. Show More Summary

Einat Admony on Special Sauce: From RV Park Chef to Budding Falafel Magnate

This week's guest on Special Sauce—chef, restaurateur, and aspiring falafel magnate Einat Admony—is practically an honorary member of the Serious Eats staff. That's because we all eat the amazing falafel, French fries, and sabich (fried eggplant and hard-boiled egg sandwiches) from the Nolita branch of her falafel shop, Taïm, at least once a week.

Equipment Review: We Put ChefSteps's Joule Sous Vide Circulator to the Test

After a long build-up, the Joule has finally been released and is shipping now, at a price of $199. I've been testing a pre-production beta version of the unit for several months now and an actual production line model for a few weeks. Here are my thoughts. The news is (mostly) great.

20 Frighteningly Delicious Halloween Recipes

If you don't want to settle for store-bought temptations this Halloween, or if you're looking for refreshments that are a wee bit spookier than the mere threat of future caries, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll find 20 recipes for Halloween-themed goodies—mostly sweet, but a few savory, too.

So Long, Turkey: The Ultimate Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu

While I may not be a vegetarian, it just so happens that I'm a firm believer in the idea that a meat-free Thanksgiving can ultimately be a tastier Thanksgiving; one in which your precious stomach real estate is wholly devoted to the real stars of the show. Here's the side-heavy, cheesy, creamy, rich, but totally turkey-and-all-other-meats-free Thanksgiving of my dreams.

Why Anything Slow Cookers Can Do, Others Can Do Better

People love their slow cookers. I mean, they love them. And with good reason: Slow cookers offer a level of convenience that no other cooking method can match. But at what cost? What exactly are you sacrificing by committing to thatShow More Summary

It's What's Inside That Counts: 13 Tasty Stuffed-Vegetable Recipes

Want a simple way to turn a humble vegetable into nearly a complete, filling meal? Stuff those tomatoes, squash, or eggplant with meats, cheeses, and, hey, more vegetables. Part of the beauty of stuffed vegetables is that they're easily adapted to the ingredients you have on hand. Show More Summary

A Classic Thanksgiving Menu to Feed a Crowd

Recipes for the ultimate traditional Thanksgiving spread, from the best caramelized sweet potatoes you've ever tasted to a classic fluffy and moist sausage stuffing to a super-creamy pumpkin pie.

Excellent Beef Stew on a Weeknight? Thank Your Pressure Cooker

With the aid of a countertop or stovetop pressure cooker, you can make incredibly satisfying and tasty beef stew, with tender beef and rich, browned flavors, in just about an hour and a half. That's even with pulling out all the stops and taking no shortcuts in the name of efficiency, like I did for my all-American beef stew. Show More Summary

Fresh Isn't Always Best: 17 Dried-Fruit Recipes for Any Season

The concentrated flavor and sweetness of dried fruits can lend a unique character to sweet or savory dishes, and their chewiness is a handy asset for adding interesting texture. Try them in these 17 fall-friendly (or any-season-friendly) recipes, from apple strudel and date rum cake to apricot-yogurt smoothies and roast pork with a bourbon-fig sauce.

BraveTart's Homemade Milk Duds: All That's Missing Is the Yellow Box

With just four ingredients (cream, sugar, salt, and chocolate), homemade Milk Duds are the definition of sweet simplicity, and just as chewy as you remember.

The Best Paring Knives

We tested many of the top paring knives at a range of price points to find the best ones for you.

BraveTart's House of Horror: How to Make a Super-Spooky Halloween Gingerbread House

Love pumpkin-carving and other Halloween crafts? Then give this spooky gingerbread house template a whirl. (Demons sold separately.)

The Food Lab: The Best Way to Bake Bacon for a Crowd

Cooking bacon for one or two people is easy: Just grab a pan and cook over moderately low heat until it's as crisp as you want it. The problem comes when you're trying to cook bacon for a crowd, which is when we switch to the oven. But what's the best way to cook bacon in the oven? I tested four common methods, then compared the results.

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