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The Real History of Hushpuppies

Hushpuppies delicious, iconically Southern, and no one seems to have a clue where they came from. Which isn't to say that people haven't tried to explain their origin. Plenty have. The problem is that no one has really tried hard enough.

A New Summer Favorite: Grilled Chicken with Za'atar

If I've made two great decisions in my life, it's been to a) make sure that I work on building friendships with folks from foreign countries and b) give away as much food as I can. I often receive the favor in return, with tasty treats from friends all over, like the za'atar that my Lebanese friend brought to me a little while back. Show More Summary

18 Picnic-Perfect Sandwich Recipes

Now that summer has finally arrived, it's time to step outside and enjoy the warm weather. And few foods are more picnic-friendly than sandwiches—portable, easy to share, easy to eat, and totally customizable. From lobster rolls to the most awesome fried chicken sandwich you'll ever eat, we've got 18 recipes to fill your basket.

Weekend Recap: This Week on Serious Eats

The best bagels in San Francisco, an ode to raw clams, everything you can do with a can of chickpeas, and more! See what you missed this week on Serious Eats.

Hugh Acheson on the Best Southern Cookbooks and How to Cope With Your CSA

Is your CSA stressing you out? Chef Hugh Acheson of 5&10 and Empire State South in Georgia can help.

Where to Find the Best Bagels in San Francisco and the East Bay

I can safely say that I've tried bagels from every single shop that bakes their own bagels on premises in San Francisco and East Bay. I didn't begin this quest hoping to find greatness, but a few bagels stood out from the pack. Bagels that are more than just bits of round bread. Bagels with properly crackly-crisp crusts with dense centers. Bagels that have soul.

3 Easy Barbecue Sauce Variations to Amp up Your Weekend Grilling

We've published a lot of barbecue sauce recipes over the years here at Serious Eats, but there's always room for a few more. For your next backyard cookout, consider one of these three extremely simple, easy ones: Korean kimchi, coffee-ginger, and Buffalo-style.

The New Rules of Pasta Salad

Think hard: How much good pasta salad have you had in your life? If you're being honest with yourself, the answer is most likely almost never. That's because most pasta salad sucks. Instead of relegating the dish to the trash heap, we're here to save it from itself. Meet the new rules of pasta salad.

Bang Bang Chicken, Hold the Bangin': The Modern Way to Make Sichuan Chicken Salad

True bang bang ji si gets its name from the sound that a mallet makes when beating the tough chicken breasts of yesteryear into tender submission before dressing them in a sauce flavored with Sichuan peppercorns, garlic, sesame seed, Chinkiang vinegar, and roasted chili oil. Show More Summary

Weekend Recap: This Week on Serious Eats

The complete, definitive guide to sous-vide steak; a one-day food tour of Jackson Heights, New York's most diverse dining destination; and a handy introduction to mushroom varieties. See everything you missed this week on Serious Ea...

This Week in Recipes

The ultimate classic chicken salad, an upgraded take on the Paloma, and more! See everything we made this week at Serious Eats.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

We had a big week at Serious Eats—after years and years of hard work, the site has been sold to Fexy Media, which means we've been doing lots of celebrating. Plus, the beat goes on with dogs, photos from Iceland, and fried chicken!

Make This Light and Easy Chicken Salad With Avocado, Corn, and Miso Dressing

The other day I discovered that the secret to making the best chicken salad is to cook that chicken in a sealed bag, packing the bag with aromatics to infuse the chicken with extra flavor. The method works great in a classic mayo-based chicken salad but I hate to see a good technique relegated to one single use, so I decided to adapt it a bit. Show More Summary

How to Make Cherry Clafoutis, a Dessert so Elegant, Your Guests Won't Know How Easy it is

With its fancy French name and beautiful appearance when fresh from the oven, a classic cherry clafoutis is bound to impress guests. Little do they know just how easy it is to make—just whip up a simple batter with egg, milk, sugar, and flour, then pour it onto some cherries and bake.

A One-Day Food Tour of Jackson Heights and Elmhurst, New York's Most Diverse Dining Destination

It's no reach to call Jackson Heights, and its neighbor Elmhurst, one of the most fascinating food destinations in the city. But it's also one of the most misunderstood.

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: Surviving the Off-Season

Success is bred not from great ideas, but from incubating and protecting them until they have a chance to be great. That's all well and good if you work in a large restaurant group that can support your fledgling restaurant. It's a harsher lesson for a solo entrepreneur during a punishing off-season.

5 Tea Myths That Need to Disappear

Whatever the reason you started drinking tea, chances are you have some questions about it. Fortunately there are many, many sources out there that simplify the vast world of tea into digestible nuggets of knowledge. Unfortunately, a lot of those sources—often the very companies selling you their tea—get some basic points pretty wrong.

Joe Carroll on How to Learn About Barbecue and Beer

Joe Carroll of Brooklyn's acclaimed Spuyten Duyvil, Fette Sau, and St. Anselm has a passion for beer and for lesser-known regional barbecue styles. Want to learn about both? Here's his advice.

How to Make Easy Pan-Roasted Chicken Breasts With Morel Mushroom Pan Sauce

I've always maintained that good technique is the key to creativity and freedom in the kitchen—once you learn the basics, you have the tools to start cooking the way you want, whether that guiding principle is history, family, tradition, Pastafarianism, or in the case of this simple pan-roasted chicken with morel mushrooms, seasonality. Show More Summary

17 Juicy Grilled and Smoked Pork Recipes for Your Memorial Day Table

From juicy chops to fatty belly to fall-apart-tender ribs, versatile pork is the perfect "other meat" for your grilling menu. Handled properly, it's moist and flavorful, and picks up the smoke and char from the grill like nobody's business. Show More Summary

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