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23 Hearty Bean Recipes We Love

The old playground song says that beans are good for your heart. But they're even better for your taste buds. They're kinda creamy, kinda meaty, and all-around hearty and filling. When it comes to comfort food, there's a lot more to beans than chili. From a creamy chickpea pasta sauce to a giant bean salad to Nicaraguan beans and rice, here are 23 of our favorite recipes.

How to Make Uovo in Raviolo: Showstopping Runny Egg Yolk Ravioli

Picture this: gorgeous oversized ravioli filled with a ring of creamy ricotta surrounding a perfectly intact, perfectly runny yolk. They're rich, delicious, and freaking beautiful. This is the kind of dish that people talk about for years. Little do they know, it's actually pretty effortless.

The Food Lab: For the Best Sichuan Dry-Fried Green Beans, Ditch the Wok and Turn on the Broiler

Gan bian si ji—Sichuan-style dry-fried green beans with chilies and pickles—are one of the best and most mistranslated vegetable dishes in the world. Today that dish and I are on a road trip back to authenticity, and we're going to be driving that minibus over some uncharted territory.

The Serious Eats Guide to Food Photography

Taking great photographs of food is a hard-earned skill—after all, that's why some people are lucky enough to get paid for it. But it's also a lot easier to hone these days, no matter who you are; even a smartphone can yield gorgeous, high-quality images. Show More Summary

How Banana Pudding Became a Southern Icon

Banana pudding has a strong, genuine Southern identity that stretches back more than half a century. Earlier versions of the dessert go back even further. The real question is not whether it's Southern, but when and how it got that ...

Re-Introducing Soubise: The Classic Three Ingredient Onion Sauce That Deserves a Comeback

Part of being a good cook is being able to pull off show-stopping centerpiece dishes that require lots of work and planning. Another part, though, is knowing how to be creative with limited ingredients and time. Here's one recipe to add to your in-a-pinch arsenal: soubise sauce.

The Vegan Experience: Over 100 Flavor-First Vegan Recipes!

The fourth year of The Vegan Experience has come to a close, though I hesitate to use that term. How can a lifestyle or a series of decisions ever really come to a close? Veganism is a full time reality for many of our readers and a lifestyle that affects my personal food choices throughout the year. Show More Summary

22 Egg Recipes to Kickstart Your Morning

While it's easy enough to whip up a simple scramble or fry a few eggs for breakfast, there's a great wide world beyond your basic egg preparations. From chilaquiles verdes with fried eggs to a foolproof eggs Benedict, here are 22 of our favorite egg dishes to start your day.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

This week, we dug into some seriously delicious vegan ice creams, went shopping for new photo props, and played with a seriously adorable pup. See it all in the slideshow!

The Ultimate Vegan Party Food: Fully Loaded Queso Dip

The ultimate party snack, now in a 100% animal product-free form. This vegan queso dip is packed with a gooey cashew and potato-based nacho sauce, soy-lentil chorizo, avocados, scallions, tomatoes with chilies, and black beans. The flavor is so good even your omnivore friends won't know that it's vegan. Show More Summary

How to Make No-Bake Chocolate-Nutella 'Cheesecake' Verrines

We started with cheesecake. Then we added Nutella and chocolate, and layered it all into individual glasses on top of a bottom layer of Oreo crust. Sure, it's not really a cheesecake anymore, but does that matter?

Our Vegan Month Progress, Week 4: Temptation, Cheating, and What We've Learned

Serious Eaters Ed, Leang, and Ben wrapping up a month of eating vegan alongside Kenji, our Managing Culinary Director. How'd they fare in the final week? Well...let's just say it's difficult to hold a hard line.

The Art of Tarte Flambée: Alsatian Pizza With Fromage Blanc, Bacon, and Onions

It looks like a pizza, it cooks like a pizza, but don't make the mistake of actually thinking it's a pizza. Tarte flambée, the Alsatian flatbread topped with fromage blanc (a fresh, tart, spreadable cheese), thinly sliced raw onions and bacon, is as Franco-Germanic in flavor as can be. Show More Summary

The Makings of Beecher's Amazing Flagship Cheese

Beecher's Cheese in Seattle and New York makes their signature Flagship, a Cheddar-Alpine hybrid, in full view of customers in their stores. Here's how it's done.

Easy, Cheesy Chicken Cordon Bleu Dip: A Slow-Cooker Crowd-Pleaser

Like all classic chicken cordon bleu recipes, this dip includes chicken, Swiss cheese, and ham, but those ingredients, plus herbs, wine, and cream cheese, are reconfigured here into an indulgent crowd-pleaser.

The Secrets of Aging Cheese: A Tour of Murray's Cheese Caves

Most of our favorite cheeses have one thing in the common: They tend to have some age. While some cheeses are best eaten the day they're made, others take time. And mold. And the right temperature and humidity. And a bat cave to linger in until they're ready to emerge fully formed. Here's what happens in those caves when the humans aren't watching.

From Pasture to Cheese Board: How Cowgirl Creamery Cheese Is Made

Cowgirl Creamery cheese could not be made anywhere else in the world and taste like it does. We went behind the scenes to learn how it happens.

Don't Let Cheese Scraps Languish: Turn Them Into an Easy and Elegant Cheese Quiche

I have the bad habbit of letting little uneaten nubbins of cheese languish in my fridge until they're so stale there's nothing left to do but throw them out. This cheese pie (really, it's a quiche, if you want to be a stickler aboutShow More Summary

Cheese Expert's Picks: 10 Essential Cheeses to Know and Love

One of the questions I'm most frequently asked is, "What cheese do you have at home?" The honest answer is that it's rarely the newest, weirdest offering from some creamery no one's heard of. Most of the time I stick to my greatest hits list, these 10 cheeses.

3 (More) Great Vegan Ice Creams With 1 Easy Master Recipe

Last year I reached the vegan ice cream summit: A master recipe that scoops, melts, and feels the way ice cream should, and doesn't require any stabilizers or specialty ingredients. Now I have some new flavors to show just how versatile that base really is.

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