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The Food Lab's Ultimate Creamed Spinach

The bare bones of this creamed spinach recipe are pretty straightforward and classic: The spinach is cooked low and slow to gradually concentrate its juices. Combined with a creamy be?chamel sauce, it reduces into a rich, thick coating with a near pudding-like texture. Show More Summary

The Great Pumpkin: 26 Recipes That Go Beyond the Latte

By now most of us have been well conditioned to expect the yearly return of the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. But by the looks of it, most of us aren't cooking with pumpkin—real, honest-to-goodness pumpkin—as often as we should. Here are 26 recipes that highlight the natural sweetness and versatility of our most seasonal squash.

Celebrate Fall With Roast Chicken and Butternut Squash Fregola

Roast chicken and butternut squash are two classic fall dishes. Here, the squash is roasted, then tossed with fregola, a toasted Sardinian pasta similar in appearance to Israeli couscous. Fresh herbs and a grating of lemon zest bring bright flavors to the plate.

Hey Chef, What Can I Do With Carrots?

Earthy-sweet, versatile carrots may be a staple in most American kitchens, but that doesn't mean there aren't more uses to explore for the orange, red, and purple-hued veggies. A mammoth group of our Hey Chef panelists responded with their favorite ways to use carrots—here are the 10 most compelling, out-of-the-box applications they shared.

Why Cookbook Clubs Should Be the New Way We Entertain

The idea behind Cookbook Club is a simple one—a group of friends all make recipes from the same book and gather to share the results, a crowdsourced feast. But there's a bit of magic to Cookbook Club that I didn't anticipate when I attended my first meeting.

Beyond Casseroles: What to Cook for New Parents

Early days with a baby are trial and error, and one dinner-hour baby meltdown blurs into another endless fluster-feeding. But there are some kinds of food that really make sense (and a few things baby-visitors should keep in mind.) Here's what I wish I'd asked for.

It's Time to Bring Back the Amaretto Sour

It's time to bring this stodgy liqueur back to life. Here's your new school amaretto sour.

Brandade: The Dish That Will Teach You to Love Salt Cod

This rich Mediterranean spread, known as brandade in France, baccalà mantecato in Italy, and brandada in Spain, is made by whipping salt cod with olive oil and half-and-half until smooth and creamy. Fold in mashed potatoes for a milder version, or use pure fish for a more toothsome texture.

Forget Soaking. Use Your Pressure Cooker for Perfect Black Beans in Under an Hour.

Some beans do need to be soaked in order to cook evenly without blowing out—but not black beans. And since I discovered this, black beans have become my bean staple. How much easier does it get than Max's lazy black bean recipe? The answer is that it doesn't really get any easier than that, but a pressure cooker sure makes it faster.

3 Easy Techniques to Improve Any Shrimp Recipe

Perfectly cooked shrimp are sweet and juicy, with a tender, plump body and a slightly crisp bite. But poorly cooked shrimp can range from mushy and watery to flavor-sapped to downright rubbery. So wouldn't it be nice if there was a foolproof way to guarantee excellent shrimp every single time? Oh wait, there is.

How to Make the Crispiest Pan-Seared Fish Skin

Crisping fish skin in the pan is one of those techniques that's used all the time in restaurants, but almost never at home. Sure, it takes some finesse, but that's all the more reason to master the process. Here's what you need to know to get perfectly crisp skin every time.

;You Don't Eat Well,' and More Things I Learned on My Cookbook Tour

Just six days after my cookbook, Eat Mexico, hit shelves, I packed up my four-month-old baby, a breast pump and portable crib, a stroller, and my husband, and set off on a month-long book tour along the West Coast. The tour was a success, at least on paper. As for the rest? Let's just say I learned a thing or five along the way.

18 Salad Recipes to Reignite Your Love for Fall Produce

While summer is indeed a magical time for produce, fall offers plenty of its own treats. (Remember leeks? Brussels sprouts? Sunchokes?) Think of these 18 fall-appropriate salads as an opportunity to explore new seasonal greens, incorporate extra crunch with chopped apples, or try out all sorts of grains, served warm or at room temperature.

The 10 Dishes That Will Make You Fall in Love Georgian Food

When you arrive in Tbilisi, border agents don't just stamp your passport; they hand you a bottle of wine. It's a fitting welcome to Georgia, a mountainous country sandwiched between Europe and Asia, where dinner guests are exalted as...Show More Summary

How to Make Fish Stock (Fumet)

As with most classic preparations, fish stock comes with lots of rules. We put them to the test to see which matter and which don't. The resulting method couldn't be easier.

Use Rich, Nutty Dates to Sweeten Your Cocktails

When it comes to sweetening a cocktail, sugar is just the starting point. Honey is one alternative; dates are another.

16 Pear Recipes to Celebrate Fall's Other Fruit

The apple seems to get all the love this time of year, but it's hardly the only fruit that reaches its peak of flavor and juiciness in the fall. Here's the truth: Pears come in a huge variety of textures and flavors, and are every bit as versatile as their attention-hogging cousins. These 16 recipes restore them to their rightful place in the spotlight.

How to Host a Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Feast

In Shanghai, no fall celebration would be complete without crisp, savory Suzhou-style mooncakes, baskets of steamed crab, and sweet red dates stuffed with sticky rice in a fragrant osmanthus blossom syrup. Here's a look at the region's most iconic Mid-Autumn Festival dishes and how to make them at home, no matter where you are.

Everything You Can Do With a Container of Sour Cream

With the texture and tang of great yogurt and the richness of buttery cream, it's no wonder we love adding a dollop of sour cream to everything from fully loaded nachos to classic baked potatoes and chili. But sour cream also plays more unexpected in some of our favorite dishes, from biscuits to savory sauces, potato salad, and beyond. Show More Summary

Want the Best Niçoise Salad? Stop Making it Like Everyone Else

Traditionally, Niçoise salads are "composed," meaning each ingredient is artfully arranged in separate little piles on the plate. Here's the truth: That's a terrible (and lazy!) way to make a salad. This one is loaded with all the best ingredients, cooked with care, and assembled like you actually give a damn. Which you do. Your guests will thank you.

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