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Call Special Sauce: BraveTart, Trashy Snacks, and Holiday Baking

Stella Parks, a.k.a. BraveTart, answers reader questions on this episode of Call Special Sauce.

4 Festive, Bubbly Riffs on the French 75 Cocktail

As with many classics, the original French 75—a refreshing combination of sparkling wine, gin or cognac, lemon, and sugar—is a template that welcomes experimentation. I've been making quite a few variations these days, and have assembled four here that are particularly tasty and ideal for winter entertaining. Time to invite the neighbors down!

A Royal-Icing Tutorial: Decorate Christmas Cookies Like a Boss

You don't need to be a pro to make a showstopping batch of sugar cookies, just some cute cookie cutters, four icing colors, a handful of sprinkles.

4 Upgrades for a Royal Icing You'll Actually Enjoy

Royal icing is the classic finish for sugar cookie cutouts, but it's notoriously gritty and sweet. Fortunately, with a few simple adjustments, you can make a royal icing that's mild and creamy.

Homemade Food Gifts for a Deliciously DIY Holiday Season

When it comes to holiday gifts, there's not much money can't buy...provided you have it in the first place. But if you're on a tight budget this season, a trip to the grocery store and a few hours in the kitchen can yield an impressive pile of presents for cheap. Here are our favorite DIY edible gifts for every palate.

16 Cocktails to Sip All Winter Long

Cold weather doesn't necessarily call for warm boozy drinks. Here are 16 recipes for festive chilled cocktails.

Essential Gifts for Gadget-Loving Modernist Cooks

Has one of your gadget-loving, tech-crazy, modernist-food-obsessed friends or loved ones been extra, extra good this year? Here are some ideas for essential gifts that will keep them tinkering in the kitchen for years to come.

Call Special Sauce: Ed and Kenji on Boats, Galleys, and Unintentionally Aged Foods

Readers call in with questions about how to outfit a boat kitchen and stock its pantry, cooking shakshuka in a cast iron pan, navigating a tiny NYC kitchen, and safety issues regarding food left out overnight.

Gift Ideas for Drink Lovers of All Kinds

A short list of drink-related gift ideas—because, no matter who you're shopping for, they like to drink something.

A Few Simple Rules for Perfect Chicken Marsala

Quick and easy, this chicken Marsala is packed with flavor, thanks to Marsala wine, sautéed mushrooms, shallots, and garlic. The secret to the most excellent versions comes down to just a few simple rules.

For the Wispiest, Crispiest Deep-Fried Crusts, Grab the Vodka

Vodka's volatility, plus the way its high alcohol content inhibits gluten development, makes it ideal for using in fry batters.

How to Make a Classic Old Fashioned Cocktail

If bourbon is the king of American whiskey, surely the Old Fashioned is the king of bourbon cocktails. Here's how to make it right.

Between the Sheets: How to Make Lasagna Bolognese

Of the innumerable types of lasagna made in Italy, a classic lasagna alla bolognese is one of my all-time favorites. Delicate sheets of pasta are layered with a rich and hearty ragù bolognese, creamy béchamel sauce, and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano, then baked in the oven until bubbling and browned. Show More Summary

Stocking Stuffers and Other Small Gifts for Food Lovers

Ideas for small yet thoughtful gifts that won't break the bank.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Find a Perfect Partner in Smoky Spanish Chorizo

Brussels sprouts and cured pork go together like power saws and safety glasses, or onigiri and miso soup, or open-toed shoes and all-the-time. (That last one may just be me.) They're perfect partners. But I do like to mix things up from time to time. Show More Summary

Gift Guide 2016

The best holiday gifts for serious food lovers.

The Food Lab: How to Roast the Best Potatoes of Your Life

This year, I decided to reexamine my potato-roasting method from the ground up with the idea of completely maximizing that crisp-to-creamy contrast in each chunk of potato, testing and retesting every variable, from cut size to potato type to boiling and roasting methods. Show More Summary

20 Hearty Mushroom Recipes to Get Cozy With

Though they're good any time of year, there's something about the uniquely earthy flavor and meaty texture of mushrooms that makes us crave them most when it's chilly out. Soft and melting in a stew, or satisfyingly firm to bite into...Show More Summary

Cocktails 101: How to Shake a Cocktail

Shaking is hands down the most efficient way to simultaneously chill and dilute a cocktail—assuming you do it properly, that is. A good shake will cause the ice to rattle around violently in the shaker, cooling the surrounding liquid as it breaks down and releases water into the drink.

17 Sweet Copycat Recipes to Indulge Your Inner Child

I still have a nostalgic soft spot for the flavors of the packaged cookies, snack cakes, and ice cream novelties of my youth: your Klondike Bars, your Pop-Tarts, your Keebler Fudge Stripes. The adult me prefers versions that are made with better-quality ingredients, while the child in me refuses any fancy grown-up substitutions. Show More Summary

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