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Switch Up Your Chips With Loaded Naan Nachos

Forget everything you thought you knew about nachos and open your mind (and your mouth) to this Indian-inspired version. Crispy naan flatbread pieces serve as a sturdy and delicious stand-in for the standard tortilla chip base, and they're loaded up with generously spiced toppings that are at least as flavorful (if not more!) than their traditionally Tex-Mex counterparts.

New York Beer: 7 Must-Visit Outer Borough Breweries

If you live in New York, you've probably visited Brooklyn Brewery. But the outer boroughs have lots of fantastic new and lesser-known breweries, too—spots that'll get you excited about today's beer scene. Here are seven impressive breweries to add to your next beer crawl, plus tips on what to drink when you arrive.

Piquillo Peppers Stuffed With Tuna and Aioli: Proof That Canned Foods Can Be Delicious

The Spanish are masters at packing RDS (Really Delicious Stuff) into cans. When I'm drinking a glass of sherry or a Rioja with my wife Adri, I could be content with a good loaf of bread, some excellent olive oil, and some RDS. This recipe—pimientos...Show More Summary

21 Asparagus Recipes to Celebrate Spring

Tender, grassy, and sweet, asparagus is a true marker of the triumphant arrival of spring. The stalks are at their best when freshly picked, in-season, and as local as possible since transportation and time are hard on the vegetable....Show More Summary

The Best Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken in Washington, DC

There's no shortage of excellent pollerias selling rotisserie chicken to Washington, DC's sizable Peruvian population. Here are four especially worth seeking out.

Why You Should Turn Your Taco Night Into Puffy Taco Night

Puffy tacos, a San Antonio specialty, are made from fresh masa that puffs and crisps in hot oil. The result is crisp outside and soft within, and way more fun that your standard hard taco shell. They can be stuffed with your favorite variety of taco-night fillings—this recipe uses a flavorful ground beef mixture that's earthy, spicy, and slightly smoky.

How to Make Your Ice Cream as Dense, Rich, and Chewy as a New England Scoop Shop's

New England scoop shops are some of the country's best, in part because they tend to specialize in dense, rice ice creams with little added air and a distinct pleasant chewiness. Now you can MacGyver a batch of your own.

Hey Chef, What Can I Do With Sumac?

While somewhat uncommon in American cuisine, sumac complements such a wide variety of flavors that chefs use it liberally and with gusto. We rounded up some pros and polled them on their favorite ways for us to bring sumac home.

Your Tea Starter Kit: 5 Great Teas to Kick Off an Obsession

The road to drinking great tea, even at its most simple, gets complicated fast. On the one hand, you need some thorough guides to navigate the overwhelming diversity of styles, growing regions, and cultivars to have some sense of what you're drinking. But on the other hand, you just need to start drinking some damn tea. Here are five great ones to get you started.

Buddha's Delight: The Vegetarian Stir-Fry to Rule All Vegetarian Stir-Fries

One of the problems with a lot of vegetarian stir-fry recipes is they can quickly become monotonous, with the same old lineup of vegetables and tofu each and every time. Don't get us wrong—some of those can be delicious—but as Buddha's Delight reminds us, there's so much more vegetarian stir-fry potential, if we just know how to tap it.

The Best Way to Store Fresh Herbs

Take a look at those herbs above. The ones on the left look liked they were probably picked fresh just before I photographed them, while the ones at the right had been hanging out in my refrigerator for weeks in a forgotton plastic bag, right? Wrong. Show More Summary

21 Junk Food Recipes We Love

We're not pointing any fingers, but it's quite possibly you may or may not be looking for some serious junk food today. But whether you're observing the special occasion or just in the mood for some guilty pleasure foods, making them at home opens up a whole new world of options. We've got 21 over-the-top options to get you started.

Weekend Recap: This Week on Serious Eats

New York's best babka, essential goat cheeses, ramp recipes and more. See what you missed this week on Serious Eats.

This Week in Recipes

The ultimate mashup of mozzarella sticks and onion rings, summery vodka drinks, homemade tortillas, and more! See everything we made this week at Serious Eats.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

This week, we made fully loaded cemitas, filmed a promo for our upcoming Food Lab video series, and colored fresh pasta. See it all in the slideshow!

Get Mixing With Mezcal: Sierra Madre Sunrise

Mezcal will play nice as long as you have some strong players to mix it with, like bittersweet Aperol, the herbal orangey liqueur that some call Campari's little sister.

A Simple Spring Dinner Party in 1 Hour or Less

This four-course meal looks fancy and tastes delicious, but that's just part of the good news: each of these dishes can be made in under an hour from start to finish, and all of them can be made simultaneously. In other words, with a little planning and prep work, you can have a full guest-worthy spread on the table without breaking a sweat.

American Booze Hall of Fame: The Best Spirits of the West

When it comes to the American distilling industry, most people probably think about the abundance of whiskey flowing out of Bourbon County, Kentucky, but these days, it's the American West that's making some of the most exciting spirits on the American market.

For the Deepest, Darkest Chocolate Ice Cream, Add Cocoa Nibs

This is an ice cream for the chocolate fans. The hardcore fans. The ones who shy away from chocolate desserts because they're always too light on the chocolate. The people who take their chocolate like goth kids take their souls: dark, moody, and bitter.

Use Your Pressure Cooker to Make the World's Fastest, Easiest Chicken Enchiladas

I've been on a big enchilada and salsa kick recently, so I thought to myself: Could I use my pressure cooker to kill two birds with one stone, cooking my chicken and producing an intensely flavored enchilada sauce all at the same time? Turns out it works well. Remarkably well. But it took a little tweaking to get there. Here's how it went down.

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