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Lionsgate Is Diverging The Last ‘Divergent’ Book Into Two Movies


Cool Costume, Jude Law. A Review Of ‘Dom Hemingway.’


Patton Oswalt Led The Audience In Singing ‘Let It Go’ At A Recent Show

Haveyourecentlycelebratedthefactthatyou’vefinallymanagedtogettheOscar-winningtuneof“LetitGo,”fromlastyear’sBestAnimatedFeatureFrozenandsungbyHakeemOlajuwon,outofyourhead?Wellbadnews,suckers.AwesometipsterJuanpassedalongavideofromthisyear’sKevinandBean’sAprilFoolishness...Show More Summary

A Juggalo Named ‘Papa Nutt’ Has Created A Crypto-Currency For Juggalos

Whoopwhoop,myninjas,it’stimefor anotherdispatch fromtheinsaneworldofinsaneclowns.Asyoumayhaveheard,InsaneClownPossehadalittletroublepayingtheirvendors atTheGatheringthisyear.Possiblyasaresult,aJuggaloJeniuscallinghimselfPapaNutthascreatedaBitcoin-likecurrencyspecificallyforJuggaloscalledJuggaloCoin.

‘Intramural’ Is The Sports Movie For Guys Who Don’t Deserve One (And It Has A Trailer)

Therearenotenoughsportsmovies thesedaysaboutbeinghopelessandgettinghitinthenuts.Thatwasmoreorlesstheentirenon-biographical,non-inspirationalsportsmoviesclimatefrom1975-2000.ForeveryBrian’sSongtherewasaMeatballs.ForeveryRememberTheTitanstherewasaHappyGilmore.NowIguessforeveryDraftDaythereisanIntramural.

TRIVIA: Quentin Tarantino Did Writing Work On ‘It’s Pat’

Beforewegoanyfurther,yes,thisis“oldnews,”soIdon’tneed10commentssaying“OLDNEWS,BRAH”(Idon’tknowwhat’swithpeopleontheinternet’sintenseneedtosaytheysawsomethingbeforeyou).Anyway,thisstoryhasbeenaround,butIeithermisseditorforgotaboutit.Cracked referencedastorysayingQuentinTarantinoco-wroteIt’sPat,theJuliaSweeney-starring,biggestfloppingSNLspinoffmovieofalltime.

Leonardo DiCaprio Allegedly Snubbed Jordan Belfort

OneofthebiggestreservationsIhadaboutWolfofWallStreetwasthatJordanBelfort,thescumbagwhowrotethebook,gottohaveacameo,andevenworse,LeonardoDiCaprioshowedupinapromo forhismotivationalspeakinggigs,praisingBelfortforhisskillsintrainingup-and-comingentrepreneurs.WhichisbasicallylikeendorsingGeorgeZimmermanforhisgigtrainingneighborhoodwatchleaders.

20 Wild Things You Might Not Know About ‘Major League’ For Its 25th Anniversary

Lastweek,Ihighlightedthe12highestratedsportsmoviesstreamingonNetflix.AndwhileMajorLeagueisn’tcurrentlyavailable,it’swithoutadoubtoneofthemostenjoyablesportsflicksofthelast25years.ParamountPictureswasinitiallyskepticalaboutevendoingtShow More Summary

FilmDrunk Comedy Night: A JägerBonds Success Story


Frotcast 198: Heterosexual Gay Porn Editor William Head

Listenontheplayerabove,or downloadasanmp3here (rightclick,saveas).WilliamHead isaSanFranciscocomedianandfilmmakerbynight,gayporneditorbyday.Wetalktohimaboutwhatit’slikebeingastraightmanwhoeditsgayporn,andhowhecameuponsuchalifestyle.Show More Summary

Brony Porn, Porn Star CrossFit, And The Tranny Awards Gets A Name Change: The Adult Film Minute

Oncepermonth(exceptforthismonthwhenit’stwice),Dr.ChauntelleTibbals willbetellingusalittlebitaboutwhat’sgoingoninadultentertainmentandwhyitshouldmattertoyou.Peopleoftentalkaboutpornlikeit’sinabubble–totallydevoidofanyinputfromthewiderworld.Thiscouldn’tbefurtherthanthetruth!

Zach Braff’s Kickstarter Movie Has A Teaser, And You Better Fcking Believe The Shins Are In It

Zach Braff first angered the Kickstarter Gods about a year ago, when he dared to ask his fans for money to make a film, despite already being kinda sorta famous. He got the money amidst competing cries of foulplay and counter cries of...Show More Summary

Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Are Teaming Up Again For ‘The Nest’

If you’re going by Rotten Tomatoes scores and probably even general consensus, the 2008 comedy Baby Mama wasn’t exactly the best effort that we could have imagined from two beloved comedy icons like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler [Baby Mama rules! -Ed]. Show More Summary

Zac Efron And Seth Rogen Have A Dildo Fight In The New Red Band Trailer For ‘Neighbors’

When he’s not out getting jacked in the face by drug-dealing transients in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles after midnight, Zac Efron is hunking it up as one of the stars of the upcoming comedy Neighbors. Efron plays the pretty-boy college bro who somehow moves his fraternity’s home into a suburban neighborhood, right next door to a couple raising their first child.

Sony Is Optioning ‘Flash Boys,’ Michael Lewis’s Factiest Book Yet

I just finished reading Michael Lewis’s latest book, Flash Boys, which is not about me and Burnsy’s Magic Mike cover group, despite the title. It’s actually about the modern stock market, specifically, the world of high-frequency trading, and the elaborate schemes those traders have used to game a now fully-computerized system. Show More Summary

‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Looks Awesomely Weird In This New Clip

I was sitting on the left with the other haters after Captain America 2, now even more so of the opinion that Marvel is at their best when they’re doing goofy fun, and at their dullest when they’re doing serious. But Guardians of the...Show More Summary

Here’s The Amazing ‘Tommy Boy’ Easter Egg Joke That Has Taken Almost 20 Years For Anyone To Notice

I’ve seen Tommy Boy from beginning to end at least ten times. But I’ve watched the first twenty minutes before passing out roughly a hundred times (and they say you never don’t actually accomplish anything in college). The point of me...Show More Summary

A Drunk Court Reporter Pulled A ‘The Shining,’ Typing ‘I Hate My Job’ Over And Over

Imagine if your job was to sit silently at a desk, furiously typing everything that was being said. Imagine further, that you hated that job and decided to get drunk instead. That’s basically how it happened for a “rogue court reporter” (oh God, he’s gored a bailiff!) in Manhattan, who decided to pull a Shining and type “I hate my job” over and over.

Scarlett Johansson Asks That You Please Refrain From Calling Her ‘ScarJo’ Because It Sounds ‘Lazy And Flippant’

Glamour Scarlett Johansson covers the May issue of Glamour, and on the heels of the award-winning Her and Under the Skin with the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Lucy — Johansson is deservedly ready to be taken seriously...Show More Summary

Breck Eisner Will Direct Jaden Smith In ‘The Karate Kid 2: Daddy Bought Me This’

It has been almost four years since Jaden Smith starred as Dre Parker in The Karate Kid, so if you were feeling pretty safe and confident in that film being a one-time thing, you can stop and go back to hating everything again. According...Show More Summary

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