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Patton Oswalt’s Deleted ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Scene Is Spectacular

3 hours agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

Patton Oswalt recently revealed that his appearance in George Miller‘s epic film Mad Max Fury Road ended up on the editing room floor. He’s not bitter though, Oswalt trusts in Miller’s vision and film making talent. He did bring the deleted scene to show during his latest appearance on Conan and now you can see […]

Channing Tatum Talks ‘Gambit’- Why He Likes Him and How He’ll Fit Into the X-Men Universe

3 hours agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

Twentieth Century Fox and producer Simon Kinberg are set with an arsenal of Marvel-minded films. The Fantastic Four reboot is in its marketing stages, and shooting for X-Men: Apocalypse and Deadpool has started simultaneously. Add to that talk of Wolverine 3 and New Mutants, it may be hard for fans to keep up. It’s important, […]

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Tomorrowland’ is a Sometimes Fun But Dead End Trip to the Future

3 hours agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

Bird Bird can do wrong. The Iron Giant is a masterpiece, The Incredibles is perhaps the best comic book movie ever made, Ratatouille is endlessly charming, and his first live-action movie, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, is the best of the series and the one that best captures the aesthetic of the original TV show. […]

TV RECAP: ‘Game of Thrones’ – S5E8 – “The Gift”

6 hours agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

The seventh episode of Game of Thrones season five is so obvious it hurts. Its called The Gift and it’s about gifts. (In Oprah voice) – everyone get a gift! Sam Tarley, Ramsay Bolton, Stannis Baratheon, hell even Daenarys Targaryen! They say its better to give than to receive, but in Westeros that depends on who […]

Michael B. Jordan Takes a Stand Against ‘Fantastic Four’ Haters And Trolls

7 hours agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

Ever since Michael B. Jordan was cast as Johnny Storm/Human Torch in the new Fantastic Four movie, the majority of the Internet has not been very accepting to the idea. And, that’s putting it kindly. In truth, the reception has been flooded with real nasty, hateful, ignorant, and racist reactions – the very worst that […]

Clooney Issues 56,342nd Apology for ‘Batman & Robin’

10 hours agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

Batman & Robin was nearly 20 years ago now. Yeah. In that time George Clooney has become an accomplished writer, director, producer and an Academy Award-winning actor. He’s worked with a variety of collaborators like Steven Soderbergh, the Coen Brothers, Alexander Payne, and Alfonso Cuaron, hardly the sort of hackery that became associated with B&R […]

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Poltergeist’ is Scarily Uninspired

2 days agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

If we’re being honest, then you know that the Hollywood lore that’s sprung up over the making of 1982’s Poltergeist is far more interesting than the actual movie Poltergeist. From the question of Steven Spielberg Vs Tobe Hooper: “Who really directed it?” to the supposed “curse” that reputedly killed several cast members, including its young […]

The RadioBastard Podcast Schools Supergirl and the Warlords of YouSuckLand

3 days agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

From the harsh terrible wastelands (the internet) come two brave heroes (chubby guys with microphones) to do battle with (talk about) the evils of this world (ok, that last bit might be pretty accurate.) This week, Jeremy and Jason run through how Snoop Dogg failed grade 8 history, why Alan Thicke and his wife aced sex-ed, […]

Full ‘Supergirl’ Pilot Leaks Through Torrent Sites

3 days agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

  Arriving faster than a speeding bullet, or six months before its scheduled debut, the pilot for CBS‘s new Supergirl was leaked this morning to several torrenting sites. According to a Variety report, the high-quality episode has been viewed over 120,000 times as of 9:30 a.m. ET. And this ain’t just some guy with a video camera […]

Spoiler Alert! How Does Bucky Fit in With ‘Civil War’ Plot?

3 days agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

Production is currently underway on Captain America: Civil War, and since they’re doing a lot of shooting outside in Atlanta, that means set pics, set pics and more set pics! What we’ve seen so far reveals the new Avengers – Captain America, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow and Ant-Man (?) – in action against Crossbones […]

Netflix Teases Bill Murray’s Christmas Special: ‘A Very Murray Christmas’

3 days agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

There’s still 216 days until Christmas, but Netflix must want to get ahead of their Christmas shopping by releaseing this teaser for Bill Murray‘s new Netflix Christmas Special: A Very Murray Christmas. It’s everything a teaser should be. Let’s let Bill Murray say everything you need to know about his new Christmas Special: Netflix included […]

How I Tried And Failed as a Professional Wrestler

3 days agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

My name is Luke Gallagher, you may know me as the owner and EIC of the news and entertainment blog known as I’m an active voice on the site and behind-the-scenes puppet master. What I am not, is a personality. I’m not one of those bloggers who like to insert themselves in their work […]

‘Fantastic Four’ Promo Video Details Team’s Powers

3 days agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

Fox‘s Fantastic Four reboot has been a symphony of Hollywood blunders: production problems, fan backlash, and the studio’s inability to properly respond to or market the movie to fans has put a bad taste in just about everyone’s mouth. What’s interesting is that a simple cross promotion video from handles the marketing of the […]

‘World War Z’ Sequel Takes A Bite Out Of New Release Date

3 days agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

Even if you were a fan of the book and KNOW that the movie didn’t do Max Brooks‘ book justice, you can admit that Brad Pitt‘s World War Z movie isn’t a bad zombie flick. It’s just not the World War Z movie that everyone who read the book wanted it to be. Before the […]

George A. Romero’s ‘Empire Of The Dead’ Comic Book Series To Be Adapted For Television

4 days agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

Word is coming out of this year’s Cannes that Demarest, a production finance company is backing the adaptation of George A. Romero‘s Empire of the Dead 15 issue comic book series published by Marvel. The final chapter in the series is scheduled to hit store shelves in June of this year. The production will be […]

Did Lego Leak Surprise ‘Ant-Man’ Villain? (Warning: Contains Spoilers)

4 days agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

Most Marvel fans know to go expect a few curveballs in their movies, (and to ALWAYS stay during the ending credits!), but was a major Ant-Man spoiler revealed by hands other than Marvel’s? LEGO already has a track record of such leaks; such dropping the Iron Man 3 plot twist with Aldrich Killian, and giving […]

That Speed Force Scene From ‘The Flash’…IN SLO-MO

4 days agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

Now that the season finale has passed (and what a season finale it was!), you have had some time to digest everything that The Flash presented viewers during that story packed 60 minutes of television.  Well, at least, MOST of it.  One of the best scenes of the episode was the scene in which The […]

‘BatKid Begins’ Trailer will Melt Your Cold Nerd Heart

4 days agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

It was one of the largest, most hear-warming, and nerdiest acts of altruism ever undertaken. Five-year-old leukemia patient Miles Scott wanted nothing more than to be Batman, and it looked like he was on his way to licking the disease that had made him so sick so young, the planning began to turn the City […]

This Actress May Be The New Top Dollar In ‘The Crow’

4 days agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

Almost three decades ago, back in 1989, James O’Barr’s now classic comic book tale of love and vengeance, The Crow, released its first official issue.  Besides being a symbol of the gothic trend that was beginning to pop up across the nation, the story was one that could translate to the big screen and in […]

What Do You Do When Things Get Tough? You: ‘Be the Batman’

4 days agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

There’s a new Xbox commercial out for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight video game from Rocksteady Studios making the Internet rounds. It’s got very little to do with the game and everything to do with the game’s players because everyone wants to be Batman. This video shows you how. Being the Batman isn’t about wearing […]

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