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Mercenary Daily: Logic – Process – Vision – Courage

If you’ve got the means to do cool stuff and have fun — while helping to accomplish your goals besides — you should go ahead and take advantage. I mean it’s only logical, am I right? We are pretty big on logic around here. In fact we like to joke about our “patron saint of logic” — Mr. Show More Summary

Mercenary Daily: Phases of Knowledge

You’ve probably heard the saying, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” The path to mastery passes through a window where the intermediate practitioner, getting their first taste of knowledge and experience, knows more than the beginner — but less than they think. Show More Summary

Mercenary Daily: The Jesse Livermore Trader’s Club

In response to our thoughts on Jim Simons, traders helping traders, and open source collaboration, community member Mark wrote the following: The best open site I have seen/used is Value Investors Club. Sell and buy side analysts and traders submit their ideas and thesis about different trades. Show More Summary

Mercenary Daily: Jim Simons, Traders Helping Traders, and Open Source Collaboration

Jim Simons is one of the most successful hedge fund managers of all time. Simons’ firm, Renaissance Technologies (also known as RenTec), seems to earn high double-digit returns year in and year out like clockwork, virtually no matter what happens in broad markets, on very large sums of capital. Show More Summary

Mercenary Daily: Member Portal Upgrade and The Deep Alpha Interview!

We unveiled our new membership portal this weekend. It’s the first step of many towards full reveal of the new Mercenary Trader website. Many months of effort, technology and planning have gone into this new site. It’s less of a design overhaul and more of a soup-to-nuts infrastructure and technology upgrade. Show More Summary

Mercenary Daily: Reflections on Tepper (and the Nature of Markets)

Quick note: We continue to share the Mercenary Macro Links via Twitter. You can grab the latest installment here. These will be posted in the Forum too once that’s up and running. (We’re still rocking behind the scenes to make that happen.)...Show More Summary

Mercenary Daily: Death and Rebirth in Silicon Valley

Thomas Jefferson once said the following, which was not very politically correct: What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it’s natural manure. Show More Summary

Mercenary Daily: FOLD is the opposite of FOMO

You have probably heard of FOMO — the acronym for “Fear Of Missing Out.” FOMO is a good shorthand descriptor for the attitude that prevails at market tops. It can also kick in long before the market top actually occurs (i.e. on the way...Show More Summary

Mercenary Daily: There Are Three Types of Trade

Hope everyone had an excellent labor day weekend. We are back in the saddle here… Some of you have heard this concept before. I don’t know where it first originated. I think it’s a useful mental model though. Basically, at the end of...Show More Summary

Mercenary Daily: The Philosophy of Charting

 The following is from our dear friend Peter Brandt. It’s a representation of different philosophies in respect to charts. You can probably guess which one Merc adheres to:  The first chart is also a clear example of muda, or wastage of analysis effort. Show More Summary

Mercenary Daily: Why Vladimir Putin Might Be Toast (and the Oil Price Could Be Cut in Half)

Some big picture thoughts on oil and gas today… In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve seen some volatility lately (sarcasm). Crude oil in particular has been volatile to the extreme, making us wonder aloud if markets are temporarily broken...Show More Summary

Mercenary Daily: Fear and Loathing in Silicon Valley

Still experimenting with formats for maximum value add here… Here are the September 1st Mercenary Macro Links. We’ll continue to post these until the forum becomes available (which is getting closer now). We continue to tighten and polish the format. Show More Summary

Violent Drop Plus Powerful Rebound Suggests Potential Bounce Congestion Aftermath That Could Last Weeks

Our latest views made a handful of people angry. We were more or less accused of abandoning our old thesis and switching from bear to bull. To give a quick recap, we laid out the following bullets (with further explanation following) as to why US equities may have registered a washout low: • Does Wall Street really care about China? No. Show More Summary

Extended Trading Perspectives on Muda, Mura, Muri and the MT Vision

Q. What are Muda, Mura, Muri?  Muda, Mura, Muri are Japanese terms representing three types of waste as defined by the Toyota production system. They are roughly defined as: Muda: Waste, wastage or wastefulness. Mura: Unevenness, lack of uniformity, irregularity. Show More Summary

Did the Latest Economist Cover on China Mark a Near-Term Bottom?

I’ve been an Economist reader since the mid-1990s. The covers are one of the best things about the magazine. They are always creative and often amusing. The below Economist cover from March of 1999 — which I have in my collection — is probably one of the most iconic “contrarian bottom signals” of all time. Show More Summary

The Trader’s Prime Directive: Survive and Advance

In the Star Trek television show series, the “Prime Directive” was a guiding principle for the United Federation of Planets. It was a kind of core focus, an idea that resided at the heart of everything. The need to follow the Prime Directive...Show More Summary

Global Systematic Discretionary Hybrid

We continue to develop the macro links. It will be excellent getting these up in the forum (among other things): Mercenary Macro Links August 19th 2015 Mercenary Macro Links August 20th 2015 But now I want to tell you more about the Mercenary vision, and how it relates to routines, deliberate practice, and other things. Show More Summary

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