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Yes the Dollar is a “Crowded Trade” — But Not In the Manner Most Think

The US dollar (aka USD, aka greenback) is a “crowded trade” — and everybody knows it...

An Illustrated Metaphorical Difference Between Skilled Traders and Mutual Fund Managers

In metaphorical terms — if the typical mutual fund is a lumbering city bus, the capital deployment of a truly skilled trader is more akin to this...

Dip Buyers Have Another Chance to Be Reckless, and the Fed Gives a Not-So-Subtle Warning To Europe

The automatic dip buyers have bought, like Pavlov’s Dog, every single time the indices have threatened to fail these past two years... Ignoring risk is a game that gets you killed in the end.

Buy and Hold Complacency Has Peaked, the Saudis Still Aren’t Kidding, and Europe is a Disaster Zone

The deep structure of markets is mean reverting and cyclical. Given the passage of time, the pendulum always swings.

German Delusion Could Lead to Acropolis Now Redux, and a Major Inflection Point Looms for the Euro and European Equities

Europe is staring into a deflationary abyss. And yet Germany is delusional, determined to hang on to austerity measures no matter what.

Investors always get killed at cycle tops, small caps look like a trap, and it’s way too early to buy energy stocks

Investors always lose their shirts at the top of market cycles. This is a combination of greed, impatience, and FOMO, aka “fear of missing out.”

You Don’t Have to Know the Future (And Shouldn’t Want To!)

We've got our ideas and opinions. We certainly see some big things happening in 2015. With that said, we don't predict. We just don't believe in it...

Saudi Arabia’s Mental Paradigm Shift Confirms Triple-Digit Gold

If you’ve had any doubts about the brutal nature of Saudi Arabia’s strategy...

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like 1998

If Russia defaults on its debt, foreign lenders could be exposed to $670 BILLION in losses...

The Saudi Oil War Means Structural Sea Change; Risk-Off Turmoil Fuels Long Bond Strength

The price of crude is global, thus price war fallout is global. As a result, for all the havoc US shale producers will face, others are being hit much, much harder by oil’s collapse.

Reflections on Page Sixteen

When the story shows up on a magazine cover, the biggest profits have generally been made...

Fill ‘Er Up (At Less Than Two Bucks a Gallon)

According to GasBuddy, which tracks the numbers, the US national average for a gallon of gasoline is now $2.74. That is 51 cents per gallon lower than a year ago. The world has changed in surprising ways…

The S&P just broke a record last seen in 1928, amid further signs December looks ominous

The S&P just came off a record-breaking run. The last comparable run of this kind was 1928.

Mercenary Links: Let Them Eat iPads

Mercenary Links November 15th: Wage growth may soon accelerate... bullishness at 95th percentile extremes... potential for a global recession in 2015... Google's terrifying robot, landing on a comet, and more.

Mercenary Links: The Dollar is a Lawnmower and The World is Grass

Mercenary Links November 7th: US dollar set to dominate for years... gold, oil plummet to multi-year lows... Republicans dominate mid-terms... the world's greatest counterfeiter, why time never runs backward, and more.

Mercenary Links: Hawkish

Mercenary Links Oct 30th: Dollar jumps as Fed goes hawkish... clouds darken for American's blue-chips... China fake invoice evidence mounts... RIP Bunker Hunt, the man with the golden blood, and more.

Why Do We Bother Publishing (and Selling) Our Research?

As traders, why do we bother publishing (and selling) our research? In fact, why do we bother selling anything? Why don't we just "quietly trade" and keep our heads down?

Mercenary Links: The Financial Engineering 500

Mercenary Links Oct 22nd: IBM stinks up the joint... S&P biggest 1-day gain of the year... widespread misery for hedge funds... horrible news for soda drinkers, a paralyzed man walks, and more.

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