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Emoji Movie Billboards React to Traffic and Weather

Summary: No matter what emoji the Emoji Movie makes you want to use, it debuts Friday (July 28) – and is expected to generate $25m to $30m in ticket sales in the US and Canada opening weekend. And as it seeks to wrest the #1 spot at the box office...

Coke Zero: A Look Back at the Now-Defunct Brand’s Ads

Summary: With the announcement that Coke Zero is being replaced with a new product, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, here’s a look back on how Coke Zero has advertised itself to the public since it debuted in 2005. The original branding was in a white can, with the tagline “Everybody Chill,” which was not a hit with consumers.

How Discovery Differs From Search – and Offers Opportunities for Brands

Summary: While search and discovery sound similar – and they are – they are also two distinct concepts in marketing. The first is more established – and more familiar: a consumer uses a search engine like Google, YouTube or Amazon and the platform in question uses indexes of data to retrieve answers.

Kristen Wiig Plays the Part of ‘The Everyman’ in Pizza Hut’s Latest Campaign

Summary: Kristen Wiig has impersonated everyone from Michael Jordan to Khaleesi from Game on Thrones on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Now, the comedian and actress has now taken her impersonation chops to Pizza Hut to shill for the chain in its latest campaign.

Quilted Northern Sees its Toilet Paper Turned Into a Chic Wedding Dress

Summary: Every year for the past 13 years, toilet paper has experienced its 15 minutes of fame in the form of the Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest. Presented by Cheap Chic Weddings, this year’s 13th annual contest received more than 1,500 wedding dresses made entirely from toilet paper, glue, tape and thread.

Why Online Advertising is Killing Creativity

Summary: Recently I looked through various ‘greatest Ads of all times’ lists, and one thing struck me. They are largely all TV-led. For example, the biggest global advertising event is arguably the Super Bowl in the USA,Show More Summary

Hefty Teams Up with John Cena, Havas Chicago Again; Adds His Mom to Latest Spot

Summary: Hefty’s back at it with John Cena as their brawny spokesperson. With the return of the “Hefty Hefty Hefty” slogan, the WWE superstar teams up with his mom, Carol Cena, to show that mother knows best when it comes to buying trash bags. “I couldn’t have asked for a better co-star than my mom,” said John Cena.

Heinz Rolls Out ‘Chicago Dog Sauce’ To Trick Ketchup-Averse Chicagoans

Summary: Every city has its own unique culinary delicacies and quirks, but few rival Chicagoans and their utter refusal to put ketchup on hot dogs. That’s why ketchup purveyor Heinz has rolled out a ‘Chicago Dog Sauce’ for National Hot Dog Day on Wednesday.

Get Your Fake Yeezys: Counterfeit Ads Are All Over Instagram

Summary: Long gone are the days when Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom vetted every ad on the platform. Now, ads for fake shoes, clothes, electronics and even real estate are proliferating on Instagram. What makes these ads even more egregious is that some of them, like one claiming to sell Adidas’ Yeezy sneakers for $109, feature doctored brand logos...

How Apple’s ‘High Sierra’ Is Disrupting Digital Advertising

Summary: Apple recently announced features from its new macOS, dubbed High Sierra, at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California. But what drew major applause from attendees (and struck fear into the hearts of some advertisers and publishers) was the unexpected shift in digital advertising...

Boston Commuters Will Get PSAs in GIF Form

Summary: While hardened New Yorkers are left grumbling about the sad state of the Subway this summer and are stuck with “Stand clear of the closing doors, please”, riders of Boston’s commuter rail system are getting...Show More Summary

Coca-Cola Thinks Smart with AI-Equipped Vending Machine

Summary: Beverage giant Coca-Cola is giving the world’s dumb vending machines an AI-powered makeover in a bid to banish jammed change slots, broken dispensers and other malfunctions to the dim and distant past. Going way beyond a colourful touchscreen, Coca-Cola harbours visions of infusing the humourless lumps of metal...

8 Times Game of Thrones Actors (Sort Of) Reprised Their Characters in TV Ads

Summary: HBO fantasy show Game of Thrones has revolutionized TV with its water-cooler storylines and brutal twists - it is also proving to be a launch pad for the actors involved, propelling them into the (sometimes) lucrative world of advertising. As one of the most talked about, and pirated, and expensive shows...

Mazda Makes Your Facebook Feed a Car-Crash in Safety Ad Drive

Summary: Japanese auto company Mazda is experimenting with an immersive ad format on Facebook that sees an out-of-control car skeet across the newsfeed. The ‘Distracted Driving’ campaign from BBR Saatchi & Saatchi is looking to inform Facebook users that fiddling with your phone while driving opens up a substantial risk of danger...

Tushy Spokes-butt Pleads for Cleanliness in Bidet Attachment Campaign

Summary: Watch - or wash - your backside, because your butt is talking to you in a new video campaign for Tushy, a bidet attachment for your toilet. In a three-part video series, a character called Your Butt (actually writer-actor Erica Hernandez doing a sexy French accent) pleads with you to upgrade your ‘uncivilized’ toilet paper...

How to Do Bad Advertising Well

Summary: Coke does it like a boss. Apple did it brilliantly for a decade. Dyson is up there, too. They all do bad advertising, and they make it work. By ‘bad advertising’, I mean the kind of work that no self-respecting creative director would take to a client, and would never trouble the scorers at Cannes.

Inside Halo Top’s Instagram Strategy

Summary: Ice cream brand Halo Top’s Instagram account features image after image of its carton pints swimming in melted swirls of vibrant oranges, purples and browns. It’s such organic social posts that have helped launch the 5-year-old brand in stores nationwide without spending a penny on advertising.

Phishers are Tapping into Pied Piper and Hooli in New Email Scams

Summary: If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, HBOshould perhaps be blushing. That’s because scammers are using domains for the fictional tech companies Pied Piper and Hooli from HBO’s Silicon Valley to try to trick...Show More Summary

Why a Great Idea Should Make You Nervous

Summary: No great marketing goal was ever achieved without hand-wringing. If you’re not lying awake at night in a pool of sweat the night before a campaign launch, you’re not doing it right. Great marketing takes great ideas takes great courage takes great Xanax. The problem with business is that nervousness is never a good thing. Show More Summary

What This Year’s Box Office Hits - and Flops - Can Teach Us About Movie Marketing

Summary: In any given year, you’ll see theaters teeming with formulaic movies that Hollywood wisdom has decreed will undoubtedly drive huge profits at the box office. From star-powered tentpoles to franchises and reboots, there are tried-and-true formulas conventional wisdom says are ‘guaranteed’ successes.

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