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Generic Messages are Generally Bad

Summary: The average consumer enjoys listening to messages and ads that appeal to them. The studies and research are pretty clear on that. When that happens, the consumer's view on advertising turns from the typical negative view toShow More Summary

Coca-Cola Reveals What's in a Name

Summary: Coca-Cola has done it again; they've launched a new interactive billboard in New York’s Times Square for their latest “Share a Coke” campaign. But before I talk about this latest effort, here’s a little background. Show More Summary

Refusal to Defend a Review: The Right Move?

Summary: News has been coming out nearly daily about brands putting up their creative and media accounts for review. In most cases, the brands already on the roster know that this is going to happen. In few cases, those agencies find out when the AdLand public does. Throughout the years, we have seen several ways that agencies have approached the review process.

The Relaunch of the Agency Model

Summary: There is no doubt that agencies are facing a hostile environment. Agencies not only need to prove why they are needed, but they also need to perform on a higher-than-expected model in order to prove their value. ​Not...Show More Summary

AdLand and the U.S. Gun Culture: A GOODvertising Proposal

Summary: America has some issues. That much is clear. As America spends money to better its image abroad as a tourist destination, we would like to look at how we can use our creative resources to better America's image as a living destination. Still a young nation, America is facing some larger growing pains.

Did Tech Kill the Advertising Star?

Summary: We recently wrote about a journalist who covered Cannes and wondered if AdLand could leave tech alone in order to concentrate on people. ​We somewhat agreed, and added our own thoughts about it.

Aston Martin Starts New Global Campaign

Summary: We know that this campaign is really going to affect a small amount of people, but the James Bond geek within us couldn't help but wonder when we saw the news. The Aston Martin company announced that it is pairing up with BBDO to launch a new global campaign for the car company.

Can Advertising Get Back to Its Roots?

Summary: We have argued time and again that advertising doesn't create a particular version of society, but it reflects the cultural norms and values that society clings on to. The Cannes Festival is supposed to be the place where the best advertising gets rewarded. Show More Summary

How Do You Scoop Love?

Summary: While some creatively tweeted in support of ‘Supreme’ love, Ben & Jerry’s re-named a classic flavor.

Will Brands and Agencies Ever Get Along?

Summary: As if the tension between brands and agencies couldn't get hotter, more information and conversation about the need for agencies has come up yet again at Cannes. Reuters reports that there are over 13,000 professionals discussing the future of the marketing industry.

From Cry to Buy

Summary: I just read an article on about the latest guerilla tactic from McCann Mexico and wanted to share with all of you. The advertising agency invited 100 women to cry as they watch Titanic. Why? To promote L’Oreal’s latest mascara campaign: The Waterproof Experience.

ANA Seeks RFP for Media Transparency Study

Summary: The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has been trying to make some serious moves as of late. From snagging thought leaders from around the world, to covering (and uncovering) issues that are important to the marketing world, we must say that the ANA is really trying to become a bigger voice for the industry.

No High Like an Ad High

Summary: Reflection upon the mention of a correlation to a high from advertising and the industry whilst attending an event in Toronto.

Research Shows SMBs Embrace Digital, Release Traditional

Summary: The small and medium sized business scene is quickly gaining speed. With the economy still looking up, bigger brands are loosening the purse strings a little bit, and consumers are starting to spend. All are good signs for the SMBs to have a strong rest of the year.

Should Media Sellers Worry About Ad Fatigue?

Summary: It is true that the consumer's attention span is getting shorter and shorter, so it is important that we craft a message in a format that will hold attention as much as possible. If we get the consumer's attention, that's more than half the battle.

Cultural Relevancy

Summary: In order for our messages to reach our customers, the messages must be salient and relevant. Salient, in the way that the message resonates with the customer, they notice the message. Relevant, in the manner that if the customer sees the message, it relates to them because they are in a certain situation, or have a problem that the message describes or highlights.

Offended Someone? Good.

Summary: We are continually perturbed by the political correctness that is pervading the advertising community. Are we seriously so worried that we are going to offend someone, or some party? Since when are we so afraid to suggest or advocate an idea that doesn't appeal to the masses?

There’s No Bu$iness Like Father’s Day

Summary: Ryan Reynolds+Blake Lively=James; Justin Timberlake+Jessica Biel=Silas; Ashton Kutcher +Mila Kunis=Wyatt Ryan, and the list goes on. Famous first time Dads making headlines.

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