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Can Consumers Get Better at Choice?

Summary: When we cover marketing and advertising, the overarching point is that we are in the profession to help consumers choose an option that will best fit their wants and needs. That's it. When we remove the fluff, the pomp and circumstance,...Show More Summary

Knowing What People Think is a Big Deal

Summary: People wonder why David Ogilvy was such a success. In reality, it is no wonder; he examined what his customers wanted, and then he gave it to them. Ogilvy was trained under the famous Dr. Gallup, the creator of the Gallup poll. In Ogilvy's time, he was charged with figuring out what movies should be more successful than others...

Origin Sometimes Isn't As Important...

Summary: Where brands come from can sometimes provide a very interesting and telling story. In fact, many brands like to either emphasize it if the origin is a great story, or downplay it if the origin story is not so great. Let's go through a couple. First, Dell has the origin story of Michael Dell working in PC help. Show More Summary

Copywriting: There Are More Gigs Than Meet the Eye

Summary: This week, a potential client asked me if I wrote sales copy. My immediate thought was, “Isn’t all copywriting sales copy?” Besides being more of a creative person, sales is the main reason I got into copywriting. Show More Summary

Who's To Blame for Obesity? AdLand?

Summary: Many people are blaming advertising for the obesity epidemic across the well-developed nations. The United States has a "big" problem with obesity, and our sister nation, Great Britain, has the highest childhood obesity rate in Western Europe. With well-developed nations comes well-oiled, corporate machines. Show More Summary

Such A Nice Deal

Summary: Most people don’t realize that we, the people who create advertising, do so for the people who don’t create advertising. Most people who don’t create advertising are probably nice, so we in the business have taken our jobs with a sworn duty to inform...

Is This Ad Offensive To You?

Summary: Sometimes it is difficult for us to tell if the line of sexism and the objectification of women has been crossed, or if the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is listening to those folks "searching" for ways to be offended. Now it is true that AdLand is still figuring out ways to attract attention.

There Are Many Ways to Skin a Freelance Copywriter

Summary: As a freelance copywriter, how do you get business? I get this question a lot, both from clients and creatives alike. For a number of people, the ultimate goal is to work for themselves: their preferred hours, deadlines, and clients. Show More Summary

Saatchi & Saatchi Delivers #ICareAboutRare

Summary: Nearly every person in the States would cry out if the slaughter of bald eagles was going unnoticed, or if the U.S. adopted the policy of ruthlessly shooting dolphins the moment they came out of international waters. Yes, these species are rare, and it is important to our ecology to protect them.

When Predicting Behavior, Marketers Get In Their Own Way

Summary: Many marketing professionals are drawn to the industry due to the opportunity to learn and test ideas about how consumers think, and why they think the way they do about goods and services. We like to think that we have a good grasp on what consumers like, how they want to receive their products. If we don't know, then we implement methods that should enlighten us.

Are the Agency Search Consultants' Days Numbered?

Summary: Ah, yes — agency search consultants. What a delightful bunch. We remember our first run-in with them when we started our professional career as an assistant marketing manager...

Brand USA Searches for Creative Agency

Summary: The quest for changing the image of America in order to boost tourism numbers continues. In late 2014, we brought you word that Brand USA boosted Ogilvy PR to its global media partner in order for the agency to oversee its press operations and coverage across the globe. Show More Summary

Race, Ethnicity, and AdLand

Summary: Yes, it is hard to go through February without bringing up the issue of race in advertising. It is one of those topics we feel won't be brought up unless we do. Don't get us wrong; we see glimpses of the conversation in places like Advertising Week, or acceptance speeches during the Clios or even at Cannes...

NYFW Pairs Luxury Brands and New Media

Summary: With New York Fashion Week, presented by Mercedes-Benz, wrapping up, there were a considerable amount of brands trying to adopt social media strategies to extend their legs beyond the traditional confines. Some worked, and some are yet to be seen. It is always interesting to watch the fashion industry work since it lives and dies on the seasons, the fads, the colors...

Cadillac 'Dares Greatly' in New Ad Campaign

Summary: We're big fans of pretty much anything Teddy Roosevelt. So when we saw the latest ad by Cadillac, with the help of Publicis, we couldn't help but take it up. The creative comes from one of Teddy's famous speeches about "daring greatly." President Teddy was definitely one of those guys who backed up...

Of Success

Summary: "To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success." –Henry J. Heinz After you read the quote above from Heinz, you must be thinking, how in the world can that be applied to advertising? Well, let's first examine what Heinz was talking about.

I Am 13. I Am 18. I Am An Ad

Summary: I am 13. I am a girl. I can throw a baseball. I can throw a baseball very well. I can throw a baseball so well that I struck out a lot of people in the Little League World Series. It’s really neat. It’s so cool. Hey, guess what? I threw baseballs on television. I threw baseballs, I think, for my team. I’m not sure, though.

Good: Numbers. Better: The Right Numbers

Summary: Marketing and advertising managers, account managers, and others responsible for reporting the success or failure of different campaigns were really dealt a blow when it was reported that only 70 percent of ads are even being viewed by consumers. Show More Summary

Fear: Persuasion's Old Friend

Summary: There are a few basic truths when it comes to trying to influence a crowd. First, the message must be simple enough for everyone to understand. Like Seth Godin readily repeats, a large crowd needs an average idea; an average message. Second, the message should contain a call to action. What should the crowd do once they finish hearing it?

Appropriation: The Struggle for Creativity is Real

Summary: Let's take a look at the music industry. There has been a rise in new, young talent, and some people are getting excited to hear the variations of music that are rising to the top. But that is exactly what they are: variations. After a study done by some music-streaming services, the most popular songs have common rhythms to them. Show More Summary

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