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Burger King’s Latest Ads Bizarrely Tout Its Actual Restaurant Fires

Summary: Burger King’s special brand of off-the-wall advertising has reached a new level: in its latest print campaign, the fast food chain is featuring three photographs of actual restaurants that have caught on fire in recent years. The photos, which show Burger Kings aflame in Italy, Pennsylvania and Oregon...

The Mystery of Ad-Buyer Blacklists

Summary: The rise of Breitbart and focused attention on hard-right, fraudulent and fake-news sites have created renewed interest in blacklisting among brand clients, who look to it as a way to make sure their ads aren’t appearing on sites that will embarrass the brand. It’s a tactic not without its issues. Buyers generally have a list of sites...

The Oscars Surpassed on Price Only by the Super Bowl for a 30-Second Slot

Summary: The Oscars is the second most expensive ad buy in US media with the Academy now accepting a historically high number of placements to accommodate brand demand, according to research from Kantar. A 30 second spot for the show (26 February) is likely to set brands back anywhere between $1.9m-$2.0m...

Why Patagonia's Off-the-wall Advertising Asks Customers to Think Twice

Summary: Early last year, Patagonia’s European marketing director Alex Weller was sitting with two creatives in the outdoor clothing company’s Amsterdam offices, bouncing around ideas for a brand campaign. As they talked tactics and scribbled suggestions, their eyes, and their conversation, kept being drawn to a few...

Oreo’s Latest Ad Lets Fans Virtually Launch Cookies Into Space

Summary: Mondelez’s Oreo has rolled out a mobile game that lets fans of the cookie brand launch Oreos into space and watch them fall into glasses of milk all over the world. The game, which is part of the brand’s new “Oreo Dunk Challenge”campaign, begins by asking players to take a photo of an actual Oreo cookie. Show More Summary

Snapchat Spectacles are Now Available to Buy Online as US Pop-up Push Ends

Summary: After over 100 days of running a pop-up 'Snapbot' campaign, Snap Inc is finally letting customers in the US purchase its Spectacles online. Anyone in the country can now order, and virtually try on, a pair of the $130 specs via Snap's website. Up until now tech lovers have only been able to get their hands on a pair...

Google Ditches 30-Second Unskippable Ads on YouTube

Summary: Google will no longer force YouTube viewer to watch 30-second unskippable ads, saying that as of 2018 the ad product will be ditched. However, the 20-second and 6-second unskippable formats will remain. “We’re committed to providing a better ads experience for users online,” said a Google spokesperson.

In Advertising, As in Culture, The US Still Struggles with Diversity

Summary: While more brand content is coming out that depicts a broader scope of race, sexual orientation and gender identity, much work remains before US advertising is wholly honest about American society. And that’s true even...Show More Summary

The Fraud Fighter: How White Ops Helped Put Ad Waste (and Itself) on the Map

Summary: Ad fraud is no longer the media industry’s dirty little secret. December’s report from a little-known web security startup called White Ops of a Russian fraud operation even made cable TV news. “My mom asked me about it,” groaned Scott Knoll, CEO of Integral Ad Science, one of the leading ad fraud detection firms. Show More Summary

Content Advertising Slated to Grow Into a Multi-billion Dollar Industry by 2020

Summary: With a predicted growth rate of 32% year-over-year, and more than 2x the growth rate of digital advertising as a whole, the amount companies will spend on content advertising is slated to grow into a $50bn market by 2021 -- up from $12.8bn in 2016. Show More Summary

Sonos Echoes Apple’s Seminal 1984 Ad During the Grammys

Summary: American audio electronics company Sonos is informing the public how to break household silence in a homage to one of the most iconic ads of all time. The company paid homage to Apple’s ‘1984’ Mac ad that aired during the Super Bowl, with its own video that debuted during the The Grammys (12 February).

P&G Dispatches Tide Loads of Hope to Louisiana Residents Affected by Recent Storms

Summary: Procter & Gamble said its detergent brand Tide is bringing mobile relief via its Loads of Hope program to residents of Southeast Louisiana impacted by recent tornados. According to a press release, the Tide Loads of Hope mobile laundry truck and a P&G mobile disaster response unit have been sent to help individuals and first responders in need of personal care items...

Facebook is Clamping Down on Ads That Discriminate by Race

Summary: Facebook is reaffirming its commitment to its 1.86 billion monthly active users that it’s a place where everyone has the same access by strengthening its stance on discriminatory ads. The social networking company revealed on Wednesday that it has added stronger language to its advertising policies...

I’m With the Brand: How Artists and Advertisers Can Work in Harmony

Summary: The path to musical success used to run through one narrow channel – that of the label. If a rep discovered you, the label would throw some money behind you and you’d get radio play enough to boost your record/cassette/CD sales and you’d tour in support of the album. Even as radio remains strong with many listeners, the rise of digital music...

Inside the Officeless Media Agency Where 75 Percent of the Staff is Female

Summary: Throughout his marketing career, Jay Friedman has rarely spent a single day in the office, either at agency Young & Rubicam or his current gig as COO at Goodway Group, a programmatic media planning and buying partner to regional agencies. Show More Summary

So Much Terrible Content, So Little Time: Why Brands Need to Abandon Interruptive Ads

Summary: We as people have become so time stressed, so attention fractured, that we have to choose wisely where to invest our effort and our eyeballs. Oh! There’s a Tweet I should probably read… Just kidding. But not really. [It was Instagram…who reads Twitter anymore now that Trump has stunk up the joint?]

After 50 Years, the Era of Objectification in Super Bowl Advertising is (Hopefully) Over

Summary: The Super Bowl of two years ago may be remembered as the most-watched television broadcast in US history – at least prior to Super Bowl LI – or for the Patriots’ most recent Super Bowl win, or for the questionable call with just seconds remaining that blew Seattle’s last chance to score and resulted in said victory.

Big Game, Big Stakes: Gaining a Guarantee on Super Bowl Advertising Investment

Summary: In the “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” discussion, much will be made of ads that air on Sunday night during Super Bowl 51, from all manner of industry ‘experts.’ Rankings will be published the morning...Show More Summary

Busch Returns to the Mountains in its First-Ever Super Bowl Spot

Summary: Busch is making its Super Bowl debut by returning to its roots and “revitalizing some of [its] classic marketing assets like the brand’s iconic ‘stream pull’ and ‘BUSCHHHHH’ can crack sound,”...Show More Summary

Planet Fitness' Judgement-Free Zone Vows to be More Than Just a Gym

Summary: Planet Fitness launched "The World Judges, We Don't – At Planet Fitness, Be Free" campaign on Jan. 1 heralding the first collaborative work between the company and Boston, MA based ad agency Hill Holliday. The campaign,...Show More Summary

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