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AOL Increases Mobile Ad Capabilities

Summary: It is clear to see that the brands that conquer mobile advertising will be the ones sticking around. The way that mobile has permeated our daily lives is incredible, and brands need to be able to capitalize on how easy and accessible...Show More Summary

A New Ad Blocker is Coming to Town

Summary: Almost like Santa Claus, "it" knows when you’ve been shopping, "it" knows when you’re awake, "it" knows when you’ve hit order…so block (third-party spy) cookies, for heaven’s sake! Unblocked cookies can be a pain in the computer screen while web browsing. Show More Summary

Should We Follow Paddy's Reasoning?

Summary: Advertising agency professionals are not only trying to keep their agencies afloat, but they are also trying to reinvent how they provide their services and present their creative ventures. Of course, when there is uncertainty, people crawl out of the woodwork to suggest their ideas. Show More Summary

Out With the Old...Or Maybe Not?

Summary: “Print is dying.” “Television is dying.” “The future of media is in [insert whatever the newest form of media is.]” ​Ever heard something to that effect before? When you work in media, chances are that you have. Show More Summary

Advertising Week Returns for the 2015 Edition

Summary: Advertising Week has rightfully been regarded as one of the best times of the year for the advertising industry. With hundreds of events and speakers, and thousands of attendees, Advertising Week is a place where the marketplace of ideas is open and exchanges are happening. A few years ago we posited the question: Is Advertising Week worth it?

Should 'Connected TV' Be Embraced?

Summary: Connected TV is when your actual TV or TV-watching experience includes a TV that is either hooked up to the internet (Smart TV) or has a over-the-top (OTT) element, like Android TV, RoKu, Apple TV, and the like. According to...Show More Summary

The Perception of Average

Summary: Is it not the mantra that "C students run the world?" If so, why is the word "average" so negative? Our colleague over at Beneath the Brand wrote a nice article about the Keds campaign claiming that there "is no average girl." The human mind is fascinating. If there is no such thing as average, then that means there is no real way to compare one element against another.

Inbound Vs Outbound in Advertising-DRAFT

Summary: Inbound Vs Outbound (Hint: Go inbound!) Inbound: Now, the past, the future. Inbound's relations to Social Media. How it has evolved into real life & cool experiential campaigns.

In AdLand, We Still Love to Hate Each Other

Summary: Perhaps the byproduct of fierce competition in a land of creatives is bitter resentment and hate. AdLand has never had the reputation of being cordial, yet it has never been deemed a place for tormented souls either. Like any workplace, there are people you are going to like, and there will be people you will not like. Show More Summary

An Ode to Wordsmiths

Summary: We enjoy knowing that sometimes it is not what is being said that is the important thing, but how it is being said. It is incredible to see that words have so much impact on how consumers perceive certain topics. For example:...Show More Summary

Why is WPP Spooked Despite Rising Profits?

Summary: The marketing and advertising landscape is still trying to figure itself out. The business scene, with Corporate America and Wall Street, is not doing it any favors. With investors scared about what is going on in the Asian markets and clueless about what is going through the heads of the Chinese government...

What If We Sold Bed Linens Like We Sell Video Games?

Summary: Time and time again, especially in the ad world, we are given or actually give the advice "Think outside the box." In other words: Be creative, be different, be daring. Yet even in our industry, we still follow certain rules. Show More Summary

How Ads Can Capitalize on Consumers' Poor Thinking

Summary: How interesting is it to discover that some human behaviors occur commonly amongst us regardless of intellect, social status, race, or other demographic indicators? In several instances, humans can simply act like humans —...Show More Summary

What to Look For in Political Ads

Summary: The U.S. political season is well underway, and things are just starting to heat up. With nearly two dozen GOP candidates flooding the field, and a timid field of Democratic candidates falling in step with the Clinton Machine,...Show More Summary

Open Mind for Campaigns That Shine

Summary: I was reading ‘The Sweet Spot’ over for inspiration earlier today. I highly suggest to anyone in the industry who hasn’t read it yet to do so; although there are hundreds of thought-provoking insights to choose...Show More Summary

Of Pitchers and AdMen

Summary: In baseball, it is generally known that pitchers are not the best hitters. Players, fans, and sport commentators accept that fact. The reason being is that the pitcher is rarely called on to hit in crucial moments. The team pitcher was not recruited to the team based on his slugging percentage. Show More Summary

What the Heck are Micro-Moments?

Summary: Our society moves fast. The phrase "instant gratification" grows more true as technology and Internet access get to more people, and faster. The consuming public continually gets more access to information every single day. The '60s consumer would be seen as totally in the dark compared to the 2015 consumer. And the modern-day marketer continues to try to keep up.

'If You Respond, You Will Be Too Late'

Summary: That quote is from Jeff Jones, the current CMO of Target. He was at an ANA conference, and he was talking about how Target was caught off-guard by what was happening in the industry. This is not contained only to the retail industry. In an interview several years ago, Bill Gates told a journalist that the rise of the Internet caught them off guard.

Ads on the Moon? Seriously?

Summary: Brands can go to outstanding levels in order to stick out from the pack. We've seen the rise of guerrilla marketing and social media marketing due to brands trying to adopt different strategies faster and better than their competitors. The goal behind these tactics is to portray their message in a different way...

Why is Ad-Blocking Software on the Rise?

Summary: It is not fun to realize that there are people and businesses out there trying to make a living to make sure that what we do for a living is never seen. Groups are out there, pooling their intellectual capital in order to rid our business environment of marketing and advertising. And they are gaining ground.

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