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Hefty and Havas Address Teachers & School Supplies

Summary: It is interesting to go from the practicing advertising profession to the advertising education profession. Granted, there are plenty of similarities — it continues to be a race to keep up. Once a report or book comes out, it's outdated months later, the technology needs are growing, and people continue to dislike what they don't understand.

Advertising Will Never Go Away, Unless...

Summary:...something drastic happens. We continue to see hyperbolic articles and posts about how advertising is "degrading" our society, or that media is "ruining" the TV experience because of — interestingly enough — the rise of commercials on TV. We've tried the method of reasoning with these people about why advertising won't go away.

Why Advertise in Trade Magazines?

Summary: Though print is having a tough time in the consumer market, magazine circulation and readership are still at a decent pace in the commercial market. From schools to offices, from conventions to trade shows, we see plenty ofShow More Summary

Should Agencies Get More Into the Product Business?

Summary: The question the title poses is an interesting one. The agency model was developed in a time when businesses had to create multiple advertisements as quickly as possible in order to secure their spots in certain publications. History tells us that agencies rose from being the advertising runner to ad creators and brand partners.

The Adventures of Entry-Level Job Hunting in Advertising

Summary: Ever hear that turn of phrase: How are you supposed to apply to a mandated two-years-experience job without two years of experience when every entry-level position requires it? This is a real, scary truth in many industries, and let me tell you — the ad industry certainly does not shy away from it. Except there’s one thing that stands out in our field...

10,000 Hours: Can Anyone Become a Marketing Master?

Summary: Can anyone actually become a marketing master? An interesting question, certainly. We think that the answer could be just as thought provoking.

Bugaboo to Moms: The Ad is Fine, Stop It

Summary: We're paraphrasing, of course. Bugaboo, a brand that makes high-end buggies (baby strollers) has been facing some backlash from the last ad they posted. The ad featured 23-year-old model Ymre Stiekema walking her baby in one of Bugaboo's $800 stroller. Show More Summary

Need to Know Content Marketing? Here's a Free Resource

Summary: In one of our previous posts, we hinted that we would be sharing more insight about engaging consumers with a high-quality content marketing campaign. We didn't forget, and have an exciting resource for those marketing and advertising professionals who like to pursue professional development on their own.

Five Things Marketers and Runners Have in Common

Summary: Though we are fans of taking our digital pedestal to discuss marketing and advertising theory, behavioral economics, consumer behavior, trends in the industry, and the gloomy client/agency relationship, we, like you, occasionally need a break. ​The wise Willy Wonka once said, “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.”

Do People Really Still Buy Leads?

Summary: If we are the ones bringing the bad news to you, we are dreadfully sorry that someone didn’t tell you sooner — the age of buying leads is over. With the age of digital marketing, marketing analytics, CRM, socialShow More Summary

Will Hulk Hogan Hurt WWE’s Brand Image?

Summary: The fallout from the leaked audio of Hulk Hogan’s “pillow talk” with his mistress is absolutely incredible. From being almost Mr. WWE to even existing in record books, stores, or even Vince MacMahon’s...Show More Summary

Traversing the Consumer's Attention Span in a Social Wasteland

Summary: I’m sure any of my coworkers can attest to the fact that my favorite phrase of late has been that “Social Media has propelled society 20 years past its time”; increasingly so, the younger you go generationShow More Summary

Hubspot’s Guide to Google: A Review

Summary: We love small business. In corporate and political America, you always have those people who swear that they too love small business, yet their actions reveal either the contrary or simply an ignorance of it. ​We enjoy viewing the content geared to the small business owner.

Is There an Upside to the AdLand Shakeup?

Summary: The news coming out of AdLand continues to get more interesting. As more account reviews are added to the list, like Subway, and big-time art directors, CCOs, and partners are leaving firms like MDC, BBDO, and R/GA, AdLand is facing...

Sell the Good Night's Sleep, Not the Mattress

Summary: I’m sure you’ve heard that one before; you’re in advertising, after all. When it comes to selling products to millions, it’s always wiser to highlight the benefits instead of the features. That’s what the customer cares about most: what the product can do for them. Show More Summary

Sling TV Launches #TakeBackTV Campaign

Summary: The battle for TV is just about to get more competitive. It's about time. After the rise of online offerings like Hulu Plus, Netflix, and even HBO GO, there hasn't been an outright rebellion against the TV powers-that-be. Well, we could refer to the "Cut the Cord" campaign, but that was a little boring...

The Difference Between Manipulation and Influence

Summary: One of the more common complaints consumer advocacy groups have about advertising is the use of "manipulative" techniques that are employed to get people to buy goods and services that they do not want or need. Our consistent...Show More Summary

Wall Street Concerned with Account Reviews?

Summary: When account reviews climb into the billions, more than just a few casual observers start to take notice. The recent call for all of these media account reviews has been the talk of the industry. We can trace this situationShow More Summary

Millennials Want to Stay in Agencies

Summary: When we were still in undergraduate studies, we were very active in looking at marketing careers. As we talked to and interviewed marketing and public relations professionals, they all gave us at least one consistent piece of advice: Make sure you know if you are a brand/company person or an agency person.

Does Old Havas Boss Jones Have a Point?

Summary: Sometimes it is hard to take the opinion of a person when they have never experienced or been in the situation at hand. In the agency debate, it is tough to really listen to professionals and commentators if they have never experienced working with or in an agency. But what about hearing from someone who ran one of the bigger holding companies?

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