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What's Wrong with Gender Roles?

Summary: Norms. Norms, or normative behavior, are the ways of life and activities that a specific society or community finds generally acceptable. Many of us would say that is "normal" behavior. Or "common" sense. Yet, in the wider scheme...Show More Summary

Super Bowl Recap: Dads and Dark Reigned Supreme

Summary: The NFL lucked out with a game that was decided in the last 20 seconds of the fourth quarter. You cannot get much better than that. People were glued to the TV to see if one of the teams was going to make a run, but the game lived up to the hype that either one could have won. As for the ads, some were definitely...

Advertisers Get New 'In' with Snapchat's 'Discover'

Summary: Snapchat has released a new tool for advertisers to take advantage of, titled “Discover.” This new feature allows for a section of the Snapchat app to be used for companies to present videos produced by leading news, sports, and entertainment outlets. A YouTube video explaining the new feature of the app highlights...

More Business in India Means More Advertising

Summary: The U.S. recently inked a deal that would set aside millions of dollars to encourage an increase of exports and imports to India. To think — with the U.S. economy rebounding, and India steadily growing, the fact that each category represents one percent or less in the relationship is unthinkable. Show More Summary

Super Bowl Ads: Funny or Bust

Summary: After having several discussions with today's youth, and examining many of the previews, teasers and pre-releases, it seems clear to us that Super Bowl ads have to be funny in order to be memorable. The most common theme when talking with close to a hundred high school–aged teens was humor. They all expect the good ads to be hilarious and outrageous.

Putting a New Spin on Skip

Summary: Direct Marketing news has a fascinating post about a new way for users to interact with video advertisements. Instead of simply clicking the ‘Skip Ad’ button, as most of us are accustomed to, PK4 Media is proposing...Show More Summary

Will the Super Bowl Ads Deliver?

Summary: After we watched several teasers and pre-released ads along with our classes, it makes us wonder — will the Super Bowl ads be better than last year? So far, it is not looking good. Catering to a huge market, a hopeful 120 million people, is a very tough thing to do. Show More Summary

Mullen to Close Pittsburgh Branch?

Summary: We are always bummed out to hear when an agency needs to consolidate. Especially more so when that agency had an impact on our marketing development. Hopefully this isn't true, but the word is out that the Mullen branch in Pittsburgh...Show More Summary

No Plan B: Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket

Summary: Most career advisors counsel against narrowing your options. Yet, at least as it pertains to entering the advertising and marketing field as a creative writer, I believe you’ve really only got one egg to work with — your talent. Show More Summary

Wix of the Trade

Summary: Is it real or fake? Sometimes ads can fool the sharpest minds, especially during Super (let the juices overflow) Bowl Sunday. One campaign spoof currently running is so convincing from ad teasers and social media hype that it is receiving genuine product-partnering offers! Not so ridiculous after learning...

Should Consumers Advocate for Black & White Ads?

Summary: For most consumers, choice becomes difficult because of the number of options, the similarity between products, and the over-stimulation of the senses. When we sense that a deal could be too good to be true, we often hold off to the point that we end up...

How Much Time is Needed to Be Effective?

Summary: "What have you done for me lately?" Though the question is rarely verbalized, the marketing team or agency constantly feels pressure from the C-Suite and other departments when it comes to producing quantifiable results. Marketing...Show More Summary

Super Bowl 2015: All About the Dads?

Summary: As we have said before, we have the opportunity to pepper nearly 200 young men and women between the ages of 15–18 with questions regarding marketing and advertising, their lifestyle choices, and the trends they are seeing within their social environments. We love it. So recently we had the chance to show them the extended version of the Toyota Camry...

Of Trivial Gaffes

Summary: We watched the State of the Union last night, and President Obama talked about the state of political media and how they love to catch politicians when they do, as POTUS called it, "trivial gaffes," meaning mistakes that inShow More Summary

Subliminal Advertising: Real or No?

Summary: The idea that advertisers and marketers could use subliminal advertising in order to sway opinion has been around for decades. Study after study, control group after control group, researchers have continually failed to create...Show More Summary

Advocacy in Advertising

Summary: In these past few years, we have seen some wild change in the world due to the spread of information and the ease of communication. The Arab Spring, for example, was kept alive through Twitter and other digital media, making sure those who reported on it got the right information. Show More Summary

The Red Carpet Resume

Summary: It’s been said that your resume is a mirror-like reflection of your career. However, like preparing for an appearance at the Oscars, a great deal of painstaking attention must go in to highlight your best features while...Show More Summary

Has the Super Bowl Reached Brands' Willingness to Pay?

Summary: Willingness to pay. What an interesting concept. Those who begin studying marketing and economics during their academic days have no doubt combed over this subject. A consumer's willingness to pay (WTP) is incredibly important to test and discover. Show More Summary

Sugar Facts Clearly Stated

Summary: Three Musketeers, Hershey’s, and Twizzlers, oh my! In these healthful times, it’s not politically correct to admit to loving sugar. Yet it does make for sensational advertising once unwrapped. A brim-filled candy (store) drawer was the delicious norm at my childhood address.

Google Launches Google Domains for Small Businesses

Summary: Small businesses — minor brands — need help in order to compete in this ever-changing marketplace. That much is clear. But what help do they need, and from where do they get it?

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