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Consumer Perception: Context Matters

Summary: As long as our consumption-based, monopolistic economy continues to exist as it does today, there will always be a need for marketing. The amount of research and studies on consumer behavior and consumer choice continues to prove our point.

Solve the Creativity Problem Through...Mating?

Summary: At least, that is the solution that Creative Belgium has come up with. Yes, Creative Belgium is pairing up with the Center for Reproductive Medicine for Brussels and Air, an ad agency, to encourage Belgian creatives to donate their sperm...

Hiring Trends in AdLand in 2016

Summary: Looking for a job in marketing and advertising in 2016? All is not lost! Trying to find a new profession in AdLand can certainly be difficult, especially after the Great Recession, when AdLand seemed to freeze. But now that brands are spending again...

Digital Advertising Remains the Shiny Object

Summary: As research is being done to discover what will be trending in 2016, one would find it puzzling if digital advertising or some component of it wasn't near or at the top. Yes, 2015 was full of digital news, from brands challenging agencies to see what's behind the curtain of media spending to brands and agencies looking at newer tools like virtual and augmented reality.

Wix Puts Their Second Act In Motion

Summary: November starts the ball rolling. From that moment to the end of the year, holiday cheer radiates like nobody’s business. Yet before you can say “Happy New Year,” social minds are scanning the calendar aiming to flag the next fun-tier. That date is called “Super Bowl Sunday” because it gives more reason to feel good…all over again.

It Takes a Village. I Repeat, It Takes a Village...

Summary: Holiday Time 2015, BBDO (Atlanta and New York offices) produced a 60-second holiday ad for AT&T calling on viewers to be “present” during the holidays. A family is prepping for the holidays. The family includes a teen girl. They pick lights for a tree, there's ice-skating with the family, and they have all kinds of American family fun.

Why Are Micro-Moments Relevant?

Summary: Google has been pioneering the latest school of thought when it comes to consumer engagement. Calling it "micro-moments," Google has coined the immediate interaction a consumer has with a brand when they decide to look something up on mobile, seeking an answer or solution to whatever popped into their mind.

More Brands Blocking Content From Ad Blockers

Summary: It was only a matter of time: brands were going to fight against the ad-blocking trend. But this battle isn't a single-front engagement. No, this conflict rightfully has multiple fronts, and AdLand, if any industry, has the means and influence to bring this ad-blocking phenomena down. First and foremost, the way AdLand uses online and digital advertising...

The Industry Theory, and Why You Should Take the Leap

Summary: As we all well know, out there lies a line of innovators and an ocean of followers; risk takers and those who will take the risk once it’s safe. ​Have you ever noticed a correlation in what I call an industry-wide brand? Specifically, I would like to refer to finance, once revered as the most white-collar industry. Show More Summary

The Struggle is Real: Fight the Ad Tax

Summary: Government officials are wracking their brains (hopefully) over how to close the gaps in their spending budgets. From the state level to the federal level, officials and politicians are facing tough decisions about which matters are crucial and which ones are not. Show More Summary

The Power of Influence

Summary: Groups do not start movements. People start movements. One would be hard-pressed to disagree that Al Gore helped start a better debate about climate change. Or that Steve Jobs revolutionized how technology should work for people. That Jon Stewart helped a younger generation care more...

Speaking Up: The Voice-Over

Summary: Advertising changed forever the moment pictures were given life. Television ads have helped brands give their products and services the life and personality often lacking in print and radio. As technology developed more, weShow More Summary

ARF Sets Up Shop at CES

Summary: Who else could really measure the progress of the advertising industry other than one of our own? It only makes sense. The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) plans to interview advertising executives and thought leaders during the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) starting on January 5th.

Shared Experiences Create Communities

Summary: Nearly a decade ago, we were introduced to the concept of "communal consumption," the idea that consumers no longer need to belong to physical or tangible target audiences or segments. The example provided to us was that of the Harley Davidson community.

Ogilvy's Tips On Winning Ad Campaigns

Summary: As the end of the year approaches, AdLand gets more introspective about how it is going to operate in the future. What big things will happen in advertising in the next year? Will brands add more money to digital rather than...Show More Summary

Santa Gets Hacked in Norton Ad

Summary: We have said time and again how much we enjoy short video and short film when it comes to online advertising. It's creative and teeters on the line between filmmaking and advertising. Advertisers are getting better at using it, too. We want to direct your attention to the mini-series Norton Anti-Virus did with the help of Grey San Francisco and Beast SF.

Santa: An Advertising Creation?

Summary: Was Santa Claus invented by Coca-Cola? Truth be told, searching that question on the Internet would provide many different answers, from the absolute affirmative to the negative. Based on our research, we would conclude that it was a mixture. Show More Summary

Should AdLand Make a New Year's Resolution?

Summary: Based on numbers being collected in the past couple of weeks, the advertising industry is really looking good. The industry has the most employed people it's had since 2006, and businesses are buying steady amounts of advertising services. Show More Summary

Nick Offerman, Drizzy, and the Future of Millennial Advertising

Summary: Christmas came early, folks. Imagine my delight — an ad so good, so justly targeted, so elegantly executed, that it easily crossed the threshold all advertising aspires to bridge. Advertising so blatantly obvious…but you just didn’t care. Parks and Rec fans rejoice. Show More Summary

Who Commands the Way We Write?

Summary: There is a certain style of writing in advertising that sets it apart from other industries. The goal of copywriting and content marketing is trifold: We want to inform, persuade, and even remind the consumer about either our brand or the products our brands carry.

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