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The (b)AD of the Century

Summary: As I’m sure you all know, YouTube was hosting a contest to decide the ad of the century in honor of the video service’s 10th year anniversary. Ah, yes; I remember when YouTube first hit the streets. Not long after it launched as a video dating service, and the streams were filled with David Blaine’s street magic specials.

The 'National' Days: An Advertising Invention?

Summary: We hear about Teacher's Appreciation Week, National Running Day, National Hot Dog Day, and even the exciting National Doughnut Day. In June alone, there's National Trails Day, National Chocolate Ice Cream, and National Cancer...Show More Summary

The Longer They Shop, The More They Buy

Summary: Consumers are fascinating to watch. When they shop, many of them wholeheartedly believe that they will leave with only the thing they intended to purchase. The science, though, suggests that the amount of unintended purchases (impulse buying or point-of-sale buying) increases based on the amount of time spent shopping...

OJ, Purple Stuff...SunnyD? SunnyD's 20-Year Reprise

Summary: Sometimes, brands just nail it. Old Spice nailed it with "The man your man can smell like" campaign. Before that, Nike nailed it with the "Just Do It" campaign. Alka-Seltzer nailed it with the "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" campaign. To end the contemporaries, Wendy's nailed it with the "Where's the beef?" campaign.

What Kind of Diversity Does AdLand Really Need?

Summary: We have been quite vocal about the need for diversity in AdLand over the past few years. In fact, one of our very first articles for Beyond Madison Avenue years ago dealt with the reality that there are (and continue to be) very few black people in advertising and marketing. The same goes for other ethnicities. Show More Summary

Diet Drug Advertising: Harmful to Consumers?

Summary: As marketing and advertising professionals, we understand the power advertising wields amongst the consuming public. While we understand its power, advertising continues to add wrinkles within our social fabric. A while ago,...Show More Summary

Brands, Agencies, and FIFA: Oh My!

Summary: We are not here to cast FIFA and the sports marketing agencies in question in guilt. That's not our place. Like the rest of the public, we only know what has been released. But for the brands that have partnered with FIFA, as...Show More Summary

The Hardships of Being an Advertiser and Seeing from the Outside

Summary: A group discussion was brought up about discriminating a brand on the simple factor that they don’t own a website .  That’s like saying that since the electric socket on the...Show More Summary

A Tricky Survey Could Change Responses

Summary: There is more to advertising and marketing than creativity and digital media. That is why we dedicate time to talk about market research and the gathering of information. Like changing the oil in a car, or changing a tire, it's...Show More Summary

The Most Original Idea is That There Are No Original Ideas

Summary: Adweek was hosting its weekly #AdweekChat this past week when an interesting question came to surface. “What are the keys to finding inspiration in others’ great work without stealing/co-opting their ideas?” This caused me to pause for a second. Show More Summary

Is 100% Viewability Realistic? Doubtful

Summary: Brands have been really bent out of shape since the report that came out towards the end of 2014 stating that less than half the ads presented on the web are being seen by actual people. Yes, the majority of digital ads are being screened by bots and spammers, the worst of the worst in terms of a digital audience.

Fear Not the Feedback

Summary: As creatives, we put ourselves out there every day. From feedback to criticism to having to make something pop a little more, it’s draining. But you and I know it’s part of the process. Without revisions and changes, the work can’t be approved. Show More Summary

No Need for Big Data; AdLand Needs Smart Data

Summary: We are approaching the end of our semester here in our school, and our marketing students are quickly coming to realize how much (or, worst case, how little) they have retained in the course. As we review, the most common concept our young minds struggle with is marketing information.

The Selfish Consumer: Everyone Wins?

Summary: America is made up of a large amount of consumers who operate on an age-old economic theory — the notion that the business world (and therefore, society) can thrive when we all pursue our own self-interest. Yes; that the...Show More Summary

Yes, the Way We Research Matters

Summary: As marketers, we must gather quality information from consumers in order to make business decisions. We need to mine opinions from all types of people in order to paint the right picture. But which method is best to gather information? And how do we determine that the information is in fact, quality? The Pew Research Center had a similar question.

The Rebate Debate: Really a Big Deal?

Summary: How could we have a conversation about the Advertiser/Agency relationship without mentioning transparency? Alas, we cannot. Yes, we all know that the client/agency relationship is flawed. Woefully flawed. There is a serious need to patch up the relationship in order for both sectors of AdLand to progress...

Customer Lifetime Value and Its Marketing Impact

Summary: In business, the best customer is the one that keeps coming back — the recurring customer — which makes sense. What makes the adage even better is that the best customer is the one that keeps coming back and spends...Show More Summary

The AOR Model Won't Die; Deal With It

Summary: Managing a brand without an agency of record, though a possibility, will never reap the same results in consistency, consumer recall and recognition, and overall campaign effectiveness.

How To Take a Good Idea and Make it Super: #ItsThatEasy

Summary: Think Starbucks: Mini Frappuccino; Coke: personalized cans/bottles; Target: ever-changing musical productions. These are welcomed, friendly brands whose advertising evokes “warm and fuzzy” at first sight or sound. But even ad campaigns have a shelf life...

Want More Loyal Customers? Study Intent

Summary: As brands continue to posture around the marketplace, marketers and decision-makers need to know which types of people regularly buy their products. Of course, if a brand can develop some sort of customer profile, some archetype, then they will be able to attract that customer forever.

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