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Advertising Week Snippet: Of Branded Content

Summary: Content marketing: the activity where brands create content in order to draw in their consumers, because those interested in the content could potentially be or could become potential consumers. Oh, the positivity. More often, it is called branded content, where information brands put online is viewed by consumers...

Honest Mistakes: What to Say and Why Not to Say It

Summary: Each and every organization I've spent time with has encouraged me and others to speak their mind about issues important to personal growth or company direction. I've never found an example where an "open-door policy" wasn't in place. So it has always amused me when groups of 40, 50, or more freeze...

It's That Time Again: Advertising Week '14

Summary: Advertising Week 2014 has just begun, and according to many sources, NYC is supposed to have hundreds of thousands of business, pop culture, and marketing professionals ascending...

The Great Skateboard Massacre: How Did You Get Into Advertising?

Summary: Friday September 26, 2014: the guy who wrote this column smacked his face on a pole at a skate park, during a drizzle, on wet asphalt, on a skateboard he borrowed from "some kid" while attempting to do a difficult trick called...Show More Summary

Propaganda: A Necessary 'Evil'?

Summary: Education in marketing and public relations has changed drastically in the past 20 years. A few decades ago, there was no such thing as a major in public relations at most colleges and universities. Now, the education field is working on developing interactive media masters programs. Show More Summary

Super or Comical? Marvel Custom Solutions for Brands

Summary: As fans of Marvel and comics in general, we're going to have to lean towards "super" on this one. Many companies look for ways to tap into the zeitgeist of the modern culture. Right now, in the United States, the current trend in terms of entertainment has been in the resurrection of comic book heroes and villains. Show More Summary

How Flawed are Surveys?

Summary: It is important for communicators to gather feedback from the audiences that they serve. Though a two-way dialogue is ideal in terms of gaining that feedback, in many cases it is simply not realistic. Feedback and data help marketers make relevant business decisions. Research allows creatives to focus their artwork and combine it with strategy.

It's Okay to Critique...and be Critiqued

Summary: There are very few people on this Earth who are perfect at everything they do. And we are being very generous when using "very few." Everyone is capable of making a mistake, not crossing every "t" or dotting every "i," and that's okay. Show More Summary

Perspiration -> Accumulation -> Preservation

Summary: Very few truly master the ability to turn ideas and concepts into words. The more I learn, the more I realize I don't know. But there are some fundamentals that never seem to fail when a deadline approaches. Despite assertions to the contrary, the copy never writes itself. Show More Summary

We All Belong Somewhere...

Summary: There are few emotional needs in humans more important than the sense of belonging. We all want to know and feel that we are in the right place, position, relationship, occupation, etc. We have that inherent need to want toShow More Summary

More Than Words: 'Happy Landings, Boyington!'

Summary: When I was about ten years old, I loved the late-1970s TV show Baa, Baa, Black Sheep. The program, later re-titled Black Sheep Squadron, starred Robert Conrad as Pappy Boyington, a real-life WWII American Ace fighter pilot.Show More Summary

CoolBrands: Ranking the Hottest Brands Across the Pond

Summary: We were introduced to marketing in economics when we learned about different economic systems. We learned about the monopolistic economy, where businesses and organizations had the goal of making the consumer perceive that they were the only ones in the market. The key, then, is product differentiation. Yes, in an economy where products have ample substitutes...

Advertising Done Right: Amazon Fire Phone

Summary: There is something magical about an advertising campaign when it touches home. Like some of our finest practitioners say when it becomes art. And the agency that created the campaign and the client that approved it have struck gold.

Online Quizzes a Data Haven?

Summary: The Internet can be used for both good and evil. It can make people incredibly productive, or incredibly lazy. Also, the Internet can harvest large amounts of data from people, without those people even knowing it. Today weShow More Summary

Writing Under the Radar

Summary: If you're in the creative field, you know that not every minute of your day is spent attentively tuned to the job you were hired to do. This is what other creatives, myself included, have called going "under the radar." And, it's a very useful tool, as long as you don't take it too far. If you don't know the answer, don't ask the question. Show More Summary

Levy Out as Publicis Chief in 2016

Summary: As we observe AdLand and the movers and shakers in the industry, we try to keep tabs on the thought leaders and heads of the major holding companies in the world. Remember that time when Omnicom and Publicis were looking to merge to create the largest holding group in the world? Well, we all found out that because of cultural differences within each holding company...

Stranded on Creative Island: Clothed, Yet Afraid

Summary: Being left behind is no fun. But often, that's how it feels to the writer. That's not to say your workplace is uninhabited. Internal natives abound, each having a distinct agenda. Of course, there are a lot of different opinions to wade through, but the words you compose are the basic materials that build the boat. Show More Summary

Why Great is Often the Enemy of Good

Summary: I was once given the assignment to watch inspirational/business speaker Jim Collins' presentation, "Good is the Enemy of Great," and summarize his lengthy keynote presentation into an article of about 750 words. In general, it was good, but certainly NOT great. I felt there were unmistakable lapses in logic and a few awkward stumbles in delivery.

'You Are What You Wear'

Summary: The fascinating thing about human behavior is the fact that we search out elements that reflect our personalities. Our habits can give social scientists clues into our thinking, abilities, and intelligence. To think -- our cursive being more sharp than round could be a hint if we're more logical than creative. Show More Summary

Target Displays Sudden E-Motion

Summary: Fashion is exciting! There's no better (free) therapy than to window shop online. However, if perusing leads to that "WHOA, hold onto the bar" feeling, don't blame it on overstaying happy hour. Your brain is also not on drugs, although it could be high on shopping. Most likely it's the "gotcha" surprise resulting from the latest technology in unexpected motion.

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