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What's in A Name?

Summary: Too often does our society get so caught up in the mainstream of celebrity gossip, soft news, and infotainment that it takes hard-hitting or whimsical perspectives to really get a point across. Today, we are going to take a look at two very different styles, though both are using the same tactic. We'll start with the funny one.

The Word on 'Grunt' Writing

Summary: Every copywriter has felt the weight of what seems to be too many projects on his or her plate at one time. The truth is, when your workload seems to rise above what's reasonably deliverable, you've got to rise above the work. Show More Summary

Nicofresh Ad Tackles Ageism & Racism Banned

Summary: When an author is contemplating a story, a major element that helps develop a plot is conflict. Usually the main character either has a conflict with another person or group, a conflict within themselves, or a conflict with society. Show More Summary

Give Us the Parts to Build the Plane

Summary: A written piece is the product of a general assembly of individual parts, each stamped out of specific sources. The job of the writer is to mold all of those elements into copy that flies. When done poorly, the result is rarely air-worthy. "Ohhhh, the humanity!" You can always do something about what you do. Show More Summary

Nostalgia Wins in Advertising

Summary: Advertising, regardless of the amount of data poured into the industry, works best when emotion is involved. Whether it's humor, a slice of life spot, or even fear-mongering, advertising with strong emotional appeals moves consumers to act more than advertising driven by facts, figures, and analysis. And it makes sense. Show More Summary

Mistakes? Let Me Correct That

Summary: To be a great writer, I honestly believe that you have to go through the growing pains of being bad. Not in terms of poor grammar, but clumsy sentence structure.

Levi's Launches Video Series

Summary: In a world filled with products and services, the key is differentiation. What sets your product aside? How does your brand rise above the clutter? Many companies and organizations struggle with the concept, so we see cheapShow More Summary

Champs Launches Adicolor TV on Instagram

Summary: Brands are continually finding new and interesting ways to connect to consumers on social media. The taste for social media is shifting. Facebook, although still one of the biggest platforms, isn't very sexy to the younger generations. Yes, in a talk we did over the summer, out of almost 400 rising junior and senior...

The Cul-de-sac of Creativity

Summary: I've often said that finding out what a client doesn't want is just as important as finding out what they do. From time to time, you will find yourself "running around in circles," but that doesn't mean that the project isn't going anywhere. Show More Summary

Advertising Aids Diversity

Summary: No doubt the media is a very powerful tool in our society. It can be used for both good and evil. Many would attest that we see more of the latter, yet advertising and marketing do not create these themes of our social fabric. We believe that advertising reflects the themes that the public wants to see. When the reflection is no longer accurate, then it changes.

Beyond Madison Avenue: Beyond Sanity -- A True Story

Summary: This is our summer fun column. It really happened. The agency staffer in our TRUE story (the world's politest human will be represented by 'E,' the work seeker by 'A' and italics, and our third character by Blank. This happened one October going into the holidays. We did not change the emails. These are real people.

John Oliver Rips Into Native Advertising

Summary: With every innovation, there are its critics. And native advertising, or "branded content," whatever you'd like to call it, has plenty of critics. The money behind native advertising is taking off because of its non-intrusive nature and the relevancy of the information. That should be a good thing, right?

An Ad Lesson on Rhetoric

Summary: During certain seasons, words and phrases can get a bad rap due to its use by media or politicians. For example, in the early to mid-1900's, the word propaganda was used to describe the one-sided messaging being done during the World Wars; with much emphasis in Germany, but the U.S. Show More Summary

Stretching the T-r-u-t-h.

Summary: Before readers will "buy-into" what you write, the brand promise must be plausible. Copy that over-hypes or over-sells will do serious damage to otherwise good products, while wiping bad ones off the face of the earth.

Neuro Signals the Future of Advertising?

Summary: The advertising industry has been trying to predict or influence consumer behavior for decades. This is nothing new. All that is different is that we have fancier equipment and bigger technology budgets to invest in the work. The concept is the same; if we can see what works, then when it's launched full-scale, success is inevitable.

Don't Be Over 32 If You Know What's Good For You: Advice from BMA

Summary: At the end of this true story is the advice. This is not a typical ad column; we were looking for inspiration for our first annual advice column and were trolling social media sites, and guess what? Yes, we found something inspirational, and also found more signs that prove that the ad apocalypse is here. Show More Summary

The Digital Divide

Summary: Marketers love technology. The way our industry has adopted all these new digital tools into its arsenal is not only impressive, but almost necessary when one wants to reach the typical American consumer. As GenZ continues to...Show More Summary

Changes? Over My Dead Body

Summary: Writers don't like changes because they generally think of their words as children. Not a big secret, but not necessarily a bad thing. I do believe that for copy to be authentic and persuasive, some degree of personal attachment is essential. Then, and only then, can a good writer let it go. It's not all about you (except when it is). This is a crucial point.

The NBA's Sponsored Uniforms

Summary: The world of sports is unlike any other. The kind of money that is spent is not only considered as "extra" to many consumers, but could also be considered as "necessary" to a small amount of them. Think about it -- the amount...Show More Summary

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