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Make the Consumer Feel Special

Summary: When forming advertising strategy, regardless of the good, service, or idea, the center subject of the campaign must be the consumer. If we do not take into account their wants and needs, then the ad is bound to fail. That much...Show More Summary

Do the Work Up Front: A Case for Neuroscience in AdLand

Summary: As a young marketing professional with an interest in marketing strategy and research, we didn't find ourselves with the "in" crowd in the agency life. Though we were used often and called upon for very high-level stuff as an assistant manager, we weren't with the creative folks.

Sales Offers Help Quantify Podcast Advertising

Summary: In the age of Big Data and the C-Suite's insatiable appetite for ROI, AdLand has been fumbling for numbers that support creativity. No longer does the "gut feeling" set marketers and brands at ease. In order to do what creatives...Show More Summary

What Comes First: Market or Product?

Summary: Does the market come first, or the product? Does it matter? It seems that different companies and marketers have different opinions. In our marketing class, we show Seth Godin's TED talk about "The Tribes We Lead," in which he asserts that the markets we are looking to create are in fact already there...

Placebo Power

Summary: The mind is a wonderful thing. The brain is able to be our greatest weapon and our biggest hindrance. The brain can decipher and hold all types of information, and it can perceive what the eyes see and make conclusions at an...Show More Summary

AdLand's Image Issue Continues

Summary: What do Congress, lawyers, and pharmaceutical salespeople all have in common? Answer: people like them more than AdLand. At least according to the Ipsos OTX survey in January, the above fields behave with more integrity than those in advertising. Not the best survey to serve as the bottomfeeders. To the regular observer of the marketing and advertising landscape...

A Brand's Promise

Summary: We can agree that a brand promise is the commitment the brand makes to the consumer to provide the good or service the consumer expects to receive. Nothing there is unusual. We also can agree that it takes competent planning for the good and services as well as a coordinated marketing campaign...

Brands That Keep Up, Stay Up

Summary: We are nearing the end of our time at the DECA International Conference, an event where the top marketing students in high school in the nation — as well as in China, Spain, Korea...

It’s Not Me, It’s You: How To Fire a Client

Summary: Firing a client is kind of like a breakup. You procrastinate, hoping the relationship will change. You figure out different ways to express your needs, hoping you won’t have to be the dumper. You discuss your issues and try to work around them. Show More Summary

To the End of Mass Marketing!

Summary: We have often exclaimed our displeasure with the notion of mass marketing. Mass marketing is clunky, messy, and, though the cost per user is low, the revenue per user matches. With the rise of dedicated media platforms and the...Show More Summary

Cannabrand, the First Marijuana Ad Agency

Summary: “I’m your mother. I’m your daddy. I’m that cat in the alley. I’m your doctor when you need — thank God they legalized weed. You know me; I’m your friend. I’m your main boy, thick and thin...."

What Came First: Marketing or Sales?

Summary: Remember when you were first looking for a job in the advertising and marketing industry? Not in the agency world, but in Corporate America? You finally got called in for an interview for a marketing position that you applied for, and everything was looking up.

Consumers' Knowledge and Desirability Gaps

Summary: As we've continued to learn more about how people operate, we determined that gaps of information exist between parties that, in other cases, should be on the same plane. The gap between businesses and consumers, though not generically quantifiable, can be displayed when we ask about certain topics.

Should Editors Have a Price? A Defense for Advertising

Summary: The line that separates advertisers and editors continues to disappear. We have read and have witnessed several arguments and discussions that display the importance of keeping the editorial position sacred and untouched, as if the editor is the bearer of all truth and objectivity. Oh, please.

Advertising: An Economic Equalizer

Summary: According to studies done on the advertising landscape, few of the advertising professionals we rub shoulders with actually went to school for advertising. Yes, the marketing and advertising...

How 'Real' Must Advertising Be?

Summary: Is there a place where it is okay that "truth" doesn't reign supreme? Consumers claim that they want truth in advertising. They claim that they want transparency with brands. People claim that they do not want to be sold to. Consumers claim they want the "real" deal. Why? We are not pushing a position for deceptive advertising, not by any means.

Is It The 'Buy' or Is It Brilliant?

Summary: To even casual watchers of television, certain ads stay with you long after you’ve resumed life. What we remember, of course, is also reinforced by seeing fragments of those same ads reappear in our news feeds or when we glance out of our car windows. Obviously, they work. Repetition is the key to retention. But do these overly familiar snippets of advertising...

Brands Take to Emojis

Summary: As communicators, it is important for us to keep up with how consumers communicate. If we fail to understand how people connect to each other, we could miss out on crucial engagements. If we fail to adopt the language and dialects people speak, we will remain on the outside of the communities we so dearly wish...

The Cola Wars Continue: Pepsi Takes NBA Sponsorship

Summary: We love competition, especially when it comes between two iconic brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. These two brands, going after the marketplace since the 1880s, have plenty of wins and losses in terms in market strategy to fill marketing classes with case studies. Show More Summary

The Ad Council’s #LoveHasNoLabels Campaign

Summary: For the month of March, the Ad Council’s video “Diversity & Inclusion — Love Has No Labels” has ranked number one in the top five most-viewed ad campaigns on YouTube. At present, the ad has over fifty-one...Show More Summary

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