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Right on Halloween Target

Summary: Old-school Trick or Treating stirred endless mystique for the unknown delights behind every door. To gauge the biggest bang for your Halloween bag, the simple equation BIG houses = BIG treats ruled. Yet there were no guarantees…until now, Halloween 2015. Thanks to social media and Target’s ingenuity...

How Much of Our Economy is Linked to Consumerism?

Summary: When quarterly earnings are released, and the government provides jobs numbers, one of the data elements people like to talk about is the confidence of consumers. Are consumers buying? Are consumers using their hard-earned dollars...

PlayStation Draws On Bromance, Star Wars Hype

Summary: The Star Wars movie with a Disney twist is a mere year away, and some brands have already begun to use top-of-mind leverage in order to boost holiday sales and new releases. This is nothing new; when it was announced years earlier...Show More Summary

Can Ad Blockers Decrease Ego Depletion?

Summary: AdLand cannot stop talking about the ad-blocking phenomena. Don't get us wrong; the infatuation with it is warranted, especially when there are reports out there that are saying ad blockers could cost advertisers and publishers between up to $22 billion. With that kind of money in the air, ad blocking deserves at least...

The Pitfalls of Freelancing: I Swear, They Do Exist!

Summary: I’m not so sure working from home is all it’s cracked up to be. Yes, you get to escape traffic, dreaded office birthday parties, and politics...for the most part. In reality, is working from home or the local coffee...Show More Summary

Don't Believe the Hype

Summary: There is always a lot of "hype" about the brand-new products or activities in the marketing and advertising industry. We remember how people started stenciling on sidewalks, creating a more "viral" experience. We remember the...Show More Summary

The Search is Over: ANA Selects Two Firms for Media Study

Summary: Media transparency continues to show its face amongst the AdLand community, and now it is going to introduce some new players. If you remember back during the summer, there was a pulse survey done during one of ANA's mini-conferences about transparency and knowing exactly what brands are paying for...

Mattel Pairs Up with Others, Consults Feminists to Launch New Line

Summary: As we become more educated on the consumer goods industry, we have seen how interesting the toy industry can be. The pace of change with toys can reach breakneck speed, and brands are struggling to keep up with the fads and changing tastes...

The Millennial’s Metric: Return on Ego

Summary: I love attending summits and industry panels. If even just a little, there is always an opportunity to learn and walk out with some new knowledge. Maybe it’s just me, but it always seems to be the unplanned, spontaneous...Show More Summary

The Future of Advertising Learning

Summary: Like the advertising profession, the way that marketing and advertising are taught is also at a crossroads. Truth be told, in today's education system in the United States, it is incredibly difficult to teach creativity. With...Show More Summary

CBS Refuses 'Truth' Advertising — Smart?

Summary: It was once said that "no news is good news." Typically that's true; if a big business or brand makes a change or decision without making serious waves, that is usually more of a good thing than bad. But what if that company or business refuses to do something? And what if that company or brand was a gatekeeper? Enter CBS Corp.

ANA Report Shows Marketing's 'Red Flags'

Summary: It won't come as a big surprise to anyone in AdLand that a report found that the way marketing operates in Corporate America is more than a little troublesome. We all know that the best companies that engage in marketing are...Show More Summary

Can Neuromarketing Really Help Brands?

Summary: "What if a marketer found a calculation or algorithm to correctly predict a consumer's choice 85% of the time?" That was a question we posited to our business partner years ago during a lunch break. If we had that deep an understanding...Show More Summary

Could the A-B InBev Deal with SAB Miller Save Its Marketing Strategy?

Summary: We are sure that our many smart readers have heard about the impending deal with beer giants A-B InBev and SAB Miller. Analysts are saying that the deal could be worth around $104 billion. That's certainly not a small amount of cash being talked about. Most sources agreed that the merger would account for a whooping 30% of the beer industry.

How Consumers Create Barriers

Summary: According to the new communications model, the one-way, or "single bullet," way of sending a message and being heard is no longer relevant. That communication model requires the original sender to be open to feedback so the sender can realize, even faster, how effective their message may have been. Unfortunately for many marketers, their messages are falling on deaf...

It's All About the Frame

Summary: Framing. In the social and behavioral science worlds, framing can be defined as the building of concepts or perspectives on how individuals, groups, communities, societies, and businesses perceive and communicate about a certain reality. When we examined the topic of framing years ago, it made it easy to believe that the "best" product can be based on the environment...

Entrepreneurs vs. Marketers: No Need to Pick a Side

Summary: For some reason, there has been an odd animosity between entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Startups and agencies have been battling over talent; some agency professionals believe some of this startup culture is fly-by-night,...Show More Summary

Who Else Wants a New Job in AdLand?

Summary: AdLand can be challenging. We are consistently demanded to do more, with less, and faster. We are told that we need to keep up with the times, yet we have no time to take off for professional development, research, or training. Not to mention, clients think we do little, and the general public thinks we are trying to rob them of their money and sanity.

Product Placement Helps Pepsi Perfect

Summary: One of the more forgotten, yet effective, marketing tactics is that of product placement. Some advertisers and marketers are so set on digital advertising, online video ads, and other "disruptive" measures that they overlook the power that product placement can provide a good or service.

Revisiting 'Lovemarks'

Summary: We enjoy revisiting big ideas from the current thought leaders of our industry. We think that if we can truly understand what they are thinking, then we can understand why certain brands or agencies will lean the way they do. We can evaluate their moves, compare the moves to their mantras, and see if they match up.

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