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'War Games' For AdLand?

Summary: Sometimes a great idea comes from using an old concept in a new way, or taking a best practice from one industry and applying it to a new one. In AdLand, we see that professionals in the industry are quite good at appropriation — the method of adopting a regular idea and modifying it to be their own.

Ads That Portray Those Awkward Moments

Summary: Sometimes a "slice-of-life" ad can really do the trick. When brands can tie themselves to everyday moments that the consumer experiences, a real connection can be made. What has been happening more recently, though, is thatShow More Summary

Advertising a Brand Does Not Equal Use

Summary: Many of us have always operated under the assumption that when we adopt a business name and brand, much of our activities will be protected through use; if another company or entity tries to infringe upon our markings, we would...Show More Summary

Copywriting: The Glass is Always Half Full

Summary: Copywriting makes everything better. You can say “99% fat-free” instead of “Only 1% fat.” You can be “delighted” instead of just “happy.” “Low-budget” becomes “Indie.” “Used" becomes "pre-owned,” and so on. Show More Summary

Can Artsy Advertising Mix Well With PSAs?

Summary: Can the glitz and glam of fashion and CPG advertising work in the nonprofit arena? It is hard to say. People do like to be entertained and informed when it comes to advertising, but when does it seem like the campaign is doing so much that the work overwhelms the message? Again, we don't have a concrete answer.

Consumer Triggers and Good Marketing Sense

Summary: Hasn't the "disruption" wave of marketing communications passed? We are quite tired of hearing how certain new policies and methods or tools can "disrupt" the consumer or the marketing environment. Why in the world would the consumer want to buy something that disrupts them? Doesn't make sense.

Can The ‘Royal’ Ad Wheel Be Reinvented?

Summary: Pardon me, would you have any (Grey Poupon) idea how long this ridiculous catchphrase can keep on keeping on?? Inexplicably, certain slogans become cultural phenomena. One successful example involved the long-ago collaboration of Grey Poupon and Rolls-Royce. For 30 years, Rolls-Royce has been trying to shed the spread.

Ad Agents: The Good Ol' Days

Summary: If one cares to pursue a job and turn it into a career, our suggestion is to never stop learning about it. The moment one stops is the moment that other people will start to pass in terms of opportunity, notoriety, and, ultimately,...Show More Summary

Mad Money in March Madness

Summary: Sixty-four teams are going to the Dance! March Madness, or the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, starts officially on Thursday at 12:15 p.m., when the first-rounders start competing in the four regions across the nation. Who will be this year's Cinderella team? Will Kentucky join the ranks of the legendary...

Bad Writing: Epidemic, or Just a New 4M?

Summary: Yes, we have seen the talks and the videos and read the books and papers. The concept of bad writing prevailing over good writing has existed over the decades — no, scratch that, the centuries since the written form of storytelling and messaging became popular.

Color Triggers Irrationality in Consumers, Says Study

Summary: As we have mentioned before, sometimes consumers place weight on matters that do not directly involve the subject at hand. To think; we can conjure back feelings we had when we first interacted with a product, regardless ofShow More Summary

Google in Talks to Buy InMobi

Summary: In a business environment where scale and resources matter more than knowledge and best practices, and where the bottom line and well-paid stockholders mean more than quality execution, the big dogs reign supreme. So instead...Show More Summary

Honda Launches Advocacy Campaign

Summary: We have all heard about the massive product recall Honda and Mazda have announced, declaring that its Takata air bag inflators can actually cause damaging results. Yes, when your airbag can send dangerous shards of metal along with the bag, perhaps it is time to start to warn more consumers about it. Honda is taking the right course. Show More Summary

Social Good Advertising: Altruistic, or Profit Driven?

Summary: Ah yes, Corporate Responsibility. Social Good. Community Involvement. Whatever you want to call it, brands are paying more attention to it than ever before. When the "greenwashing" of advertising really started back in the early...Show More Summary

Advertising by Committee: How Many People Do You Have to Please?

Summary: There are too many people to please when working in advertising. Lately, I’ve been working with bigger teams, even when I’m not on site. This environment is making me realize that creatives’ jobs are tougher in a way that many others’ aren’t. Show More Summary

Advertising Works When the Alum is Successful

Summary: Whenever we talk college support of advertising, we must bring up the alumni. Nothing wrong with that, because as alumni from Elon University, we would love nothing more than more talk about the university. Another school is making some noise. Show More Summary

Mind The Gap: AdLand and Academia

Summary: While we were totally immersed in the professional advertising industry, we made it a point to keep a connection with the schools and universities within our community. We judged DECA events on the state level, and spoke atShow More Summary

The Advertising Organizations You Know, and the Ones You Don't

Summary: We are all about advocacy, especially when it comes to the importance and honesty of marketing and advertising. When reports come out about how people in the marketing industry — yes, our fellow colleagues — think that our industry is doing more harm than good to society, that is a serious problem. Show More Summary

Jacks are Better: Copywriting for All Trades

Summary: One of the many great things about being a copywriter is that you never truly get dealt the same hand twice. I started out writing voice-over copy for realty television programs. I did a lot of it. I became very good at it, but I expanded quickly beyond it, drafting text for window-treatment companies, product-packaging businesses, energy providers, and more.

Can Consumers Get Better at Choice?

Summary: When we cover marketing and advertising, the overarching point is that we are in the profession to help consumers choose an option that will best fit their wants and needs. That's it. When we remove the fluff, the pomp and circumstance,...Show More Summary

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