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Dublin: A Darker Shade of Green

Baile Átha Cliath, or Dublin, as it is more commonly known, is the capital and largest city in Ireland. The earliest habitation dates to prehistoric times, but Ptolemy wrote about a settlement at Dublin Bay as far back as 140 CE. A permanent...Show More Summary

Myths and Mysteries of Blarney Castle

Towering roughly 90 feet above its eponymous village, Blarney Castle is quintessential postcard Ireland: A large crenelated stone cuboid skirted by a landscape of velvet green, punctuated by white sheep, babbling brooks, and legend. The first iteration of the castle dates to around 1210 CE, but this was destroyed in 1446. Show More Summary

Legends of Llangollen

Nestled within the beautiful Dee Valley, the Welsh town of Llangollen is a living postcard bisected by a raging river and laced with Victorian charm. Towering above it all, on a craggy hillock, lay the ruined remains of Castell Dinas Brân, a 13th century stronghold of Gruffydd Maelor II, the Prince of Powys Fadog. Show More Summary

Covering Cobh: Irish Ghosts and Legends

Pillar's Bar in Cobh began life as a 19th century bank before arriving at its current abandoned state. Over the years, witnesses have reported doors that bang, phantom footsteps, the sound of chairs and tables being dragged along the floors, and mirrors that crack spontaneously of their own accord. Show More Summary

Ghost Riders In The Sky: A Texas Legend

"For he saw the riders coming hard and he heard their mournful cry"One evening, in the autumn of 1889, an exhausted team of cowboys drove their weary herd toward some prime grazing atop a cuesta they had been to many times before.But as the men surmounted the slope, they were crestfallen to find that a homestead had now been built upon it. Show More Summary

The Many Hauntings of Battle Abbey

In East Sussex, at the site of the Battle of Hastings in 1066, lies the ruinous hulk of Battle Abbey, which William the Conqueror commission to be built in 1070 to honor the fallen at that famous clash of the Norman Conquest. Oddly enough, it's not the spectral visage of some Norman invader or woeful Anglo-Saxon soldier that is most often reported. Show More Summary

Restless Rye: Exploring One of Britain's Most Haunted Towns

The storybook charm of medieval Rye, belies a dark history that has given birth to many restless spirits. In fact, it's meant to be one of the most haunted villages in England. As one of the Cinque Ports—a loose confederation of coastal...Show More Summary

Haunted Travels: Bodiam Castle

I've just returned from two weeks touring Ireland and the UK, among the most haunted places in the world. Suffice it to say, I've come bearing gifts. Paranormal postcards in the form of haunted tales from the places I visited. First on my stop is a haunted castle in Sussex, England. Show More Summary

Horrifying Vintage Kids

Remember when kids made their own costumes for Hallowe'en? It was a simpler, safer, and more innocent time...or so you'd think. Check out these vintage creepy AF costumes. All I can say is few things are as creepy as a pillowcase mask with jagged holes ripped into it or a crudely hewn papier mache mask.

Strange Signals in September

As the story goes, in September 1953 in the town of Morecambe in Lancashire, England a specialist in the nascent technologies of broadcast television picked up an unusually long-distance transmission from Houston, TX. So, too, did others throughout England as they sat about their sets. Show More Summary

Nemeta: Sacred Sites of the Ancient Celts

"No bird nested in the Nemeton, nor did any animal lurk nearby; the leaves constantly shivered though no breeze stirred. Altars stood in its midst, and the images of the gods. Every tree was stained with sacrificial blood. the very earth groaned, dead yews revived; unconsumed trees were surrounded with flame, and huge serpents twined round the oaks. Show More Summary

The Lunacy of Lost 'London'

The famous lost Lon Chaney film, "London After Midnight" (aka "The Hypnotist") was said to be the driving force behind the murder of Julia Mangan in London's Hyde Park in October of 1928. The killer, a Welsh carpenter named Robert Williams, believed that Chaney's unnerving depiction of a near-supernatural killer in the film had driven him insane. Show More Summary

The Blue Man

Someone I know recently shared a strange encounter he had at a Walmart in Texas (I know, I know...narrow it down, right?) that left him a bit bewildered and somewhat unsettled. An elderly man in sunglasses spotted him from across the...Show More Summary

Crete's Petrified Monsters

Agii Theodori, the petrified monsters, are two small islands off the coast of Crete. Legend tells that long ago these islands didn't exist. A sea monster and its baby were coming to attack the villagers who prayed to the Virgin Mary and to St. George to spare them. Then a miracle occurred and the monsters were petrified into stone, thus forming these two small islands.

Detroit Ghost City

Check out this haunting documentary about the spirits that haunt Detroit, MI, a city that is fast becoming America's haunted house.

Strange Travels: Greece, Turkey, Croatia (Part I)

I recently returned from visiting Turkey, Greece, and Croatia. As always, I collected stories along the way as I visited ancient Greek and Roman ruins, Byzantine palaces, historic mosques,. Some of the strangest are as follows. Daksa Island, in the Adriadic, lies within swimming distance of the Croatian city of Dubrovnik. Show More Summary

London's Crime Museum Opens To The Public

Long shuttered away, the Museum of London's Crime Museum was once set up to train police and forensic officers. Now anyone can get a glimpse of these famous mementos of notorious crimes: masks used by the Stratton brothers, Champagne...Show More Summary

A Gathering Of Ghosts

The story centers around this 1868courthouse, which was demolishedin 1927 and replaced by the County'snewer Art Deco structure. A story that ran in the mid-January papers of 1896 tells the weird tale of phantom footprints at a courthouse in Kokomo, IN. Show More Summary

Ghost Caught on Film?

What is seen here in this close up of an empty sanctuary defies explanation. The image was shot last summer at an old gothic revival church in Oklahoma City. The lighting was too dark for a proper shot of the transept, but the brightly lit sanctuary beyond prevented the flash from firing. Show More Summary

Gothic Church of the Soul's Dark Night

There is a mournful funeral gathering in a gothic church beneath high vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows and finely crafted wooden paneling and fixtures. The Celtic cross high atop the looming entrance along with its stained glass window, sets the right feel as mourners and casket leave while a stranger utters grim warnings.... Show More Summary

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