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On the Morality of: Privacy of the Dead

What privacy rights do the dead have that the living are bound to respect?

The Fountainhead: A Randian Guide to Retirement

What should happen to a heroic creator when he's too old or ill to keep working?

The Solar System’s Ocean Worlds

A moon of Saturn joins the exclusive club of worlds with all the ingredients of life.

The Barbarism of Religious Honor Codes

They perpetuate the fear, ignorance and shame around sex that allows rapists and predators to hide in the dark.

Letter-Writing Wednesday: Three Cheers for Free College

[I sent a copy of this letter to Gov. Cuomo, my state senator and state representative.] To whom it may concern: I’m writing to applaud New York State’s successful passage of a budget measure that makes tuition free for qualifying students at two-year and four-year public colleges. Our governor and our legislative leaders deserve the [Read More...]

Fear of Female Friendship

This comes from the same segregationist mindset as all the other religions whose men believe they're too holy to be around women.

The Fountainhead: Know Your Customer

Figuring out what your clients want and are willing to pay for? Who cares about that?

I Get Religious Mail: Bibles for China

Like Western businesses seeking to expand, religious evangelists are engaging in calculated self-censorship.

Dystopia Journal #4: Incompetence Trumps Evil

This won't be the last time that Republican disconnection from reality comes back to bite them.

Photo Sunday: Ecstatic

One thing we can relearn from babies is the way they live and feel entirely in the present, untroubled by the past, unanxious about the future. Capturing this one transcendent moment of happiness, I was reminded of a quote: “The word ‘infant’ is derived from the Latin word for ‘unable to speak,’ but you’ll be [Read More...]

The Fountainhead: Good Classic

A hero of immovable integrity, until the plot requires otherwise.

The Hypocrisy of Geert Wilders

Just like the mullahs, he wants to use state power to censor opinions contrary to his own.

The Fountainhead: A Dream Deferred

Why do all the worthless morons I'm surrounded by dislike me?

The One Percent Embraces Doomsday

The world's super-rich have caught the apocalyptic mood.

The Cult of the In-Group

The worship of Us Against The World has taken over Christianity.

The Fountainhead: Roaring Twenties

The evocative, glamorous setting of the 1920s... is completely ignored by this novel.

Movie Review: Arrival

Content note: Minor spoilers. I’m behind on movies, but I’m trying to catch up on the ones I missed when they were in theaters. The 2016 film I most wanted to see was Arrival, and it was worth the wait. Arrival is a first contact sci-fi story, based on Ted Chiang’s novella “Story of Your [Read More...]

#800deadbabies: The Grim Conclusion

Whatever the apologists may say, this isn't about protecting life and it never has been.

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