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More Atheists, Fewer Creationists

Even the more optimistic earlier surveys may have been an undercount.

Dystopia Journal #5: Nixonian

I’m not at all surprised that an abuse-of-power scandal is threatening to topple the Trump administration. I admit I’m a little surprised that it’s all happening so fast. I’ve already written about the deep and worrying ties between Trump and his cronies and Russia. It’s gotten even worse since then, with news that Trump disclosed [Read More...]

SF/F Saturday: Parable of the Sower/Curse of Chalion

Last year, I mentioned that I was making an effort to read more science fiction and fantasy by female authors. I’m still working on that goal – I’m now up to 15 out of 100 – and here are two of the latest ones I’ve read from that list. Parable of the Sower by Octavia [Read More...]

The Fountainhead: Remembering Seneca Village

Roark only cares about his buildings, not any people who may have been displaced to build them.

God Won’t Repay Your IOUs

An intangible assurance of trustworthiness can't substitute for a tangible one.

Cleansing the Stain of the Confederacy

We can remember the past without sending the message that its moral failings still represent us.

Letter-Writing Wednesday: Yes to Single-Payer

As bad as things are getting elsewhere in the U.S., my home state is quietly becoming a progressive mecca. First was the free public college plan that passed as part of the annual budget. But something much bigger is on the horizon. As of now, New York is on the verge of instituting statewide single-payer [Read More...]

Book Review: Hidden Figures

Summary: We need all the brainpower we can get. Even in the darkest days of prejudice, when women and minorities were most oppressed and their talents denigrated, they’ve always been there, making crucial contributions to human progress. The only question is whether their achievements are preserved in the historical record, or whether they’re shunted into [Read More...]

Show Me How the Bible Hurt You

The difference between an apology and a marketing tactic.

Why Skeptics Fall For Misogynist Ideology

There will always be a market for ideologies that tell people what they want to hear.

Photo Sunday: Sakura

After a rainy, gloomy week where I live, the sun finally came out and the weather warmed up, and every plant and tree seems to have burst into bloom overnight. That includes these cherry trees, which exploded in dense bunches of pink flowers as if staging a fireworks display to usher in the spring: I [Read More...]

The Fountainhead: Why So Serious?

Alert the media: it's a joke in an Ayn Rand novel.

Do Right-Wing Christians Want People to Be Destitute?

They know that slashing the safety net will plunge millions into poverty - and they're counting on it.

On the Morality of: Privacy of the Dead

What privacy rights do the dead have that the living are bound to respect?

The Fountainhead: A Randian Guide to Retirement

What should happen to a heroic creator when he's too old or ill to keep working?

The Solar System’s Ocean Worlds

A moon of Saturn joins the exclusive club of worlds with all the ingredients of life.

The Barbarism of Religious Honor Codes

They perpetuate the fear, ignorance and shame around sex that allows rapists and predators to hide in the dark.

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