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Photo Sunday: Late Summer

A late summer afternoon, when ripe sun and yellow-orange air holds the crackle of autumn hidden inside like corn in a husk. The drowsy heat makes languor a pleasant option, but there’s a road ahead that remains to be traveled before rest can come. Image credit: Olli Henze, released under CC BY-ND 2.0 license

Atlas Shrugged: The New Feudalism

Atlas Shrugged, part III, chapter II Last time, John Galt told Dagny that because she trespassed in his valley, he’s going to hold her there for a month, just because he wants to. He also tells her that he’s going to bill the account that Ragnar established for her at the Mulligan Bank for her [Read More...]

When Rationalists Reinvent Religion

I enjoyed this story by Dylan Matthews on Vox about effective altruism, an idea I’m all in favor of and wanted to say more about. EA is the philosophy that we should use science, rather than warm fuzzy feelings or guesswork, to direct our charitable giving where it will do the most good. Compared to [Read More...]

The Maturing Secular Community: Fewer Personalities, More Good Deeds

I’ve written about the future of religion and the coming secular era, but there’s another side to that coin. Namely, if religion is declining, what will happen to the non-religious? How will the secular community change as it grows and matures over the next few decades? I don’t have any special insight into the future, [Read More...]

Weekend Coffee: August 8

• Niloy Neel, a Bangladeshi atheist writer, is brutally murdered in his own home by Islamists. He’s the fourth secularist writer in Bangladesh to be assassinated this year, while the government continues to sit on its hands and do nothing. • Prayer can’t fight the Ebola virus. But science can. • Today in “why are [Read More...]

Atlas Shrugged: L’Etat, C’Est Moi

Atlas Shrugged, part III, chapter II While Ragnar Danneskjold thinks of himself as a reverse Robin Hood, I think he’s more like the Objectivist Santa Claus. He comes down the chimney to give gold to all the good girls and boys of superlative individual value. He may not have a sleigh drawn by flying reindeer, [Read More...]

New on the Guardian: The Bright Side of Discrimination

My latest column on the Guardian is up: “There’s a silver lining in the religious right’s onslaught of discrimination“. From evangelical colleges to Catholic schools, America’s religious right is pulling out all the stops to keep enforcing their prejudices on others, even after Supreme Court rulings that went against them. In this column, I argue [Read More...]

So Wrong For So Long: On Liberal Biblical Reinterpretation

Following up on last week’s affray over cognitive dissonance in pro-LGBT Christians, I have one more point I want to make. Liberal and progressive believers have a variety of theological rationalizations for why they remain in a church that’s historically been an unrelenting enemy of people like them. One of the most common is that [Read More...]

Speaking at Long Island Atheists

Two weeks from today, I’ll be speaking on Long Island about secular morality, courtesy of the Long Island Atheists Meetup Group. If you’re in the area, come out and see me! WHAT: Secular Morality in the Modern Age WHEN: Saturday, August 15, 2015, 4:00 PM WHERE: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Central Nassau, 223 Stewart Avenue, [Read More...]

Atlas Shrugged: Bare Branches

Atlas Shrugged, part III, chapter II I’ve written about the things that shouldn’t be present in Galt’s Gulch but somehow are: handmade tractors, orange groves, an entire industrial infrastructure that seemingly sprang up out of nothing. However, just as important is what’s not there, because Ayn Rand either didn’t grasp the necessity or simply overlooked [Read More...]

There’s No Religious Freedom to Refuse Service

Last week in Washington state, another special religious privilege bit the dust. The Ninth Circuit appeals court ruled unanimously that a pharmacist doesn’t have the right to refuse to fill a prescription for emergency contraception:...Show More Summary

The Cognitive Dissonance of Pro-LGBT Christians

My post last week asking LGBT people and allies why they still consider themselves Christian touched off a firestorm. Both in the comments here and on Twitter, I got a flood of responses from liberal Christians – some polite and friendly, others extraordinarily hostile and aggressive. There were several objections that came up repeatedly. I [Read More...]

SF/F Saturday: The Half-Made World

Something I’ve often wondered is why so many great or classic fantasy stories are set in a real or fictionalized Europe. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series, Robert E. Howard’s Conan series, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, The Wheel of Time, A Song of Ice and Fire, Susan Cooper’s The Dark Is Rising, [Read More...]

Atlas Shrugged: The Jolly Roger

Atlas Shrugged, part III, chapter II Left alone in John Galt’s house, Dagny is cooking breakfast when a visitor arrives: She was setting the table, when she saw the figure of a man hurrying up the path to the house, a swift, agile figure that leaped over boulders with the casual ease of a flight. [Read More...]

The Manhattan Option

In retrospect, the coming of marriage equality to America may well be the high-water mark of religious influence. This was the one social change that Christians fought against harder than any other, and they still failed to stop it. It’s not a stretch to conclude that this will irreversibly taint their moral credibility in the [Read More...]

Pro-Gay Christians, Wouldn’t Atheism Be Easier?

I have to wonder what could possibly be motivating gay and gay-affirming Christians to stay in the church. Last week, another one was unceremoniously tossed out: Julie Rodgers rocked the evangelical world last year when Wheaton College announced they would be hiring the celibate gay Christian as an associate for spiritual care in the Chaplain’s [Read More...]

Friday Night Music: Beneath the Skin

Between Florence + the Machine, Quiet Company, and Metric this fall, 2015 is working out to be a great year for new releases from artists I like. And you can also add Of Monsters and Men, Iceland’s skald-rock power band, whose second album Beneath the Skin came out this year. It’s suitably epic, with a [Read More...]

Atlas Shrugged: The Lilies of the Field

Atlas Shrugged, part III, chapter II On the morning of her second day in the valley, Dagny wakes up in John Galt’s house (not in his bed – not yet, anyway). He greets her at the door, saying that he has to go out and fix some things: “I have to go down to the [Read More...]

The World in the Dark

Human beings have always been explorers, and this week, we pushed the boundaries of our exploration one step further. NASA’s far-roving New Horizons spacecraft has completed the most important phase of its mission, making the first-ever close-up observations of Pluto. New Horizons was launched on January 19, 2006 (which means the mission is just a [Read More...]

#SSAcon 2015 Recap

I’m on my way home from Columbus, Ohio, where this weekend I was at the 2015 convention of the Secular Student Alliance. I haven’t been a student for a good while, but you don’t have to be one to attend! Columbus is a hip midwestern city with great art, music, food and drinks, and the [Read More...]

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