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The Gap

Maybe dreaming of saving the world is too grand an ambition.

The Online Atheist Community: Still Terrible

If we're just replicating the tribal behavior we decry when religious believers engage in it, then the atheist movement is worthless.

The Fountainhead: Hooray for Unions

A particularly stark example of how Ayn Rand's political views changed over time.

The Pro-Slavery History of the Southern Baptists

The Southern Baptist Convention has scarcely begun to reckon with its ugly history.

On the Reciprocity of Compassion

When does compassion take us further from a better world?

The Fountainhead: American Eclectic

Another illustration of Rand's belief that selling what your customers want to buy is a sin in business.

Is Belief in Hell Inherently Hateful?

Exclusionary theologies are common, but that doesn't make them benign.

FGM: An American Problem

It's happening right here in America, in communities of successful and highly educated people.

The Fountainhead: New York, New York

Why do the good guys love a city built by evil classical architects?

Letter-Writing Wednesday: The Problem of Religious Pharmacists

One of my earliest blog posts was about right-wing pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions on religious grounds. It’s still a problem. This week, I read this story of a Walgreens in New Mexico whose pharmacist refused to fill a woman’s prescription for misoprostol. It’s a common drug for stomach ulcers, but it also relaxes [Read More...]

Dystopia Journal #6: Paris Burning

If our descendants curse us, they'll have good reason.

The Fountainhead: As Long As It’s Black

The client's wishes count, assuming it's what I wanted to do anyway.

Skeptic Magazine’s Impotent Attack on Gender Studies

Many of our so-called thought leaders have forgotten a basic principle of rationality.

Why I’m Vaccinating My Son

Each shot is a vote of confidence in the power of science to push back the darkness.

Friday Night Music: Diet Cig

This song from the pop-punk duo Diet Cig is a silly little bit of fluff, but damn if the video didn’t make me smile:

The Fountainhead: Hard Hat Zone

How many people died building those majestic skyscrapers?

More Atheists, Fewer Creationists

Even the more optimistic earlier surveys may have been an undercount.

Dystopia Journal #5: Nixonian

I’m not at all surprised that an abuse-of-power scandal is threatening to topple the Trump administration. I admit I’m a little surprised that it’s all happening so fast. I’ve already written about the deep and worrying ties between Trump and his cronies and Russia. It’s gotten even worse since then, with news that Trump disclosed [Read More...]

SF/F Saturday: Parable of the Sower/Curse of Chalion

Last year, I mentioned that I was making an effort to read more science fiction and fantasy by female authors. I’m still working on that goal – I’m now up to 15 out of 100 – and here are two of the latest ones I’ve read from that list. Parable of the Sower by Octavia [Read More...]

The Fountainhead: Remembering Seneca Village

Roark only cares about his buildings, not any people who may have been displaced to build them.

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