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Does Atheism Lead to Islam?

The recurring belief that all religions which aren't the speaker's are the same religion.

Dystopia Journal #2: Is It Really That Bad?

One month into the Trump administration, I’m looking for any reason to be optimistic. One that’s occurred to me is that I have to wonder whether I’m not falling into the trap of present bias – exaggerating how bad things are now, just because I wasn’t around in past eras when things were far worse, [Read More...]

The Fountainhead: Know Thyself

What, you mean everyone doesn't know exactly what they want to do with their lives from birth?

Some Right-Wing Christians Enthusiastically Promoting a Form of Genocide

This column was originally published on AlterNet. In 2014, Charisma magazine, a major media outlet for evangelical and Pentecostal Christians, published an open call to genocide. The article in question, titled “Why I Am Absolutely Islamaphobic”...Show More Summary

I’m Not Responsible For My Son’s Soul

Because I don't believe in a wrathful god or an afterlife of pain, I don't feel a responsibility to turn my son into an ideological carbon copy of me.

The Fountainhead: No Man Is an Island

Caring about other people's opinions isn't a strange or abnormal trait.

Can Married Christians Go to Heaven?

A little-known Bible verse implies that a huge number of Christians are in serious afterlife trouble.

Science Is Partisan, Like It Or Not

The culture war is already happening, and scientists didn't start it.

The Fountainhead: A Very Bad Architect

The worst possible profession for a stubborn nonconformist.

Science Is For Everyone

This isn't "political correctness" but a core principle of the scientific method

The St. Louis Manifest

When future generations judge us for what we've done, no one will be able to say we had no historical lessons to draw from.

Friday Night Music: Not Your Way

We’re going to need some anthems of resistance over the next few years, and this is a good one from the MisterWives (see the lyrics) that’s also catchy as hell: What are you listening to to get through the Trump administration?

On the Morality Of: Punching Nazis

Let's remember who's advocating violence against whom and keep in mind a proper sense of proportionality.

Dystopia Journal #1: A Vast Unreality

This past weekend’s inauguration didn’t feel real. It still doesn’t. Despite the evidence, it’s hard for me to accept that the presidency of Donald Trump is really happening. Watching the news feels like we’ve been granted a collective glimpse into an alternate timeline, a bad future, as a warning and a means of averting it. [Read More...]

The Fountainhead: We Don’t Need No Education

The Fountainhead, part 1, chapter 1 Last time, we found out that Howard Roark, Randian superman, was being expelled from architectural college. In this installment, we’ll find out why. Try to form your own guess before reading on! When Roark returns to his rented room in town, there’s a message from the dean asking to [Read More...]

Letter-Writing Wednesday: Andrew Cuomo’s Bad Faith

Dear Governor Cuomo: As a New York State resident and a Democrat, I was dismayed to read that you vetoed a bipartisan bill passed by the legislature to reform the state’s woefully inadequate public-defender system. What’s even more disgraceful is that you let the legislature pass the bill back in June of last year and [Read More...]

When Should a Humanist Forgive?

Forgiveness has to be sought, and the defenders of bigotry and brutality in America haven't taken even the first step.

The Fountainhead: Our Hero

Angular features, no personal life and a disdain for all other human beings - we must be meeting a new Randian hero!

How to Resist Temptation

A person who banishes bad desires from their own makeup is surely more moral than someone who hasn't accomplished this.

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