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The Last Post

Well, the last post here at Corante. I'm going to shut off commenting to all the recent posts, and send the export file over to the people at Science Translational Medicine, and Monday morning we'll start anew at: I hope to see everyone over there. Show More Summary

The GSK Layoffs Continue, By Proxy

You may recall that when GlaxoSmithKline cut down the Research Triangle site, that "up to 450" employees were said to be transferred to a contract organization, Parexel. In many cases, these people were doing the same jobs, in the same buildings, but were now doing it for less money. Show More Summary

The Move is Nigh

The day for the big Pipeline move is almost at hand! Friday's posts here will be the last on the Corante site, and the new one at Science Translational Medicine will go live on Monday morning. I'll post the new URL shortly. I wantedShow More Summary

Another Alzheimer's IPO

I've been saying a lot of unkind things about Axovant, the insta-company that's taking a discarded GSK Alzheimer's candidate and running with it. But thanks to Adam Feuerstein, I have another company to roll my eyes about. They have a completely different Alzheimer's plan - they've taken a discarded Pfizer candidate and are running with it. Show More Summary

Cutbacks at C&E News

Word is this morning that Chemical and Engineering News has let at least 8 staff members go in a reorganization, including former editor-in-chief Maureen Rouhi. The magazine outsourced its advertising sales some months ago, rather than...Show More Summary

Sanofi Pays to Get Back Into Oncology

You may recall that Sanofi basically threw its hands up in the air some time back about its entire oncology R&D efforts. Or, since they're so relentlessly French over there, perhaps it was the Gallic Shrug instead. Either one would fit - the company just wasn't seeming to get anywhere. Show More Summary

An Irresponsible Statement About Curing Cancer

OK, let's stop doing this. Here's the head of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Institute, telling people that "It is actually plausible that in 10 years we will have cures and therapies for most, if not all, human cancers". I object, on several...Show More Summary

Oliver Sacks on Turning Back to Chemistry

If you haven't seen it, Oliver Sacks has written a sort of self-elegy in the New York Times. As he announced some months ago, he has been diagnosed with metastatic liver cancer, which as most people know has an extremely poor survival...Show More Summary

The Biopharma Funding Boom

As Bruce Booth noted on Twitter on Friday, the drop in Biogen's stock that day represents a loss of more money than all the venture capital funding in biopharma over the last four years. Here he is with more on the current funding boom,...Show More Summary

Biogen's Bad Week

If you're a Biogen shareholder, you don't need me coming along to tell you that this has been a bad week. The Alzheimer's antibody news was just the warmup for the company's earning numbers, which made no one happy. So what's going on over there? Reality, I'd say. Show More Summary

Philosophical Investigations

I've been meaning to link to this piece by Wavefunction, "The fundamental philosophical dilemma of chemistry". You may be wondering what that is, but he's got a good candidate: the extreme difficulty of doing controlled experiments at...Show More Summary

A Suspicious Explosion at NIST

This is not going to make anyone happy at the National Institute of Standards and Technology: a surreptitious meth lab recently blew up inside one of the buildings. So far, there have been no arrests, but I can safely predict that if they find someone, it'll be a person with an abnormal amount of nerve...

Lilly Expands in San Diego

Good news out in San Diego: Lilly has announced that they're expanding their research site there, adding up to 130 positions with a focus on immunology. The area really needs some of this. San Diego's biopharma scene has, by all accounts...Show More Summary

Let's Just Braille Out That Chemical Structure, Shall We?

Atomic force microscopy, a technique that has given us images of individual atoms and molecules, has racked up another success. A collaboration between the IBM-Z├╝rich group (who have done so much in this area) and a group at the University...Show More Summary

Underwhelming Alzheimer's Results From Biogen and Lilly

OK, we have some Alzheimer's data to talk about this morning. Biogen's antibody aducanumab, about which people have been wildly enthusiastic, showed very little effect on mental decline at a 6mg dose, the company reported today. Note...Show More Summary

Chemical Probe Compounds: Time to Get Real

There's a new paper on chemical probes out in Nature Chemical Biology, and right off, I have to disclose a conflict of interest. I'm a co-author, and I'm glad to be one. (Here's a comment at Nature News, and here's one at Science). The...Show More Summary

Publication Bias

Replication of scientific results is a big deal these days, as anyone following the scientific literature is aware. Actually, you don't have to even be doing that - plenty of reports have made their way into the lay press about trouble with reproducibility. Show More Summary

Picky, Picky NMR Magnets

Unless you've had to take care of an NMR facility, you might not have realized how many large chunks of ferromagnetic material might be moving around close to your building, and how much stray radio-frequency noise is banging around....Show More Summary

Axovant's Stock Coverage

I've bemoaned the Axovant IPO here a couple of times already. Via Jean Fonteneau on Twitter (his full Axovant coverage is here), we have the chart at left. In case you were wondering how "research" and "recommendations" are done on a stock like this, well, this should provide as clear an example as anyone could want. What a lovely business.

How Healthy is the Field of Total Synthesis?

Here's a case that total synthesis is still a big part of the chemistry world, as shown by an analysis of papers with that phrase in their title. This follows up on a post here from a couple of years back (based on this one from theShow More Summary

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