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Thunderous Silence

In the Vimalakirti Sutra, Manjushri asks the assembled Bodhisattvas to define non-duality. They all come up with answers, but none of them really nail it. Their explanations speak of entering into non-duality, but all of the 31 explanations descend into duality. Show More Summary

How Can We Build Coalitions in This Critical Moment of History?

A guest post by Robertson Work Shared vision and shared values are the keys to collaboration and coalition building. It is natural for each individual, organization, and movement to have different priorities and strategies, but they can still share a common vision and common values to guide their work and cooperation. Show More Summary

Accept, Not Settle

One of the virtues for followers of the Great Way is to be in a state of equanimity. This is expressed in a number of ways, the Buddha’s teaching to Rahula, “Make your mind like the earth. Make your mind like water. Make your mind like fire. Show More Summary

Loving Life and Lovingkindness

Prajna arises from unexpected places - sometimes even trolls. Some of you may remember a troll who stopped by the Progressive Buddhism Facebook page a few weeks ago. She left this insightful pearl of wisdom: “I’m sorry, but this is all just New Age nonsense.” (I paraphrase, since I can’t find the original post) Most days I ignore trolls. Show More Summary

Bringing Progressive Scholarship to Contemporary Buddhism: an exercise

A guest post by Scott Newhall Why, for instance, should those interested in progressive Buddhism be looking at the work of Alperovitz? Why, indeed! The moment I started formulating an answer I was immediately confronted by my own assumptions...Show More Summary

Progressive Buddhism, a reflective evaluation

Recently I was asked, roughly, "what exactly is Progressive Buddhism." I had to think a bit. First, our sidebar says:About Progressive BuddhismThis is a group-blog on the topic of progressive, modern Buddhism - looking at Buddhism in...Show More Summary

“Buddhist” Violence

I don't pretend to understand all the nuances of whatever the circumstances regarding Myanmar, Rakhine state, or the Rohingya. My bet is that among the many people who have an opinion about this don't know anything more than what they've read on the internet. Show More Summary

Mindfulness in Waiting

I’m waiting for something to happen. Beyond the existential concept that says we’re all waiting for something, I am waiting right now for information about something very specific. The details of what I’m waiting for aren’t important. Show More Summary

Unintentionally Consequential

There's a line between “what we are,” and “what we do.” It's sometimes very blurry, sometimes may even overlap, and sometimes diametrically opposites. It's all based on self-identification. Depending on work, we may conduct myself as an engineer, or banker. Show More Summary

Zen and the Art of Tube Feeding

Overall my family and I have been pretty lucky with pets. My parents had two cats when I was growing up. The “baby” had a heart condition and I guess my mom had to give it medicine. That usually translated into my sister giving the cat the medicine, as she was destined to eventually work at a vet’s office. Show More Summary

New Year, New Opportunities

"When they go low, we go high," Michelle Obama said during the recent campaign. If you're left-leaning, does this "high" mean we satisfy ourselves with a sense of moral superiority and passivity, at best preaching to the choir, to our like-minded FB followers? I hope not. Show More Summary

Why a Buddhist Would Dig Ani Difranco

Distracted by technology and propaganda, unable to relate to the human condition and nature, who are we today? Ask feminist icon and activist Ani DiFrancno. In an upcoming album release, we look forward to the rest of the songs that share good company with “Binary”. Show More Summary

Worry - Would It Help?

Over the years, I've tried numerous strategies to quell my anxiety. Truly it remains an uphill battle. Just being a Buddhist has given me a stronger framework from which to understand the mental storms that plague me. It is usually some form of tanha (thirst or craving either for or especially against something) that gets me going. Show More Summary

Qualities of a "good" meditation teacher

Meditation has taken off.Meditation is the new yoga.Meditation is the new kale.Meditation is the new Crossfit.And, maybe, meditation teaching is the new bartending. (?)The first four of those are my assessments. The last one belongs to Ira Israel, a -you guessed it- meditation teacher. Show More Summary

Not-Perfect, Not-Imperfect

At this time of year, t he Buddha could have just walked down 34 th Street, pointed to Macy's, and said, “ Dukkha, ” and everybody would have gotten the First Noble Truth without a second word needing to be spoken. But 'tis the season of giving. Show More Summary

The Dilemma of "The Tree" at the Holidays

To tree or not to tree. That is the question. “The tree” has always been one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. It provides a comforting light in the darkness of winter. It adds sparkle to the world and reminds me that green and growth will return again soon. Show More Summary

The allure of Akira Kurosawa's film Ikiru

Watching Akira Kurosawa’s unusual movie Ikiru is a fascinating experience. I love the film and offer it to my fellow Buddhists, thinking many of you are likely to find it amazing, as well. The film was made in 1952 in Tokyo and is in Japanese. Show More Summary

Progressive Buddhism has gone Social

Magically leaping into the 21st century, this blog is adding two essential social media outlets to help foster conversation, community, and Progressive Buddhist action in the world.First, join us on Google+ (or G+) at: More Summary

The problem is with the religion.

It their book, “Islam and the Future of Tolerance” – which is the text of a conversation between Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz – the ‘problems’ that Islam brings to the world are discussed. Here, in this post, I am endeavoring to present primary issues relating to these dangers – particularly so, in opposition to The West. Show More Summary

Slaying Leviathan: how violence and not one religion is the problem.

This post is dedicated to all who have suffered pains due to violence. Friends, readers, visitors, whom ever stumbles upon this blog, we have all something to talk about. We now, the entire world, can have a conversation together. And...Show More Summary

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