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Maintaining a Sense of Proportion

#lovethelakes #cumbria #lakedistrict #picturecumbria Hold a true friend with both your hands. Nigerian Proverb Amen to that! And my new friend? Blencathera, mountain of all mountains. Last Monday I walked up one (of a number) of the ‘edges’ that lead to the top. Show More Summary

Fabulous Fungus Fanciers!

Let not this day end without acknowledging the truely decent, humble, dedicated and above all peaceful gathering of fungus explorers from Kew Gardens who I had the honour to go walk-about with today. Not only was it a window on a whole area of the natural world largely hidden from the naked eye but also … Continue reading Fabulous Fungus Fanciers! ?

Explaining Death – Religion Meets Science

The following is taken from an article titled What It’s Like To Die by Jennie Dear In her last couple of weeks, when my mother’s mind seemed to be floating off somewhere else most of the time, she would sometimes lift her arms into the air, plucking at invisible objects with her fingers. Once, I … Continue reading Explaining Death – Religion Meets Science ?

Instructions for Meditation – Audio

Time to inject some formal Buddhist teaching while I’m out and about appreciating this ‘warm snap’ we are having here in the North West of England. Nothing lasts though! And thank goodness for that! Rev. Master Koten of Lions Gate Buddhist Priory has recorded five talks giving instruction on how to meditate. Show More Summary

Keeping on Walking

Return from Coniston Old Man from Mugo on Vimeo. Walking along a narrow pavement this afternoon, in walking shoes and wearing a small day pack (to carry shopping in), a woman stopped me. Have you got far to go? she inquired. Errrm, about 3 mins to get home I replied, wondering at the question. She … Continue reading Keeping on Walking ?

Not Racing

Yesterday I took a fairly long walk which included climbing up through old slate quarries to Coniston Old Man. And then returning to Coniston via historic Copper mines. It was a long walk, six hours or so, the sun was ‘out’ and the wind ‘down’. I met many people on the trail most memorably an … Continue reading Not Racing ?

What Letting Go – Isn’t?

Well this is really helpful for those grappling with the instruction to ‘let go’! Really, what does that mean in practice anyway and how do you ‘do’ that? In this post by Rev. Alicia she explains. Thank you Reverend and I’d like to think I had some part in your taking up this expression and … Continue reading What Letting Go – Isn’t? ?

On Fragrant Hill – Grant Remembered

Grant died on the 27th August 2014 in Vancouver, Canada. This video is remembering him and his impact on the people he worked with in the mental health field and his Buddhist friends and friends generally too. So sorry about the sound quality. It’s not easy to record out of doors on a phone. In … Continue reading On Fragrant Hill – Grant Remembered ?

Lamb Rescue on West Side of Great Gable – Video

Ricky Lightfoot @rickylightfoot was the chap who rescued the lamb on the West side of Great Gable when we were there, scrambling about, on May 31st. Little did we know he was wearing a GoPro. The video is edited down to just under 5 minutes but the rescue probably took longer. To date the video … Continue reading Lamb Rescue on West Side of Great Gable – Video ?

Thoughtful in The Mountains

Behind this post is much pondering on why I, and others, do what we do. And the meaning we attribute to our lives and the living of it. Rio ’16 has had me thinking. Here now is an Out and About post on my most recent walk in Cumbria. (And I should mention that around … Continue reading Thoughtful in The Mountains ?

The Way – Going Nowhere In Particular

Richmond Park. London, Tuesday. A hidden gate leading to nowhere in particular. A hidden gem of an iron gate with remarkable detailing. And the park itself. Hardly hidden yet remarkable. A gem of an open rural playground. For all. Today marks the end of nearly three weeks away from home base. The way has been … Continue reading The Way – Going Nowhere In Particular ?

Understanding Knowing

From a reader: I would like to thank you (Mugo) for the link to Reverend Saido’s video on The Four Noble Truths. I found it very helpful indeed, particularly his reference to the need for being careful in the event of the falling away of a ‘chunk’ of the ‘stuff’ pointed to in box one. … Continue reading Understanding Knowing ?

8 August, 2016 22:53

To be natural is such a very difficult pose to keep up. Oscar Wilde Chesterfield today. Church spire continues to spiral. Glad to be back on-line after substantial digital break.

The onrush of Scenery-air

I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy. Sylvia Plath And tomorrow I’ll be taking in some scenery-air in the sunshine around and above Grassmere. In the mean time – and right now – it’s raining. Credit where credit is … Continue reading The onrush of Scenery-air ?

Four Noble Truths – a Way to Practice – Video

An overview of the Four Noble Truths from the point of view of a Soto Zen Buddhist practitioner, Saido Kennaway, at Telford Buddhist Priory. Buddhist teachings show you a way of practice, to become liberated from greed hate and delusion and in this very moment realise, Bright Buddha Nature. Show More Summary

Close Kind Encounters

Today, still staggering about suffering from the heat, still needing to find somebody to look at a seriously non fitting door when good fortune fell in my path. A works van pulled across the pavement in front of me to park. Long story short the lovely chap, Graham, is going to come and look at … Continue reading Close Kind Encounters ?

When Words Escape – and how to find them!

On mentally stumbling wildly thrashing for words. Frustration! – fear approaching. All seems lost. Break the cognitive impasse. One! – say ONE (or three) That’s a number. Easy. Then on ones heals Look out and name something you can see Chair! Window! Plant. Show More Summary

Little Did I Know

Yes. Little did I know that what I thought was H2O was H2SO4! No. Not that tragic thankfully. However today I did enter the wrong postcode into a navigation application which had me in N12 and not N17! Late for a meeting, in unfamiliar London, I walked and walked a road, up and back. Up … Continue reading Little Did I Know ?

Retreat Response – Shasta Abbey

Well it was heartening to read this piece reflecting one persons recent experience of being on an introductory retreat at Shasta Abbey in Northern California. Here’s the concluding paragraph. One of the great things about completing an introductory retreat is that after you learn the program, you are welcome back any time. Show More Summary

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