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Where Colour Photography Began

Words escape me…! These images, in colour and black and white, were taken by National Geographic Society photographers in the early 20th century, curated by Retronaut and showcased by Mashable,are something to behold. Enjoy, but don’t...Show More Summary

Keen To Lern!

When I wrote my first letter applying for a job I was unschooled and innocent (ignorant). Not only was I applying for a job I wasn’t qualified for (no, I didn’t have a driving licence, no, not (yet) 21 years old and no (save for amateur tinkering about) experience as a photographer). However, I wrote, … Continue reading Keen To Lern! ?

Jedi Order (Star Wars) vs. Buddhist Quiz

Bit of fun for you. Yoda vs. Buddha Enlightenment means stepping away from the dark side, something on which both masters of Buddhism and the Jedi Order agree. But can you tell the difference between the insight of Yoda and the insight of the Buddha? From the BBC Radio 4 website. The illustrations on-line for … Continue reading Jedi Order (Star Wars) vs. Buddhist Quiz ?

Benign Attention

This is a veranda in Finland. Somewhere. The picture taken very recently. By a reader (thank you for sending it). The image is especially attractive to me combining as it does peeling paint, soft colours and plants striving to lengthen out of their pots. My ‘bean stalk’ Ivy, now down to a managable size, had … Continue reading Benign Attention ?

Expanding and Contracting Self – Who ‘s Measuring!

Young creatures grow and expand at an alarming rate. Before you know it they have outgrown their shoes and clothing tugs tight. Hair gets longer – and longer and the first cut is an event to remember. Sometimes with tears and screams. Show More Summary

The Transparent Self

This little group of glass objects has been collecting on my windowsill over the past weeks. When I sit in my chair for a moment of repose I take the opportunity to run an appreciative eye over them. Now and then glancing out at the sky and clouds. (Or the rain running down the window … Continue reading The Transparent Self ?

True Healing – present/listening/silence

We held a special ceremony for Bhaisajyaguru  at Throssel this last Sunday. Here is the dedication made by the celebrant, Rev. Master Olwen during the first incense offering. She spoke slowly drawing one into the depths the words point towards. Show More Summary

Such Sweet-Sadness

What IS it about peeling paint? Decay? A moment caught in the flow of time. There is the Wabi-sabi Japanese esthetic which, I’ve discovered, has a basic Buddhist teaching at it’s roots. Namely the Three Signs of Existence: impermanence (anicca), suffering (dukkha), and non-self (anatt?). Show More Summary

Nothing Worth Worrying About

I stumbled upon a book in the monastery library the other day, looking for the map I seem to remember. While there I checked the ‘new arrivals’ shelf and I’m so glad I did. It is called The Zen Teaching of Homeless Kodo with Kosho Uchiyama and Shohaku Okumura commenting on selected sayings and teachings … Continue reading Nothing Worth Worrying About ?

Mistaken Certainty

It all makes perfect sense, now! Here is a map of the ‘Well Hope’ walk which I, along with a trusty walking companion, did yesterday. More than three hours walking but we were not rushing. About a month or more ago I attempted this walk alone. Although armed with this map I lost my way, … Continue reading Mistaken Certainty ?

The Koan Arrives Naturally.

I took off the calendar nailed to the wall to choose a quote. I chose the one on the cover. All good ones however keeping moving is a good reminder. It is all too easy to stay in comfort over long. Even uncomfortable comfort! In other words it is natural enough to remain in the … Continue reading The Koan Arrives Naturally. ?

We’re Almost Home – Guest Post

The following comes from the pen of Rev. Caitlin who is part of the community at Great Ocean Dharma Refuge in Pembrokeshire Wales. This article was written for the Portobello Buddhist Priory Newsletter and is published with kind permission. Show More Summary

Ever Still?

Just because something is simple doesn’t mean it is easy. Or pain free. Formal meditation is as this. Rising from the place of sitting still, are we still? Is there a place called ‘home’? Now! Here! In the middle of the busy street beneath our feet. Tender repose. So there is joy even now whispering … Continue reading Ever Still? ?


The last car tail light disappears from view. Guests all gone. Waves and goodbyes all done and said. Walking with twin girls this afternoon. Four years a piece. With their dad we visited Iain. Why did he die? they ask. Where is he now? Will I die? Oh look a squirrel! This week-end has been buzzing … Continue reading Partings ?


Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway. ~John Wayne Hat tip to Willow Tree Counselling for the above quote. There is a wealth of well written articles on this site the most recent one Counselling Ruptures: Crisis or Opportunity? could well be applied to any relationship which has been ‘ruptured’. Wonderful stuff. … Continue reading Perseverance ?

Like The Sun

Ten whole days of silence here on Jademountains which has not been matched by ten days of quietude! Defined as a state of peace and quiet. However now and then there are moments, deliberately extended to five or ten minutes, when I pause for reflection. Then a sense of quietude overtakes the imperative to keep moving … Continue reading Like The Sun ?

Damascene Moments

A moment of insight, a flash of understanding, the clouds part and one sees which way to go. Be that a move in a career, a decision to study a particular subject. Or seeing into the way things are in a most fundamental way, sometimes in a very personal and intimate way.  These are Damascene … Continue reading Damascene Moments ?

Comportment vs. Deportment

Some years ago I attended a ceremony at a Christian church. My very dear second cousin was being ‘installed’ as the new incumbent of a parish near Liverpool. It was her first ‘posting’ and I was excited for her. As with the ceremonies during this week in the monastery, when people formal commitment to their … Continue reading Comportment vs. Deportment ?

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Few Bells, No Whistles!

The following story of a Catholic nun, who has a huge on-line presence, is interesting in that her motivation for engaging in social media and website development was inspired by her religious vow. An early adopter too with a website developed in the 1990s then going on to produce podcasts and videos in 2004 for … Continue reading Few Bells, No Whistles! ?

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