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Climbing up High

Well these photographs are too good (breath-taking) to miss. And I am proud to say I took the banner photo on the warpandwoofknitting blog. The 27th was a special anniversary day for the author and what better thing to do than go hike up a mountain. Being up high, climbing up to a high point … Continue reading Climbing up High ?

Note for Subscribers

Hi all you 80 people who subscribe to Jade and receive posts via email. You receive the ‘first edition’ of my posts which I endeavour to make the ONLY edition! However today I made some changes and added a dedication which I’d want you to share in. So, just today, you will need to hike … Continue reading Note for Subscribers ?

Being Mortal

As a bubble in a stream a phantasm a dream. Who knows how and where the sweet dew of mortal life will…make manifest. In life do we notice? Yes! Life is eternal Isn’t it? Right now never ends! With a crash or a thud or a slow dribbling away. Life breath stops Eternal night? – … Continue reading Being Mortal ?

Throssel – In the Early 1980’s

There is a new photo gallery ‘How it was in the early 1980’s’ on the Throssel website showing how it was in the early 1980’s. It takes my breath away to think of the amount of work done by the monks and guests during this time. The ceremony hall was finally completed in 1985 as … Continue reading Throssel – In the Early 1980’s ?

The Coal Bunker Oak

Found sprouting in the coal bunker at Throssel last spring. Planted. Nurtured. Transported to the East Midlands where it is now. Nurtured. And appreciated. As with the Oak so too with the new temple Turning Wheel Buddhist Temple Show More Summary

A Great British Institution!

At last I have established the ability to post from my phone. The following was intended to be posted three days ago….. Allotments are an institution much beloved by all who revel in the wonders of vegetable and fruit growing. In close proximity to like minded others. It’s the best of everything community while being … Continue reading A Great British Institution! ?

Retailed Zen

!!!!seen in Leicester shopping mall

Understanding Commitment – a Talk

Well done Mark for capturing images of this Dragonfly. Sometime I’ll write about Dragons and the Buddhist teaching they are associated with.  Needless to say the photograph, and dragons in general, have nothing to do with the subject...Show More Summary


Yes. Sometimes clarity of seeing sometime not. Sometimes clarity of thought sometimes… it’s cloudy in here! And sometimes there is the rising up past duality to see afresh. Just like this! This is for all those whose eyesight is impared, disturbed, or otherwise impeded. There is more to seeing than clear sight! Eyesight is defined … Continue reading Eyesight? ?

Cannot Be Given or Stolen

Ryokan, it is said, returned to his hut late one evening to find a thief there. He took this calmly – it was clear to both of them that there wasn’t anything worth robbing in his hut.  Ryokan was troubled because he didn’t want the man to leave empty-handed having walked up the mountain to … Continue reading Cannot Be Given or Stolen ?

No Finger No Moon!

I have been sitting with this small piece by Zen Master Ryokan. I love it. It has been a long time since I ventured into his work. However the other day, while passing though the library, a book as good as fell off the shelf.  And here I am – sitting with Ryokan again. You … Continue reading No Finger No Moon! ?

Thoughts? Beware or Be Aware

Sometimes, most often, thoughts come in crowds. Herds of them. They get our attention but at a distance and they generally disapate if left alone. Sometimes they get closer and particularized. They move in, get closer. Get our attention. Show More Summary

Throssel Hole Priory – As It Was

Here is a photograph from the monastery archive. For those who know this place you will see just what an impact the planting of the thousands upon thousands of trees has had on the general landscape. Back in 1976 this is what the land looked like from the road. There wasn’t a lane running up … Continue reading Throssel Hole Priory – As It Was ?

Take Heed

Iain’s bequest: to point us in the right direction, yet you really have to look them out before they’ll invite you in. A perfect posture: not bending over backwards to gratify you – rather bending towards you, to meet you half-way. Even sunlight, brought to its knees, only half-illumines such a purpling of the blues. … Continue reading Take Heed ?

Not Crying Over Spilled Milk

It splattered poured forth disgorged ran out sloped tumbled flowed out scattered about. Spillage, SPILLAGE! It was double cream to be exact. flipped off the kitchen counter landed upside down white liquid flowing under the kitchen unit there to go sour and smell. Did my best mopped and wiped wiped and mopped Sheet after sheet … Continue reading Not Crying Over Spilled Milk ?

An Untroubled Bee Reflects

Here’s a picture of a bumble bee looks nowt like you and nowt like me only difference is – he is free from ever looking inwardly sniffs the flowers and then is gone, never troubled by right or wrong sun is out and the sky is blue has no thought of me or you More … Continue reading An Untroubled Bee Reflects ?

Insubstantially Yours – Truly

Just what has happened in the past days? Weeks since I last posted. Daily life has a way of lifting and carrying one along with few resting places to contemplate, save for the formal meditations. Even our internet connection has been, how can I put it….insubstantial.  Take your chances where you can and if ‘it’s … Continue reading Insubstantially Yours – Truly ?

Where Colour Photography Began

Words escape me…! These images, in colour and black and white, were taken by National Geographic Society photographers in the early 20th century, curated by Retronaut and showcased by Mashable,are something to behold. Enjoy, but don’t...Show More Summary

Keen To Lern!

When I wrote my first letter applying for a job I was unschooled and innocent (ignorant). Not only was I applying for a job I wasn’t qualified for (no, I didn’t have a driving licence, no, not (yet) 21 years old and no (save for amateur tinkering about) experience as a photographer). However, I wrote, … Continue reading Keen To Lern! ?

Jedi Order (Star Wars) vs. Buddhist Quiz

Bit of fun for you. Yoda vs. Buddha Enlightenment means stepping away from the dark side, something on which both masters of Buddhism and the Jedi Order agree. But can you tell the difference between the insight of Yoda and the insight of the Buddha? From the BBC Radio 4 website. The illustrations on-line for … Continue reading Jedi Order (Star Wars) vs. Buddhist Quiz ?

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