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I’m in the Netherlands. Think tulips, think windmills, think water! And much more. This morning my host was driving us, and her Greyhound, to a forest where dogs can run free. Vast swaths of land have been reclaimed from the sea, we were at one point driving along the original dyke wall. For as far … Continue reading Respect ?

Undivided Activity – Full Quote from Zenki

Here it is, the whole quote I’ve been publishing over the last week or so. Birth is just like riding in a boat. You raise the sails, row with the oar, and steer. Although you row, the boat gives you a ride, and without the boat you couldn’t ride. But you ride in the boat … Continue reading Undivided Activity – Full Quote from Zenki ?

Earth Sky – No Gap

The entire earth and the entire sky are both the undivided activity of the boat This is the last section of the quote from Dogen’s Zenki. I’ll publish all of the quote tomorrow. However many times I visit these words they do not make ordinary sense. And I think that’s the idea, pointing us past … Continue reading Earth Sky – No Gap ?

Undivided Activity

When you ride in a boat, your body and mind and the environs together are the undivided activity of the boat. It’s worth spending some time sitting with this. Really. Our lives as riding in a boat. Or riding makes the boat (living) what it is. This photograph was taken about a month ago. A … Continue reading Undivided Activity ?

Life -Like Riding In A Boat

The following quote is from Undivided Activity (Zenki) Zen Master Dogen. Birth is just like riding in a boat. You raise the sails, row with the oar, and steer. Although you row, the boat gives you a ride, and without the boat you couldn’t ride. But you ride in the boat and your riding makes … Continue reading Life -Like Riding In A Boat ?

Small Actions – Merit Of

What makes Dogen different from all other thinkers? someone asked when I gave a talk at St. John’s College in Santa Fe. “His deep trust in action,” I replied. “Facing the enormity of the problems in the world, we often become cynical doubting that individual action can make a significant impact. Dogen’s view of the … Continue reading Small Actions – Merit Of ?

In Prison, Or Not. Compassion The Key

I’m visiting (and that’s taken up a lot of my focus recently) an elderly woman who recently moved to a care home on Marine Drive, Morecambe. I have struck it lucky these past couple of weeks with the waters in the Bay almost lapping up against the sea defenses. From her room my fellow Buddhist … Continue reading In Prison, Or Not. Compassion The Key ?

Meditation Merit Candle, Still Alight

Thinking of a woman driving south this am to visit elderly father in hospital. Go safely.

Tend one’s Own Garden

Voltaire he said in Candide "tending one’s own garden" is not only a private activity but also productive. With thanks to Annette for the quote. As she says, and I paraphrase, this may not solve our troubled world however it gives some quiet space to think and reflect. And the ‘garden’, our life lived is … Continue reading Tend one’s Own Garden ?

Looking Up?

Now is the time to look up. Literally. Not because there are black clouds gathering with threat of rain chasing you off high places for shelter lower down. For many good reasons rising eyes from the ground and above the horizontal is advised. While, of course, glancing down, to step safely. Walking with eyes down … Continue reading Looking Up? ?

Passing Years? Deeper Living?

I think I’ve reached that point which children do when they are PLEASED to see the number of their birth years rise. So I’m slightly wanting my years of living be a larger number and it doesn’t make sense. No, it isn’t my day today and I’m not telling when that was/is, for security reasons. … Continue reading Passing Years? Deeper Living? ?

Of Gravity and Light – Poem

Of Gravity and Light What we need most, we learn from the menial tasks: the novice raking sand in Buddhist texts, or sweeping leaves, his hands chilled to the bone, while understanding hovers out of reach; the changeling in a folk tale, chopping logs, poised at the dizzy edge of transformation; and everything they do … Continue reading Of Gravity and Light – Poem ?

Mabel Sit!

Ah Mabel. Yesterday a photo call by the milky white waterfall in the aptly named Sourmilk Gill above Grasmere. I’ve know Mabel since she was a wee pup. She just turned three years March 1st and is as lively as every and loves the lakes almost as much as I do. Whatever the weather, wetter … Continue reading Mabel Sit! ?

Memory Lost

A first for me on Saturday while walking up in the snow near Grasemere. Crampons! Wild looking devices and clearly they can do damage to both self and other when out of control. Not surprised to hear wearing them or not, needing them or not is a matter of debate when approaching snow. Perhaps that’s … Continue reading Memory Lost ?

Smiling Broadly Above Edinburgh

Arthur’s Seat is the main mountain in Edinburgh, Scotland which form most of Holyrood Park, described by Robert Louis Stevenson as “a hill for magnitude, a mountain in virtue of its bold design”.[1] It is situated just to the east of the city centre, about 1 mile (1.6 km) to the east of Edinburgh Castle. … Continue reading Smiling Broadly Above Edinburgh ?

Watching Paint Dry – Watching Beached Seals

Wait a moment! That light house is for sale. Nope, that was back in 2013. Sorry. I’d imagine living in a light house is as close as one can get to living on a boat – at sea. Ah. On Wednesday a brisk walk out to South Walney Island where there is a Nature Reserve … Continue reading Watching Paint Dry – Watching Beached Seals ?

2 – When Faith Seems Thin

Read and be inspired. Here is a remarkable and brave, not to mention cool-headed, woman. Mary Dohey an Air Canada flight attendant who in 1971, in the face of overwhelming danger appeased the hijacker (talked to him) and as a consequence saved the lives of passengers and crew. She was the first living person to … Continue reading 2 – When Faith Seems Thin ?

1 – When Faith seems Thin

Read and be uplifted. Yes there are individuals in this world who show cool and bravery in the face of overwhelming circumstances. In a rare display of coolheadedness and courage, René Jalbert, Sergeant-at-Arms at the Quebec National...Show More Summary

Is it the Pain That Hurts?

Just sometimes, when you are smack in the middle of some trauma or anxiety provoking situation it is best not to jump too quickly to thinking about what the teaching was/is. But it’s tempting if only to bring oneself comfort in the midst of pain. So it is for me at the moment. I’m tempted … Continue reading Is it the Pain That Hurts? ?

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