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Stand Tall

Stand UP! stand tall walk tall sit tall. Foxgloves Don’t know they Are We humans do! Taken top of Loughrig Fell above Ambleside. These plants are a great inspiration.

Inter Acting

I’ve responded to comments this morning, sometimes at length. I do love to hear from readers. Especially good to hear from people I’ve lost touch with as well as those I interact with reasonably frequently too. It has been an especially active ten days doing things with people both with Buddhist friends and family (cousins). … Continue reading Inter Acting ?

Another Place

Lovely day out on Crosby Beach looking out to sea with 100 iron statues. Just being there. Looking with them brought about an inner calm which couldn’t go unnoticed.

Another Place

This post escaped from my phone however I am glad it did. Love this image, the rust, the colour and texture of the ‘skin’.

You Don’t NEED to do that!

Hold still….oh well, never mind. Mable, swim THIS way… MABLE! Cute enough for now. I guess. On the way up to Loughriff Fell, there is a ‘pond’. Where Mable my walking companion of this week took a long dip.  Her name has been invoked very many times over the past  days. But the one that … Continue reading You Don’t NEED to do that! ?

Listening Attention

A swan on her eggs. Listening. The M6 Motorway but a field away. She is sitting in her place. She is both doing something and not doing something. She is in effect saying yes and no at the same time. My version of listening, of saying yes and no at the same time is to … Continue reading Listening Attention ?

Certain Kinds of Attention

To be a moral human being is to pay, be obliged to pay, certain kinds of attention. Susan Sontag (the photograph is there because I love swans not to illustrate the quoted words of the wonderful Susan Sontag.)

Not High Airy Solitude!

I’ve been ‘sitting with’ my adventurous walk of a week ago on and around Grate Gable. Many thought pass through my mind, few stick. But one. The Lakeland Fells are CROWDED with people and while I love to be putting boot to rock there is the aspect of high airy solitude which I value (and … Continue reading Not High Airy Solitude! ?

Mountain View

Interesting. A day that is long and arduous telescopes into a few short memories the day after. And before the freshness, and feelings, of yesterday fade into the distance I’ll write them down. However, for now enjoy the view.

Unconditional Love

Remarkable happenings happen when a person is close to death. Not able to see or hear a woman hears and speaks – to her daughter. Then passes on. Amazing. Remarkable the bond between parent and off spring. Remarkable too is the impact of the offering of prayers and spiritual merit. A young man close to … Continue reading Unconditional Love ?

What Books show us

Books let us into their souls and lay open to us the secrets of our own. William Hazlitt At throssel arranging a well overdue climb of Great Gable in the Lake District later in the month. Ah to have a walking companion to walk beside. Walking is easier when not alone. So like life itself … Continue reading What Books show us ?

Time Not Passing

The unknown, the Unknowing. Falling. Falling over. Hurt. Old body, seen life. Falling. Falling over. Hurting. Much water passing, many clouds wafting. Through a keyhole. Surgery. Saintly surgeon. The unknown, the Unknowing. Then. A Mallard Duck. Show More Summary

Where is the Joy?

At Throssel last Sunday for the day, Buddha Day, celebrating the birth and enlightment of the historic Buddha. The Enlightened One. The main altar was sparkling, the flower bower over the baby Buddha, inspired. One after the other in procession during the celebration ceremony we ‘bathed’ the Buddha. Show More Summary

Not Bothered

This year they seemed to come in a rash.  All over the fields, a rash of lambs. Could that be the collective term for lambs? Probably not. And because of the multitude I’ve taken less notice of them. Become less engaged with the wonder of them; their springing and prancing, their rough and tumble playing … Continue reading Not Bothered ?

Writing is for:

Writing is for: dredging up unknowing. Eternal ‘not knowing’ There are people we meet in life who help bring about a profound change. A change in ones life  direction, thinking and most especially take one deeper than ones own mind. Just so. My first writing at my now transformed writing desk was about just such … Continue reading Writing is for: ?

Is, Was and Will be Enlightened

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. Anais Nin I love what I read on Listening Ear. This article Asking for Help, Risk and Reward was in the monthly newsletter, where I picked up on the above quote. Thanks … Continue reading Is, Was and Will be Enlightened ?

Unbounded Living

Oh Holy Buddha I pray I may continue to fly in the clear blue sky. Falling to the ground I pray I will land on both feet rising again on joy filled wings. Rising, falling 1000 times down 1001 times up. Near or far high or low up or gasping for life itself. Within and … Continue reading Unbounded Living ?

Going on Beyond

High is the clear blue sky. Prickly is the gorse and yellow. Farleton Fell, on the way up bitter wind, Sky Larks larking Less on my Sunday walking and more of Sitting Buddha Hermitage where Rev. Alicia is introducing The Scripture of Great Wisdom. Very useful background to this most chanted of scriptures. Let there … Continue reading Going on Beyond ?

So be it, Truly

This writing desk was asking for some serious TLC and I’ve taken on the task. Bought at the local Charity Shop, it was love at first sight. I’d wanted a writing desk and now I have one. Or has it got me! This is the before photograph of the desk in its original, scratched and … Continue reading So be it, Truly ?

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