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We are The Birds That Stay

‘Tis not that Dying hurts us so – ‘Tis Living – hurts us more – But Dying – is a different way – A Kind behind the Door – The Southern Custom – of the Bird – That ere the Frosts are due – Accepts a better Latitude – We – are the Birds – … Continue reading We are The Birds That Stay ?

The Indestructible You

When all around is falling trees to run? to hide? to freeze to the spot? Life threatening circumstances? RUN! HIDE! STOP STILL! Obviously Within fear there is that Which cannot be destroyed The photograph was sent to me by a friend in Oregon. I wanted to share a photo with you which is my reminder … Continue reading The Indestructible You ?

One Man’s Quest to Change the Way We Die

This is an article about a triple amputee. Who became a doctor and pioneered an approach to dying which is all about living to the full. I especially like his debunking of… should I put this? Nope, read the whole article and see what you think. The following comes right at the start of Dr. … Continue reading One Man’s Quest to Change the Way We Die ?

Thoughts Into The New Year

That’s IT! No more of this Looking back through 2016’s murk. Pundits say gone, (not forgotten) deceptions winning smiles 2016’s ‘antics’. I say: let go the dualities For or Against 2016’s legacy? That said: A moment to remember those who hurt, hunger, suffer. And cry out. That said: Listen, hear, act. Together let us create … Continue reading Thoughts Into The New Year ?

Top 10 RSPCA rescues in 2016 – They all Lived

We all love those heart warming animal rescue stories. I do anyway? Love the stories of gulls falling into vats of curry in South Wales this summer. Ending up bright orange and in need of a wash! We all would. Lots of stories to smile along with. The oversized Toad stuck in some decking in … Continue reading Top 10 RSPCA rescues in 2016 – They all Lived ?

Goodby Kind Friend – The Bear The Cat

For those who have loved and lost a dear cat friend. My cat The Bear died yesterday morning. I’m pretty sure I know the exact moment he died because at about 2.40am I woke with a full body jolt that felt like a benevolently intended electric shock and my house felt very different to how … Continue reading Goodby Kind Friend – The Bear The Cat ?

Ode to My Mother

Did I say I love you? Well I do Back then you were the competition! You drove a double-decker bus, rode a motorbike. Had an Austin 7. And not turned 25! 1925/30 you lived in a tent for a summer on the Devon coast. And who was that man! Now long gone no longer the … Continue reading Ode to My Mother ?

Sound Out of Silence

A sound emerging from nothing – polished glass Sitting in meditation, the cry of a curlew. The slumped back straightens. The heart no longer needing to overreach Sound dies away Another moment passes – bring the mind back. By Nigel I found a poem I wrote whilst on retreat at Throssel ages ago wrote Nigel … Continue reading Sound Out of Silence ?

Sitting In The Midst

Thank you all for leaving comments pointing to the sections of the video I linked to in my last post. So grateful we now have some time markers to go to although listening/watching the whole things is good too. That gravel voice is attractive in a certain kind of way. Here at 9.16 mins into … Continue reading Sitting In The Midst ?

Leanard Cohen – Video – Meditation

I didn’t realise the talents and sensibility of Leanard Cohen until his passing. I did know about him ordaining as a Zen Buddhist monk and remaining in robes for five years, I think it was. In this interview he talks about his song writing etc. however what caught my attention was his description of meditation. … Continue reading Leanard Cohen – Video – Meditation ?

Regrets? – No Permanent Mooring

I was talking to a woman last evening on the phone. Her health is ‘not what it was’ and she is noticing she is not as quick on her feet. Yet, non the less, she keeps up her meditation practice, has a sangha (community) of like minded people to call on and generally stays buoyant … Continue reading Regrets? – No Permanent Mooring ?

The Sudden Walk has been out and about. On the Internet this time and publishes what they have found. A brief piece by Franz Kafka which for all you night walkers will ring a bell. And also for those of us who stay indoors, intending to stay put with a book, and then jump up and exit … Continue reading The Sudden Walk ?

Bess Is Best!

And there she is, the lovely Bess up there on the tops in snow on the 10th November. You can see how popular she is if you follow the link text to a Facebook page edited by her ‘person’, an equally wonderful person. (My mother always talked to dogs by saying something like ‘what a … Continue reading Bess Is Best! ?

The Past Supports Action Into The Future – Video

Embodied Mind – Moving From Support from Mugo on Vimeo. Remembering Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett who died 20 years ago with great gratitude. You need no further teachings than the above in order to show gratitude, and you must show it truly, in the only real way, in your daily life; our daily life should be … Continue reading The Past Supports Action Into The Future – Video ?

Mood Slides in Fading Light

SAD.  Slowly as the light of the world dims, starting around about now Seasonal Effective Disorder settles in for the long haul towards Spring. That’s April for the fortunate. The leaves fall from the trees in profusion and at first all seems fine. It’s Autumn, the colours are brilliant – red, gold, orange, browns of … Continue reading Mood Slides in Fading Light ?

Don’t Mock The Flock!

IF you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies, Or being hated, … Continue reading Don’t Mock The Flock! ?

In London at Tate Modern

Down on the edge of the Thames in evening light to visit an exhibition. Georgia O’Keeffe retrospective. Sitting on a step resting my feet saw the neon sign and then the artists write up (bit blurred). Left me pondering. London is abuzz and it’s been a good couple of days. Notable was a visit to … Continue reading In London at Tate Modern ?

Making Manifest – Creativity

You are not to know The story behind this or this or this And I do wonder if that actually matters. The story that is. Four  images taken at different times and places and all have much to say. Or rather I’ve, potentially much to say. What they have in common is a path, one … Continue reading Making Manifest – Creativity ?

How Sweet The Taste – Living On The Edge

The following is from a chap who has just had a tumor removed from his brain and is now inevitably contemplating mortality and how he approaches the life he has left to live. The story which seems to make more sense to me than at any time in the past is this one: A man … Continue reading How Sweet The Taste – Living On The Edge ?

Letting Happiness In – Letting Go of Books

The following is a copy of a Facebook ‘post’ sent to me by the author who wanted me to have the opportunity to choose a book. Publishing here because….well, you can imagine why because. An Exercise in Letting Go (Or, ‘Let me give you a book.’) For a long time, I’ve felt like the dozens … Continue reading Letting Happiness In – Letting Go of Books ?

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