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Chance and Choice

A long time congregation member and reader of Jade wrote the following reflecting on the killings in Paris and her personal response. The awful events in Paris on Friday evening became known to me as I snuggled down in bed with radio 4 on and then the news started coming in. My thoughts went to … Continue reading Chance and Choice ?

Join the Joy

Join the joy please. take a bite a sip of tea. Celebrating at a distance a friends… achievement. Join the joy YES! open heart soft mind. Ah but what of envy and jealousy? Of cold heavy bitterness when others achieve. Disappointment. Diminished. Loss of confidence. Recognition from ones community, hopes dashed. The list goes on … Continue reading Join the Joy ?

Turning In Turning Out

This morning I bumped into the news of what happened in Paris last night and found myself deeply shocked. I felt oddly disoriented but knew that reading more about the event, keeping up with the breaking news is not the way to go. So I did all those things that are second nature, offer a … Continue reading Turning In Turning Out ?

Life/Death – Close Together

This morning tootling along narrow Cumbrian lanes between dripping hedges following the on/off brake lights ahead. Listening to the radio. A road diversion due to flooding I presumed but unprepared for. A 20 min drive took an hour! However, good old Radio 4 had me fully engaged (as well as driving of course) with an … Continue reading Life/Death – Close Together ?

A Delicate Transformation

The marvelous envelops and saturates us like the atmosphere; but we fail to see it. Baudelaire The following quote is from the Parisian Gentleman a site I stumbled upon when searching on-line for instructions on how to do invisible mending. Their Journal post yesterday titled The Theory of How to Wear a Suit  caught my … Continue reading A Delicate Transformation ?

On a Deeper Level…..

This image speaks of beauty and vulnerability. Something I’ve been thinking about these past days, not so much in terms of appearance though. More to do with those who are alone in their home, sick or diminished in some way.  Many of whom do not have anybody to reach out to. (Your might say they … Continue reading On a Deeper Level….. ?

Sleds and Storks – and the rest

We had heard tell that it was the custom in days gone by to have a coffin (empty) stored in the rafters of rural dwellings. And sure enough there in an ancient house in an Open Air Rural musium outside of Riga was a coffin – in the rafters of a simple home. While there … Continue reading Sleds and Storks – and the rest ?

Looking…and Down

Tour of the old town. Walking and walking. Looking up at the amazing buildings while looking down so as not to fall over. Something to learn here, about taking care not to lose ones ‘footing’ in the scramble of daily life. While ‘looking up’.

Jigger Jaggerd

Flying West to Eastern Europe A culture Shift – a shock. Looking at normal So called – but whose? Normal questioned Humbling – humbled. Blocks of grey flats Soot blackened walls Sadness for eye Heart – break. Cathedral turret Gleaming bronzed. An Eastern confection Renovation – restoration. From West to East with refreshed Eyes and … Continue reading Jigger Jaggerd ?

Where Is Latvia?

As we passed this car last Saturday my companion commented, as much to himself as to me, ‘That’s your worst nightmare right there’! Take my ‘wheels’ off and render me immobile? How would I be? Just fine I am sure. When I broke my leg in late 1999 I ended up enjoying enforced immobility. Although … Continue reading Where Is Latvia? ?

Bare Foot In London

Years ago a friend who contracted polio as a young child described how it was to walk barefoot on grass. He luxuriated in the memory and I shared in it. There is something about the contact with the ground which we all know about but lose touch with as we graduate from sensible sandels to … Continue reading Bare Foot In London ?

Full of Emptiness

This is how the bookshelves were on Saturday, in the house I was ‘sitting’ since Iain Robinson’s death in 2011. Iain well remembered. Yes, the house felt empty on Saturday when I opened the front door to pick up my remaining belongings. Empty yet oddly….full! Not of any persons, or memory, or sadness, regret, happiness. … Continue reading Full of Emptiness ?

Republishing from January 2010 – Iain Remembered

Today I am driving to the village where I lived, on and off, from 2010 to 2014. Which belonging to the late Iain Robinson and his wife. Iain and I went and saw the house about this time of year in 2009 and he instantly felt it was for him. Unfortunately the house has not … Continue reading Republishing from January 2010 – Iain Remembered ?

Merit Walking

It is said Don’t touch The walls And a wish Is granted – I guess. A narrow pass Made for fairies. With wings I’d say! Too narrow a pass – For mortals. Life takes The narrow pass When wings and a ‘prayer’ Is all there is – Left. As one walks from field to field … Continue reading Merit Walking ?

Death Poem from a Mother

To Those I Love… When I am gone, just release me, let me go So I can move into my afterglow You mustn’t tie me down with your tears Let’s be happy that we had so many years I gave you my love, you can only guess How much you gave me in happiness. I … Continue reading Death Poem from a Mother ?

Living On Alms

Not every day a hot air balloon comes close enough to see people in the passenger basket, dangling dangerously close to tree tops! Yesterday evening was such a day. Such excitement among the children. And the rest of us! Eventually the balloon made a dignified, all be it unscheduled, landing on the local playing field. … Continue reading Living On Alms ?

From the Forbidden City

Here’s a nice bit of, what I think is very old, calligraphy hanging up in the middle of one of the most important halls of the Forbidden city. Wu Wei (translated as ‘Doing Nothing’ on the plaque outside. Reading from right to left the first character is Wu which is the same character of my … Continue reading From the Forbidden City ?

Listening Chicken

The hen can hatch her eggs because her heart is always listening. From The Secret of the Golden Flower A Taoist meditation text. The other day I went for a long walk with some of the monastic guests staying here. Our route took us through a farm yard. A hen and a clutch of fluff-ball … Continue reading Listening Chicken ?

Together Under The awe-inspiring Sky

The tall trees of England we worshipped, and were wise; but you shall raid the whole land through and never a tree shall talk to you though every leaf be a tongue taught true and the forest is full of eyes. On one lone hill to the seaward the trees stand tall and grey, and … Continue reading Together Under The awe-inspiring Sky ?

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