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Love Lost? Think Not

It seems like yesterday, but it wasn’t, when I strained to hold up a flight of stairs while my dad fixed them in place at the top. They were heavy and I was seriously challenged; my relationship with this man, my relationship with myself. Why am I doing this, doesn’t he appreciate how ridiculously heavy … Continue reading Love Lost? Think Not ?

To Behold With Admiring Heart

The other day while out and about – a swan beside the canal. Fetched up for a feather tidy. What an amazing creature. Huge. Huge feet! Sculptural in form. Incredibly flexible. What a privilege to encounter this creature going about its life on land. But that we could behold our fellow human thus. To appreciate. … Continue reading To Behold With Admiring Heart ?


Supermarket plastic carrier bags have become an issue in Britain. Probably the case all around the world. Certain for the fish and marine life that fall foul of them under the oceans. They are a life and death issue for all of us. Plastic carrier bags at supermarkets are now no longer free encouraging shoppers … Continue reading Slick! ?

Ongoing Flowing

The river surrenders to fallen trees, bushes dead birds, marooned goat, barbed wire Oh heck! The river depth rocks jagged, rounded, to gravel, sand rolling, grinding, turning ……deeper yet. Deeper deeper. The river!  Looking up – sky Meeting parting Playing a merry dance Stretching, falling together. The river – Ah! The sky – Oh! No … Continue reading Ongoing Flowing ?

Is This….

Morecambe Bay stopping standing Still Walking running always moving Catching the air thus. In stillness and rest Stopping is Stopping is Stopping is This!

We Are The Sky

Imagine? Nearly the new year and the following came winging it’s way from Canada, via email. How fortunate we are to be alive, have good friends around the world and above all else – to know the limitless smile. "Just as the sky is not disturbed by the moon, emotions: joy, fear, anger, sadness, love … Continue reading We Are The Sky ?

Surrender Unto Dark

We live between the act of awakening and the act of surrender. Each morning, we awaken to the light and the invitation to a new day in the world of time; each night, we surrender to the dark to be taken to play in the world of dreams where time is no more. John O’Donohue … Continue reading Surrender Unto Dark ?

Surrender to Life – Audio

I gave a talk on the theme of Surrender to the Leeds Meditation Group 19th December, 2015. We were all sitting in formal meditation and I’d recommend you listen while not doing anything else.  I had it in mind before I started I’d publish it here for you all and hope you are able to … Continue reading Surrender to Life – Audio ?

Lights For All

How jolly! These trees get my vote out here in Lancashire where just down the road at St Michaels the community suffered a major flooding. All here promises a fine day with sun showing. Shyly. What ever age holiday lights can’t fail to bring uplift. Can they? Two children ran playing on the path as … Continue reading Lights For All ?

What Is – The Smile?

We are heading towards the shortest day (of daylight), that’s the 21st December. After that the turning of the year will slowly, slowly bring us into Spring and then Summer. There is a rhythm to our living is there not? However at this time of year living seems, for some, to come to a standstill. … Continue reading What Is – The Smile? ?

Facing Flooded Home With a Smile

Yes people are suffering. The rain has started again. Sodden furnature llining the streets. And one bright spark sees the funny side. Even in the midst of it all. Retaining a sense of humour helps everybody maintain a sense of proportion. Which isn’t easy given the scale of the wtecking rain in the English Lake … Continue reading Facing Flooded Home With a Smile ?


Let’s have a thought for all those impacted by the heavy rain over the past days in Scotland and Northern UK. The local river broke its banks and rushing water flowed over the playing fields just beside where I am staying. No danger of being inundated although the houses in the picture have been. Having … Continue reading Flooding ?

Spot the Typo

Hello visitors. I’ve been fully engaged since getting back from Throssel with little opportunity to write a post, or even take photographs. So, to make a start again here is a picture I took a few weeks ago. The woman who made the sign only spotted it after she had posted it. With her wonderful … Continue reading Spot the Typo ?

Chance and Choice

A long time congregation member and reader of Jade wrote the following reflecting on the killings in Paris and her personal response. The awful events in Paris on Friday evening became known to me as I snuggled down in bed with radio 4 on and then the news started coming in. My thoughts went to … Continue reading Chance and Choice ?

Join the Joy

Join the joy please. take a bite a sip of tea. Celebrating at a distance a friends… achievement. Join the joy YES! open heart soft mind. Ah but what of envy and jealousy? Of cold heavy bitterness when others achieve. Disappointment. Diminished. Loss of confidence. Recognition from ones community, hopes dashed. The list goes on … Continue reading Join the Joy ?

Turning In Turning Out

This morning I bumped into the news of what happened in Paris last night and found myself deeply shocked. I felt oddly disoriented but knew that reading more about the event, keeping up with the breaking news is not the way to go. So I did all those things that are second nature, offer a … Continue reading Turning In Turning Out ?

Life/Death – Close Together

This morning tootling along narrow Cumbrian lanes between dripping hedges following the on/off brake lights ahead. Listening to the radio. A road diversion due to flooding I presumed but unprepared for. A 20 min drive took an hour! However, good old Radio 4 had me fully engaged (as well as driving of course) with an … Continue reading Life/Death – Close Together ?

A Delicate Transformation

The marvelous envelops and saturates us like the atmosphere; but we fail to see it. Baudelaire The following quote is from the Parisian Gentleman a site I stumbled upon when searching on-line for instructions on how to do invisible mending. Their Journal post yesterday titled The Theory of How to Wear a Suit  caught my … Continue reading A Delicate Transformation ?

On a Deeper Level…..

This image speaks of beauty and vulnerability. Something I’ve been thinking about these past days, not so much in terms of appearance though. More to do with those who are alone in their home, sick or diminished in some way.  Many of whom do not have anybody to reach out to. (Your might say they … Continue reading On a Deeper Level….. ?

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