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Damascene Moments

A moment of insight, a flash of understanding, the clouds part and one sees which way to go. Be that a move in a career, a decision to study a particular subject. Or seeing into the way things are in a most fundamental way, sometimes in a very personal and intimate way.  These are Damascene … Continue reading Damascene Moments ?

Comportment vs. Deportment

Some years ago I attended a ceremony at a Christian church. My very dear second cousin was being ‘installed’ as the new incumbent of a parish near Liverpool. It was her first ‘posting’ and I was excited for her. As with the ceremonies during this week in the monastery, when people formal commitment to their … Continue reading Comportment vs. Deportment ?

To Subscribers….sorry

Whoops! You will have received a ‘work in progress’ post in your email. I published by mistake. The edited and final version will be up on line in a few hours.

Few Bells, No Whistles!

The following story of a Catholic nun, who has a huge on-line presence, is interesting in that her motivation for engaging in social media and website development was inspired by her religious vow. An early adopter too with a website developed in the 1990s then going on to produce podcasts and videos in 2004 for … Continue reading Few Bells, No Whistles! ?

The Four Noble Truths – Animation

This animation video, narrated by Stephen Fry, on the Four Noble Truths is from a BBC Radio 4 site called A History of Ideas. Other animations answer such questions as, What is Justice? and How Can I Know Right from Wrong? In charming fashion.  Learning for all ages.

The Eternal Gem

The following was first published March 9, 2012. I’m republishing it now for all those who are arriving at the monastery today to participate in the week-long retreat called Jukai. During the week a number of people will formally make their wish to practice. Simply coming here and joining in everything wholeheartedly is a remarkable … Continue reading The Eternal Gem ?

It IS Enough!

I have been going through the papers I’ve been carrying around while traveling and came across a couple of things I wrote when I first arrived at the house I stayed in on Cortez Island during the last week of February. It would seem I was pondering on ‘enough’ back then. In lighter and darker … Continue reading It IS Enough! ?

Now is Complete

I said in answer to a question about purpose: Could you conceive of the possibility that right now is complete? The above was a question I posed during a Q & A session which missed the mark but made an impression on the person sitting next to the questioner! One just never knows where one’s … Continue reading Now is Complete ?

The Cherry Blossom Blooms….

The kind woman who made it possible for me to stay on Cortes Island left some twigs of Cherry Blossom in a vase. She said, ‘I hope they bloom by the time you leave’. They have as you can see. And the sun shafts in the windows of the house by the beach while I … Continue reading The Cherry Blossom Blooms…. ?

Look Up & Let It Be

When all the brokenhearted people living in this world agree There will be an answer – Let it be. For though they may be parted There is still a chance that they will see. There will come an answer – Let it be. The Beatles This verse came in an email recently and I am … Continue reading Look Up & Let It Be ?

I Will Return, Once More

Duffy Lake, B.C. Land of the silver birch Home of the beaver Where still the mighty moose Wanders at will High on a rocky ledge I’ll build my wigwam Close to the water’s edge Silent and still My heart grows sick for thee Here in the low lands I will return to thee Hills of … Continue reading I Will Return, Once More ?

Every Day – Is Every Day – Is a Good Day

Flying tonight. Vancouver Canada to London Heathrow. Then onwards to Newcastle and Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey.

Bigger Than We Can Think

This morning on returning to my room after meditation and morning service I thought to myself, Yes, all my brain and body molecules have now arrived in the UK. And appear to be arranged as they should be. What a relief. Traveling internationally can seriously disrupt ones functioning that’s on subtle and not so subtle … Continue reading Bigger Than We Can Think ?

New Banner?

Potential new banner for Jade Mountains. While I could continue on with the banner you see above I'm thinking of using this photograph and text instead. I've used the full original title too, Jade Mountains Buddha Hall. And in case this has been lost sight of Jade Mountains refers to all trainees. Show More Summary

Walking Onwards

A path above Borrowdale, the Lake District. Over the next few days Jade Mountains will pick up and walk into a new content management system. Comments will be enabled and Jade will be back to normal functioning. _/\_ Hands together folks and fingers crossed _X_ everything goes smoothly.

Movement And Rest

A bike of delight done out in crochet, Cockermouth, Cumbria Small space for small people with brisk (AKA slide) escape route Living willow hut for children. Yes I was out and about yesterday on a trip to charming Cockermouth to attend a half day retreat at the Friends Meeting House. Show More Summary

She Who Hears The Cries Of The World

Big ear? On Field of Merit website and on our Facebook page we have been talking about Merit. If this is something you don't understand or simply think it is petitioning prayer by another name I'd suggest you take a look around and see that sincere daily life practice within the Buddhist Precepts and transferring merit or not two different practices. Show More Summary

Somewhere Else

Imagine my delight when the postman knocked on the door bringing this lovely book of poems by A.A.Milne. A gift. A couple of weeks ago when visiting sangha in Norwich I was shown a piece of university work done by a daughter studying architecture. Show More Summary

Set Free

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set her free. Michaelangelo Is that not beautiful?

Mt Shasta From Space

This shot was taken from the ISS (International Space Station) on September 20, 2012, and shows the region around Mount Shasta, a 4300 meter peak in northern California. It’s technically dormant – it erupted last in 1786. In geologically...Show More Summary

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