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Zaid Karim, Private Investigator, Part 16 – Finding Anna

Nothing about this mission had gone as planned. I’d imagined I would sneak in, find Anna, sneak out, and leave with Niko. But it’s said that no plan survives first contact with the enemy.

How the Progressive Left Wants to Change Islam in America

By Ismail Royer Last year, Christian conservatives were outraged when Wikileaks released documents revealing that a foundation linked to billionaire George Soros had invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in what the foundation described...Show More Summary

Leaving the MSA: Relationships with the Masjid

Transitioning out of college can be challenging for many when it comes to finding a role in the community. After leaving college, MSA becomes a idea of the past, the overarching structure vanishes, and people are left without a roadmap to rejoin the community. No clear path exists for those seeking to be involved, and […]

Arakan Rohingya Union Report to OIC Asks for Sanctions Against Myanmar

Arakan Rohingya Union Narrative Report to OIC on the Situation in Northern Arakan/Rakhine State, Myanmar By Dr. Wakar Uddin, Director General, Arakan Rohingya Union On July 31, 2017, three members of a Rohingya family were reportedly murdered by a Buddhist Rakhine militia group while they were working on their family farm in Rathedaung township in Northern […]

Climate Change And The Water Crisis : A Muslim Responsibility

When we think of water, we don’t initially think of life, nor do we think of our deen. The Quran mentions how all life is made of water: ???????? ???? ????????? ???????? ????? ????????????? ??????????? ???????? ??????? ???????????????? ? ??????????? ???? ???????? ????? ?????? ????? ? ??????? ??????????? “Do not those who disbelieve see that […]

A Du’aa Better than Hours of Worship

One day Prophet Muhammad (?) left the home of his wife, Juwayreyyah bint Al-Hareth (may Allah be pleased by her), to go for salatul-Fajr, the dawn Prayer, while she was worshipping Allah in her designated prayer area at home. After several hours, during the time of Duha, in the forenoon, the Prophet (?) returned home […]

Zaid Karim, Private Investigator, Part 15 – Ouagadiri Island

There was no way I could challenge the security forces on that island and survive. Our plan, therefore, was based entirely on stealth.

The Glorious Virtues of Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa

When speaking about Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa the third holiest sight in Islam, many Muslims are familiar with the hadith of the Prophet as reported by Bukhari and Muslim ?????? ????? ??????? ????????????? ?- ??? ???? ??? ?- ?????: ????? ??????? ???????? ?- ??? ???? ???? ???? ?-: { ??? ??????? ??????????? ?????? ????? ????????? ?????????: ???????????? […]

3 Things Your Imam/Shaykh Wishes You Knew About Them

1.They have their own struggles Allah did not create all human beings the same. He says, “And He is the one who made you successors of the earth and raised some of you in ranks over others, so that He may test you in what He has given you…”(6:165). Just as we all have different […]

Zaid Karim, Private Investigator, Part 14 – Panama, a Dream of Love

People walked in every direction, tarp-covered carts sold street food, young men washed windshields with dirty bucket water, well-dressed black women performed manicures in makeshift booths, and old men and women sold lottery tickets in large wooden racks...

Climate Change And The Water Crisis : A Muslim Responsibility

By Khaled Dardir When we think of water, we don’t initially think of life, nor do we think of our deen. The Quran mentions how all life is made of water: ???????? ???? ????????? ???????? ????? ????????????? ??????????? ???????? ??????? ???????????????? ? ??????????? ???? ???????? ????? ?????? ????? ? ??????? ??????????? “Do not those who […]

The Prophet and Secrets To A Good Death

The patient couldn’t speak now, but she motioned to my pen. I handed it to her with her own notes – a mistake in retrospect. I need not have worried as she was in no fit state to read. She scribbled on words that broke my heart. “Doctor, I’m dying aren’t I?” I whispered back “Yes.” […]

Zaid Karim, Private Investigator, Part 13 – The First Thing is Loyalty

I put a hand over my eyes, shutting out the bright sunlight. I felt like crying or shouting. No, I told myself. Pray instead. Pray. Allah hears and cares. I believed that down to my bones.

Humpty Dumpty: A Subtle look at Human Interaction

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men Couldn’t put Humpty together again “It is easier to build strong children than to fix broken men” Frederick Douglas The story of Humpty Dumpty’s fall from his seemingly comfortable position on the wall is […]

Surah Hud Has Made Me Grow Old

The title of this article comes from a ?adith.It is a Prophetic narration which amazed me the first time I came across it, and continues to do so every time I reread it. It is in some ways at the essence of an issue I am deeply passionate about; Quranic contemplation. It epitomises for us […]

Hajj from Home

By Dunia Shuaib [BONUS: Free downloadable “Dhul Hijjah – 10 Easy Good Deeds Tracker” (link at end of article)]   It is a great favor and blessing that Allah has made for His servants; periods of time in which good deeds are magnified and multiplied. All praise and thanks is due to Allah for gifting […]

Zaid Karim, Private Investigator, Part 12 – Fever Dreams

Panic badgered its way into my mental haven of tranquility. Not my arm! These barbarians were going to hack off my arm! I struggled to get free. Blurred faces swam before me. I heard a shout and felt arms holding me down.

Turn to Allah During The Solar Eclipse | Salat al Kusoof

by Shaykha Asma Bhaiyat As a solar eclipse is expected today, it is important that as Muslims we understand the Islamic perspective of such an event along with its pertinent rulings. Solar and lunar eclipses are reminders of the Day of Judgment, when the sun, moon, and stars will lose their light. Allah ta’ala says […]

5 Ways The Gas Station Owner Mentality Is Killing Our Masjids

Why is it that a large number of Muslim communities in North America are all struggling with the same issues? Board politics. Getting rid of good community leaders. Incessant focus on fundraising at all costs. Clearly, these issues can’t be logistical. They wouldn’t be this prevalent if they were. It’s almost as if there is […]

Spiritual Preparation for Hajj

Hajj is first and foremost a spiritual journey. The end goal of Hajj is simple–receive the gift of complete forgiveness of all of your past sins. All you have to do is complete the mandatory requirements of each ritual and step of Hajj while avoiding a few critical mistakes and the gift of forgiveness is […]

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