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Ramadan Offers an Excellent “Weight Control” Strategy

By Ahmed Motiar In June, more than 1.5 billion Muslims around the world will begin to observe Ramadan. For Muslims fasting is a religious obligation (al-Qur'an 2:183), it being the fourth pillar of Islam. Yet fasting is also an excellent “weight control” strategy. The key point is not “weight loss” but rather “weight control”. While […]

Walking Without Seeing the Path

I have often found myself at the crossroads. The greatest decisions I've made in my life have been at the fork of the road, often with two distinct goals. While one road is well paved,  some of my loftier goals have paths that are not well trodden.  More often than not,  I have been drawn […]

Islamic Pedagogy and Critical Thinking: Does Islamic Pedagogy Want Critical Thinkers?

ecent discussions about the critical thinking skills of students who graduate from Islamic religious institutions have brought to question the aims of an Islamic pedagogy and the capacity for religious institutions in general to instill critical thinking abilities in students. Show More Summary

Cry Baby Politics and Victim Culture: Lynching the Muslims

'Beware of “cry baby politics,” wherein whoever cries the most and has the biggest tantrum is counted as the victim. Some of the greatest evil comes from those who operate under the guise of victimhood while they are in fact the transgressors. Every victim doesn't shed tears and seek public sympathy. Many suffer in silence, […]

Umrah #23: Nobody Walks Away From This Place Empty-Handed

When your name gets called in the thrown room, you know you've hit the jackpot! Ramadan of 1998 was my first trip for Umrah. A gift from my parents for graduating from The University of Michigan. I remember descending into the valley of Mecca like it was yesterday— moving closer to the object of desire. […]

You Don’t Matter. Our Image Does

'And here is the tragedy. Muslims, African-Americans, and other oppressed groups learn that suffering is something they must endure “for the greater good.” So private abuses and traumas are kept quiet so as to not upset or disrupt an already fragile reputation and tenuous image. You don't cry out when you're in pain, and you […]

Candid Convertsations: Q&A with Imam Suhaib Webb

Date: March 2016 Location: Madinah, KSA Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the following article are solely those of the interviewee, and do not represent those of Muslimmatters in general. The following article discusses the intricacies and challenges of Fiqh with regards to convert Muslims. As always, we strongly advise to seek personal and […]

A Life-Changing Dua of Unimaginable Proportions

There are many ways to vastly change one's life through sincere, consistent supplications. The following du'a is undoubtedly life-changing, spiritually, emotionally, and even materially. What follows is the translation of the hadith, the original text, the transliteration, and lastly, the apparent benefits of the du'a. Show More Summary

One Night In Aleppo… Will Change You

Innovation isn't something that most Muslim organisations are accused of lately. We tend to be behind the curve on most things, if we're even on it at all. So when I got an invite to a unique experiential event called “One night in Aleppo”, I was keen to see what it was all about. Organised […]

Stats not Stories: Problems with our Islamic History

Admit it. You're bored by Islamic History. Sure, you might say that you find it fascinating, but the likelihood is that you are far more likely to be enamoured by the idea of what Islamic history should be like rather than the history itself. How can I justify saying this? Well, lets take any other aspect of […]

Five Surprising Places To Find Islamic History In The United States

By Furqan Shaikh In the current climate of political rhetoric against Islam and Muslims, it can be hard to remember that the United States has always been a country that has respected and acknowledged the contributions of people, places and ideas from outside its borders. While we often think of its inheritance from Greece or […]

An Open Letter to Moms with Daughters Looking to Get Married

Dear Aunty, The biggest mistake I have seen mothers make when it comes to their daughters who are looking to get married is that mothers unreasonably pressure their daughters to change essential parts of their identities just for the sake of a “husband,” who is entirely abstract and imaginary at this point.  One of the […]

Judging People As Good Is Also Prejudice

“Too much admiration breeds contempt. It is better, I think, to just be understood.” —the character Salima in His Other Wife by Umm Zakiyyah ~ “It's not good when Pakistani girls marry Black men,” she said to me. I sat behind the desk in my office trying to maintain a pleasant expression. It was moments […]

An Issue with Slavery | Dr Hatem Al Haj

By Dr Hatem Al Haj The issue of slavery may be of the hardest issues to discuss. Our collective conscience as a global community is extremely averse to the discussion because of a variety of factors, not least of which is the cruel treatment slaves suffered for centuries. Many preachers find it difficult to talk […]

Pornography and Breaking Patterns of Destructive Behavior – #Connection with Belal Khan

Back in the 1950s when Hitchcock released Psycho, the motion picture association sent the picture back. They couldn't approve film because the of scene where, Norman the killer, was going after the woman in the shower was way too exposed. It's said that Hitchcock sat on the rejected film and then later resubmitted without changes. The film was then approved. […]

Five Courageous Ways To Respond To Anti-Muslim Hatred

By Fatima Barkatulla It was the day after the second Paris attack. Our local Muslim school sent parents a text-message telling them that security guards would flank the school gates the next day. Messages were flying around, complete with fuzzy CCTV footage of Muslim women who had been verbally or physically attacked in public places, […]

Can CVE Mean An End to Islamic Inheritance?

  The United States is one of few countries in the world that has testamentary free alienation of property. What this means is that you can give whatever you want to whomever you want in whatever manner is that you want, for the most part (inheritance is governed by states and there are exceptions). Do […]

On “Muslim” Issues: Choosing Humanity

By Hiba Akhtar Someone texted a friend of mine a few weeks ago looking for khutbah topics. “Flint,” she replied. It seemed obvious. We live in a country in which elected representatives of a state have actively and quietly made the decision to harm their own residents by forcing them to consume and bathe in […]

Quran Before, During and after Ramadan

By KN Gratwick     Some of us excel in math, some in fine arts (and there is of course the rare talent who does both). Our interests may be equally if not more so disparate, as environmental activists and coin collectors. And our professions may differentiate us still further, as neurosurgeons, homemakers and school […]

Candid Convertsations: Q&A with Imam Suhaib Webb

Candid Convertsations: A Q&A with imam Suhaib Webb Date: March 2016 Location: Madinah, KSA Recently, I had the privilege of sitting with religious scholar and Snapchatter extraordinaire, imam Suhaib Webb during his most recent visit to the city of Madinah. We spoke in his hotel room about some of the challenges facing the convert community […]

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