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All Life is Sacred: Thoughts on Paris

By Sheikh Sajid Umar My dear brothers and sisters, we live in trying times and are witnessing days of hardship as frequently as we see our families – May Allah protect us! Ameen – What follows are a few words of caution for you to consider: 1. In Islam life is sacred and murder will […]

Trump Wants ID Badges for Muslims But He’s Behind the Times

Over the past few days, many have expressed alarm about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's remarks saying he would “absolutely” consider special ID registration for Muslims. But what seems to have been missed in the controversy is the fact that such a registration system already exists in quite a robust form. The fact of the matter is […]

The Dark Business of the Journey of Light – Hajj Fraud

Last year I wrote the following story for The Muslim Link newspaper. There has been an update on the case. The Civil Rights team at CAIR- Chicago worked with the victims in collecting evidence of the fraud and with their permission, reported it to law enforcement. “The defendant, Rashid Minhas, perpetuated two separate schemes against victims in the United States, […]

A Ribbon of Mercy

I believe in the divine plan. I do. I have read up on Islamic eschatology. I know that the current climate of strife and warfare and persecution of Muslims is a central part of the narrative around the end of times. For all that to happen, I believe all this has to happen. I believe […]

Ouroboros, Parts 8 & 9 – The Man Who Might Have Been

This, Jamilah thought, is what he would look like if he had never gone missing, never been perverted into something evil. This is the grown-up Charlie who might have been.

Texas Falls Victim to Terror

Terror has taken over Texas. Not with guns or bombs, but with fear and xenophobia. Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, the state in which I live (sometimes to my embarrassment), sent President Obama a letter today informing him that the state of Texas will not accept any Syrian refugees, and he urges the President to stop […]

ISIS and Its Faulty Logic

I want to state that this is not a rant against the 'West' or 'Europeans' or 'Americans' or any such grouping. I am more than aware that we, the ordinary people of every country today, are each equally helpless in the context of influencing our governments to be accountable to us and not to take […]

Responding to Paris Prophetically

  “Don't they see that they are tested every year once or twice, yet they don't repent and they don't take heed?” 9:126 Do the people think that they will be left to say, “We believe” and they will not be tried? Trial By Design Trials are in this world by design. Nothing happens without […]

The Paris Massacre, Assessing the Muslim Response

I do not regard lightly, the loss of any innocent life that Allah has made inviolable. Innocent life is sacred, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, nationality, or ethnicity. It is Allah who grants life to whomever He pleases, and no one has a legitimate right to take that life unjustly. When people die, other […]

8 Signs of Extremists According to the Prophet ? | Yahya Ibrahim

Muslims are struggling to understand that people can murder in their name and the Name of our Lord. It is easy to simply say that these are just crazy people, or had a troubled upbringing or are paid by others to do this to make Muslims in general look bad or be a catalyst for […]

7 Steps: Defeating Depression [LIVE WEBINAR]

Welcome to MuslimMatters' Free Mental Health Webinar Torn between seeking medical or religious advice to #DefeatDepression? Dr Muhammad Wajid Akhter says: you don't have to choose. “In my role as a general practitioner and previously having worked in acute mental health units, I have seen the profound toll that depression can take on individuals and […]

What Muslims Are Saying About The Paris Attacks

A series of six alleged terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night have left at least 120 dead and many wounded. Here is a collection of tributes, condolences and reactions from Muslim scholars and leaders all over the world on social media: Zambia #ParisAttacks Terrorism has no faith & knows no boundaries. Our thoughts are with victims & […]

Ambassadors Of Good Will: On Manners and Marketing

Islam teaches us to be humble, tolerant and position ourselves to be the servants of humanity. There is serenity and bliss in this simplicity. Simplicity in good manners is the way of the Prophet ? and the pleasure of the heavens.

Mizzou in the Eyes of Non-Black People of Color

For non-Black people of color specifically, the Mizzou protests and the broader Black Lives Matter Movement have been instructive in two principal ways. First, they emphasize that contesting and combatting anti-Black racism is more than just part and parcel of fighting racism at large – but a prerequisite step for advancing the struggle to end a system of racial oppression.

Depression & Muslims: 7 Stats That Will Shock You

There will generally be two reactions to this post: A) If you're not depressed, you will feel that this has no relevance to you and therefore you're probably only here due to the click bait nature of the title. Or B) If you are depressed, the natural course of the disease usually renders you feeling […]

Prayer On The Field Should Not Be A Problem

Somehow, some way, a scene that has played out over a thousand Friday nights in thousands of towns across the United States has recently become a source of national controversy centered in a small Navy-base town in Washington state. Last month, the Bremerton (Wash.) School District placed Joe Kennedy, an assistant football coach at Bremerton […]

Waiting For My Veteran Father

By Wendy Diaz When I was in 5th grade, around 10 or 11 years old, I was blessed to be placed in the classroom of who would become my favorite teacher of all time, Ms. Rosa Lee Watts. She was a strict, authoritarian educator in a Texas military base elementary school, who rarely showed a […]

Why Women Really Compete With Each Other

By Shani Banks and Sumayyah T. The New York Times article “Why Women Compete With Each Other” attempts to delve into the psychological reasons as to why women are infamously noted for rivaling and undercutting each other.  The article discusses potential biological and social factors that make it seemingly imperative for women to compete with […]

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