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And the Male Is Not like the Female: Sunni Islam and Gender Nonconformity

This article contains many extensive notes, rendered here as end notes. Click here to download a PDF version in footnote format for easier reading and navigation of the notes. “And the male is not like the female” [1] I. Introduction In April 2015, Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete Bruce Jenner declared publicly his formal reconstitution as a […]

The Art of Dream Interpretation – Part II

A methodological approach to ancient Sunni dream interpretation: Without a doubt, among the types of knowledge and the varieties of inherited wisdom with which scholars occupy themselves, there is none more obscure, necessary, exalted, and more challenging than the dream interpretation and analysis. The ancient scholars would deliberate upon the Book of Allah and the […]

Questioning Authority in the Pursuit of Islamic Learning

Muhammad al-Hasan Wald al-Dadaw (b.1383/1963) (also known as Shaykh Muhammad al-Hassan al-Amin Walid al-Didu al-Shanqiti, Dedew) is a contemporary Mauritanian scholar who is rarely described without resorting to superlatives. He is certainly one of the most impressive ‘ulama of his generation. Show More Summary

Living Ramadan Year-Round

Whoever amongst us pursued mercy and blessings in Ramadan, know that Ramadan has passed. But whoever desires mercy and blessings from Allah constantly, know that Allah is present and Ever-Living and will never pass. Allah is waiting for you throughout the year and his doors are open throughout the year and his Vast Mercy is […]

How To Neutralize the Violent Jihadist Pull

By: Yaya J. Fanusie. Yaya is a former CIA counterterrorism analyst. He is the director of analysis at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies’ Center on Sanctions and Illicit Finance. He tweets at @signcurve and produces a personal storytelling podcast about his journey to Islam and working in national security called Rhythm of Wisdom. The […]

The Art of Dream Interpretation

  The Quran and Sunnah are full of discussions regarding dreams. Dreams are a firm part of the human experience. The most famous discussion regarding dream interpretation is vividly portrayed through the life mission of the great Prophet Yusuf (Joseph). Yusuf in fact was strengthened by Allah with the ability to interpret visions. Allah […]

New To The Faith? 10 Pieces Of Advice For Converts To Islam And To Those Discovering Their Faith

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Joint Statement: Muslim Leaders Condemn US Airstrike

The below is a non-partisan open statement signed by Muslim Imams, scholars and activists from various schools of thought and organisations in predominantly English-speaking countries to condemn the killing of hundreds of innocent men, women and children in Iraq due to US coalition-led airstrikes in March. Show More Summary

10 Things Hasan Minhaj’s Homecoming King Invites Us To Do

Hasan Minhaj’s comedy special on Netflix, Homecoming King, is simply amazing.  His honesty, talent for telling stories and jokes, and integrity to himself create an important space for dialogue and action. I felt inspired by Homecoming King to do the following 10 things in my own life and hope that all of us will participate […]

This Eid A Uyghur Muslimah Tells Her Story

By Gulnaz Uighur My name is Gulnaz and I am a Uyghur Muslim. My place of birth is East Turkestan but the world knows it as ‘Xinjiang’ because China says so. When I was a child, entering my teenage years as an eleven year old, my family fled Xinjiang and at that time I had […]

Lessons On Compassion For Our Troubled World From The Prophet Muhammad [saw]

By Sajda Khan Fourteen hundred years ago, amid a cradle of turmoil, in the scorching barren desert of Makkah, the last Prophet of Islam, Muhammad was born. His birth marked a momentous era in history. For the one and a half billion Muslims in the world today, he is the last and greatest of the […]

Ramadan in the Land of Ramen

I felt rather ambivalent about my first trip to Japan last summer. I was certainly ecstatic about the opportunity to visit the country for a research trip; it had been a lifelong dream to visit the land of ramen, sushi and Honda Civics. However, my trip was supposed to fall during Ramadan and I wasn’t […]

Bernie Sanders And The Mirage of Religious Freedom

Is the view that only Christians can go to Heaven an expression of islamophobia? Or is it just a basic tenet of (many denominations of) Christianity? Or is it both? Last week, Bernie Sanders opposed President Trump’s nominee for deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget, Russell Vought. His opposition was predicated on […]

The 401(k) Zakat Shelter

By Shaykh Osman Umarji and Ahmed Shaikh One of the primary objectives of Islam is the development, preservation, and equitable distribution of wealth in society, and Zakat is the main vehicle for social and economic justice. Charitable giving is considered a proof of faith and withholding charity considered as a serious offense. Thus, when Abu […]

Grenfell: 5 Questions About The London Fire That Need To Be Answered

There has already been a mountain of information written about the devastating fire in a West London tower block. But, like the building itself, so much remains shrouded in dark smoke and ash that residents and ordinary citizens are left wondering, what in the world is going on? I’m no conspiracy theorist, but as the […]

Finding Solace in the Midst of Pain

We are bombarded with news of destruction, famine, war and loss of lives. Each new day we hear stories about hypocrisy, deception and misguidance. We are struggling with our shortcomings, trials and tribulations in our lives and in our relationships. Our hearts are wavering between being overwhelmed and feeling numb from all the chaos. What […]

Why Pakistan Must Not Side With the Saudi bloc Against Qatar

As is often the case during regional conflicts, outside players with strong ties to the region, may feel compelled to toe the line to one of the parties. Thus, in the latest conflict between Qatar and Saudi/UAE/Egypt ( “Saudi bloc”), Pakistan found itself walking a diplomatic and economic tightrope. That is, until the last few […]

On maintaining work-life balance while memorizing the Quran

Way back in 2011 I was able to witness the memorization ceremony of a convert Muslimah, sister Julie. She had been Muslim for a few years up until that point and had just completed committing the Quran to memory. I conducted a brief interview with her and picked her brain on how she maintained a […]

How No To Be A Loser on The Night of Decree

Bismillah You and I, if we lived long enough to witness The Night of Decree this year, which occurs on one of the last 10 nights of Ramadan, and did not utilize its blessings, then we are a bunch of losers and would be humiliated, as simple as it sounds. Prophet Muhammad (?) said: “????? […]

Charity Is A Blessing For Us All

by Arthur Richards Charity, Charity, Charity. A word that seems to echo throughout the masjid halls during this auspicious month of Ramadan. Words that seem to be snuck into the Friday sermon in an effort to get you when you least expect it, and jolt you into giving (if you’re not already sleeping). During this […]

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