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There’s No Place Like Home | Drama Mama

A few months ago, shortly after it had become certain who was going to be the next American president, my husband sighed, “Well, there goes the doctorate.” Even though we’re Canadian citizens, Hums’ PhD dreams have long lurked around the small streets and big name institutions of Boston’s academic hub. “No, no, of course you […]

When He Leaves For Her: An Unaccepted Reality In Our Communities

By Umm Aasiya I’ll never forget the morning I found out that my husband was having an emotional affair with one of my close friends. They were sharing intimate thoughts, desires, and feelings of love with each other. I paced back and forth in the living room where the memories we made were now broken. […]

Zaid Karim, Private Investigator, Part 3 – $40 In the Hand

I needed information about Angie’s family. The most likely person to supply the information was Tarek, but I had no idea where to find him.

The Muslim Response To Islamophobia is Destroying Us From Within

American Muslims are scared and rightfully so. Many are worried about what the future might hold with Trump’s presidency and the increase in public expressions of Islamophobia being spewed right and left. While fear is a valid emotion and is necessary in waking us up out of complacency, it can also lead to negative consequences. […]

Apology without Apologetics | Jonathan Brown

So I’ve learned a few things over the last couple of days. First, I want to apologize to those hurt by how I addressed the topic of slavery in Islam. I should listen to my wife more.  She always tells me that I talk about things too much like a scholar and not enough like […]

Is beer Halal according to Hanafi Fiqh?

You might be forgiven for thinking so if you believed the recent viral posting of an Egyptian Sheikh (link) declaring that to be the case. Before you rush out to your local convenience store to celebrate, it is better to get the complete picture of the religious ruling, and that is the purpose of this article. […]

Zaid Karim, Private Investigator, Part 2 – Private Defective

Seeing the Anwars enter through my door, I could not have been more surprised if it had been Barack and Michelle Obama dressed in evening wear and top hats. That was the moment everything changed for me, for better and for worse, though I did not know it at the time.

Is Ghusl Obligatory Upon The New Muslim? | Abdullah Hasan

Q. When non-Muslims embrace Islam, is ghusl (bathing) obligatory upon them? The process of becoming a Muslim is very straightforward and undemanding. Allah desires ease for people and does not want to place difficulty on them. If a person has firm yaqeen (conviction) and iman (belief) that Islam is the truth, it is sufficient for […]

The Trouble with CVE Cash for Muslim Groups

(need links where bolded) MPAC is a unique organization in the American Muslim community. They have a strong record of serving the interests of police, at one point including supporting racial and ethnic profiling, promoting this position, then denying they ever did that. Show More Summary

Counsel To Muslim Social Justice Activists

Islam is a faith concerned with the wellbeing of all humankind. Like other Abrahamic religions, it combines service to God with service to humanity. It is focused neither exclusively on the hereafter nor solely on sociopolitical concerns. If the most recent US elections exposed the gravity of polarization in American society, it also uncovered a […]

By the Pen: Black History Month

“And He taught Adam the names – all of them.” (Qur’an 2:31) Colonial historians depicted Africans as peoples without a history, while exceptionalizing African Muslim civilizations because they had written records. But civilizations without literature still have histories. Show More Summary

Zaid Karim, Private Investigator, Part 1 – Temptation

At the age of 30, Zaid Karim feels worn out. An ex-convict working as a private investigator, Zaid is broke, separated from his wife and daughter, and out of options. When a despised figure from his past enters his office with an offer of $10,000 to find a missing child, Zaid has no choice but to take the case. Show More Summary

Trump Makes Praying at Airports Cool Again

Such were the cheers protesters chanted as thousands across the US gathered at airports to express their disapproval of Trump’s unprecedented travel ban from seven Muslim-majority countries. The executive order, disguised as a security measure, only affected innocent families and vulnerable refugees fleeing war and looking for safety. Show More Summary

Walk the Walk: Network, Organize, and Strengthen your Community

By Najiyah Maxfield March On! After a brief respite to put my feet up and catch my breath after the Women’s March, which I attended with two of my daughters and three granddaughters, I’m standing back up this morning and venturing out to become involved in the real work of building a supportive, just and sustainable community. […]

President Trump and Modern Muslim Emotionalism

The Prophet ? advised; “don’t get angry”, yet, anger is arguably the single most unifying emotion of Muslims today. When it comes to Muslims, anger is the emotion that people appeal to the most to get an expected response and it is the single emotion that we all seem to find common ground upon. One […]

BlackMuslimBan | Take Down the Wall in Your Hearts

It’s encouraging to see what happens when, despite our differences, we come together for the greater good. Seeing droves of people around the nation and world stand up with us against the unjust #MuslimBan gives me hope for a better world. However, I can’t help wondering what we as a Muslim community in America are […]

Uber Takes on Mass Deletions from Ties to Trump’s Muslim Ban

  Solidarity amidst chaos and confusion Since Friday January 20, 2017 the Department of Homeland Security and TSA have been honoring the executive order of the Trump administration to prohibit entry for people from a handful of Muslim Majority countries. Show More Summary

Everyday Trump is Signing off on an American Spring

Our reality just set in Donald John Trump took an oath of office, on a bible, for the Presidency of The United States of America, Friday January 20, 2017. His campaign, positioned as the calvary for white working class Americans collected the hearts and minds of his supporters like staples to magnets. Show More Summary

Executive Order on ‘Muslim Ban’ – What Do We Know

President Donald Trump is preparing to issue an executive order dramatically restricting refugee admissions to the U.S. and denying visas to individuals from countries his administration deems high-risk, according to congressional and advocacy organization sources briefed on a draft. Show More Summary

The Inauguration of Ignorance Impedes The Eradication of Extremism  

President Donald J. Trump wants to unite the world against what he calls “Radical Islamic Terrorism”, but by his own admission, he has yet to figure out “what the hell is going” when it comes to why such violence is occurring. He doesn’t...Show More Summary

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