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More of Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Intimacy for Muslim Couples

Intimacy Matters with Haleh Banani, Saba Syed and Hena Zuberi: Erroneous Eastern Cultural Beliefs about Female Sexuality For mature audiences only Watch Introduction here Click here to watch the video: Why many women do not want to engage intimately with their husbands? – Erroneous cultural beliefs about female sexuality (Sex is dirty. Show More Summary

MuslimKidsMatter | Inspiring Quotes from Islamic Children’s Books

Children's books have a special charm, unlike any other medium. It is through these, seemingly simple books, that inconspicuous truths are etched in the minds of the readers, the impact of which is felt without even realising and lasts long after the books have been read. Show More Summary

Keeping our Brothers and Sisters in Islam

????? ??? ?? ???????? ? ?????? ? ?????? ??? ???? ???????? ????? ???? ??? ??????? ? ??????? ? ??? ??? ? ?????? ? ?? ??? ?????? ? ???? ????? ??? ??? ?????. ) ??????????? ????????? ????? ?????? ??? ???????????? ???????? ????? ?????????? ??????????(   All praises belong to All?h. Show More Summary

A Reaction’s Potential

Since moving to Flushing, NY 8 months ago, I have passed by the John Bowne House countless times. The sign outside of this historical monument reads: “Bowne House: A Shrine to Religious Freedom Since 1662”. In 1656, when the town ofShow More Summary

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Intimacy for Muslim Couples

Men and women have different needs but BOTH men and women are sensual beings and they BOTH need sensual fulfillment. The post Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Intimacy for Muslim Couples appeared first on

FearBusters: Fear of Criticism

See Introduction: FearBusters: Conquering our Fears See Part 1: Fear of Poverty Part 2: Fear of Criticism Let me describe a scenario to you and you tell me if it sounds familiar to you or not. You have a big decision to make in life and in you're certain that in your heart you know […] The post FearBusters: Fear of Criticism appeared first on

The Riddle of Life by Dr. Ragheb El-Sergani

I have pondered a great deal over the rise of nations, and this lead me to notice something truly marvelous – namely that the preparatory phase would always take a very long time, sometimes decades, while the phase of establishment is...Show More Summary

Muscle Matters: Does Bodybuilding Have A Place In Islam?

What is excellence without exposure? While the devout Muslim wakes up and goes to bed striving for rewards bestowed by none other than Allah, the world in which we live pushes us to pursue awards made and distributed by man. Our best entertainers validate their performances with Grammys, Emmys, Tonys and Oscars. Show More Summary

Teaching Your Kids Time Management

My wife home schools our children, and the one issue that we had with our eldest daughter was procrastination. Masha'Allah, she's very intelligent and does well in school, but one pain point we experienced was that she would really drag her feet in getting work done promptly. Show More Summary

FearBusters: Fear of Poor Health

See Previous parts: FearBusters: Conquering our Fears, Part 1, Part 2 Part 3: Fear of Poor Health This is probably the one fear in this series that I have a hard time completely wrapping my head around. Maybe some of you who have had this fear can share more about it below in the comments. Show More Summary

Practicing Islam in Long, Long Prayer Garments

A response to “Practicing Islam in Short Shorts” “I suppose it's natural to feel judged when we know we're not living right. Our guilty conscience projects on everything around us. Innocent laughter becomes mockery. A fleeting frown becomes scorn. Show More Summary

Muslims, Muggles, and Musallahs

This was originally posted on   It was always dark by the time I finished the journey there from an hour away. But I didn't mind?—?the smooth nighttime drive was always a sort of therapy that I came to look forward to. Like many in my generation, I had graduated college and held a few […] The post Muslims, Muggles, and Musallahs appeared first on

The Fallacy of Philosophical Logic & Reasoning An Insight into Ibn Taymiyya’s Radd ‘ala al-Mantiqiyyin

The great British philosopher, logician and mathematician, Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970) wrote in his autobiography (1950, p. 395): When I survey my life, it seems to me to be a useless one, devoted to impossible ideals. My activities...Show More Summary

Special Delivery: Flowers for the Mean Lady

It was a hot summer day. I had just graduated from high school and was working a summer job to make some side money for college. I was a flower delivery guy – bringing happiness to people and getting paid $7.50 an hour at the same time. It didn't get much better than that. This […] The post Special Delivery: Flowers for the Mean Lady appeared first on

FearBusters: Fear of Poverty

See Introduction: FearBusters: Conquering our Fears Part 1: Fear of Poverty A few months ago, I was in the mountains of Colombia while helping a friend film a documentary movie.  On our way to a shoot, we passed by a very poor, small town in which all of the people were in the middle of […] The post FearBusters: Fear of Poverty appeared first on

5 Ways to Protect Your Teen from Joining ISIS

By Walid Darab Terrorist groups like ISIS use social media like Twitter to recruit young impressionable minds. They rely on teens who have a “restrictive” household and offer them lies like “freedom, excitement, purpose and belonging.” Teens tend to fall for these lies because their prefrontal cortex is not fully developed. Show More Summary

Respectfully, Mr. President: American Muslims are not Afraid

Dear President Barack Obama, You mentioned in a recent Los Angeles Times op-ed: “But we know that many Muslim Americans across our country are worried and afraid.” Gee, Mr. President, with all due respect, did any Muslim American leader...Show More Summary

Rebuilding Community Trust: Consulting Tools to Drive Mosque Growth and Efficiency

By Wadud Hassan  A Study on the Islamic Center of Nashville An edited version originally published in the Islamic Horizon Jan/Feb 2015 issue Yusuf Islam also known as the recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Cat Stevens, who came...Show More Summary

Muslims Predict Jesus Will Defeat ISIS, Beginning in 2015

This was originally posted on the Huffington Post  By Dr. David Liepert Canadian Muslim Leader, Spokesperson, Author and Educator All right, it might not start until 2016, these things can be awfully hard to predict exactly. However,...Show More Summary

Diversity in Community Representation at the White House Meet with Obama

Crossposted from the Muslim Link By Hena Zuberi For the first time in his two terms in the Oval Office, on February 6, 2015, President Obama met with leaders of the Muslim community for an hour-long 'frank and open exchange with the President'. Show More Summary

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