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10 Steps On How To Build A Successful Youth Department At Your Islamic Center

By Hanan Said Community; noun; a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Being a community is hard. It takes effort. Being a community that gets everyone involved; black, white, women, men, youth, elderly – is even harder. The one group of people masajid are losing at […]

Junaid Jamshed: A Spiritual Role Model for American Muslims

By Saira Zafir   “Before coming into this effort [of dawah], I wanted to emulate the best singers in the world. When I joined this effort, I asked the people, ‘Who is it that excelled above all others in this path?’ They told me, ‘It was the Prophet.’ So I decided on that day that […]

Mosque: Back To The Future

On a scale of things that many non-Muslims wouldn’t want built anywhere near where they live, the mosque probably comes somewhere between a landfill and Ebola sanatorium. It’s not that they are racist, Islamophobic, or elitist (although a proportion are), but they are definitely afraid. This stems from a fear of the unknown or a […]

Seerah Competition 2017 Essay – Sofia Aleem

Allah sent Prophet Muhammad as a prophet to guide people to Islam, but also as a role model. As Muslims, we are supposed to study his life, his experiences, his difficulties and take lessons from him because he was the closest to being a perfect person. His story comes with a lot of lessons but […]

Choosing a Good Quran Teacher

One of the most challenging things that Muslim parents can face in their children’s Islamic education is teaching their kids how to read the Qur’an in Arabic. In my own Qur’an reading education as a child, I unfortunately was taught by an Indian woman from South Africa who had no idea how to read the […]

Changing Our Role with Climate Change

One recent summer, the temperature was abnormally high and above average. A tweet went out from a Washington D.C tarmac concerning a delayed flight. “ Why is my flight canceled? Because DC is so d#%n hot that our plane sank 4’’ into the pavement.” This was indeed true, and the black pavement looked like wet […]

Wahed Is Making Halal Investing Accessible, Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi Joins

Conventional financial institutions have successfully utilized technology to create a seamless online  experience for the user. Unfortunately, halal investing has not kept pace in this regard. Opening a halal investment account can often be time consuming and inconvenient for the normal investor. Show More Summary

Seerah Competition 2017 Essay – Haneen Hasan

“I bear witness that Muhammad is NOT the last messenger of Allah.” I imagine it was something along these lines that Ammar bin Yasir was forced to say after the torture he saw his parents face. Ammar saw a lot of hardship in his life. He was tortured relentlessly, until he was screaming out in pain, […]

Become A Villager | Sh Yawar Baig

In 1985, when I was studying at the IIM Ahmedabad, our Professor of Organization Behaviour (OB) Area was Prof. Pulin Garg. One day he told us a very interesting story which has remained in my mind all these decades. He told us that some years earlier Ford Foundation, the American NGO, did a project to […]

Who Really Are The Ones Possessed By Evil Jinn?

by: Mohammad Akram Nadwi ?The worst and the lowest of human effort is the effort of those who seek out fellow-human beings in desperate need – it may be grave sickness, dire poverty or ignorance – and exploit that need to extort money from them and enjoy dominance over them. Moreover, many who do this […]

Seerah Competition 2017 Essay – Aina Zaidi

“How do I deal with a difficulty in comparison to the people before us?” This is the question we should all ask ourselves when reading the Makkan Seerah. The Prophet ’s entire life was plagued with obstacle after obstacle, yet he overcome each and every one and proved himself to Allah. Not once did he […]

One Out Of Many Reasons To Fall In Love With Prophet Muhammad ?

There are many means that one can take to fall in love with Prophet Muhammad ? such as by learning about his character, benefits of loving him, harms of not loving him, etc. However, one of the greatest ways to love Prophet Muhammad ? is simply by knowing how much good he has done to […]

A New Reality : Responding to Suicide

By Ayan Nur and Mariam Kandil “Abdullah had been asking for help, but we didn’t get it... He was a nice kid. Always polite and respectful — the kind of kid every parent dreamed of. But he had struggled. His father was known to be hot-headed and a number of times people […]

Inheritance Loopholes! For Girls!

One of the topics that came up at a recent Muslim lawyers’ conference I recently attended was the way attorneys like myself handle the values that we have as Muslims and combine them with the laws of whatever jurisdiction we practice in.   A professor spoke, noting that we have been trashing much of what […]

An Acquaintance- A Young Adult Novel

Why I wrote this Novel: For almost 20 years, I’d been involved in Muslim communities throughout the U.S. (and the Middle East now). I’ve worked with families, couples and especially the youth. In these years, as much as I tried to help others, I also learned from others and went from being extreme in my […]

A Piece of Advice To Newly Weds

This was an advice that was shared and recorded during a wedding of two young Muslims in Queens, New York. It was as follows: In the name of Allah, and all praise is due to Allah and may His peace and blessings be upon His prophet. Newly Weds, this is a great honor for me […]

The Day My Husband Fell

By Umaima Jafri Preface I am alone in the bedroom with our youngest child late one evening, in the Spring of 2017. If you were to meet our youngest today, you might not guess that he was a late talker, but he was. At two years old, he understood a lot, but his articulated words […]

Highs and Lows of Parenting

I currently live in Qatar. I have four kids. My elder two are moving back to US next summer, inshaAllah. My daughter will start her Masters degree and my son will pursue his undergrad, while my husband and I with our younger two kids will stay back in the Middle East. That’s the plan we […]

How Will You Impact 40?

I should probably offer to help.  But then again, sitting in my car and watching this guy who looks like a professional wrestler try to tie a king size mattress to the top of a mini cooper on what the weatherman described as the windiest day of the year is about as entertaining as it […]

Zaid Karim, Private Investigator, Part 18 – A New Light

I appreciated Safaa's defense of my honor, but I was busy trying to understand Farah Anwar’s strange reactions and bizarre statements. Wasn’t this what she wanted? Wasn’t this what she hired me to do? Then something clicked into place and understanding dawned.

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