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Eternal Love For The UnCreated

By Brandon Estes I begin with the name of The Most Merciful, Most Loving, Allah, Creator of all that exists I must, must, must, address this topic that I have encountered all too often lately. I see it online, and addressed to me personally. It is when our sweet intention-ed non-Muslim brothers and sisters in […]

Sharing Grief: A 10 Point Primer On Condolence

Dear Sisters and Brothers, My father died recently. And when I wasn’t nursing my irreparably broken heart or praying for his everlasting happiness in the gardens of Paradise, I was taking mental notes on what helped me cope and what didn’t. Mostly because I like observing social behavior and I love analyzing myself (memoirist in […]

Girls and Sexuality: Understanding What Parents and Muslim Communities Can Do For Their Daughters

By Menahal Begawala When I became a therapist I had a vision of helping people get through hard times, communicate better with their families, and develop perspective when they felt stuck. I’ve been honored with the privilege of being allowed a glimpse into the lives of my clients with this goal in mind. My greatest […]

America’s Jihad – A Lesson On Immigration From Islamic History

By Arthur Richards   When I think of America, one word comes beaming at me like a star on the spangled banner: “Jihad.” As is always the case when this word is used, the uneducated (or those who wish to fill the world with hate) immediately think of a Holy War; a war against American […]

Falling Stronger: A Detainee’s Perspective

By Ibrahim Mohammad The last two years have been surreal for me. When you’re imprisoned with no access to the outside world or to fresh air and sunshine, time ceases to have meaning. You measure time by weeks and months rather than hours and days. It’s as though you’ve entered an alternate universe, stuck in […]

The Bilal Movie: Why It Still Reinforces The Slave-Narrative Of Black People

By Gareth Bryant The Bilal Movie is actually a Sucka-Emcee Production: Bil?l ibn-Rab?h (May Allah be pleased with him) actually was Arab via his father Rabah, from Ban?-Jumah, one of the families of Quraysh, making Bilal tribally-related to Muhammad (The Sealed-Nectar). The mere fact that Rabah is neither casted, mentioned, nor even referenced in the […]

Why On Earth Are We On Earth?

“There is no good in her, she is one of the people of hell.” That was a statement said by Allah’s Prophet ? about someone who got it all wrong. It was about a person who extensively used to pray, fast and give in charity yet they were disrespectful and harmful to their neighbors. Later […]

Why I Walked Out Of The Film, Bilal

By Wendy Díaz As a mother of a preteen, who gets easily hooked on cartoon characters and conventional superheroes, I not only wanted, I needed the movie, Bilal: A New Breed of Hero, to work. I desperately wanted the hero in the film to replace his constant chattering about Superman, Dragon Ball Z, and Ninjago. […]

5 Things to Know About The Movie Before Watching It | Review of Bilal: A New Breed Of Hero

By Zeena Alkurdi The first time I watched the trailer for Bilal: A New Breed of Hero, I felt a combination of curiosity, excitement, and a bit of confusion. I couldn’t tell off the bat that it was the story of Bilal Ibn Rabah, but it grabbed my attention and I knew I wanted to […]

The Meaning And Depictions of Bilal Ibn Rabah

Margari Aziza: Power of One As grandma Sara’s memory fades, what remains are the stories she told us. My three other grandparents died by the time I was five and all I am left with are memories of the stories my mother told me about them. I was in graduate school when I gathered enough […]

The Power Of Seeing Yourself On Screen

As a young perceptive boy, I looked for myself in almost everything I came into contact with. I was among countless other youth who saw characters from comic books and tv shows as symbols of triumph, of wherewithal. Like the Supermans, Spidermans and Wolverines, almost all depictions of Islamic fortitude were mostly attributed to people […]

Bilal: The Power Of One Blog Carnival On MuslimMatters

MuslimMatters and Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative (MuslimARC)  are partnering this Black History Month to explore the Legacy of Bilal with the #PowerfOne blog carnival from February 1st- 9th. Muslimmatters, a web magazine, started out as a blog and to commemorate 10 years of existence, we have decided to revisit our roots. Inspired by the US release […]

The Story of Musa: A Story of Optimism | Part 1

The Prophet M?s? is the most commonly mentioned prophet in the Qur’an. His story is repeated numerous times and his names appears from the very first juz’ [part] to the very last juz’ of the Qur’an. In fact, his name is mentioned from the very beginning of the prophethood of the Messenger Muhammad. After […]

Shaykh Dr Hussain Sattar : A Celebrity In Medical Education

By Nancy Averett When Husain Sattar, MD, took a leave of absence from medical school to study Arabic and Islamic spirituality in Islamabad, Pakistan, he spent his days in a classroom that had walls made of clay and would heat up to 120 degrees in the summer. In the winter, the unheated classrooms were freezing — […]

Prophetic Lessons: What Comprises Leadership

What is it that enables some leaders to continue to be inspirational and not lose followers even when their decisions may not be to their follower’s liking? This is a very critical dilemma of leadership, of walking the tightrope between populist actions and doing what needs to be done and risk losing popularity. In today’s […]

The Fatal Car Accident That Could Save Your Life

I first saw the brother in a shaky video. It was the very first year of Charity Week and he was out collecting donations wearing an oversized costume without any eyeholes in it. He had to be guided around by another volunteer as he shook a bucket collecting funds for orphans. Unbeknown to me, after […]

Crisis of Knowledge | Sh Furhan Zubairi

The word crisis is defined as a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger. Based on this definition, the Muslim Ummah has been and is currently experiencing several different crises; political, economic, social, and religious. According to a lot of my teachers, mentors, and contemporary scholars the “crisis of knowledge” is perhaps the greatest crisis […]

14 Topics All Islamic Schools Should Address During High School | Dr Shadee Elmasry

If you or someone you know is involved in an Islamic school, please read this and pass it on. This is critical to our growth as a community. The people in Islamic schools have been honored with the charge of teaching the deen to the next generation. Teachers have them for 180 days a year. […]

Four Statements Black American Muslim Converts Make That Undermine Their Financial Security

I see many bright young African American Muslims struggle finding their place in the community. Often, our place in a community is determined by how others see our contribution. Our Ummah is not color blind, nor is it class blind. And many of our immigrant brothers and sisters come from societies where class plays perhaps […]

In The Age of Islamophobia, Why Reverts Are Leaving Islam

By Monique Hassan People often talk, write, rant about “Islam —the fastest growing religion in the world”. This is true. Pew research statistics highlight that Islam is predicted to be the dominant religion of the world by 2060. This is not simply due to conversions. The fact that a Muslim family typically has more children […]

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