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About Fame, a Personal Life, and Responsibility

Fame has also allowed me the opportunity to serve as a link between people who are doing complementary work and are unaware of each other. Thus, great collaborations and synergy in this field are happening. This would not have happened through me, if not for my public profile. The post About Fame, a Personal Life, and Responsibility appeared first on

2014?s Best Places in America for Wannabe Halal-ies

The first annual ranking of the best places to be for the most delicious halal noshing experiences. The post 2014?s Best Places in America for Wannabe Halal-ies appeared first on

Book Review: Lost Islamic History

“Can you tell me a good book to read on Islamic history?” This is a question that I get asked time and time again. I can't remember ever being able to give a straight-forward answer. “Well, it depends on exactly what period of Islamic history you are interested in…” I would begin to say and […] The post Book Review: Lost Islamic History appeared first on

2014’s Best Places in America for Wanna-Be Halalies

Given that the American Muslim population was just recently found to be the most racially diverse religious group in the United States, it is only natural to wonder about the food scene that has flourished as a result of the many cultures coexisting within one nation. Show More Summary

[VIRAL VIDEO] Moving Account of Children In Gaza by Jon Snow (With Transcript)

This short but powerful video is presented by respected British journalist, Jon Snow, for Channel 4 News. You may remember Snow from his recent gutsy encounter with Israeli spokesperson, Mark Regev, wherein he grilled him on the murder of the four, innocent, Palestinian boys, playing football on the beach. Show More Summary

Finding Love in Ramadan, Part 2

Through Ramadan and the company of the righteous, the believer will grow near after being distant and be able to see with his heart after it was blind. The post Finding Love in Ramadan, Part 2 appeared first on

US Tax Payers, It Will Take You 1 minute to Help Kids in #Gaza

The escalation in and around the Gaza Strip is causing terrible suffering to people— to men, women, the elderly, and children— Palestinian as well as Israeli civilians. The military offensive conducted by the Israeli military has so far caused hundreds of Palestinian casualties; the vast majority of them unarmed civilians. Show More Summary

Crescent Chronicles | A Brief History of Moonsighting in North America

The city of Toronto has many distinctions; the CN Tower, Skydome – the crack smoking escapades of its mayor – just to name few. One distinction, unbeknownst to many, is the city's unique position in Islamic history. Toronto is one of...Show More Summary

Consumption-Consciousness in Ramadan

A couple nights ago, we broke one of our family Ramadan rules of “no fried food” and my mom went all out and cooked a bunch of deep-fried traditional Pakistani food.  It tasted amazing and hit the spot, but we paid for it and all felt lousy when we woke up for suhoor the next […] The post Consumption-Consciousness in Ramadan appeared first on

Ramadan Fundraising: Tackling The “MY CHARITY ONLY” Stance

As I write this post, it is the last Jumuah of Ramadan, the 27th fast here in London. The new moon of Shawwal is almost upon us. As with every previous Ramadan, the month has been witness to a great rise in the amount of time and money spent in the cause of Allah. Show More Summary

A Date with Obama| The White House Iftar: Inclusion or Delusion

The White House Iftar —An opportunity to honor American Muslim achievements or an attempt to whitewash U.S crimes in Muslim countries by painting a flowery picture of their relationship with the American Muslims? The first White House Iftar was held in 1805 by Thomas Jefferson for Sidi Soliman Mellimelli, an envoy from Tunis. Show More Summary

Are You Hurt? #iForgive

As-salaamu alaykum my beloved brothers and respected sisters, Every letter in this article is written from the bottom of my heart. I ask Allah to accept the time spent writing this article and the time you would spend reading it. When...Show More Summary

What’s The Matter? | Confronting a Cheating Husband

Question: Salam aleykum. I just wanted some bit of Islamic advice on a very important matter. Alhamdulilah, I've been married for nearly 4 years to my husband and we have one child. Recently my husband' behaviour has changed. For example...Show More Summary

Eastern Texts Meeting Western Quills | The First English Translation of the Quran

By Lubaaba Amatullah When asking fellow Muslims about the first English Qur'an, the response is frequently a reference to the 1930 translation by Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall. Less frequently an excited voice speaks of the George Sale Qur'an of 1734. Show More Summary

Two Ayats To Be Mindful of During Ramadan

We are told that Ramadan is the month of the Qur'an. It is a month when many aim to read the Qur'an from cover to cover. While this is a commendable task and has many benefits, the Qur'an is a book to reflect on, ponder and take action. It is an instruction manual for our […] The post Two Ayats To Be Mindful of During Ramadan appeared first on

Finding Love in Ramadan, Part 1

With Allah’s barakah – divine gracious blessing – all that seems broken can be fixed. Those cut off can be reunited. No one is beyond redemption and no error is beyond resolving. The post Finding Love in Ramadan, Part 1 appeared first on

MuslimKidsMatter | How Can a Kid Take Advantage of the Last Ten Nights of Ramadan?

Alhamdulillah, we have entered the last ten days of Ramadan.  Isn't it amazing that we are privileged to live during the most blessed nights of the entire year?  We all have the opportunity.  Now we have to decide what to do with it....Show More Summary

8 Reasons Why Israel is Under Rocket Attack

We always hear of Israel's 'right to defend itself'. What about Palestinian right to not be occupied and live under a brutal siege? The post 8 Reasons Why Israel is Under Rocket Attack appeared first on

30 Masjids in 30 Days for the Deaf Muslim Community

Global Deaf Muslim (GDM) is doing a special project during Ramadan in which we visit 30 Masjids in 30 days to bring awareness about Deaf Muslims in the Muslim community. GDM only needs 10 to 30 minutes to make a presentation. It canShow More Summary

What is it like to be Muslim in Britain today?

The Guardian is currently running a project on the experiences of Muslims in Britain. They asked the British members of the MuslimMatters team to respond as well as writers from other prominent blogs. The MM contributions were as follows: 4. Show More Summary

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