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How To Make 3 Kinds Of Felt Flowers

For today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to make 3 different kinds of basic felt flowers.   All you will need is some felt and either a needle felting needle or needle and thread. Let’s do the red spiral one first. Start by cutting out a large red circle. Show More Summary

Blue Lotus and Lily Farm Snapshots!

We went on a road trip to a lotus and lily farm with Celina, Toby, Sefie and Luke!   It was massive! I tried to take a lot of macro shots because the details were beautiful. How pretty are the insides of the flowers?   I love all of the little veins that fun along […] The post Blue Lotus and Lily Farm Snapshots! appeared first on Violet LeBeaux- Cute Free Craft Tutorials.

Lunch Time Spring Bento – Cute Food

Spending more time thinking about my food is something I’ve been trying to do with my whole Lazy Inspiration thing but I tend to only gravitate towards cute sweet foods rather than savoury things too. It’s really stupid because I actually...Show More Summary

All Time Beauty Favourites- Lipstick

Ok, time for something fun! I get asked a lot which make up I’m wearing and honestly most of the time it’s pretty much the same thing. I don’t change stuff up very often once I find something that really works for me. So I’ve decided...Show More Summary

How To DIY Decoupage Shoes! Tutorial

I did a video tutorial on these shoes quite a while ago but thought a photo tutorial would be in order as well! The idea is a very simple one: take old shoes and decoupage them with old magazines into adorable new shoes, win! I usedShow More Summary

Violet’s Lunar Park Snapshots

A few weeks ago we all went to visit Lunar Park, it’s such a typical Melbourne tourist thing to do! We want to visit more of the places around town that are typically Melbourne :D Last week you saw James’ photos, this week I’ll showShow More Summary

How To Do Full Diamante Nail Art

For today’s nail art design we’ll be doing completely over the top paved diamante nail art. You will need: Diamantes Clear polish Base colour the same colour as the diamantes To begin with, paint a base colour which is the same as the diamantes. Show More Summary

Violet’s Big Nail Art FAQ Updated Version

Time to update another one of my big FAQ posts, this time about nails and nail art. As always, this is just from my personal experience, your milage may vary, bla bla bla disclaimer… About My Nails Are your nails natural? Yes, they are now. Show More Summary

Summer Envy – Outfit Of The Day

What a month! I found a bunch of outfit photos I hadn’t posted from back when it was warm, OMG I wish it was warm again! Jacket: Angelic Pretty Skirt: 7Angels Shoes: Bodyline I’ve become really lazy with my hair lately, I’m just straightening it and leaving it out. Show More Summary

James’ Lunar Park Snapshots

A few weeks ago we all went to visit Lunar Park, it’s such a typical Melbourne tourist thing to do! We want to visit more of the places around town that are typically Melbourne :D James took his camera out too for a change so I’ll show you his photos this week and mine next week! The post James’ Lunar Park Snapshots appeared first on Violet LeBeaux- Cute Free Craft Tutorials.

Reliving My Childhood With Chocolate Crackles – Cute Food Recipe

Cute food time! Today I’m going back in time to make chocolate crackles. This was such a staple of childhood party food and they are still delicious! You know the stupid part about this, I spent this entire time looking at the photos,...Show More Summary

How To Use Watercolour Resist- Let’s Paint! Watercolour Walk Through

Before I knew what resist was I had wondered for years how watercolour artists managed to paint in blank areas. I tend to paint haphazardly so being able to think forward enough to leave huge blank areas like this was far beyond my scope. Show More Summary

How To Make Your Own Hair Mask – Recipe

Recently I’ve been trying some more DIY beauty solutions for at home because A. it saves money and B. they are fun to make. One that I’ve been going back to a bit has been this hair mask. It sounds completely gross but it makes my hair...Show More Summary

White Night Melbourne – Snapshots

After hearing how much fun it was last year, we decided to go to White Night this year. We arrived at around 7 which was the start time but considering the sun didn’t go down for another 2 hours we just wandered around. I became quite...Show More Summary

How To Get Hair Waves Using Stockings! Photo Tutorial

Today’s hair tutorial is a little odd but it’s great to have as many tools in your arsenal as possible! Today we’re going to getting waves using stockings! These kinds of overnight styles to get curls are always a bit hit and miss depending on the type of hair you actually have. Show More Summary

How To Customise An iPad Keyboard Case

Lately I’ve decided to take the idea of working on my career more seriously, I want to work hard and be more successful at things I enjoy. Most of those things tend to involve writing so as a present to myself I decided to buy a proper...Show More Summary

Violet’s Big FAQ Update

It’s been quite a while since I updated my FAQ and while I was taking care of some maintenance I figured it would be a good idea to post it up here as well because I know a lot of people don’t make it to that page. If you have any questions leave them in […] The post Violet’s Big FAQ Update appeared first on Violet LeBeaux- Cute Free Craft Tutorials.

My Week In Photos – Melbourne Snapshots

It’s been a really long week. Also Lottie is a lion. Lottie has decided that gardens make really great places to nap when we take walks -_-’ I got to meet Caz from NerdBurger finally and she is AWESOME! She even made me jewellery! Go...Show More Summary

Jimmy Make Danishes – Cute Manly Food

‘Sup ladies! It’s me, Jimmy! When I was a just a young lad growing up deep in the heart of Texas my mom would buy these 24 packs of danishes from the Auchan Hypermarket, which from my memory was like a European-y Costco. Granted I have...Show More Summary

James’ Office Chair Make Over – Home Sweet Home

After we moved around the lounge room to the new configuration there was one thing left which bothered me: James’ chair. I have had a love hate relationship with James’ chairs over the years. He always picks the cheapest crappiest chairs...Show More Summary

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