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Why Split Testing is Killing Your Conversion Rate

If your conversion rate is flat-lining and you’ve tried virtually everything to stop its downward spiral – split testing could be to blame. Yes, split testing – that incredible flip-switching, conversion-boosting, audience-wooing strategy that boasts major lifts – but seldom delivers on its promises – could be the very issue that’s causing even the best-planned […]

How to Create a Growth Hacking Framework

Have you heard about the Fake It Hack? How about the Exclusivity Hack? The Aha Moment Hack? These are a few of the tactics you’ll read if you Google “growth hacking.” Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of them before. You don’t need to know about them yet. The only thing you need to know […]

How Amazon Uses Twitter to Drive Website Traffic: Bad Jokes Ahead

Thinking about all of the great retailers online, there is perhaps no bigger name in the industry than Amazon. They have created an incredible sales system that is centered around a website that is second to none, with an inventory that includes …everything from A ? Z! With so much going on from their website […]

How to Use A/B Testing to Build Your Business’s Buyer Personas

As a discerning digital marketer and business owner, you’re on top of the latest trends and tips on how to convert. You know all about SEO, and CRO, and PPC (that’s a whole lot of acronyms). You’re an active content creator, social media participant, and advocate for your brand. And you, of course, recognize the […]

How to Keep Customer Analytics at the Forefront This Holiday Season

The gift of analytics. Ramp up for the holidays by focusing on customer analytics. With the help of data, your team can target buyers, plan seasonal promotions, and manage your inventory levels. Research shows that “49% of companies who champion the use of customer analytics are likely to have profit well above their competitors.” It’s […]

Ensuring a Great User Experience Is the First Step in CRO

Many business owners think of conversion rate optimization only after they realize their websites don’t convert well enough. That means hundreds of potential customers have already been lost; and, until various CRO methods are tried out, additional hundreds will leave their site without taking any action. There’s another way. Taking care of user experience (UX) […]

7 Lessons from Top Performing Drip Email Campaigns

Automated email workflows can net you 20% more sales opportunities. They’re more personalized, timely, and targeted. The problem, is that the vast majority of marketers – as high as 85% – are unhappy with their performance. Not the results of those campaigns. But of their own execution or implementation of them. Instead of rehashing the […]

We Used the Latest Holiday Selling Data to Create These Cyber Monday Hacks

I’ve always been a little skeptical of Cyber Monday. It always felt a little forced. Black Friday is a media bonanza as well, but Black Friday always seemed more discovered than created. Cyber Monday on the other hand came off a bit manufactured. I figured that while there were certainly sales to be made from […]

Here’s 5 Smart Ways to Plan Your E-commerce Sales Promotion

Ready for your next sales promotion? For some ecommerce teams, it’s a time-consuming task deciding which items to markdown and how to publicize a sales event. However, sales promotions play an integral role in attracting customers. A survey found that up to 50% of consumers make a purchase only with a promotion. Shoppers desire a […]

How to Find the Conversion Drivers of Your Website with the Funnel Report

There may be a lot of unanswered questions you have about some the big-picture questions with your website. Perhaps you’re asking: Do demo requests or signups lead to more paying customers? Does that product video lead to more signups? Does the self-service onboarding plan lead to more customers? Does offering a buy one, get one […]

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Sky-High Conversions From Twitter Ads

Will anyone actually click my ad and buy my product? It’s a terrifying question, but an important one. Turns out that everyone (including you) wants to get more conversions from a Twitter ad campaign. You spent countless hours writing lead magnets, creating landing pages and sales pages, and then later you set up a Twitter […]

5 Online Holiday Shopping Trends You’re Not Prepared For (Yet!)

It’s not even November yet and here we are, already talking about holiday shopping trends. Too soon? Not at all. The truth is, the more foresight you can have to prepare for what will be the biggest shopping season, the more you can adapt to customers’ habits and be ready to adjust to meet their […]

How to Create Customers for Life with the Perfect Onboarding Sequence (Regardless of Industry)

Paid search is often the biggest driver of new customers. Largely because people are typing in exactly what they’re looking for. But. These aren’t necessarily the most profitable customers you’ve got. Especially not in the beginning. Your repeat ones are. ‘Retention’ is often associated with ninja-like email growth hacks. But it’s much more than that. […]

A Quick Guide to Data-Based Display Advertising

Here’s a fun fact: In any given web session, your audience is more likely to have a heart attack than click on your banner ad. Okay, so maybe that’s not so much a fun fact as it is a scary fact, but either way the fact is that most display ads have truly awful clickthrough rates. The question […]

Why Your Unique Value Proposition Isn’t as Important as You Think It Is (and What Matters More)

A hot prospect has demoed your software or product, and now you’ve got Sales talking with the decision-makers about an enterprise solution that will be your biggest yet. You find out they’ve narrowed down their decision to you and two of your competitors. This should be a slam dunk—you just spent the last three months […]

The 7 Epiphanies Needed to Intuitively Grasp Statistical Significance

There is only one danger more deadly to an online marketer than ignorance, and that danger is misplaced confidence. Whenever a marketer omits regular statistical significance testing, they risk infecting their campaigns with dubious conclusions that may later mislead them. Show More Summary

2 A/B Testing Failures and 1 Win: Why A/B Testing Failures Are as Important as the Wins

You’ve probably seen a lot of blog posts floating around the internet about A/B testing successes. This blog is no exception. But hardly anyone talks about their failed experiments. I don’t blame them–it’s hard to expose to the world that you weren’t right about something. Which leads us to believe…is anyone running failed, insignificant tests? […]

How to Run an A/B Test in Google Analytics

Designs don’t always work out as intended. The layout looks good. The color choices seem great. And the CTA balances clever and clear. But… It’s not working. All of it. Some of it. You’re not completely sure, but something’s gotta give. Despite everyone’s best intentions, including all the hours of research and analyses, things don’t […]

When Good Customers Leave: Troubleshooting Your Customer Retention Approach

Every business needs a steady stream of new leads coming in the door. New business is crucial for survival. If you’re not feeding your funnel, then you’ll limit your capacity for growth and eventually tank. This is why a lot of businesses heavily focus on new customer acquisition. They build out sales teams with aggressive […]

How to Isolate and View Specific Marketing Campaigns with Kissmetrics

News Flash: things are about to get pretty crazy here in the U.S. Halloween is right around the corner (have you got your Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin cups yet?) Thanksgiving is a little over a month away, and Christmas will be here before you know it. Consumers will be ready to shop and spend, with […]

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