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Why Your Sales and Marketing Stack Needs a Solid Foundation

Imagine the best pancakes you’ve ever had. What made them work? They likely started with a solid recipe of core ingredients, then added just the right blend of proprietary variations to make an unforgettable short stack. But it all started from a solid foundation – flour, eggs, whole milk, baking powder, salt, cooking fat, and […]

10 Must-Know Facebook Ads Tips & Features

It’s no secret that paid social is drastically on the rise. Social advertising spend jumped 50% year-over-year in the last quarter of 2015. Social media ad revenue is expected to reach $35.90 billion by 2017, reaching a staggering 16% of the total global digital ad market. Facebook (including Instagram) unsurprisingly comprises a big piece of […]

Integrating SEO and PPC for Multi-Channel Success

Whether you work at a small business or a fortune 500 company, obtaining and utilizing data for your search campaigns is crucial. Conveniently, Google is making you pay for this data by forcing you to use AdWords to get conversion data at a keyword level. The struggle gets deeper though. Because whether you’re in-house or […]

How to Create a Buyer Persona Map (Even if You Have No Idea Who Your Customers Really Are)

Buyer personas. Creating potential customer profiles is often enough to make even the best marketer freeze in their tracks – and realize how little they really know about their prospects. If this sounds like you, don’t worry. And even if you’ve never created a buyer persona in your life, today’s article will help make sense […]

Secrets For Choosing the Right Mobile Messaging Channel

Have you ever deleted an app from your device because it sent you too many push notifications? Or wondered why your latest flight info is popping up as a text message, rather than in your digital wallet? Bad messaging channel choices, that’s why. Mobile devices offer you a huge number of different ways to connect […]

5 Ways Data Improves Your SaaS Conversion Funnel

Not using data is a missed opportunity for SaaS companies. If your team is seeking to bring in more revenue, data helps your conversion funnel. It’s the difference between knowing your customer or simply taking a wild guess. Matt Ackerson, founder of Petovera, says, “The rise of the smart sales funnel is happening now. You […]

You Know Nothing, SEOs: Search Engine Optimization is (only) as Dead as Jon Snow

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Game of Thrones. This Sunday, the world will return to its proper axis as you and me and everyone we know sits back with a flask of grog and a huge roasted turkey leg to “enjoy” the newest season of blood-soaked HBO juggernaut Game of Thrones. Of course, […]

How to Improve Your Conversion Rate By 50% in One Day

Anyone who’s worked in digital marketing knows that conversions are the lifeblood of any online marketing campaign. You run a marketing campaign to get people to do something—sign up for your services, buy your product, fill out a lead gen form, give you their email, etc. Essentially, you market in the hopes that people will […]

How to Craft a Data Management Plan that Pays You Back

When it comes to wrangling and taming Big Data, a data management plan is a solid first step. But what exactly is it and what does it involve? More importantly, how can you create such a plan? In this article, we’ll be taking a look at how businesses large and small can create data management […]

Are You Making These 8 AdWords E-commerce Mistakes?

AdWords is one of the most effective methods of driving traffic to your e-commerce website. However, if poorly managed, it can result in a huge waste of money. In this post, I’ll teach you 8 mistakes that could be frustrating your AdWords efforts. I’ll also show you, step by step, how to fix the mistakes […]

The Biggest Customer Acquisition Mistake That Your Company is Probably Making

Generating new sales leads and acquiring new customers are the biggest obsessions of every sales team and startup founder. Companies spend big money on lead generation, PPC ads, social media marketing, sponsored posts, content marketing, and other varieties of inbound lead generation techniques to get new customers. But what if I told you that the […]

Retain More Customers Using These Three Proven Techniques

If your customer retention rate looks more like the jagged drop off of a cliff instead a glorious mountaintop – you know you’re in trouble. Assuming you’ve got all the major pieces of the puzzle put together — you’re gathering relevant data, creating tailored marketing campaigns and engaging with your customers in a way that […]

What We Can Learn from GE’s Digital Marketing Strategies

Aside from being at the forefront of technological innovations, what else does industrial titan General Electric excel at? Believe it or not, it’s digital marketing. General Electric’s strategic approach to its online marketing campaigns are admired by both seasoned and rookie marketers alike. Show More Summary

Google Analytics 360 Suite: What You Need to Know

In a marketing world that’s buzzing with phrases like “marketing stack integration”, it’s no big surprise that Google is in the early stages of releasing a new suite of enterprise-level products that together, form a more comprehensive platform. Google Analytics 360 aims to help marketers get a holistic view of their online marketing efforts via […]

Why Every SaaS Employee Is A Part of Customer Success

Customer success is a necessity. For your SaaS business to survive, your team must focus on solving the consumer’s problem. Lincoln Murphy, founder of Sixteen Ventures, defines it even better: “Customer success is when your customers achieve their desired outcome through their interactions with your company.” So, how are you serving your customer? What keeps […]

5 Content Distribution Metrics Your Marketing Team Should Be Obsessing Over

Output is seductive. It feels great to crank out lots of content and call your strategy a success. But prolific doesn’t always mean effective. Marketers must resist the allure of vanity metrics to ensure their content actually resonates with their intended audience. Consumers’ social feeds and dashboards are flooded with content from colleagues, friends, family, […]

The Biggest Mistake Most Companies Make During a Website Redesign (And How to Fix It)

Let’s get straight to the point. A website redesign is no small undertaking. Every team, from developers/IT and design, to marketing and sales, has to be on board and understand what’s expected of them. Everyone contributes. But in the midst of inevitable page or section additions and improved navigation menu and other major changes, one […]

Effective SEO for All Stages of the Conversion Funnel

In 2013, the data scientists at Wolfgang Digital set out to answer one of digital marketing’s greatest questions: What is the average conversion rate? The answer, according to 56 million visits to 30 different websites, is 1.4%. How does your site measure up? Do you think you could you do better? Optimize each stage of […]

10 Quick and Easy Email Marketing Segmentation Strategies to Try Today

Marketers know that segmenting email marketing lists can improve open and clickthrough rates. MailChimp’s latest user data showed that segmented campaigns get 14.64% more opens and 59.99% more clicks than non-segmented campaigns. That said, figuring out the best way to segment your email marketing lists can be a huge undertaking. To make it a little […]

How Emotional Targeting Converts More Leads

A study found “that websites with a stronger emotional impact produced a greater intent to buy.” Appealing to your audience’s emotions creates a connection. Whether you’re designing product descriptions or landing pages, your team must aim to evoke emotion into your messaging. That’s why storytelling works so well. It’s a powerful way to engage your […]

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