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The Forbidden Channel: Grow Your SaaS Business Through Direct Email

Some argue that the cold call is dead. However, if my growing business is any proof, the cold email pitch is alive and thriving. And, besides, in a world where spam filters are increasingly sensitive and most cold emails are decidedly unwelcome in a decision-maker’s inbox, then how could anyone be so successful with this […]

Using Lean Analytics Principles to Build a Stronger Company

Lean Startup is a methodology designed to get companies to adopt a Build, Measure, Learn product development cycle. This emphasizes that teams quickly build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of a new product, measure how it performs, and learn from the experiment. The goal is to quickly go through this cycle to maximize learning and […]

How to Assemble a Social Media Dream Team

You need a social media team that can absolutely nail it. That doesn’t happen by just putting warm bodies in front of computers. You need a team of innovators, mold-breakers, thinkers, organizers, brainstormers, collaborators, and strategists who are wicked smart, insanely skilled, and ready to push your business to an extreme level on social media. […]

5 Lessons from David Ogilvy That Still Work for Mobile App Marketing

He cooked for the President of France, sold stoves door-to-door, wrote questionnaires for a research firm, and worked for British Intelligence. Later, he built Ogilvy & Mather. Yes, we are talking about David Ogilvy, often described as the “Original Mad Man” and “The Father of Advertising.” He created some of the most successful marketing campaigns […]

Five Reasons Why Prospects Object to Your SaaS Product and How to Overcome Each Objection

You’d think that by now nearly everyone would be sold on the idea of SaaS, cloud services, and the power and flexibility of a subscription service to meet their needs. You’d think. Unfortunately, not everyone is convinced that SaaS is a legitimate model for software usage and purchase. I’m going to go through their main […]

What The Pulse App Co-Founders Learned About Building Products

Pulse Co-Founders Akshay Kothari and Ankit Gupta are two Stanford graduates that were always building side projects. All this experience made them learn some valuable lessons that helped them build the Pulse app, which earned them a $90 million acquisition from LinkedIn. Two weeks after the acquisition, they gave a talk at Stanford University and […]

Your SaaS Is NOT a Product: How to Change Your Mindset and Boost Your Revenue

It’s hard to think of something as both a product and a service. This whole both/and scenario is tough for those who view the world in black-and-white. But that’s what we have with an SaaS. The acronym spells it out — software as a service. We have software. And we have a service. We have […]

How to Get Your Ideas to Stick

There’s an adage that goes: Ideas are easy, execution is hard. Everyone can create ideas for new businesses, new companies, new products, and new marketing campaigns. But executing on the idea – not just making it a reality, but making it successful, is the hard part. In 2007, the Heath Brothers helped us all out […]

The Psychological Trigger That’s Confusing Your Customers (and What to Do about It)

For countless years, businesses have been searching for their own unique selling propositions, trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors and convince customers to choose them. Businesses go about this in many ways, such...Show More Summary

Brilliant AdWords Features You Didn’t Know Existed

First, there is Google, the search engine that performs 3.5 billion searches every day. Then, there is AdWords, the advertising platform that can display ads on the first page of search results. Advertisers can use both to their advantage. However, in a bid to catch the #1 spot on Google, many advertisers are missing the […]

5 Simple Ways to Increase LTV for an Ecommerce Business

In the ecommerce business, you can pick all kinds of numbers by which to judge and analyze your business. You can calculate visitors, bounce rates, CTRs, conversion rates, and micro-conversion rates — all of which are important. But there’s another metric, the importance of which far outweighs all the others. It’s called LTV — the […]

Why Your Email Marketing Should be Based on the Customer Journey

What is email marketing? Is it simply sending emails (either batched or triggered), or does email marketing involve something much more than that? A few years ago, I coined the term “Holistic Email Marketing,” which I feel describes a more comprehensive approach for email marketers to take. I came up with this term in response […]

Turn Mobile Shoppers into Customers with These 10 Simple Tests

Mobile accounts for more than 50% of all ecommerce traffic. Yet, mobile converts at only 1/3 the rate of desktop; that is, 3% on desktop vs. 1% on phones. Why don’t mobile shoppers buy? And, how can you make them convert? While you can’t always make mobile shoppers convert at the same rate as desktop […]

How Customer Expectations Can Affect Your Conversion Rate

Richard Lee McNair was a convicted murderer. He’d just broken out of federal prison and was on the run. Police were everywhere, and he needed to get out of sight fast. He ran for a few hours, until he was stopped by Officer Carl Bordelon. For most prisoners, this is where the story would end, […]

29 Common Google Analytics Data Errors And How To Fix Them

With the Ecommerce Foundation quoting B2C eCommerce figures of $2.2bn worldwide for 2015, it seems that if a business is not focusing efforts online then it’s falling way behind the current trend. Doing business online these days IS doing business, and the trusted means by which to measure our results is Google Analytics. “If you […]

Operation Camouflage: How to Hide Your PPC Ads from Competitors

The benefit of hiding your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads from competitors is pretty obvious. PPC advertising is extremely competitive. You compete not only with your direct competitors but also with big-budget advertisers like Amazon and who seem to bid on every term under the sun. Which is why hiding your ads from competitors is a […]

Six Advantages of Hyperbolic Discounting…And What The Heck Is It Anyway?

I was tossing around concepts for an article, when I decided to settle on the issue of hyperbolic discounting. True to my collaborative self, I shared the title with an industry professional, and here’s what he emailed back: WTF is HyerpWTF&$R.. Love it. So, these are the reasons I chose the subject of hyperbolic discounting: […]

Tom Conrad On The Seven Lessons He Learned Creating Products

Tom Conrad has an impressive resume. He worked at Apple in the early 90s, where he was on the Macintosh team. He’s also been the technical director at Berkley Systems for the You Don’t Know Jack video game series. From there he moved to the Senior Director of Engineering at His next high profile […]

Do You Really Need More Facebook Likes? The Data Driven Answer

More Facebook likes! This is the driving passion of some social media marketers. They desire it. They dream about it. They crave it. They somehow think that more Facebook likes is the panacea for all of the world’s ills. But is it that important? Apart from my obvious hyperbole, are more Facebook likes truly going […]

Are Display Networks Full of Conversions, or Just Full of It?

There are hundreds of ad networks that promise to run your ads with the best chance of conversion, the hottest technology, and the most efficient algorithm. So, digital marketing managers, who hear ad network reps beating the drum in one ear and upper management expecting measurable results in the other, are plagued with one key […]

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