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3 Landing Page Mistakes Sabotaging Your ROI

Headlines are critically important. They’re one of the easiest things to change, and yet they have one of the biggest impacts on whether your landing pages gets read (or converts). But here’s the problem. They can’t do it all on their own. And there’s a few things that need to happen properly BEFORE people even […]

Which Marketing Channels Deliver the Biggest Impact on ROI?

A new report released by eConsultancy, in collaboration with Oracle Marketing Cloud, has revealed precisely which channels marketers feel deliver the biggest impacts on their return on investment, and how they bring those priorities to light within their respective teams and companies. If your efforts to squeeze relevance out of marketing initiatives leaves you feeling […]

Use These Four Pillars to Earn Your Customers’ Loyalty

Everybody wants loyalty, but not everybody is willing to do what it takes to get it. Many business owners forget that behind the computer screen is a real, living (and selfish) human being who thinks he or she deserves all the attention in the world and, if you don’t provide it, they’ll bury your brand […]

How to Structure Content Marketing Campaigns That Actually Increase Demand

We’ve all been there. Crafting more and more content, but not seeing the return that we imagined after reading all of those “Content is King!” posts that seem to spam our marketing resource sites. Create more landing pages, post more blogs, share more on social, write an eBook (or two), host a webinar, do some […]

Analytics Anxiety? Never Again with this Simple Framework

Pouring over big data isn’t the goal. Instead, analytics are supposed to give us a way to find out where the bottlenecks or gaps are occurring, and how to best prioritize our next move (allocating resources appropriately to get the job done). Data, by itself, is meaningless. It gets worse with added complexity, in a […]

Getting the Pulse of Your Marketing Efforts by Rethinking Your Metrics

In the fast-paced world of modern marketing, it’s often difficult to decide which kind of projects deserve the most amount of your team’s time and your company’s money. Some questions you might be wrestling with at this very moment: Is it better to hire an SEO expert, or should you push harder on social media? […]

Are Loyalty Programs Worth it for E-Commerce Websites?

Since the very first brand loyalty program was launched (by Betty Crocker in 1929 in case you’re curious), rewards services like these have continually be used to not only entice customers but to re-market to them in a way that strengthens their affinity to the brand. But the advent of the Internet and mobile shopping has […]

How Customer Research Solves B2B Churn

Why are your customers leaving? Some SaaS companies have no clue. Yet, the solution is staring them right in the face. Customer research is an underutilized tool in discovering why users churn. Teams fail to analyze user activity, onboarding engagement, and the competition. Moreover, strive for retention. Research reveals that “the average ecommerce store generates […]

Cross-Channel Consistency: The Key to Efficient Personalization and User Engagement

To enhance user experience, most marketers try to talk to visitors in their own language and display perfectly tailored messages to them at the right time. But what is the perfect message? This is the tough part. For personalization to be effective, you need to keep your messages consistent across all channels. So, one of […]

Why A/B Testing Can Be a Waste of Time (And What to Do Instead)

A/B testing is useful. To a point. For you? Probably useless. Here’s why, and what you should do instead. When A/B Testing Doesn’t Make $en$e The lure of a single A/B test skyrocketing conversions 10% overnight is powerful. But it’s also mostly a myth. The problem? Most fail. Or at the very least, fail to […]

Split Testing Your Content Marketing Campaigns: How and Why To Do It

How much do you know about split testing? Chances are, you’re familiar with its role in helping to boost the conversion rate of an email, a web page, or an ad. But have you ever considered that split testing could help boost the performance of your content marketing campaigns? Despite its prevalence in landing page […]

What High Performing Sales and Marketing Professionals Do Differently (And What You Can Learn From Them) recently released their 2016 State of Marketing report, filled with valuable insights on what separates the top marketers and sales teams from the mediocre and the just plain bad. High performers were noted as “’extremely...Show More Summary

5 Unlikely Obstacles Hindering SaaS Conversions

Want more conversions? Well, it’s possible. However, the first step is realizing that conversions are people. And those individuals desire a remarkable customer experience. The key is to remove barriers in the sales cycle. This includes cumbersome checkout processes and poor follow-up sales procedures. Your SaaS team must perform better. It’s one of the best […]

Un-Acquire – The Counter-Intuitive Way to Build an Early Customer Base

Churn. Lost deals. Those are dreaded words at any stage of the company. For a very early stage company, these events are even more impactful. Behavioral economics tells us about ‘loss aversion’ mindset. As founders, we hate to lose deals. We hate to turn down customers. It’s classic ‘loss aversion’ at play. But, just as […]

How to Create a Winning A/B Testing Strategy

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your A/B testing just doesn’t seem to work. You run test after test and nothing seems to improve your conversion rate in a meaningful way. Or, worse, your new pages actually decrease your conversion rate. In your search for A/B testing success, you’ve read countless case studies and incorporated their findings into your […]

How to Increase Conversion Rates with Google Shopping Feeds

If you sell tangible products online, you already know how crucial Google Shopping feeds can be. But did you know that with just a few simple tweaks, you can greatly improve your products’ visibility in shopping feeds and thus get your products viewed (and possibly purchased) by more customers – thereby increasing your conversion rate? […]

How to Retain Your Customer’s Attention Throughout the Onboarding Process

Onboarding never ends. Some SaaS teams may approach onboarding as an activity?a one-time event for each consumer. However, it’s time to change your perspective. Consider onboarding as an ongoing process that continues beyond initial setup. Show More Summary

How to Make Analytics Work for Your Videos

When the word “analytics” comes up, most content owners immediately gravitate toward viewership counts. However, though views are important, they’re only part of the larger picture. Truly comprehensive analytics help content creators ensure the videos they produce are providing real ROI. Show More Summary

How To Use Net Promoter Score to Improve Retention and Drive Reviews for Your SaaS Product

You know that customer retention is important for any company; even more so for SaaS. If you keep customers around, they keep paying you. Churn rate should be one of the most important metrics for any SaaS company. Though there are many ways to reduce churn, there is one way that we’ve found to be […]

4 Ways to Launch Just Another Mediocre E-Commerce Store (And How to Avoid Them)

Launching an online store is cheap and simple. Just think about it. You choose a clever domain name, pick a beautiful theme, get a membership on your favorite e-commerce platform, and voila!…You can launch. But here’s the thing: anyone with half-a-brain can start an e-commerce…but only a few can do it successfully. A 2013 study […]

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