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22 Tips For Creating Great Content When You Don’t Have a Clue

One of the challenges you have as a content marketer is continually creating new content. You likely don’t have the luxury of running a content site like Huffington Post or Buzzfeed, where you’re free to write anything from cat memes to particle physics. You’re a content marketer, and you need to produce content that your […]

An Introduction to Analytics for Ecommerce Websites

The online marketing space is in constant shift as new technologies, services, and marketing tactics gain popularity and become the new standard. Online store owners are one of the many different segments affected by these constant evolutions. In order for these business owners to survive and thrive, they need to be able to make better […]

Four Data Driven Alarm Signals for SEO and How to Respond

There are some things about your website you simply can’t ignore — manual penalties, negative SEO, stuff like that. There are other problems that can come up, too. They aren’t quite as obvious, but they are just as damaging. In this article, I share with you four of these data-driven alarm signals. I want to […]

What’s New in the KISSmetrics iOS Blog Reader

Our KISSmetrics Blog Reader iOS app has received a complete redesign in today’s update. In the app, you’ll see a lot of new features including a slick iOS7 UI, interaction design, a new icon, and a favoriting feature. One of the biggest changes on this design is the new icon. Our previous app icon showed […]

How to Avoid Over-Optimizing Your Website

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. This is true in life, and in SEO. SEO is awesome, but too much SEO can cause over-optimization. Search engine over-optimization is the practice of creating too many SEO improvements, to the point that the improvements begin to ruin the website’s ability to rank. You’re […]

Website Testing Mistakes That Can Damage Your Business – Part 2

Last week we looked at the first two website testing mistakes and talked about a few practical tips to avoid them. Here’s a recap: Mistake #1: Optimizing for maximizing conversions at the expense of your promise. Mistake #2: Making it hard for your users to get to your “must have experience”. Today we are going […]

The Benefits of Tracking People with Analytics

Tools like Google Analytics are great, but they have one major weakness. You get only aggregate data. The Limits of Aggregate Data Averages, totals – these methods of measuring are known as aggregate. They provide an overall picture of how an area of a business or a product is performing. It’s frequently used in the […]

How to Share Content That Readers Will Want to Re-Share

Social media makes it easy to share content, but, like anything else, there’s a right way and a wrong way. You can just click the share button on the web page, but that will waste an opportunity. Savvy sharers frame the content to intrigue and entice readers so that they, in turn, will want to […]

Post Sale, Now What? How to Increase Your Repeat Customers

In the marketing world, we put the bulk of attention on getting new customers. Of course, that is important to keeping your business running. However, keeping your customers coming back deserves as much, if not more, attention, especially in a SaaS model where repeat customers are the base of your business. So, what can you […]

Infographic: Brewing Up the Best Content

There are many paths you can take when forming your content creation process. Some companies put their focus on creating as much content as quickly as possible, while others take their time and prefer quality over quantity. Today’s infographic comes from ExactTarget and it shows us how the process of creating content can be analogous […]

How To Set Marketing Goals You Can Actually Achieve: Advice From The Experts

One of the things I struggled with the most when I was a Marketing Manager at a SaaS company was learning how to set goals for our department. It sounds like a simple-enough task, but over time I came to see goal-setting as something of an art; it requires practice, constant refinement, focus and a […]

How to Create a Site Structure That Will Enhance SEO

The better your site structure, the better your chance of higher ranking in the search engines. Every website has some “structure.” It might be a rigorous and streamlined structure, or it may be a disorganized jumble of pages. If you are intentional and careful with your site structure, you will create a site that achieves […]

Neil Patel’s Eight Pet Peeves About Most Blogs

Today, just about everyone is doing content marketing. But not everyone is doing it right. Get this. More than 90% of marketers are using content marketing. These marketers spend a whopping 33% of their marketing budget on content marketing. Never before in the history of the planet have so many businesses been doing content marketing. […]

How to Accelerate Your Video Marketing Success

There’s no doubt that videos engage viewers at a much deeper level than plain text, but how can you be sure that you’re optimizing ROI for your site’s videos? In this webinar, Ezra Fishman (Director of Marketing at Wistia) and Kristen Craft (Director of Partnerships at Wistia) provide tips and strategies for using video effectively […]

How to Create a Pay-Per-Click Campaign Around Customer Intent and The Buying Cycle

Your PPC campaign is shredding your budget like a carrot in a blender. You diligently followed best practices, believing they would lead to a high return on investment, but that’s not what is happening. There are almost no conversions, your cost per acquisition is unsustainable, and you are learning nothing about your customers. You had […]

Social Proof: Your Key to More Magnetic Marketing

The happiest place on earth is a zoo. Actually, it’s a theme park. Disneyland, right? It has mice and ducks and all kinds of animals running around, but they’re uncaged. I call it a zoo because it’s crowded. The crowds don’t keep you away though, do they? In fact, they have the opposite effect. Same […]

11 Steps to Building Your Content Marketing Machine

In organizations, processes are setup to produce consistent, repeated, and predictable results with minimal friction. These processes are refined overtime (if needed) in order to make the organization as a whole better and more efficient. It should be no different in the marketing department. How you set up these processes determines how effective your processes […]

9 Awesome Examples of Copywriting Headlines (That You Can Steal!)

They say that writing the headline is the hardest part of publishing. Some people have even devised specific strategies to make it easier – ranging from fill-in-the-blank templates to waiting until the last minute to whip up something good and creative. Whatever method you choose, these nine examples will make you re-think the way you […]

Six Things You Should Learn from the PostJoint Penalty

Every now and then a little bomb explodes in the search community. Blogs erupt with geysers of information. Authoritative sites spawn dozens of articles, examining the issue from every angle. Webinars offer “answers” to the new issue. And you and I are left to figure out what the heck just happened, and what we need […]

Five Shocking Facts That Will Change Your Entire Approach to Social Media

Social media is fraught with legend, hysteria, and mass confusion. Because of its intensely personal nature, we tend to approach social media with a lot of strong feelings about its effectiveness, lack thereof, best practices, and how things should be done. Since most of us use Facebook, we think we know how effective it will […]

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