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How to Use Cohorts to Track Your True Conversion Rate

A cohort is a group of people who share a common characteristic or experience within a defined period of time. Part of what distinguishes cohort analysis from other data analysis methods is that it allows you to track groups of people over long periods of time. In most cases, when you’re tracking data, everyone is […]

4 Factors That Correlate With Higher Search Rankings (Infographic)

Every person in the search engine optimization (SEO) space needs to know a fair amount of how the Google algorithm works. While Google doesn’t share all the ingredients in their secret sauce, we do know a few of the factors that are important to ranking a site. Today’s infographic highlights some of the factors that […]

Seven Ways To Delight Customers Even Before They Talk To You

It’s the little things that matter in the end, especially in a field like customer service. You might be spending a lot of time and effort making sure every experience you deliver to customers is mind-blowing (including how good your processes are and how helpful and nice your agents are), but none of that matters […]

5 Ecommerce Stats That Will Make You Change Your Entire Marketing Approach

The best information is usually the most straightforward: Cold hard statistics. Even though stats aren’t exactly emotionally scintillating or suspenseful, they are nonetheless very powerful. In this article, I’ve collected some of the most surprising ecommerce stats that I believe have profound implications for the way that we do marketing. These statistics come from the […]

12 Proven Ways Your Copy Can Get More Conversions

The New Year is here. If you’re like me, you bookmarked way too many “how-to” articles in 2014, downloaded enough content marketing eBooks to fill a thumb drive and you can’t sit through another webinar without crying. Great. You’re driven. What if we started this year with the man who inspired the majority of the […]

How to Cut Your Conversion Time in Half

When it comes to conversions, time is everything. The more time you can shave off things, the better your conversion rates will be. What time am I referring to? There are two types of timing issues that can negatively impact conversions. Page load time: You must improve your page load time to improve conversions. Just […]

How to Launch Your Website Tests Successfully with KISSmetrics

Recently, an unmanned NASA rocket burst into flames just seconds after liftoff. The disaster perfectly illustrates how easily things can go wrong when you’re dealing with a complex system. It certainly holds true at my own job where I often test website changes with KISSmetrics. In many ways, a website test is like launching a […]

How Reducing Options Can Increase Conversions (Infographic)

One of the most common tenets of conversion optimization is that fewer options = higher conversions. When you give people too many options, they get confused trying to compare them, and end up choosing no option. The hypothesis isn’t far fetched. If a SaaS company offers 7 different pricing plans, many visitors won’t know which […]

How to Optimize Your Website Messaging to Increase Conversions

Have you been to a website recently where you read every word and absorbed every image on the homepage, but you still weren’t sure what the business actually does? Those companies have spent a great deal of time developing a beautiful website and probably even more time on the product or service. But, they have […]

Using Channels in KISSmetrics to Learn Where Your Most Valuable Customers Come From

Marketers need to know where customers come from. Otherwise, they can’t grow a business. If marketers can get a complete picture of all their marketing channels that shows which ones are acquiring customers, they’ll know where to focus their acquisition dollars. But, many marketers don’t have information about where customers are coming from and how […]

12 Infographic Tips That You Wish You Knew Years Ago

It used to be that you could get major attention just by using infographics. Today, that’s not the case. Everyone is making infographics. Now, you’ve got to make infographics that are better than the next guy’s infographics. That’s not easy to do. I’ve been creating infographics for quite a while. I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve […]

Why 2015 Might Be Your Best Year for Internet Marketing

When we’re bidding adieu to an old year and hello to a new, we like to read (and write) about predictions for the New Year. I’m not immune to the New Year excitement bug, even though I tend to work on holidays (rather than party). This year, I’m a little more excited than normal. Although […]

12 Tips for Increasing Your Click-Through-Rates on Twitter (Infographic)

Marketers have dozens of Twitter analytics tools at their disposal. These tools give them the power to test the impact of a tweet with the goal of increasing their social media ROI. Those who say that marketing on social media is just a waste of time and money may just be using it incorrectly or […]

The Best Email Marketing, Copywriting, Social Media and Content Marketing Posts of 2014

That’s a tall order to fill, but unlike many “best of” articles floating around on the web this time of year, I’m (shockingly!) not looking at “best” in terms of the most page views, tweets or shares. In worst cases, those kinds of indicators can be artificially inflated or misguided. What I’m looking at are […]

How SaaS Marketing is Different from Every Other Type of Marketing

SaaS marketers have a tough job. Marketing is hard. But what about marketing something that has no physical presence? Or marketing something that is constantly changing? Or marketing something that has some goofy name? Or marketing something that only about 20 B2B companies will be interested in? Or marketing something that doesn’t even make sense […]

Why Modeling Churn is Difficult

Customer churn is a really interesting problem. It appears to be a simple calculation, but the more you explore it the more complex it becomes. Evidence of this complexity appears in the variety of articles written on the subject, such as: For Entrepreneurs uses a very straightforward method of calculation, which is then used as […]

5 Data-Backed Strategies That Will Get You More Mailing List Subscribers

List building is one of those things that marketers are always looking for ways to do better and faster. Even with the rise of social media and content marketing, email marketing continues to be one of the most effective digital marketing tactics; after all, when a consumer gives you her email address it means you […]

How to Build the Online Community that Builds Trust

Want to build an online community? When you understand the power of the online community, you’re bound to answer in the affirmative. Vanessa DiMauro, CEO of Leader Networks, will tell you the online community is the most powerful way to connect with prospects today. Well-run online communities advance trust building. In a recent webinar, Vanessa […]

8 Psychological Triggers to Optimize Your Pricing Page

Pricing pages have a huge impact on online sales. Designing the right pricing page is key to increasing checkouts and revenue, but there’s a lot more to a pricing page than its design. Since emotions and psychological triggers influence purchasing behavior, and since consumers depend on products and services to fulfill emotional needs in their […]

How to Turn Holiday Shoppers into Year-Round Customers – Starting Right Now

The online holiday season keeps growing by leaps and bounds. For many retailers, it’s the pivotal moment that can either make or break their business. According to ComScore, holiday e-commerce spending is expected to increase by 16% to $61 billion, while mobile commerce continues its upward surge, with 25% growth between 2013 and 2014. So […]

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