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Conflict part II: Dutch Football

The excerpt below comes from British football journalist Simon Kuper’s “Soccer Against the Enemy,” in explaining the differences in culture between the British and Dutch with regards to how they treat conflict, and how it impacts the sporting football fortunes of the two nations. The references are dated and I think this was originally published […]

When Conflict is good: The 5 dysfunctions of a team

When I visited the US a few years back, I was interested in Nicole Davis mentioning a number of books the USA Women’s program gave the players to read. They were: The Talent Code Outliers Mindset The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team Since these books and authors kept popping up in a lot of sports […]

Asian Girls (U17) Volleyball Championships – part 3: Australia

So now that I’ve written about what we did before the tournament, and how other teams went, how did our team (Australia) finish? We came last. We lost 2 games in pool play to the Philippines and India. Both were winnable and we were 2-1 sets up in each game but managed to lose in […]

Asian Girls (U17) Volleyball Championships – part 2: The Big 4

I previously wrote about China, Japan, Korea, Chinese Taipei and Thailand at the AVC U19 championships. This time, in my follow up to my post about the AVC U17 championships, I will focus on China, Japan, Korea and Thailand. Taipei regularly makes the top 5 with the rest, but I didn’t get much of a chance […]

Extrinsic Motivation Part III: Sugar factories and braces

When she was a child, she dreamt of graduating from a Bangkok university but realised that the family’s modest income, with father working at a sugar factory in Ratchaburi, wasn’t going to fully cover her study costs. To accomplish her goal, she needed to get a scholarship. With her brother emerging as a keen footballer […]

Asian Girls (U17) Volleyball Championships – part 1

Currently I’m in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand with the Australian Youth (U17) Girls team preparing for Asian Championships, which starts in 4 days. After travelling with the Junior Women (U19) in July and both groups in April, this is my 3rd tour and I would have spent 7 weeks away from work and overseas. Thailand is a […]

Perana VideoTagger – The best video tagging software ever

There is not hyperbole in the title. After years of testing, the Perana Sports folks who made VBStatsHD have made VideoTagger – an easy-to-use video tagging application that lets you create your own templates and interfaces. VBStatsHD is great – in fact I love to use it for both our match analysis during games and […]

VVI State League Grand Final – 16 Aug 2014

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate to be a ringer on the coaching staff in a Victorian State League Grand Final. My good friend Bill was the assistant coach of Yarra Ranges Premier Men, and I had worked with 8 of the players and coaching staff in the Victorian state teams over the last […]

I still don’t like screening

So screening on the serve is still against the rules. But referees are apparently not allowed to call it. This one team at Asian Junior Championships used it a lot. One referee called them on it and they stopped… but the referee got marked down in the assessment for calling it. Good on them I […]

Asian Women’s (U19) Volleyball Championship – Part 3: Players < 175cm

Often in sport we talk about “growing the base of the pyramid”. More participation translates into a larger number of elite athletes at the pointy end (surely). However, a friend of mine who works as a High Performance Manager told me recently this is not a paradigm that will help Australia compete with larger countries. As […]

Asian Women’s (U19) Volleyball Championship – Part 2: The big 5

Interestingly at this tournament, the only 2 teams where the players and staff have to pay to participate are Australia and New Zealand.  All the other teams had their costs covered by their federations or government funding. Some of the top players in the other teams had semi-professional players playing in the top domestic league competitions […]

Asian Women’s (U19) Volleyball Championship – Part 1

Last month, immediately after AJVC, I had the privilege of participating in the 17th Asian Women’s (U19) Volleyball Championships in Taiwan as part of the Australian team’s coaching staff. I love volleyball events and it was like I had died and gone to heaven. I thought tournaments here were a lot of fun. But this is […]

Anatomy of a win

“I learned a lot from you this week. We worked really well together because you use statistics and I coach with my gut. I hope we can do this again some time.” – Michael Miller This was some flattering words from my fellow Victorian U19 men’s team assistant coach as we said our goodbyes at […]

Giving feedback on failure

Carol Dweck’s work is just amazing and I keep finding pearls of wisdom and stuff useful to coaching all the time. In particular is a scenario presented in Mindset about “Elizabeth”, a child who competes in a gymnastics meet and is disappointed  to not win a single prize at the event. The scenario gives the reader 5 possible things […]

Speed and perfection is the enemy of difficult learning

…is a phrase that really stuck with me from Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset. In it, she states that praising people (children in particular) on how effortlessly they accomplish easy tasks promotes the Fixed Mindset. How does this relate to volleyball. Getting good at volleyball takes years of difficult learning in mastering “open” skills such as […]

No way out

  Admittedly, Cortes’s conquest is a cringeworthy moment in human history. It does however, illustrate how having “no way out” can motivate people to be truly committed. Late last year at the Australian Junior Women Development Camp, we were fortunate to be visited by Australian beach Volleyball team coach Mick Nelson and player Louise Bawden, […]

The Most Important Coaching Research Ever II

The title for this post comes from a post Mark Lebedew wrote a few years ago about the Hawthorne Effect. Indeed, the studies of Elton Mayo & Co formed the cornerstone of modern motivation theory in the workplace replacing the medieval notions of financial reward and punishment. However, I recently read a book which would […]

Running DataVolley on an Apple

I’m a big fan of DataVolley/DataVideo, but one of the things that sucks about it is there’s no OSX version. I’m partial to my Apple MacBook and take it wherever I go. Which means I’ve had to take both my MacBook and Windows laptop the last few times I’ve travelled (one of my “first-world problems” […]

Setter Following the Receiver

Commonly, most teams play now with the setter following the middle blocker in the rotation (the middle is clockwise to the setter). It’s considered common wisdom this is the way to play that we assumed everyone always played this way. Having the setter following the receiver is often considered a bad idea – the setter […]

Lost Months: Part 5, Women’s AVL (5 Oct 2013 – 10 Nov 2013)

I try to write a post a month. That went well for about 4 years straight, until July this year. I was busy. Turns out being an amateur volleyball performance analyst is quite time consuming. It’s no excuse, but thought I’d fill in what I’ve been up to…. I got involved with the Canberra Heat […]

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