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Disaster imagery and whining the way toward the waterfall (we're talking the EU crisis here)

Henryk Broder writing in the conservative Welt Online likes the boat-headed-for-the-waterfall metaphor for the current course of the EU in the euro crisis, Euro-Krise. Nordeuropa arbeitet – und zahlt für den Süden 03.08.2012. And he adds a 1914 reference:Der Untergang des Euro erfolgt in Zeitlupe. Show More Summary

The spiral of fanaticism in the Republican Party, fueled by big money

I don't know who said it first, but I got it from Digby. "It" is that when Republicans lose elections, they respond by trying to become more Republican. When the Democrats lose elections, they respond the same way - by trying to become...Show More Summary

The Aurora shooting and possible roots of violence in the US

The problem of violence was one much discussed in the 1960s in the United States, often in connection with urban riots, rising violent crime, police brutality, violent police and vigilante actions in the South against civil rights protesters,...Show More Summary

Stephen Walt on the Presidential candidates' positions on Israel policy

Stephen Walt finds a silver lining in the bipartisan support in the Presidential campaign for hawkish Israeli policies (What 'unshakeable commitment' to Israel really means 07/30/2012):The good news, such as it is, is that both Romney and Obama are probably lying. Show More Summary

Romney in Israel gives a strong indication of what a Romney Administration foreign policy would look like

Willard Romney was in Israel as part of his foreign tour meant to give him some foreign policy cred for the election. But the picture he's giving us of what his foreign policy might be as President isn't any cause for encouragement.Joe...Show More Summary

The strain in Spain goes on for ... forever and a night?

Página 12's regular Paz & Rudy cartoon feature of 07/29/2012 spoofed the IMF's program for countries with debt troubles: Reporter: Spain is following the recipes of the IMF, but the IMF is pessimistic about Spain.IMF Spokesman: And yes... Show More Summary

Robert Fisk on the Syrian civil war and the US-British game there

Robert Fisk has shown himself over the last two decades to be one of the very best reporters on Middle Eastern affairs, especially when it comes to wars. His book The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East (2005)...Show More Summary

Cenk Uygur weighs in on Obama's Urban League speech on violence

Yesterday, I discussed Obama's Urban League speech dealing with urban violence and guns.Cenk Uygur did a segment on the same topic, Michael Moore's Question For President Obama After Colorado Shooting The Young Turks YouTube date 07/26/2012: Tags: aurora shooting, barack obama, gun control

Andrew Bacevich on "The Revisionist Imperative: Rethinking Twentieth Century Wars"

Andrew Bacevich in January of this year gave an address to the American Historical Association on "The Revisionist Imperative". It was published in The Journal of Military History 76/2 (Apr 2012) under the title, "The Revisionist Imperative:...Show More Summary

Obama speaks on firearms restrictions

President Obama finally stepped out of his Pastor-in-Chief role over the Aurora shooting, in a speech to the National Urban League in New Orleans on Wednesday (Remarks by the President at the National Urban League Convention 07/25/2012). Show More Summary

Today is the anniversary of the death of Eva ("Evita") Perón

Argentina this week is observing the 60th anniversary of the death of Eva ("Evita") Perón, which was on July 26, 1952.I recently saw this film, Eva Perón (1996), whose screenplay was written by José Pablo Feinmann, a philosopher who has written extensively on Argentine political history, including a multi-volume work on Peronism. Show More Summary

How much of a fatuous gasbag IS Tom Friedman really?

Glenzilla (aka, Glenn Greenwald) posts about The value of Tom Friedman Salon 07/25/2012. (Hint: it's not the quality of Little Tommy Friedman's commentary.)But for people who may have suspected that, despite his high credibility among...Show More Summary

Greece and the euro crisis today

Representatives of the Troika (EU, IMF, ECB) are in Athens negotiating the next steps in the ongoing Greek bailout. More specifically, the provision of funds to the Greek government for the purpose of paying back sovereign debt obligations...Show More Summary

Obama continues to lead as Pastor-in-Chief on the Aurora shooting aftermath

The more President Obama plays Pastor-in-Chief over the Aurora shooting, the most discouraged and disgusted I get. The disgust is over realizing in a way that never struck me this way before that our press and political parties have developed a reliable ritual for dealing with this kind of recurring incident of mass gun killings. Show More Summary

Angiebot Elmar Brok on democratic failures in Hungary and Romania and on the value of the EU from a German conservative perspective

Elmar Brok is a member of German Chancellor Angela "Frau Fritz" Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) serving as a European Member of Parliament affiliated with the European People's Party, the EU parliamentary group for Christian Democrats. Show More Summary

William Pfaff does a head-scratcher column on the euro crisis

William Pfaff is one of my favorite commentators on international affairs. He recognizes that the euro and the European Union are in trouble. But I'm not sure he has a very good idea of why. In Euro Zone in Stalemate Commonweal 07/19/2012, he writes:The European Union is at risk of being destroyed by the euro. Show More Summary

When political leaders try to be ministers instead of political leaders, it lets nasty rightwing ministers like Rick Warren play (theorcratic) politics

Dan Froomkin's description of President Obama's response to the attempted assassination of Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords last year provided a model for the pious but empty speech he gave on Friday on the Aurora shooting. Show More Summary

Romney out-pastors President Obama talking about the Aurora shooting

Here's Willard Romney's pastoral comments on the Colorado mass murder, Romney Speaks On The Shooting In Aurora TPM 07/20/2012. He obviously shares President Obama's notion that the President also needs to act as national Pastor-in-Chief.I would say Willard out-pastors the President there. Show More Summary

Mass murder in Aurora, CO

As we all know, the Founders wrote the Second Amendment to guarantee the freedom of everyone to obey the voices in their heads telling them to git their handguns and automatic weapons and explosives and go down and murder people at the movie theater. Show More Summary

Charlie Pierce on George McGovern's 90th birthday

Charlie Pierce has a great tribute to George McGovern, Happy Birthday, George McGovern Esquire Politics Blog 07/19/2012:The man whom Bobby Kennedy called "the most decent man in the Senate" turns 90 today.The worst thing that ever happened...Show More Summary

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