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McGovern obituaries

This is a video of the late George McGovern's most famous speech, McGovern's 1972 Democratic Convention Acceptance Speech: And an interview with Charlie Rose from 01/06/2012 (that the date of the video publication, the actual date of...Show More Summary

A couple of quotes on official violence and "revolution by implosion"

"Does not right cease to be right whenever it is seized?" - Karl Barth, Protestant Theology in the Nineteenth Century: Its Background and History"Law and Order": these words have always had an ominous sound; the entire necessity and the entire horror of legitimate force are condensed, and sanctioned, in this phrase. Show More Summary

Obama's accomplishments

The Salt Lake City Tribune endorsement of Obama had a good, brief statement of his accomplishments as President (Tribune endorsement: Too Many Mitts - Obama has earned another term 10/19/2012):In the first months of his presidency, Obama acted decisively to stimulate the economy. Show More Summary

Jeff Faux on neoliberalism and its grim effects on the US economy

"Books of this genre are expected to have a happy ending. With awareness of what is wrong, the corrective forces of democracy are set in motion."Those words were the beginning of the ending chapter of John Kenneth Galbraith's The Culture...Show More Summary

EU summit meets, Merkel and Hollande quibble, summit decides to stall

The EU summits have in one sense gotten monotonous: the heads of government meet, palliative measures get discussed that would postpone the collapse of the eurozone without solving the problems of the currency union, and Germany tries to minimize the scope of anything that gets agreed upon. Show More Summary

Ignored by the Presidential campaign

The two-party system, for better or worse, forces a binomial choice on us in most elections. With very rare exceptions, third party efforts are significant in how they affect the outcome of the binomial choice between Democrats and Republicans. Show More Summary

Barry Goldwater and 2012 Republicanism (2)

Digby calls attention to a passage in Elias Isquith's article Paul Ryan's Debt to Barry Goldwater—Who'd Be Mortified by Paul Ryan 10/05/2012 that talks about the hawkishness that Goldwater 1964 and Paul Ryan 2012 both share. Isquith:The Republican Party's antipathy toward the welfare state is well known. Show More Summary

Presidential debate 2, wherein Obama actually shows up this time

I know from the Biden-Ryan debate that I'd better check with Charlie Pierce before I blog about Tuesday's debate. And, sure enough, he had some great things to say, America Has Now Met the Many Romneys, and America Knows They Can Get...Show More Summary

Barry Goldwater and 2012 Republicanism (1)

I've been puzzling over how to construct a post on political violence that addresses some current issues without using the proverbial "30,000 foot" clichees. Maybe it's just not a one-post concept.Because Digby hits on one of the key...Show More Summary

David Bromwich on Obama's speaking style

David Bromwich is a close observer of Obama's words and how they connect with his policies. Also he sometimes dabbles in pop psychology while doing it, I've found his analyses of Obama particularly insightful.A couple of years ago in...Show More Summary

Obama's Libya policy in light of Ghaddafi's cooperation with Cheney and Bush in torture

I wrote after last week's Vice Presidential debate that one of the problems not addressed in the arguments over Libya had to do with nuclear nonproliferation. Ghaddafi's was bad in numerous ways. But it had agreed to US demands to give up its nuclear weapons program, which was a positive thing for nuclear nonproliferation. Show More Summary

Obama and the perils of centrism

Robert Kuttner: "Romney and Obama have each muddled their views -- but Romney does it in a way that helps him, while Obama's muddling helps the Republicans." (Muddled Ideology, Muddled Debate Huffington Post 10/15/2012)Obama's centrist...Show More Summary

The EU wins the Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Committee surprised a lot of people by selecting the European Union as the recipient of this year's Nobel Peace Prize.Klaus Stuttmann catches the sad and ironic side of this at a time when German Chancellor Angela Merkel'sShow More Summary

Against the "Grand Bargain": The fight for Social Security

The Grand Bargain battle isn't an explicit issue in the Presidential race, because Republicans want to cut benefits on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid even more than President Obama does. But the positioning and lobbying and backroom...Show More Summary

Biden-Ryan debate: Iran and the Grand Bargain to cut benefits on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Joe Biden's performance in Thursday evening's debate against Paul Ryan reminded me of Abe Lincoln's famous comment about General Grant: "He fights."Bill Press picks up on that aspect of the debate in Bill says Vice President Biden saved...Show More Summary

Merkel's visit to Greece

Klaus Stuttmann has some great cartoons about German Chancellor Angela "Frau Fritz" Merkel. Including the Frau Fritz cartoon itself, my favorite so far.In this one from 10/10/2012, he depicts Frau Fritz' austerity message to Greece on her visit this week. Show More Summary

Biden-Ryan debate tonight

After last week's Obama-Romney debate, we all got to be theater critics for a few days. This week I've been seeing a lot of analysis and criticism of the theater criticism. This is how we news junkies entertain ourselves.I'll give my...Show More Summary

Greece welcomes Angela Merkel to Athens

"Merkel came to [G]reece to support the Merkelists of [G]reece. She came to support them, but instead she gave Greece and our allies the chance to say to all that the democratic legacy of [E]urope will not allow Greece to become theShow More Summary

Obama's commitment to a Grand Bargain to cut benefits on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid biting him in Presidential campaign

Sam Stein provides a good explanation of how President Obama's bad policy goal of cutting benefits on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is actually hurting him in the Presidential campaign in Obama Campaign Does Debate Cleanup On Social Security Answer Huffington Post 10/08/2012. Show More Summary

Rent-seeking and the growth of inequality in the US

Joe Stiglitz in Mitt Romney's tax avoidance weakens bonds of American society Guardian 09/03/2012 discusses the concept economists call "rent-seeking", which is an important concept in understanding the dynamics of inequality in theShow More Summary

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