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Utopian thinking and the impotance of shaking things up

Kathleen Geier had the following to say in her obituary of the "radical feminist" Shulamith Firestone, R.I.P. 09/02/2012:Like all the best radical thinkers and visionaries, Firestone is valuable for busting ancient paradigms, burning...Show More Summary

The "47%" meme

The "47%" meme is kind of a desublimation of the real meaning of the main Republican low-tax mantra since around 1978. The whole idea was to cut taxes for the wealthy. But to make it acceptable and even appealing to a wider public, they had to include some kind of tax cuts for the lower brackets, as well. Show More Summary

Euro miseries

Spain lately has been a continuing fountain of bad economic news. Paul Krugman updates us on how the news isn't likely to get better enough to keep Spain in the eurozone with impoverishing the country on a more-or-less permanent basis: The Economic Consequences of Mr. Show More Summary

More Obama-Romney debate commentary

Did the Republicans succeed in punking Obama again with their pre-debate attacks? The Young Turks discuss that in Obama 'Angry Black Man' Attack 10/04/2012: Here's the TYT/Current TV version, "Was President Obama less forceful in the #debates to avoid being seen as an 'angry black man'?" 10/04/2012: This is a plausible speculation to me. Show More Summary

How serious is the voter suppression problem?

Elizabeth Drew in Voting Wrongs NYR Blog 09/21/2012 says it's this serious:Having covered Watergate and the impeachment of Richard Nixon, and more recently written a biography of Nixon, I believe that the wrongdoing we are seeing in this election is more menacing even than what went on then. Show More Summary

The shift in tax politics hidden in the Republicans' "47%" meme

Krugman raises a point that other have been raising as well about the evolution of the Republicans' antitax position in Notes on the Political Economy of Redistribution 09/21/2012. The phrase "lucky duckies" is taken from a notorious Wall Street Journal editorial that characterized people with income too low to be liable for federal tax by that term. Show More Summary

Again on the Obama-Romney debate

Charlie Pierce isn't one to run with the Pod Pundit herd. And he also thought Obama's performance in the first debate was bad, even disastrous. In The Presidential Debate That Wasn't Very Presidential: How Obama Let the Etch-a-Sketch Take the Controls Esquire Politics Blog 10/04/2012, he writes:... Show More Summary

1st Obama-Romney debate

The Obama-Romney debate of 10/03/2012, Presidential Debate 2012 (Complete) Romney vs.Obama - 10/3/2012 - Elections 2012 New York Times YouTube channel 10/03/2012: Every time Obama mentions the word "deficit" in a speech he damages his re-election prospects. Show More Summary

Brad DeLong warns about the particular threat of long-term unemployment

Economist Brad DeLong in Long-term unemployment: the next threat to the world economy Guardian 08/02/2012 reminds us of the damaging economic effects of widespread long-term unemployment, to the economy as a whole as well as to the individuals...Show More Summary

Cutting Social Security benefits is a really, really bad idea

Dean Baker raises a very important point that is likely to become an immediate issue right after President Obama is reelected, should that be the outcome of the Presidential campaign (Does President Obama Want to Cut Social SecurityShow More Summary

Stuff we need more of in American politcs: Keynesian economics

Paul Krugman wrote last year in Mr. Keynes and the Moderns 06/18/2011:And as it turns out, Keynes-as-equilibrium-theorist... has a lot to teach us to this day. The struggle to liberate ourselves from Say's Law, to refute the "Treasury...Show More Summary

Yes, the government CAN do something about recession and depression

Jared Bernstein recently gave a couple of basic explanations about how fiscal and monetary policy create jobs: the oddly titled Daddy, Where Do Jobs Come From? Huffington Post 09/15/2012 and Do Politicians Really Have Much to Do with...Show More Summary

The problem of poverty in America

The American Prospect issue for July/Aug 2012 was a special issue on poverty in the United States. I'm glad to see this issue achieving some more prominence, forced on to the political scene (if not so much onto the national political agenda) by the current depression.The Prospect's treatment of the poverty problem is a mixed bag. Show More Summary

At the cutting edge of segregationist voting suppression today

Roll Call has an article describing some of the key operators behind the Republican Party's segregationist voter-suppression operations: Eliza Newlin Carney, Conservative Veterans of Voting Wars Cite Ballot Integrity to Justify Fight...Show More Summary

John Maynard Keynes and "Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren"

Keynes biographer Robert Skidelsky urges us to take a new look at one of Keynes' most famous essays, Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren (1930).In Return to capitalism 'red in tooth and claw' spells economic madness Guardian...Show More Summary

New stab-in-the-back-theory? If the civilians had only listened to the Red Team ...

Michael Gordon was a co-author with the infamous Judith Miller on several of the New York Times' articles that recycled cynical Cheney propaganda to justify invading Iraq. When I read his articles, I generally assume I'm looking at something...Show More Summary

Mitt Romney's taxes and the common good

Joe Stiglitz in Mitt Romney's tax avoidance weakens bonds of American society Guardian 09/03/2012 looks at how tax avoidance by prominent wealthy people like Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney serves to undermine the basic...Show More Summary

Obama talks about violence to the UN General Assembly

President Obama devoted the first part of his speech to the UN General Assembly yesterday, which was good to see to a tribute to Chris Stevens, the US Ambassador killed in Libya earlier in September. This is the YouTube of the speech,...Show More Summary

Josh Barro on Romney and the "47%"

This is an interesting interview with Josh Barro on Bloomberg TV. Barro's opinion piece after Mitt Romney's now infamous "47%" comments became public attracted a lot of attention. What's particularly interesting to me is that the interviewers ask some probing questions. Show More Summary

Argentina's Cristina Fernandez and Brazil's Dilma Rousseff at the UN

Argentine Cristina Fernández de Kirchner addressed the United Nations General Assembly today. She responded to threats from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by saying that Argentina is not a soccer team that IMF head Christine Lagarde can just drop a red card on and that Argentina isn't going to be pushed around by threats. Show More Summary

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