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Steps to Help You Get Hired Quickly

As an active job seeker, you may feel like you have limited time to secure a professional job. However, it only takes a few steps during your job search to improve your chances of employment while also speeding up the process. Take these steps to positively impact your search and show hiring managers that your skills are in demand. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Answer "What's Your Ideal Job?"

One common job interview question is, "What's your ideal job?" Answering this is tricky, because you want to be honest without saying the job you're interviewing for is your idea of the best one. Check out five ways to answer this question honestly without seeming like you're sucking up to the boss. Show More Summary

Ways to Practice Corporate Social Responsiblity

Modern consumers are looking for more than quality products and reliable service from the companies with which they do business. Companies looking to increase business also need to show a solid commitment to social responsibility. Look...Show More Summary

Tips for Tactfully Delivering Bad News

From losing clients to shrinking bonuses, bad news is bound to come up when you're a leader. If you learn to manage difficult conversations, you have a better chance of working through conflicts and keeping your team engaged. While it's tempting to hide from challenges, building effective communication skills in hard times helps you grow as a leader. Show More Summary

10 Skills That Can Help You Get Promoted

Earn a promotion in 2018 thanks to a robust economy, a competitive labor market, and a few tips from bosses who are in the know. Discover 10 skills you need to move up the professional ladder sooner rather than later. 1. Take Ownership When you have the skills to succeed, take ownership of your position to make the company better. Show More Summary

How Would You Answer Why You Quit Your Job?

When an interviewer asks why you quit your job, be prepared with a brief, neutral answer that keeps the conversation positive. Interviewers are looking for clues about your character, and they don't want to recruit problematic workers who job hop, got fired or clash with others. Show More Summary

Quick Tips to Ace That Panel Interview

Job interviews are stressful, and it's natural to be nervous. A panel interview can be even more intimidating, sitting across the table from two, three or even four professionals as they pepper you with questions. When you're faced with a panel interview, don't let your nerves get the best of you. Show More Summary

Reduce Turnover With These 5 Strategies

Your team is the foundation of your business. Employee retention rates directly affect your company's bottom line, so taking steps to reduce turnover is critical. Follow these five strategies to keep your staff happy for the long term. Show More Summary

Could a Flexible Schedule Change Your Life?

A survey conducted by job aggregator FlexJobs reports that 97 percent of respondents say that a job with flexibility has a positive impact on their lives. Discover six reasons why a flexible schedule could change your life for the better when it comes to your professional and personal goals. Show More Summary

Quantify Your Experience These 3 Ways

It's essential to quantify your experience on your resume. This means including numerical data with experiences to give prospective employers a clearer picture as to how you helped previous organizations meet goals. Discover three ways to add substance to your resume using hard numbers to impress hiring managers. Show More Summary

All About Cover Letters

Writing a cover letter is slowly becoming a lost art, at least in the eyes of the corporate world. Recruiters and HR managers still value an introductory letter as a way to make employers want to peruse your resume. Read all about how to impress a recruiter with a personalized cover letter. Show More Summary

Crack a Job Interview Successfully With These Tips

Candidates preparing for a job interview often focus on how to answer interview questions. While this is a solid practice, paying close attention to your body language, hygiene and professional demeanor is also crucial. Learn how toShow More Summary

Improve Your Corporate Culture These 6 Ways

It's easy to get caught up in worrying about your company's bottom line, focusing on how much profit you are making and which employees bring in the most clients or sales, but there's more to a successful business than your profit margin. Show More Summary

Allowing Remote Work Decreases Turnover Rates

Employee retention is critical to the success of any business. Hiring and training new team members requires a significant amount of time and money, and high employee turnover rates decrease morale. Providing employees with remote work...Show More Summary

How Do I Get Past the Overqualified Label?

Your job search preparation requires you to put together a professional resume and cover letter that outlines pertinent skills to the job. However, if you find yourself constantly labeled as an overqualified candidate, your approach to submitting applications may need to change. Show More Summary

What if the Interview Questions Have Nothing to Do With the Job?

A great resume might help you land a job interview, but employers need to know about the personal attributes you possess to determine if you're a good fit for the position and company. To gain this information, they might ask questions that have nothing to do with the job but help give them insight into your overall personality and character. Show More Summary

5 Responses to Why Should We Hire You

You walk into the job interview with a confident stride, offer a firm handshake, and start answering questions about your employment history and educational background with ease. You have a fresh copy of your resume on hand, and you're prepared when the hiring manager asks about your weaknesses. Show More Summary

Focus on Feedback Loops for Motivation and Retention

After hiring an employee, it's important to turn your focus to motivation and retention. This is where feedback loops become important. You likely spent a lot of time recruiting and hiring the right talent, and you want them to stick around. Show More Summary

Is Your Personality Showing on Your Resume?

You c an still add your personality to a resume while maintaining a standard format with white space, bullet points and a career summary. In addition to unique accomplishments and results that only you can claim, your resume should have your personal touch on it to rise above the crowd and get noticed by a hiring manager. Show More Summary

3 Steps to Nailing Your Phone Interview

Phone interviews are a common part of the hiring process — employers use them for quick initial candidate screenings and to save money on travel for remote applicants. Making a great impression over the phone can be challenging, butShow More Summary

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