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John Perreault, 78

2 years agoArts : Artopia

As many of you will now know, the author of this blog, John Perreault, passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, September 6. I first got to know John in the late 1990s when he came to the Pilchuck School north of Seattle on a press outing we were both attending, and we hit it off. He […]

Mike Kelley, Back to School

3 years agoArts : Artopia

      This is a test. Can you look at Mike Kelley’s huge survey (MoMA PS1 to Feb. 2) without thinking of how he died? Is it too soon to come to grips with the art? Recent evidence has emerged that St. Vincent was shot by some stupid boys by mistake. Nevertheless, van Gogh’s […]

Christopher Wool: Pulling the Wool Over Your Eyes

3 years agoArts : Artopia

  Christopher Wool gets better in this century. The Guggenheim retrospective (through Jan. 22) proves it. The words and wallpaper-roller and black-on-white sprayed, printed and tricked-up paintings of the last century all have their place, but the 21st-century “gray paintings” are so far his best. Less sarcastic. More complicated. More subtle. More ironic. I look […]

Afrofuturism Arrives — With Sun Ra!

3 years agoArts : Artopia

BLACK TO THE FUTURE...... Afrofuturism has been smoldering underground for awhile. The term was coined for African-American Si-Fi by critic Mark Derey in an essay called Black to the Future in 1994. In music, in the personage of Sun Ra, it existed before it was named

Futurisms: Can Italian Futurism Be Saved?

3 years agoArts : Artopia

    To some, mixing art and politics is like mixing oil and water. In reality it is more like mixing oil and vinegar. But where’s the salad? The dangers are (one) political aesthetics and (two) artistic politics. Examples of the first danger are when, in olden times, Greenbergian formalists froze out political art, the […]

St. Gauguin: Trouble in Paradise

3 years agoArts : Artopia

      Seeing the art world as a family is a handy tool, for it is like the philosophical idea that things in a category have a family resemblance rather than embody an archetype or, perish the thought, a Platonic form. On the other hand, if you are not Protestant, or Jewish or Muslim, […]

Lygia Clark: The Geography of Hagiography

3 years agoArts : Artopia

Acknowledgement of Clark’s genius has been a long time coming, but just remember this: Yesterday’s Lygia Clark is tomorrow’s van Gogh.

Jeff Koons Closes the Whitney

3 years agoArts : Artopia

                    Pop Art Comeback Announce that you like Jeff Koons and they’ll think you’re crazy or a capitalist running-dog lackey. Say you hate him and you’re just another anti-capitalist snooty spoilsport, without a sense of irony. So the best thing to do might be to avoid […]

Dada Perfume: A Duchamp Interview

3 years agoArts : Artopia

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the readymade, a big batch of remade readymades are now on view at New York’s Gagosian Gallery on Madison Avenue (through Aug. 29, 2014). This fall, “Readymade@100” debuts at the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center, Washington, D.C. (Sept. 9 – Oct. 19). One of my […]

The Six Sins of Joan Mitchell

3 years agoArts : Artopia

  Rich and Lonely Joan Mitchell (1925-92) committed her First Sin by being a woman artist with more talent than many of the men in her generation. Nevertheless, being in the second generation of Abstract Expressionists was her Second Sin. No one ever wants to be the second generation of anything. Is that why we […]

The C-Word: Craft

3 years agoArts : Artopia

    A Pot by Any Other Name Is Still a Pot Two exhibitions at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) spell out the contradictions that have finally surfaced at what used to be called the American Craft Museum — and before that the Museum of Contemporary Craft. Both names had incorporated the apparently […]

Summer Special: Art Cops Double Feature

6 years agoArts : Artopia

While John Perreault is enjoying the beach on Long Island, the art cops try their hand at art criticism, above...and then, in the second video below, solve an art-world mystery: Why does the art world leave New York City...

The Art Cops: Art School Confidential

7 years agoArts : Artopia

On his Paris Biennial website, Jean-Baptiste Farkas claims over one trillion new artworks have been made since October 2009. And the clock keeps ticking: 1,685,740 new artworks per day. Click here for counter. What are we going to d...

Gustav Metzger: The Remix

7 years agoArts : Artopia

Gustav Metzger: Historic Photograph No.1: Liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto, April 19-28, 1943, 1995/2009/2011 Metzger Rescued from the Footnotes of Art History Gustav Metzger's first U.S. exhibition ever, the thought-provoking "Historic Photographs," is now at...

The Art Cops: Return from L.A. --- The Writing on the Wall

7 years agoArts : Artopia

Related Artopia essays: Who's Afraid of Eli Broad? Banksy Loses Bid for Oscar __________________________________________________________________________ Reminder: Interview with John Perreault, cover story of Art Experience N.Y.C. John Perreault Interviewed: Art, Social Criticism and Mass Media... "Searching...

The Art Cops Return: Fluxus Must Die!

7 years agoArts : Artopia

Links to more thoughts on Fluxus in Artopia: Fluxus Redux Ken Friedman Scroll down for Ben Patterson and even more on Fluxus.......

Ben Patterson Scores: A Modest Proposal

7 years agoArts : Artopia

Ben Patterson, String Music, 1960. Getty Research Institute. Benjamin Patterson's Variations for Double Bass, 1961. The concert was part of the exhibition Benjamin Patterson: Born in the State of FLUX/us November 6, 2010 - January 23, 2011 at...

Rirkrit Tiravanija: Fear Eats the Soul

7 years agoArts : Artopia

Talking About Relational Aesthetics by John Perreault 2011 What Is Relational Aesthetics? Formulated by French curator Nicolas Bourriaud to explain the work of his favored artists, Relational Aesthetics is difficult to pin...

Steven Siegel: The Sculptor from Planet X

7 years agoArts : Artopia

SCULPTURE Steven Siegel ART Red Hook H.P. LOVECRAFT Starn Twins ROBERT SMITHSON global warming GARBAGE Matthew Barney Black Mountain College BURGESS SHALE Marlborough Chelsea STEPHEN JAY GOULD Penland School BLACK MOUNTAIN COLLEGE Barbara Gladstone Twin Peaks Landfill PACIFIC GARBAGE VORTEX Unsolicited...

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