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Philip Roth Talks About Life After Writing

7 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

I had “a strong suspicion that I’d done my best work and anything more would be inferior. I was by this time no longer in possession of the mental vitality or the verbal energy or the physical fitness needed to mount and sustain a large creative attack of any duration on a complex structure as […]

Translation Is Not Just About Trading Words

8 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Since there is no such thing as a truly literal translation — no two languages’ grammars match, their vocabularies diverge, even punctuation has a different weight — there can be no such thing as a translation that is not “creative.” And while most of us translators think of ourselves as “faithful,” definitions of faithfulness can […]

Why Feelings Deserve A Starring Role In Culture

8 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

"We procure energy so that the organism can be perpetuated, but then we do something very important and almost always missed, which is hoard energy. We need to maintain positive energy balances, something that goes beyond what we need right now because that’s what ensures the future. What’s so beautiful about homeostasis is that it’s […]

Oslo's New Opera House Is The City's Most Striking, Democratic Building

8 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

The most striking modern building in the capital of Norway proudly identifies itself as the Oslo Opera House. Yet a more democratically accessible building in this hereditary kingdom would be difficult to imagine. When I paid my first visit last year, young people were dangling their feet in the water from its roof. Yes, its […]

Did This One Dance Change History?

8 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Well, Netflix might have exaggerated a little bit in the second season of The Crown. "Well, that's nice.... It's a lot of bullst."

How Sundance Is Recovering From Harvey Weinstein

8 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Very well, partly because of Amazon and Netflix. "This is no longer Mr. Weinstein’s freewheeling festival, the one he blasted into the public consciousness with eye-popping deals to bring male-gaze entries like Sex, Lies and Videotape and Reservoir Dogs to theaters. Sundance is now a prime showcase for women — films directed, produced and written […]

Dallas Black Dance Theatre Director Suddenly Departs

8 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

By all outward appearances, she had a successful start, quickly putting her own stamp on the company. End-of-the-year wrap-ups in The Dallas Morning News and other local performing arts publications cited Bridget Moore's contributions to the local dance scene as among the most important in 2017.

Google Discovers That STEM Skills Aren't Most Important For Its Employees

12 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

In 2013, Google decided to test its hiring hypothesis by crunching every bit and byte of hiring, firing, and promotion data accumulated since the company’s incorporation in 1998. Project Oxygen shocked everyone by concluding that, among the eight most important qualities of Google’s top employees, STEM expertise comes in dead last. The seven top characteristics […]

"Cool School" Artist Ed Moses, 91

13 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Moses will be remembered as an L.A. art world fixture, one of the city's most productive and experimental artists of the last half-century. He had a restless romance with abstract painting that sparked a perpetually evolving body of work, leading him to dub himself “The Mutator.” Moses formed the “Cool School” of artists — who […]

How A Huge Gift To A Philosophy Department Transforms It

13 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

$75 million may seem modest compared with the $1.5 billion the Michael Bloomberg has given Hopkins over the years, until you realize the money is flowing to the school's small and underfunded philosophy department. That money will go a long way.

The Chemical Roots Of How You Feel

14 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

The roots for the alignment between life processes and quality of feeling can be traced to the workings of homeostasis within the common ancestors to endocrine systems, immune systems, and nervous systems. They go back in the mists of early life. The part of the nervous system responsible for surveying and responding to the interior, […]

Waterstone's Bookseller Reports Profits Up 80 Percent

15 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Sales in 2017 had been buoyed by the success of children’s books by David Williams as well as JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Non-book items such greetings cards, stationery and educational toys have proved a success with browsers and now account for 10% of turnover.

Why The Art-Selfie App Caught The Internet By Storm

15 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

"What’s great about the art selfie craze is that it efficiently harnesses other, less blatant, but still very zeitgeisty tributaries to the culture: irony in the face of high art; camera-conscious vanity; the obsession with statistical measurement (each match is given a percentage rating); online flirtation (if Google says you look like a Titian, you’re […]

There's A New Music Academy In France, And Its Plan Is To (Finally) Diversify The Classical Music World

16 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Countertenor Philippe Jaroussky said his academy "was inspired by ambitious initiatives such as El Sistema, a program founded in 1975 that has provided hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan children with a music education, and the Demos project in France."

Julius Lester, Activist, Author, And Newbery Award Finalist, Dies At 78

17 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

"After initially publishing the instruction book The Folksinger’s Guide to the 12-String Guitar as Played by Leadbelly with musician Pete Seeger in 1965, Professor Lester went on to write essays, fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books. Among the latter was 1968’s To Be a Slave, which was named a Newbery Honor Book – a finalist for […]

Some New Zealanders Can't Deal With Shakespeare In Maori Language

18 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

The fairies in the latest production of Midsummer Night's Dream speak Te Reo, one of New Zealand's official languages, for about 20 percent of the production. "Online reviews left about the Pop-up Globe performance said the move was 'disrespectful' and 'bastardising' Shakespeare and confusing for audiences. Other theatre goers have made their equally damning views […]

Smithsonian Sites Remain Open In D.C. On Monday As Federal Government Remains Shut Down

18 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

After Monday? Probably not; and the National Zoo webcams will also close down as the Zoo closes (personnel will still care for the animals, however). "The Smithsonian announced that it has 'funds available to keep the museums open on Monday. We will update this announcement as needed.'"

At Two Awards Shows, Different Top Contenders For Oscars Get Big Wins, Over The Weekend

18 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

The Producers Guild Awards loved Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water, but the Screen Actors Guild (where women headlined, and wore pink instead of black in reference to the weekend's many marches) went for Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri.

Cherokee Nation Member Wes Studi, The Star Of A New Film, Says Theatre Acting Is A Like The Adrenaline Rush Of War

19 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Community theatre, of course. Studi: "It was kind of a combination of the aftereffect of Vietnam in a way, in that — I won't say I was addicted or a junkie of adrenaline — but, you know, I tried a number of fairly dangerous things just to kick that off in my brain again.... […]

What's Next For The Partly Recovered San Antonio Symphony?

19 hours agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Some good things have happened since the near total shutdown in December: "The musicians have a contract that extends through August, and interim executive director Karina Bharne is in place. In addition, the original board, known as the Symphony Society of San Antonio is back at the helm with a new chairwoman, Kathleen Weir Vale. […]

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