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Give Yourself Permission To Love

You have to give yourself permission sometimes—permission to fail, permission to fall for the wrong person, permission to be fearless and maybe not have it all figured out

This Is Why I Had To Cut You Out Of My Life

And as much as it hurts to write this, I love my life. Without you in it.

Never Thought I Would Experience My Sexual Liberation At A Strip Club

that coy sweet vanilla body spray mixed with expectation and I could taste skin before I could even see it.

Forget Meditating, Just Go For A Swim

There is one quiet place left on this earth. One quiet place where there are no phones, no news tickers, no instant messages or even music.

You Will Never Be Enough For The Wrong Heart

You will never be enough for the person who doesn’t love you. Your warmth will never thaw the heart which does not beat for you.

That Life That Would Maybe Be Kind Of Nice If It Were Real

Whenever people come to visit they remind me of City Me who was manic and high strung and worked 11 hour days and frequently woke up having nightmares about her email.

This Is How You Protect Your Heart

Sometimes pouring your heart out to people over and over again makes you feel empty.

This Is What It’s Like When No One Understands Your Eating Disorder

I didn’t expect anyone to understand. ED was my friend, my source of productivity, my distraction from indulgence.

In Another Universe, We Are Together

Right now, I am here — without you, and in this universe I am teaching my heart to be okay with that. Right now, I am learning that it is okay to stop fighting. To lay down my arms. To let things be.

Your Real Friends Are The Ones Who Will Tell You The Truth (Even When It Hurts)

Your real friends won't sugarcoat the truth. They won't lie to you just to make you feel better. They are going to tell you the harsh reality of any situation you find yourself in. Because they know you better than you know yourself...

This Is What I Mean When I Say I ‘Choose Him Every Day’

The reason many couples stay together is because it's less work than breaking up. When I say I choose him every day, I mean I love him deliberately. I mean that I won't settle for a love that's less than this.

23 Incredible Feminist Moments From ‘Game Of Thrones’

After years and years of watching women beaten and raped and made pawns in the wars of men, it was a thrill to see Dany lead a council filled with women.

If Anxiety Could Text This Is What It Would Say

Learning to live with anxiety and accept it is hard. Overcoming it and not letting it dictate your life is even harder.

To The Ones Who Need To Remember To Move On

You deserve to feel like you can take on the world and that you are worthy - just as you are.

You’re Allowed To Be Alone

You don’t have to go jumping from relationship to relationship until you find the right person.

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