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Labor Market Recovery Debate Hinges on the Long-Term Unemployed

Metropolitan areas across the country are reporting pre-recession era jobless rates, meaning workers are now able to demand wage increases.

How to Save Money on Your Baby’s Expensive First Year

Here are five ways you can save money during your first year with a new baby.

Are Your Taxes Too High?

A new survey finds that people in certain parts of the country are far more likely to say their taxes are too high.

Did the Obama Administration Approach the Jobs Recovery Wrong?

Key to the current unemployment situation is the discouragement of job seekers, poor work incentives created by government policies, the growth of federal disability programs, and the inadequacies of schooling and training.

Are Americans Neglecting Their Piggy Banks?

When it comes to personal finance in America, perhaps the only situation worse than the ongoing retirement crisis is the status of savings accounts.

Wall Street is Throwing Cash at Investors Like Never Before

Many companies are returning capital to investors by issuing dividends and conducting share repurchases at a record pace.

This is How Washington, D.C. Spends Your Tax Dollars

A new study shows how that tax dollar you sent in this year gets divided up.

4 Risks Lurking On the Road Through Retirement

Here's a look at what risks lay waiting on the road through a successful retirement.

Why Women Weathered the Recession Better

When the recession hit, jobs of all sorts went out the window, but women managed to weather the recession better. Here's why.

Is College Changing Lives in a Bad Way?

While a college degree is still necessary for many jobs, the debt that often comes with a degree can be stifling.

Google’s Stock Split: Not Evil, Just Smart

Google's leadership is splitting the company's stock and preserving their voting control, a move that has some investors worried.

How Much Longer Will the Bull Market Run?

The most hated bull market in history continues to raise more questions than answers.

5 Common Bank Fees You Can (and Should) Avoid

You should be able to avoid these five fees with careful planning and by keeping track of your spending.

No Jobs, No Opportunity: America’s Young Face Permanent Setback

If you ask around, most Americans will probably tell you that the U.S. job market is FUBAR.

Is the College Debt Bubble Schooling Graduate Students?

Millions of students decide to pursue a post-secondary education every year, often without any regard to the price tag.

5 States With the Highest Personal Income Growth

Believe it or not, some states in the country are experiencing robust personal income growth despite the generally anemic recovery.

From Plant to Prescription: 5 Ways Marijuana Made It to the Market

It no longer seems like a matter of if but rather a matter of when the federal U.S. government will recognize legitimate medical uses for marijuana.

I’ll Take the Tax: 10 Obamacare Exemptions You Don’t Want

There are several exemptions to the Affordable Care Act tax for the uninsured, but some of them are worse than the financial penalty.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Changing Careers

Here are five big mistakes to avoid if you are changing careers.

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