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IRL of the Day: Blacksmiths Create Link’s Shield from ‘Legend of Zelda’

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

Watch out real-life Gannon, if you exist. As part of Break TV’s series “Man At Arms: Reforged,” a team of blacksmiths from Baltimore Knife and Sword in Maryland have built a real-life version of Link’s Hylian shield from “The LegendShow More Summary

Nope of the Day: African Moon Moth Lays Eggs in DC Reporter’s Ear

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

Well this is just disgusting. FOX 5’s Bob Barnard was shooting a live segment Monday at the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum in DC to celebrate Museum Week, when an African Moon Moth landed on his ear. At first he joked that it was...Show More Summary

Science of the Day: Study Suggests Your Unborn Baby Hates It When You Smoke

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

If you still think it’s ok to smoke while pregnant, you might want to take a close look at the photos above. A new study from researchers at Durham and Lancaster University found that an unborn baby will move its mouth and touch itsShow More Summary

Face Off of the Day: Guy Curses Out Opossum on Fence

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

“You a nasty bitch.” This guy doesn’t like opossums at all, and he lets one of them know over and over again in this video. The creature just sits there silently taking it all in, while the man continues to berate him. Eventually itShow More Summary

Fail of the Day: Ted Cruz Announcement Mocked By Twitter, Internet Trolls

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

Ted Crud had a really bad case of the Mondays. The Texas senator is the first major candidate to announce that he is running for president, and things probably couldn’t have gone any worse. First he released an ultra-patriotic stockShow More Summary

Parody of the Day: Watch Lord Voldemort Sing Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is gonna funk you up. We’ve seen lots of different “Uptown Funk” videos over the past few months from treadmill dancing to cartoon covers. And now, thanks to YouTuber KFaceTV, we finally have a “Harry Potter” version starring Lord Voldemort. Show More Summary

Ad of the Day: Ok Go Made an Insane Commercial for a Chinese Furniture Store

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

When they’re not making crazy music videos, they’re making crazy Chinese commercials. On Monday, Ok Go unveiled a new ad that they produced and starred in for a furniture store in China called Red Star Macalline. The trippy video isShow More Summary

Social Media Campaign of the Day: Watch Celebrities Awkwardly Smooch for ‘Twizzler Challenge’

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

In case you weren’t aware, there’s a new Ice Bucket Challenge in town, and it’s both sweet and a little awkward. Dubbed “The Twizzler Challenge,” the social media campaign involves two people chewing on both ends of a Twizzler untilShow More Summary

Defense of the Day: Taylor Swift Buys Porn Domains, Scolds Princeton Review

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

It’s tough being Taylor Swift. Not only does she have to battle digital streaming and illegal downloading of her music, but now she’s also been forced to take some preemptive strikes against the porn industry. Swift recently purchased...Show More Summary

Parody of the Day: Comedy Troupe Imagines a ‘No Human’ Version of Seamless’ App

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

We live in world where you can simply push a button for pizza. But you still have to get up off your couch and occasionally interact with someone at the door before shoving it down your throat. NYC-based sketch group The Bilderbergers...Show More Summary

Food of the Day: Japanese Fast Food Chain Selling KitKat Sandwich

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

While you’re waiting for your Burger King Whopper cologne to go on sale, why not snack on a tasty KitKat sandwich? Japan is at it again, with fast food chain First Kitchen offering the sugary treat for a limited time. And it only costs...Show More Summary

Special Delivery of the Day: Man Hands Pope Pizza in Naples

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

Doing God’s work all day can make a man hungry. In a recent TV interview in Mexico, Pope Francis said that there was one thing he really didn’t like about his job. “The only thing I would like is to go out one day, without being recognized,...Show More Summary

Art of the Day: Brooklyn Artist Collective Projects Napping People Onto NYC Buildings

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

The streets of New York are anything but peaceful (it’s called the “city that never sleeps” for a reason), which makes this video all the more surreal. Brooklyn-based artist collective Dawn of Man has been working on an ongoing site-specific...Show More Summary

‘Murica of the Day: Ted Cruz Says He is Running for President with Uber-Patriotic Video

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

Texas Senator Ted Cruz officially announced that he is running for president Monday, and he did so in the most ‘Murica video imaginable called “A Time for Truth.” If these stock images of cornfields, bridges, churches, American flags...Show More Summary

WTF of the Day: Shoplifter Escapes Through Ceiling at Walmart

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

Walmart not only has falling prices, it’s also got strange men falling out of the ceiling. A shoplifter was apprehended by security at a store in Mobile, Alabama last Wednesday after trying to walk away with a debit card, some shoes, a hat, a watch and some underwear. Show More Summary

Surprise of the Day: Hungry Great White Shark Steals Fisherman’s Catch

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

A fishing charter in New Zealand recently got to experience “Jaws” in real life. As one of the fishermen reels in his line, he notices the fish is actually half-eaten, and just seconds later, a giant great white shark pops up to finish what he started. Show More Summary

Links of the Day: What You Missed This Weekend

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

Monica Lewinsky is back. In a recent TED talk, the former White House intern calls herself “Patient Zero” of public shaming and speaks out against Internet trolls. [NYT] The “supermoon” caused a “supertide” that turned France’s Mont Saint-Michel into an island. Show More Summary

Good Guy of the Day: Cop Helps Woman Finish 10K Race in Kentucky

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

This story of a Kentucky woman, her son and a hero cop will help restore your faith in humanity. Asia Ford was participating in the Rodes City Run 10K in Louisville on Saturday. She was a little past the 4 mile mark when she startedShow More Summary

Car Porn of the Day: Watch a Test Drive of Mercedes-Benz’s Futuristic Self-Driving F 015

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion made its big debut at CES this year, and The Verge’s Chris Ziegler recently took it out for a test drive on an airstrip in California. “This is the future,” he says in the video. “This is absolutely...Show More Summary

Links of the Day: What You Missed This Week

last weekHumor / odd : The Daily What

Three Dr. Peppers a day keeps the doctor away for one 104-year-old woman in Texas. “Every doctor that sees me says they’ll kill you, but they die and I don’t,” she says. [CBS DFW] There’s a drought in California and, according to Christian...Show More Summary

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