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Outrage of the Day: Mom Angry That Teddy Bears on Daughter’s Christening Cake Have Vaginas

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

A woman in England wants her money back after discovering that that a teddy bear cake she ordered for her 3-year-old daughter included “totally inappropriate detailing” of the animals’ gender. In other words: it looked like the bears had vaginas. Show More Summary

Stowaway of the Day: Cat Surprises Pilot By Appearing on Airplane Wing

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

Prior to takeoff, make sure your seats and tray tables are in the upright position and all cats are securely fastened. A man named Romain Jantot was shocked to find a furry little stowaway on his plane’s wing during a recent flight in Kourou, French Guiana. Show More Summary

Links of the Day: What You Missed This Weekend

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

Former meth cook and 1920s lifeboat coxswaine Walter White popped up in Las Vegas this weekend at the Electric Daisy Carnival and asked the crowd to “say my name.” [Rolling Stone] A man in Norway spent 6 years crocheting a map of World 1 from Super Mario 3. Show More Summary

Hero of the Day: Internet Asks Taylor Swift to Solve All of Their Problems After Apple Victory

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

When Taylor writes an angry letter, she sees some Swift results. And now everyone wants a piece of that action. This weekend, the pop singer wrote a strongly worded note to Apple, criticizing the company for choosing not paying artists during a 3 month trial period of Apple Music. Show More Summary

Animals of the Day: Timelapse Shows Golden Retriever Pups Running to Dinner, Growing Up

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

No matter how old they get, Colby & Bleu are always super excited to eat dinner. This timelapse video shows the two golden retriever puppies growing up over a period of about 9 months, from the perspective of their food dish. In theShow More Summary

Interview of the Day: Obama Uses N-Word on Marc Maron Podcast, Media Freaks Out

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

President Obama appeared as a guest on the “WTF Podcast” with Marc Maron this week, and his uncensored use of the N-word has some people thinking OMG. In the interview, he argues that the country has come a long way since the 1950s in...Show More Summary

Performer of the Day: Cop Freestyle Raps & Breakdances for Youth in Canada

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

He will arrest you with his sick dance moves and lyrics. Edmonton peace officer Halley Barrantes (aka “Tha Witness”) gave an impromptu hip-hop performance last week at Churchill Square in Edmonton to both honor a fallen officer and help change the way the youth in the city perceive cops. Show More Summary

Mystery of the Day: Strange Lights Spotted in Sky Above Indiana

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

Viral sci-fi movie promo, government conspiracy, proof of extraterrestrials or all of the above? A man in Greenwood, Indiana observed some bizarre, flashing lights in the sky earlier this month, and he posted a video of the phenomenon on YouTube asking if anyone could help explain what it was. Show More Summary

WTF of the Day: Naked Masked Man Pours Milk on Himself at Walmart

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

Last week a man stripped naked, put on a Halloween mask, poured milk all over his body and then ran around screaming that he was on fire. Basically just another day at Walmart. A video of the incident, which occurred at a store in Kentucky,...Show More Summary

Dancer of the Day: Guy Thrusts Hips to ‘Call on Me’ While Fixing Car

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

If you want your car repaired in the most entertaining way possible, call on this guy. A shirtless man was recently out in his driveway putting a lift under his vehicle, when an Eric Prydz song took hold of his body. As he pumped the...Show More Summary

Animal of the Day: Squirrel Dives Into Dugout at Phillies Game, Steals the Show

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

The Philadelphia Phillies took on the St. Louis Cardinals Friday night at Citizens Bank Park, but another type of animal also decided to pay a visit and ended up causing quite a scene. During the second inning, a squirrel crawled upShow More Summary

Recap of the Day: Short Versions of GOP Campaign Speeches are a Stroke of Genius

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

Did you miss Donald Trump’s big announcement this week? Worry not, for one brave YouTuber sat through the entire thing and cut it down to just 4 glorious minutes for your convenience. Watch him ride that escalator up and down over and over again and into your heart. Show More Summary

Links of the Day: What You Missed This Week

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

The Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un has created a pill that he says can cure AIDS, Ebola and cancer! Or not. [The Independent] This delicious beer was pulled from store shelves in Cleveland because it’s apparently offensive to the Son of God. Show More Summary

Statement of the Day: The U.S. Government Crushed 1 Ton of Ivory in Times Square

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) just gave a big ivory middle finger to illegal traders. In the second event of its kind, the Federal agency crushed 1 ton of ivory in the middle of Times Square Friday, which it had seized through various undercover operations. Show More Summary

Revenge of the Day: Man Literally Splits All of His Belongings with Ex-Wife After Divorce

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

Willy Wonka did it first. A man in Germany with the screenname “Der Juli” recently got divorced, and he decided split everything he owned with his now ex-wife. And he did what any enraged, heartbroken guy would do and literally cut all of his stuff in half. Show More Summary

Proposal of the Day: Guy Recreates Music Video for Magic’s ‘Rude’ to Ask Girlfriend to Marry Him

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

Getting down on one knee in a restaurant just doesn’t cut it anymore. So an Australian man named Liam Cooper decided to go all out when he proposed to his girlfriend Amy, in an elaborate scheme he calls “Project Magic.” “I wanted itShow More Summary

Doppelganger of the Day: Walter White Was a 1920s Lifeboat Coxswain in Wales

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

Did you know that Heisenberg was saving lives at sea in Wales decades before he started making meth in Albuquerque? An RNLI volunteer named Paul Frost discovered the above photo recently on eBay, and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution...Show More Summary

Social Experiment of the Day: Utah College Designates Texting Lane on Staircase

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

People who walk slowly in front of you while texting are the worst. So one school in Utah decided to do something about it. Utah Valley University has added a designated texting lane to the staircase in their Student Life & WellnessShow More Summary

Singer of the Day: This Guy’s Performance of ‘Over the Rainbow’ Will Give You Goosebumps

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

First he starts playing the cello, and you think to yourself…”not bad.” Then he starts to sing, and you are completely blown away. DC-area musician Aaron Gage recently performed the classic song from “The Wizard of Oz” at the RIO Washingtonian Center in Maryland. Show More Summary

Flash Mob of the Day: N.H High School Graduates ‘Shake It Off’ During Commencement Ceremony

last monthHumor / odd : The Daily What

As these students head out into the real world, they must remember to not waste any opportunity to turn a significant milestone in the lives into a viral video. Following a Spring jam packed with “promposals” and clever yearbook quotes,...Show More Summary

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