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Syfy Casts Lost Girl Alum And Broadway Star In New Show Dark Matter

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

Syfy's newest drama, Dark Matter, has its cast and a shoot date. And now we all cross our fingers for it to be awesome.

“Give a Sh!t” Donation Drive for the Poop Transplant Bank Needs You to Doo Your Duty - Or do your doody. Your call.

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

OpenBiome is a non-profit poop transplant bank. That's right; people give a crap, and then OpenBiome hangs onto it and sends it to a hospital in need, where it's transplanted to replenish good digestive bacteria and cure C. diff bacterial infection. Show More Summary

Philip Pullman Released a Marisa Coulter His Dark Materials Story Yesterday! - Like Pottermore, but colder. Polarmore.

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

Holy cats! (Or, you know, whatever form your daemon takes). The Book of Dust, Philip Pullman's companion novel to the His Dark Materials trilogy, may not be released until 2016 at the earliest. But that doesn't mean we'll need to wait a year before reading new content set in the Dark Materials world!

Comics 201: My Comics Can Beat Up Your Comics; Or, The Great Publisher Debate

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

Every subculture has its great rivalries. Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Creature effects vs. CGI. Mac vs. PC. That one sports team vs. that other sports team. If you’re tapped into comics culture at all, you know that the great comics rivalry is between Marvel and DC.

OMG, Here! Talk About The Legend of Korra Finale! - You know you want to!

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

Ok, none of the staff at TMS are currently watching The Legend of Korra but we know some big stuff went down. Our Korra recaps normally go up on Saturdays and we've already got a contributor working up an op/ed about THAT THING from last night. But you're all really, really excited so here, use this space to share your many feelings about the finale of Season 4.

Wings Not Included: Our Review Of The Sideshow Collectibles Maleficent Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys - Those tiny cheekbones could cut glass.

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

Sideshow Collectibles provided The Mary Sue with a Maleficent Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys for review and as it turns out, she's just as photographable as Angelina Jolie herself.

AsapSCIENCE Thinks You Are Sitting Too Much, And Here’s What That’s Doing to Your Body - Does anyone else's butt feel eight times heavier now?

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

We all know that the amount of time we sit at a desk every day is probably not having a very good impact on our health, and that we are all one day going to die whether we want to or not, but hearing all the possible ill effects of sitting read out loud is... well, yikes. I feel woozy all of a sudden.

Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales Isn’t Taking Any of Gamergate’s Threats, Tells Them Off Spectacularly - Slow clap.

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

The tough duty of defending the editing of Gamergate Wiki entries for accuracy has fallen to Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, and he's handling it admirably.

Watch a Bunch of Emotional Nerds Sing “We’ll Meet Again” in Perfect Colbert Report Finale - Just crying truth tears at my desk now, thank you.

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

After nine years of truthiness and patriotic rigor, Stephen Colbert signed off The Colbert Report last night in one of the most flawless TV finales I can ever remember seeing.

“What If American Girl Dolls Were Real People” Will Ruin Your Childhood - "Golly gee, Samantha, it's always about suffrage with you!"

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

I have a preposterous attachment to American Girl dolls, but that doesn't mean I can't still laugh at this amazing video of what they would be like as real people. Consider this punishment for that horrible time when you removed Samantha from the shelves, American Girl. Shame on you.

This Woman DIYed Her Own Art Deco Sailor Moon Themed Wedding And It Turned Out Amazing - A miracle romance!

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

In all seriously, Michelle Nguyen must actually be a magical girl princess, because even though she's a professional event planner and competent seamstress, I still have no idea how she managed to pull this all off. But it certainlyShow More Summary

Fan Submissions Open Today for the Game of Thrones Compendium, but Rights Issues Persist

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

When Game of Thrones: The Compendium was announced, the crowd-sourced Game of Thrones book had some rather dubious rights agreements. They've since been improved, but there are things you should know before handing over your own hard work for whatever HBO feels like doing with it now and forever.

Massachusetts Town to Punish Residents for Snowy Sidewalks Using Actual Scarlet Letters - So a literal slippery slope.

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

The small town of Somerville, Massachusetts is deeply concerned about the safety hazard posed by unshoveled sidewalks. So concerned, in fact, that city officials are unironically reverting back to some tried-and-true methods of public shaming!

Warner Bros. Really Wants to Get Wonder Woman Right, Reportedly Having 6 Scripts Written

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

Last time we had news on the first live-action Wonder Woman film, Warner Bros. looked like they were close to hiring a writer. Now it seems they might be going overboard with that whole hiring thing. I guess she really is tricky after all.

David Tennant Dropped A Doctor Who Easter Egg In Gracepoint That Will Make You Cry - It's raining on my face oh gosh

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

Gracepoint creator (and Who writer) Chris Chibnall tweeted a photo of star David Tennant's original props from set - and we weren't prepared for the feels involved.

Gaiman Tells Fans to Slow Their Roll Over Hiddleston Sandman Joke; First Good Omens Previews Arrive! - Bit of a mixed bag, that.

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

Neil Gaiman, destroyer of dreams, wants to set the record straight for any fans out there who thought his praise of Hiddleston's cheekbones meant the British actor was definitively cast to play Morpheus in the film adaptation of The Sandman.

Reddit AMA With Female Computer Scientists Becomes All About Their Gender Because Of Course It Does - Downvote.

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

Ahhh, the Ask Me Anything subreddit is such a conundrum. Sometimes you get clever and engaging questions that invoke witty and insightful responses from movie stars, writers, scientists, or even your everyday dog groomers and office workers. Show More Summary

Moffat Says Worst Episode Of Season 8 Is Actually “Beautiful” Because He “Checked With The Scientists” - I just.

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

Did you strongly dislike any episodes of Doctor Who season eight? If you did, you're probably wrong, and future generations will prove it to you—at least according to showrunner and writer Steven Moffat.

This Is the Only Video You Wanted From the Star Wars Table Read. We Know. - Now do Jedi for the role reversal!

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

Since you probably didn't get to see it for yourself, here's the moment from last night's Empire Strikes Back table read in L.A. when Ellen Page and Jessica Alba (Han and Leia) acknowledged their feelings for each other. If you listen closely, you can also join the cast in laughing at a very, um, enthusiastic audience member's reaction to the kissing narration.

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