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This Airport Lets You Feel Your Destination's Weather Before Taking Off

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

If you’re sitting at the airport and can hardly wait to get to your warm, tropical destination, you can get a small taste of the weather there before you even set foot on the airplane. The largest airport in Stockholm, Sweden, now has a nifty room called a “climate portal” that simulates weather conditions at your destination while you’re still at the gate. Read more...

No Pit Pass Required: Spectating Stage Rally Isn't Really That Bad

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

You might’ve read the recent Answer of the Day for the Ten Best Racing Series That Nobody’s Watching where Rally America was billed as number one. Some of you were offended. Others agreed. Well, I’m taking a stand and taking another stab at stage rally spectating to prove my point once and for all. Read more...

Feds: Fiat Chrysler Misled Safety Regulators, Failed At Recalls

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

A public whipping is indeed what Fiat Chrysler is getting at a public hearing in Washington D.C. today, where officials from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration accused the automaker of violating safety laws and misleading them about recalls. Read more...

Shredding Tires In Kyrgyzstan

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

An open airfield and a six-speed BMW E34 with a locking diff? Maybe I need to go check out Kyrgyzstan. Read more...

BMW's Hydrogen-Powered i8 Prototype Looks Like Robocop's Dream Ride

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

BMW and Toyota got together to boost each other’s fuel cell research, while BMW is also busy jamming the i3’s hybrid technology into the 2 Series Active Tourer. This is BMW’s electric future. Read more...

Here's How China Could Land People On The Moon By 2020

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

First of all, I should preface this by saying I’m no rocket scientist. Anyone who has ever seen me attempt to open a carton of milk can attest to this. But that doesn’t mean I can’t daydream. And today I’m daydreaming about how China could land on the moon as quickly and cheaply as possible. Within five years, let’s say. Read more...

What Car Had The Toughest Act To Follow?

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

As we all know, the greatest car of all time was the Citroën DS. (New administration, kids. The days of blind Miata worship are numbered.) Built for 20 years, the DS was a pioneer in every way, from styling to comfort to technology. Read more...

One Man's Quest to Build the Perfect BMW E30 M3

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

Simon Lord was an officer in the British Army stationed in Germany when he caught the E30 M3 bug. It was 2004, and Lord cancelled an order for a brand-new E46 M3 the moment he laid eyes on a Macau Blue first-gen M3. For Lord, that car changed everything. Read more...

The Ten Worst Car Scams

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

If you’re inexperienced (or just not careful), it’s incredibly easy to let some huckster take advantage of you in the automotive industry. Here are ten of the worst scams in the automotive world, so be on guard. Read more...

Laugh At Our Pain Squeezing An Old Hummer H1 Through Philadelphia

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

I was so excited when Doug DeMuro invited me to off-road his Hummer! Of course when I got to his house; “Hah, no, I’m not paying for gas to drive all the way to the woods. Don’t worry. I got some fun roads for you to try.”...I should seen the red flags right there. Read more...

What Do The Corvette Z06, Tesla P85D, NASCAR And NASA Have In Common?

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

It’s quite a path to follow: A dirt stock-car track to a Kentucky distillery to the assembly home of the Corvette Z06 to Daytona Beach to Kennedy Space Center to the Tesla P85D in insane mode. Only in America, on any given July, could all of those threads possibly connect. Read more...

Confessions Of A U.S. Navy Submarine Officer

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

We have all seen Hunt For The Red October, Crimson Tide and other submarine films, but what is life really like aboard the world’s most advanced and silent submarines? One of our go-to submariners, who told us the story of an epic maritime...Show More Summary

Auto Repair Scams - The Podcast

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

Yesterday, a piece I wrote upset a few people. Turns out, if you call something a “scam,” it tends to bother people who make their living by doing that thing. And, there are some people who just don’t like that word: scam. Read more...

Listen To The Wild SCG 003 As It Runs Up The Goodwood Hill

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

Jim Glickenhaus’ personal SCG 003C has gone a long way since finishing the Nürburgring 24 at 35th. Now, it’s time for you to get onboard. Read more...

The Public Whipping Of Fiat Chrysler Happens In D.C. Today

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

Good Morning! Welcome to The Morning Shift, your roundup of the auto news you crave, all in one place every weekday morning. Here are the important stories you need to know. Read more...

Alabama Shakes -- 'Future People'

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

Traffic sucks, so why not start your morning off with some music? You provide the toast and we’ll provide the jams. Read more...

For $3,350, This 1987 Mazda 626GT Is Five By Five

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

With its five doors, five speeds and a turbo four pot, today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Mazda might have all the right numbers. You’ll still have to decide if its price adds up. Read more...

Here's What You'll Actually See When Driving Around Japan

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

Okay, so, if you didn’t previously read my piece on the reasons driving in Japan actually sucks, you might instead think that every time I take out the Honda Logo GA3 it’s more like Initial D (which isn’t even completely like Initial D ), but you’d be wrong. Show More Summary

Take The World's Hardest Abstract Expressionist Car ID Quiz!

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I have a degree in Art History. As you may have guessed, it’s not exactly the most useful degree to have in my line of work. I mean, sometimes, sure, but not in general. Unless I really force something, like I’m doing now. My friends, let’s enjoy The World’s Hardest Abstract Expressionist Car ID Quiz! Read more...

DOJ Investigating Airlines For Shady Ticket Price Scheme

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

The Department of Justice has issued subpoenas to a number of major airlines as part of an investigation into “possible unlawful coordination” that would’ve enabled airlines to keep ticket prices artificially high. Read more...

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