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just-auto's outlook survey - have your say!

We'd like to know how you feel about some of the big issues facing you, your company and the auto industry in the year ahead - the challenges, market prospects, winners and losers, and so on. We have run a survey before and it brought in some very accurate and fascinating predictions. Show More Summary

Volvo Trucks and Van Damme's 'Epic Split'

Look, I don't seek out things like this. I was on Volvo Group's website looking for serious stuff about trucks and then I stumbled on a release about an 'Epic Split' featuring the actor sometimes known as 'muscles from Brussels'. Eh? I had to have a look. Have a look yourself. Great concentration from Mr Van Damme and the truck drivers. Nicely shot, too.

Ford's timely snow plough prep option

If you live there, you are probably up to your armpits in the white stuff, frozen solid, with the power off and the heating oil bill up 50%. If not, you might have heard that the midwest and northeast US, and even points far furtherShow More Summary

Why is the new 4 Series GC smaller than the 3 Series GT?

Is it just me who wonders what BMW is up to by launching a second rival for the Audi A5 Sportback? And what's with the strange model names? When I saw the GranTurismo at last year's Geneva motor show I thought this car was way too big...Show More Summary

Audi and Honda competition for Tesla? A view

An interesting reality check on Tesla products, now and future, from a US hedge fund manager.

Muppets score for Toyota

Can't help smiling at the Super Bowl Toyota commercial that featured the Muppets. It's very well done. Sounds like the Muppets are about to have something of a revival. Toyota and boring? Perish the thought...

Honey, the bears totalled the Honda...

Just days after a Scottish couple had an unexpected encounter with a bear cub outside their holiday home in Pasadena, from US business news channel CNBC comes this clip showing what bears thought of a Honda Element.

UK car market as 'sponge'

I had an interesting chat with the head of the UK distribution arm for an international car brand this week. The conversation moved on to the question of the UK car market and the various factors that are underpinning it and making it much stronger than national car markets across the English Channel. Show More Summary

Aloominum F-150 - the debate goes on

There's been plenty of debate over Ford's decision to use lots of aluminium to lighten its 2015 F-150 pickup truck - hey, if it works for Audi, Jaguar and co, why not? Yesterday we had an article that looked at some of the pros and cons - and Ford's view. Today, Road & Track weighs in with why spare body parts at the junkyard could (eventually) cost you more.

Metering expectations

Huge sheets of ice are progressing in a stately manner down the Detroit River outside the Cobo and with forecast of snow this afternoon, it will feel more like Michigan in January than yesterday's almost balmy temperatures. I'm in the...Show More Summary

What's Bob Lutz up to these days?

As I have remarked before, the irrepressible Bob Lutz (age 81 years young) is keeping pretty busy in his retirement. He popped up in Detroit at VIA Motors' stand (he's on the board) and was interviewed by the BBC. VIA's business plan...Show More Summary

Putting a proper motor in the Karma

What do you do with an EV sports sedan if the company that sold it to you has gone bust? One option apparently gaining in popularity is to chuck out the EV powertrain and bolt in a proper motor - 638 horses courtesy of GM's Chevy Corvette ZR1. Not quite as cheap to run...

Swish Cobo kicks off Detroit show

My first Society of Automotive Analysts (SAA) Outlook Conference yesterday (12 January) afternoon in the renovated Cobo Center in downtown Detroit and a pretty impressive 150 delegates made the sessions lively and entertaining. As well...Show More Summary

Cold no problem for hardy Detroit

It'll take more than a Polar Vortex to affect next week's North American International Auto Show, but I bet the organisers in Detroit are breathing a whole lot easier now that -23C temperatures and driving snow have largely disappeared. I'm...Show More Summary

Qoros' Geneva world debut: what is it?

Last month Qoros sent out a media release stating that a new model would be launched at the Geneva show. What will it be? A Chinese website is claiming to know the answer to that question.

MINTs follow BRICs

Jim O'Neill, the economist at Goldman Sachs who coined the term BRIC, has been at it again. He's coined a new acronym for a group of four countries that he sees as being in the next emergent wave of global economic giants. They're the MINTs: Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey. Show More Summary

A note on the UK car market

The UK's car market does stand out in Europe as the only one of the big four national markets to see growth in 2013. So, what's been going on? Why has the UK apparenty bucked the trend? Several factors are at work. The UK economy and consumer confidence. Show More Summary

Connectivity in the car and selling you apps

Audi and Google look odds-on to announce some kind of partnership on infotainment operating systems for cars at next week's CES. The idea of the interface for infotainment in the car being much more like what you already have on your cell phone or tablet sounds like a good one. Show More Summary

Festive best wishes to all

It has been a busy year and we're almost at the end of it, 2014 beckoning. We'll be out for the festive break from tomorrow (December 24) until January 1 inclusive. We will be back at our desks on January 2, 2014, bright-eyed and bushy...Show More Summary

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