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Golden Dreams limited edition iPhone made with revolutionary 'CarbonGold'

3 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

The year 2013 has been keeping the iPhone5 owners pretty busy, as newer bespoken models seem to be spoiling them for choice. We earlier saw the Continental Mobile Aurora and Adamas series, Amosu Coutre Valentine's Day special edition, and the Caviar iPhon

Prophet Mohammed's footprint and Mahatma Gandhi's painting up for auction

3 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

The auction world, more so the ones that deal with master art pieces, has shown a strong inclination towards Middle Eastern and South East Asian art. We recently saw the Islamic coins auction which gained notoriety for fetching a high price during the auc

Continental Mobiles brings limited edition Adamas and Aurora luxury mobile phones

3 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

The iPhone 5 has been a success for the team at Apple, but even bigger a center of attraction for designer labels, who have managed to apply heir own creativity to create special editions of the phone. Some of he recent eye-popping models include the Ca

The Littlehand Anglo-Zulu war chess set from Littlehand recreates chapters of military history

3 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

For hose who love the intellectual game, and for those who love the aesthetics of the designer chess sets, the designer kinds tend to fulfill their need to set themselves apart from the rest. The game may be played by the same rules everywhere, but the s

Vulcain's all-new 50s Presidents' Moonphase watch debut for classic watch lovers

3 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

Though complexities and abstract designs dictate terms these days in the legion of haute horologie, the charm of the more simplistic models however, has managed to nudge the rest and carve out a niche amongst collectors. Vulcain's all new 50s Presidents M

Spain's El Celler de Can Roca wins the world's best restaurant honor

3 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

Just in case one is vacationing in Spain, and looking to taste innovative Catalan cuisine, we would recommend dining at the El Celler de can Rosa, which has been picked as the world's best restaurant by the Restaurant Magazine of the UK. This win came aft

Winston Churchill’s Vintage Daimler DB 18 Drophead Coupe sold for $614,500

3 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

Great Britain's World War-II Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill was known to have his own style statements, the main ones being the hat and the cigar. Apart from those, he was also known to have a fair liking for cars, like we saw in the case of the Cu

A 1952 Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle sold for $134,800

3 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

Out of the bikes going on auction, one of the rarer variety to come on he auction block, is the Vincent Black brand of motorcycles. A few years back, we had shown you the one-off Vincent Black Lightening motorcycle which incidentally was one of the most

Hasselblad Lunar series is ultimate luxurious camera set with personalization options

3 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

Hasselblad cameras need no real introduction amongst photographers, who have a knack for clicking pictures only with the best of gadgets. Apart from being really good photographic devices, Hasselblad creates objects of desire, which perhaps fall into the

Sylvester Stallone and Montegrappa present the Chaos Automatic Analogue Watch at Baselworld

3 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

Fans of Sylvester Stallone will be having a handful of memories in this year's Baselworld event. One of the world's premier pen makers, Montegrappa has presented the Chaos Automatic Analogue watch at the event. Featuring detailed design of serpents and sk

Bugaboo's Andy Warhol inspired baby strollers - Developing a fine taste for the high life

3 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

For those who drive around in the most expensive cars, choosing the first ride for their pampered toddlers goes beyond strolling them around in a run of the mill stroller. The wealthy are equally known to indulge when it comes to their offspring. We have

One of a kind 1956 Aston Martin DB 2/4 MKII Supersonic goes on auction

3 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

Aston Martin fans have been kept busy with the new V8 Vantage SP10 introduced earlier this year, but it seems the older vintage models will be more desirable than the most recent creations in the market. Some precious vintage editions which gained much sp

Espresso grinder goes bespoke with the HG-One

3 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

Having a perfect cup of coffee has been quiet the style statement in recent imes. From the likes of Alpha Dominche Steampunk brewer, and the Espresso Veloce Coffee machine, the connoisseur is now being spoilt for choice to come up with the customized cup

Rinzsound creates Limited edition exotic speakers made from recycled glass

3 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

Though in the world of haute couture, recycling perhaps is not the strongest existent themes as the lifestyle is more with opulence, by and large. But in the past and now, recycled art seems very much a part of the luxury lifestyle, with innovative object

$79,500 TechDAS State-of-the-Art turntable packs in the latest electronics and machining technology

3 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

With he toll of modern technology, the classical turntables and vinyl records have actually been pushed into a musical past, except for some hi-tech options for sound engineers. For some, the old way of using records and the personal turntable still reta

Harry Winston Opus XIII by Ludovic Ballouard defies the conventional rules of watchmaking yet again

3 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

American Jeweler and luxury watchmaker, Harry Winston's name floats up a few times a year when they display creativity with jewels, or more so their Opus series of watches. We have previously seen the yearly horological creativity they have displayed with

French champagne house Louis Roederer's limited edition Cristal Jeroboam is encased in 24-carat gold

3 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

When champagne is discussed, the one category which always manages to find a place with the connoisseurs, is Jeroboam. Named after the North Israelite Kingdom, this region is known for producing champagne that fall into the category of collectible beverag

The futuristic MBandF Music Machine with Reuge boasts a spaceship design with melodies from sci-fi classics

3 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

Luxury watchmaker MB&F, has traditionally experimented with abstract designs of the watch dials, which stand out from the rest due to their unconventional forms and complexity. Some of the most prominent ones coming to mind, are HM4 Thunderbolt, HM4 RT wa

ARMIN STROM Gravity is the first watch to feature an automatic winding mechanism

3 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

The elements of nature certainly seem to have an appeal amongst the haute horologie world, as an area of desire. This is perhaps the inspiration behind, the Armin Strom Gravity series, which has made he first watch series featuring an automatic winding m

TAG Heuer Carrera MikroPendulum and MikroPendulumS debut at Baselworld 2013

4 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Born Rich

Tag Heuer had presented the MikroTourbillonS as a concept watch last year, but it has gone ahead to further work with the horological engineering, and create the MikroPendulum watch for the Baselworld 2013 event. With work done by a 25-member team of scie

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