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Best Buy Listing Details Moto 360

Android users that are in the market for a new smartwatch have been closing watching the announcements coming out of Motorola, a company that was expected to launch their own smartwatch in the Moto 360. While Motorola hasn’t officially announced the full details of their device, it does appear that the cat is out of […]

Google Protecting Underwater Cables From Sharks

Google may be a data company at heart, but there is a lot that happens in the background in order to allow for the flow of information. For instance, Google maintains their own fiber cable which is located underwater. (...)Read the rest of Google Protecting Underwater Cables From Sharks © Coolest Gadget Reviews, 2014. Coated […]

iPhone 6 Product Validation Testing Underway

Before the iPhone 6 can officially launch this September, there is still a bunch of work that needs to be done behind the scenes. One of the big things that needs to take place is product validation testing. (...)Read the rest of iPhone 6 Product Validation Testing Underway © Coolest Gadget Reviews, 2014. Coated brings […]

California’s Mandatory Smartphone Kill Switch Legislation Passed

If you have an iPhone, you may have heard about an iOS feature known as Find My iPhone. The feature is available across Apple products including not just the iPhone, but also Mac computers, iPads and the iPod Touch. Essentially, this feature allows you to associate your iOS device with Apple’s iCloud so that in […]

Sam Sung Leaves Apple, Raises Money For Charity

Some time back, we reported on an Apple employee working out of a Vancouver, BC, Canada Apple Store who was causing up quite a storm simply because his name was Sam Sung. It was an ironic situation to have someone with the same name as one of Apple’s biggest rivals working for the Cupertino company.. […]

300,000+ Apps In Windows Phone Store

The success of a mobile operating system is determined not just by the hardware that is available for it, but also the software. It’s for this reason that both Android and iOS have been popular operating systems, they have both categories covered. (...)Read the rest of 300,000+ Apps In Windows Phone Store © Coolest Gadget […]

Apple iPhone 6 Announcement Expected September 9th?

Most of the rumours have been pointing to a fall announcement for the iPhone 6 launch, but exact dates were not known. Today, it seems that things have changed and both Bloomberg and Re/code are reporting that Apple is expected to make some big announcements on September 9th. (...)Read the rest of Apple iPhone 6 […]

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Leak Shows Metal Frame

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but for Apple, they’re probably very tired of Samsung and their encroachment on Apple copyrights. Samsung has taken many design elements and features from Apple devices and incorporated them into their own devices, but one aspect that has not been duplicated yet is Apple’s metal casing. […]

LG Software Update Address G Watch Corrosion

Recently, LG made a push into the wearable device niche with the launch of their own smart watch called the G Watch. While the device is still a fairly new entry, problems have already been reported by consumers that have picked up the device. (...)Read the rest of LG Software Update Address G Watch Corrosion […]

Samsung Will Release 2 New Smartphones This Year

Samsung may be one of the more popular Android phone makers today, but if you look at their quarterly financial results, you certainly wouldn’t be able to tell. It was another challenging quarter for the South Korean company but to try and stem some of the negative press, the company’s Senior Vice President of Samsung […]

Ford Transitions Employees From BlackBerry To iPhone

There are some companies such as Apple that are loved the world over, but there are other companies that are finding that their popularity is regional. There was a time when BlackBerry was the smartphone of choice within North America, but these days, it is not a sure thing that a company will go with […]

Microsoft Challenges Raspberry Pi With Sharks Cove

The Raspberry Pi took the development board niche by storm when it first launched and there was one big reason behind that and that was price. Since the release of the board, we’ve seen a number of uses that extend beyond its original use. (...)Read the rest of Microsoft Challenges Raspberry Pi With Sharks Cove […]

Google Introduces Project Baseline

Google has always had a number of projects that they have juggled and on a number of occasions, we’ve seen them jump into the medical field. When you consider just how much data the search engine giant has at its disposal, one can see that perhaps they might be be able to generate new perspectives […]

Pirate Bay Sees Two Fold Increase In Traffic Over 3 Years

You often hear the saying that no publicity is bad publicity and it seems that more often then not, this is true. The Pirate Bay is one of the most notorious sites available today, at least in the eyes of government organizations and copyright holders. On a regular basis, we see governments on a national […]

Facebook Approaches 400 Million Mobile Users

Facebook holds the title of the worlds biggest social network and shortly after the company went public, one of the goals was to grow its mobile business. The company believed that over time, more of its revenue would come through mobile users. (...)Read the rest of Facebook Approaches 400 Million Mobile Users © Coolest Gadget […]

Report: Google Looked To Buy Spotify, Price To Rich

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a real push by some major tech companies to enter into the streaming music services. Google, Apple amongst others were all interested in offering these services and were working hard to secure contracts with the media labels. (...)Read the rest of Report: Google Looked To Buy Spotify, Price […]

Rumor: Apple Orders 70 Million iPhone 6 Handsets

We’ve seen a lot of rumours which have suggested what features will be included in Apple’s next generation iPhone, but today, we’re seeing a rumour that suggests how much confidence Apple has in their iPhone 6. (...)Read the rest of Rumor: Apple Orders 70 Million iPhone 6 Handsets © Coolest Gadget Reviews, 2014. Coated brings […]

Apple Spent $3 Billion On Suppliers In 2013

Having a supplier contract with Apple can be a very lucrative but difficult option for a company. Losing one can be just as tragic. That’s because Apple is such a large company with large needs. While Apple tends to limit their public discussions about suppliers, we did get a chance to learn a little about […]

Beats Seeking Billions For Chines Counterfeit Headphones

Beats is one of the more popular brands for headphones and with its deal with Apple, the upside for Beats is just that much greater. It’s for this reason that these companies need to protect their brand from counterfeiters. (...)Read the rest of Beats Seeking Billions For Chines Counterfeit Headphones © Coolest Gadget Reviews, 2014. […]

Survey: Consumers Want iPhone 6 With Better Battery

Every year, Apple comes out with their next generation iPhone and part of the design process takes into account feedback from user groups as well as market trends. While this information is never made public, there is no mistake in what consumers want because of independent polls that are done. (...)Read the rest of Survey: […]

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