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“Economics” as Push Poll

By James Kwak Matthew Klein of Alphaville called out the “Council of Economic Education” for a supposed “economic literacy” quiz that wrapped up free market ideology in the trappings of universal economic truth. The quiz is full of questions like this … Continue reading ?

Why I’m Voting for Bernie Sanders on Tuesday

By James Kwak I’ve written various generally supportive things about Bernie Sanders, but I hadn’t actually decided whether I preferred him or Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. I’ve been concerned about the electability thing, as well as the effectiveness … Continue reading ?

Just Saying We’re Great Doesn’t Make It So

By James Kwak David Brooks has competition for the title of most inane New York Times columnist. I generally never read anything by Thomas Friedman—I gave up less than one hundred pages of The World Is Flat because of his blissfully uninformed discussion … Continue reading ?

Quick Thought on New Hampshire

By James Kwak From the Times (order of quotations reversed): Mr. Sanders was the choice, nearly unanimously, among voters who said it was most important to have a candidate who is “honest and trustworthy.” [Clinton] has gone so far as to promise … Continue reading ?

Why Are We Beating Up on Single Payer?

By James Kwak Single-payer health care has emerged as the primary symbol of the differences between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. For his supporters, Sanders’s plan is the centerpiece of his vision of a European-style, social-democratic society in which health … Continue reading ?

Donald Trump Is Running as a Conservative Republican

This guest post was written by Lawrence Glickman, Professor of History at Cornell University (and a friend from long ago when we were both graduate students at Berkeley). As the summer of Trump turned into a phenomenon for all seasons, … Continue reading ?

The Future of the Democratic Party

What liberals can learn from conservatives The future of the Democratic Party is the theme of the lead article in yesterday’s New York Times. The story more or less writes itself: you have Hillary Clinton, the face of the moderate … Continue reading ?

Mark Zuckerberg’s $45 Billion Loophole

Much of the Internet is giddy over Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s “pledge” to give “99%” of their Facebook stock to “charity.” Bill and Melinda Gates said, “The example you’re setting today is an inspiration to us and the world.” … Continue reading ?

Request from Two JMU Professors for Help with a Research Project

By James Kwak  I received the following this morning and thought it was interesting. We are writing to ask your help in bringing some empirical measurement to the long-standing question: On matters of economic policy, do liberals understand conservatives better … Continue reading ?

Talking About Inequality …

By James Kwak How about this? In Georgia, you can get a life sentence for a second or succeeding drug offense. Right now, there are 375 people serving those life sentences. 369 of them—more than 98%—are African-American. There’s no population … Continue reading ?

60% of Ted Cruz‘s Tax Cut Goes to the Top 1%

By James Kwak I haven’t been commenting on Republican tax plans this season because, well, it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to absurd tax cut proposals. Ted Cruz has done it. The major components of Cruz’s … Continue readi...

Hillary Clinton’s Lame Wall Street “Reform” “Plan”

By James Kwak Hillary Clinton is competing for the nomination of a party whose progressive base thinks, with considerable justification, that her husband is to blame for letting Wall Street run amok—and that Barack Obama, under whom she served, did … Continue reading ?

Who’s Afraid of Larry Lessig?

By James Kwak Larry Lessig is running for the Democratic presidential nomination on a single issue?—?political equality?—?and a promise to resign as soon as Congress passes a bill that would help level the electoral playing field, end partisan gerrymandering, make … Continue reading ?

The Only Two Things That Matter: Why I’m Supporting Larry Lessig

By James Kwak We have lots of problems: Expensive yet mediocre health care. Lack of retirement security. Out-of-control megabanks. Inequality of opportunity. And, of course, climate change. At the end of the day, though, there are only two things that … Continue reading ?

Bernie Sanders Wants to Spend $18 Trillion: So What?

By James Kwak The front page of yesterday’s Wall Street Journal featured an article claiming that Bernie Sanders wants to increase federal government spending by $18 trillion over the next ten years—an increase of about one-third over that time period. This … Continue reading ?

Alphabet: Less Than Meets the Eye

By James Kwak The reorganization of Google into Alphabet means … well, not very much, at least for now. Instead of everything being inside one big corporation called Google, now there will be a bunch of corporations (one of them called … Continue reading ?

So Tom Hayes Is Guilty. Who Else Is?

By James Kwak Tom Hayes was a trader at UBS and Citigroup who was very, very good … at rigging LIBOR. This week, he was convicted in the United Kingdom of conspiring to manipulate the benchmark interest rate and sentenced to … Continue reading ?

More Misinformation about Banking Regulation

By James Kwak “Fed Tells Big Banks to Shrink or Else,” the Wall Street Journal proclaimed in the headline of its lead story today. If only. What the Federal Reserve actually did is impose new, additional capital requirements for the … Continue reading ?

Friedrich Hayek Supported a Guaranteed Minimum Income

By James Kwak “We shall again take for granted the availability of a system of public relief which provides a uniform minimum for all instances of proved need, so that no member of the community need be in want of … Continue reading...

I Agree with Milton Friedman!

By James Kwak In Capitalism and Freedom, Milton Friedman asks what types of inequality are ethically justifiable. In particular (pp. 164–66): “Inequality resulting from differences in personal capacities, or from differences in wealth accumulated by the individual in question, are … Continue reading ?

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