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Greg Mankiw Forgot What He Teaches

By James Kwak I’ve written several times about what I call the Economics 101 ideology: the overuse of a few simplified concepts from an introductory course to make sweeping policy recommendations (while branding any opponents as ignorant simpletons). The most … Continue reading ?

The Dysfunctions of Sodor Railways

By James Kwak The neolithic political ideology of Thomas and Friends is so overbearing and obvious that it’s not worth writing about (except in parody, which I won’t attempt here). Duncan Weldon has taken up the more interesting question of … Continue reading ?

Say It Ain’t So, Ben

By James Kwak Is it the money? No. Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke, the man who saved the global economy, is becoming an adviser for Citadel, a hedge fund management company. Bernanke will provide advice to Citadel’s fund managers and … Continue reading ?

No More Cheating: Restoring the Rule of Law in Financial Markets

By Simon Johnson The political debate about finance in the US is often cast as markets versus regulation, as if “more regulation” means the efficiency of private sector decisions will necessarily be impeded or distorted. But this is the wrong … Continue reading ?

It Can Wait. Really.: The Real Solution to Notification Overload

By James Kwak Beeping iPads! Buzzing phones! Zapping watches! Soon, apparently, we won’t be able to complete a thought without being interrupted by some “intelligent” piece of technology. The solution, according to Steven Levy, is yet more technology: a great … Continue reading ?

Good Ideas Are Not Enough

By James Kwak Dan Davies put together a brilliant roundup of the clever business models that financial technology startups are pitching to their investors?—?and why most of them are deeply flawed. Some of them apply much more broadly than to … Continue reading ?

Vaguely Monthly Roundup

By James Kwak Did you know that blogging is dead? That’s what I hear, anyway. I plan to say something about it once I figure out if I have anything to say on it. Anyway, as you have probably noticed, I … Continue reading ?

“Middle-Class Economics”

By James Kwak Supposedly President Obama is making “middle-class economics” one of the key themes of his final two years in office. I don’t really know what this is supposed to mean in a country where people making ten times the median … Continue reading ?

What Is Citigroup Hiding From Its Shareholders Now?

By Simon Johnson In the early and mid-2000s, Citigroup had compensation practices that can fairly be described as a disaster for shareholders (and for the broader economy). Top executives, such as then-CEO Chuck Prince, received big bonuses and generous stock … Continue reading ?

Tax Breaks (for the Rich) Are Forever

By James Kwak This week I returned to one of my favorite topics: raising taxes, particularly on the rich. First I wrote an article for Medium about the single most obvious change that should be made to the tax code: … Continue readi...

Nominate A Qualified Undersecretary Of Domestic Finance Now

By Simon Johnson The Obama administration urgently needs to nominate a qualified individual as Undersecretary for Domestic Finance at the Treasury Department. The Dodd-Frank financial reforms are under sustained and determined attack, and the lack of a confirmed Undersecretary is … Continue reading ?

Shareholders, Managers, and Capitalism

By James Kwak This morning I posted an article over at Medium about the question—raised again by Goldman analysts earlier this month—of whether JPMorgan should be broken up. The answer is obviously yes. The interesting thing is that this is … Continue reading ?

Vote in the Democratic Shadow Primary Now: Support Elizabeth Warren

By Simon Johnson The shadow primary for the Democratic Party is in full swing. What will be the ideas, themes, and messages that win support in 2016 – and will they carry the day in the presidential election? You can … Continue reading ?

The Republican Strategy To Repeal Dodd-Frank

By Simon Johnson On January 7, 2015, Day 2 of the new Congress, the House Republicans put their cards on the table with regard to the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reforms. The Republicans will chip away along all possible dimensions, using … Continue reading ?

Insider Trading and the Art Bubble

By James Kwak I recently wrote two more articles for the Bull Market collection at Medium. The first was my explanation of the Second Circuit’s decision in United States v. Newman and Chiasson, which said that insider trading is only a crime … Continue reading ?

Elizabeth Warren And The Independent Community Bankers of America Are Right: Antonio Weiss Should Not Become Undersecretary for Domestic Finance

By Simon Johnson Antonio Weiss has been nominated to become Undersecretary for Domestic Finance at the Treasury Department. A growing number of people and organizations have expressed reservations about this potential appointment, which requires Senate confirmation – including Senator Dick … Continue reading ?

Citigroup Will Be Broken Up

By Simon Johnson Citigroup is a very large bank that has amassed a huge amount of political power. Its current and former executives consistently push laws and regulations in the direction of allowing Citi and other megabanks to take on … Continue reading ?

Don’t Repeal Swaps Push-Out Requirements (Section 716 of Dodd-Frank)

By Simon Johnson Section 716 of the Dodd-Frank financial reform act requires that some derivative transactions be “pushed-out” from those part of banks that have deposit insurance (run by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) and other forms of backstop (provided … Continue reading ?

Antonio Weiss Is Not Qualified To Be Under Secretary For Domestic Finance

By Simon Johnson Antonio Weiss has been nominated by President Obama to become the next Under Secretary for Domestic Finance at the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Mr. Weiss’s supporters argue that he is highly qualified for this senior fiscal … Continue reading ?

Law School and Radio

By James Kwak This week I posted two things on Medium. The first was a commentary on changes in the markets for law students and lawyers. In short, if you are thinking of going to law school, the case is … Continue reading ?

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