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Four short links: 29 July 2016

47 minutes agoTechnology : O'Reilly Radar

Embedding Learning, Kickstarter Value, Summer Reading, and UX for Beginners Using Design Thinking to Embed Learning in Our Jobs (HBR) -- Rather than try to cram all this into a set of formal or informal learning programs, the company built an app, which looks more like a game than a learning system. Show More Summary

From image recognition to object recognition

47 minutes agoTechnology : O'Reilly Radar

The FusionNet deep learning architecture tackles three-dimensional objects with underlying architectures that “think” in three dimensions. With the advent of augmented reality and self-driving cars, 3D data is booming. In the near future,...Show More Summary

Designing better security outcomes for human beings

The O'Reilly Radar Podcast: Eleanor Saitta on security countermeasures at the human level, the relationship between security and design, and understanding security design as a separate discipline. This week's episode features a special...Show More Summary

The evolution of advanced analytics in Spark

Addressing the challenge of delivering big data analytics to the masses. Over the past few years, Spark has quickly grown from a research project to probably the most active open source project in parallel computing today. Spark started...Show More Summary

Using Agile development techniques for data science projects

The O’Reilly Data Show Podcast: John Akred on building data platforms and enterprise data strategies. In this episode of the O’Reilly Data Show, I spoke with John Akred, cofounder and CTO of Silicon Valley Data Science. Akred and his...Show More Summary

Four short links: 28 July 2016

Inclusive Photo Filters, Spatial Audio, Artificial Connectomes, and Meaningful Metrics onr -- an inclusive app with a variety of photo filters that amplifies how beautiful a variety of skin tones are instead of washing them out. The goal of tonr is to create filters that affirm that black, brown, and other skin tones are beautiful. Show More Summary

3 ideas to add to your data science toolkit

Techniques to address overfitting, hyperparameter tuning, and model interpretability. I’m always on the lookout for ideas that can improve how I tackle data analysis projects. I particularly favor approaches that translate to tools I can use repeatedly. Show More Summary

5 tips for getting your talk accepted at the O’Reilly Design Conference

We're looking for design talks that emphasize clarity, value for the audience, and unique perspectives. The CFP for the O’Reilly Design Conference is open. Last year, we reviewed hundreds of proposals for about 40 spots. I know submitting...Show More Summary

Four short links: 27 July 2016

Robotic Furniture, Knitting Compiler, 18F Manual, and 360-Degree Camera Plans Ori Systems -- robotic furniture, from MIT Media Lab. A Compiler for 3D Machine Knitting (Disney Research) -- We present a compiler that can automatically turn assemblies of high-level shape primitives (tubes, sheets) into low-level machine instructions. Show More Summary

The anatomy of an information architecture

Properly organizing information is essential, but it can be hard to know where to start. Learn the fundamental building blocks of a modern information architecture. We are searching for some kind of harmony between two intangibles: a...Show More Summary

Objects of objects

Re-create a classic card game in Java using a collection, inheritance, and classes. Now that we have classes that represent cards and decks, let’s use them to make a game! Crazy Eights is a classic card game for two or more players. The main objective is to be the first player to get rid of all your cards. Show More Summary

Exploring data with Pandas

Learn to use Pandas to explore a dataset looking for anything that could form the basis for an interesting visualization. In the previous chapter, we cleaned the Nobel Prize dataset that we scraped from Wikipedia in not available. Now...Show More Summary

Four short links: 26 July 2016

Map Strategy, Data BS, Peer Preservation, and Photos from Sketches? What Makes a Map? (Simon Wardley) -- the art of strategy based upon situational awareness remains one of those topics which are barely covered in business literature. Show More Summary

Creating meaningful metrics that get your users to do the things you want

Buddy Brewer, Steve Souders, and Mark Zeman illustrate how identifying and focusing deeply on a few meaningful metrics facilitates far better decision-making. Continue reading Creating meaningful metrics that get your users to do the things you want.

Injecting security into Continuous Delivery

How to build security in as an essential part of your workflow. Before you can begin adding security checks and controls, you need to understand the workflows and tools that the engineering teams are using: What happens before and when...Show More Summary

Design, build, release, run

Including design in every iteration of your cloud-native app development. In Beyond the Twelve-Factor App, I present a new set of guidelines that builds on Heroku’s original 12 factors and reflects today’s best practices for building cloud-native applications. Show More Summary

Maintaining highly available applications

Learn the steps you can take to improve availability when it slips. Your application is operational and online. Your systems are in place, and your team is operating efficiently. Everything seems to be going well. Your traffic is steadily increasing and your sales organization is very happy. Show More Summary

Building artificial connectomes

Artificial connectomes have the potential to teach behavior into a system without the need to remove behavior from established animal connectomes. I have emulated the C elegans connectome (i.e. how a nervous system is wired) in robotics and shown that the connectome with a simple neuron model displays behaviors similar to the animal itself. Show More Summary

Four short links: 25 July 2016

Game Theory, Face Recognition, Android Augmentation, and Closed Health Data Game Theory is Really Counterintuitive -- a fun collection of brain-bending research findings in game theory/economics. Modern Face Recognition -- the different steps and what they recognize. Show More Summary

Four short links: 22 July 2016

Experiential Scenarios, Chinese Innovation, iPhone Monitor, and Patriot Act Challenge Designing an Experiential Scenario (Stuart Candy) -- a model for scaffolding experiential scenarios and design fiction. Chinese Censorship And Innovation...Show More Summary

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