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The secret of the strategic alliance among Iran and al-Qaeda and ISIS

The documentary film ” Menace in Disguise” confirmed, which was produced by the margin Scoop company and broadcasted by some US and global media in the last March, on the close relationship of the state organization “isis” with the Republic of Iran. The film to expose Iran’s threat as Menace in Disguise to […]

Haley: Trump ‘has grounds’ to kill theIran nuclear deal

By NAHAL TOOSI Donald Trump’s U.N. ambassador says the president “has grounds” to declare that Iran is not complying with the 2015 nuclear deal, stoking doubts about whether Trump intends to keep an international agreement and core legacy achievement for former President Barack Obama. Nikki Haley, speaking Tuesday in Washington, said she did not know […]

After the Jroud battle, Lebanon fears ‘lone wolves’

After the battle of “Dawn of Jroud,” last week, the Lebanese army cleared the Syrian border, especially in Raas Ba’bak, al-Qaa and Aarsal. However, Lebanon continues to fear terrorist attacks that might target vital areas. This could be executed by individuals or “lone wolves”. In a statement to Asharq al-Awsat newspaper, Lebanese General Security Director […]

Saudi minister labels Lebanon’s Hezbollah as ‘Party of Satan’

Saudi Arabia’s Arab Gulf Affairs Minister Thamer al-Sabhan slammed Lebanon’s Hezbollah and warned of the consequences of the party’s crimes. “The inhumane crimes which the Party of Satan is committing in our nation will inevitably have consequences on Lebanon,” Sabhan wrote on Twitter on Monday. Sabhan also urged the Lebanese people to stand against Hezbollah’s […]

Supporting the Lebanese Army is main topic in upcoming Putin-Hariri talks

By Youssef Diab The visit of Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri to Moscow and his meeting with President Vladimir Putin next Monday carries several revealed titles, such as supporting the Lebanese Army to face terrorism and discuss the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon. The visit also carries concealed political headings, which are very sensitive to […]

Hurricane Irma: Everyone from Florida to the Carolina coast watching this storm

Hurricane Irma has strengthened overnight with sustained winds now at 145 mph. The upgrade in intensity was courtesy of Hurricane Hunter aircraft data gathered on a reconnaissance mission inside the storm. As of 2 a.m. Tuesday morning, Irma’s movement remains west at 13 mph, unchanged from the 11 p.m. advisory. The storm’s central pressure is […]

UK testing a missile which can destroy enemy bombs at supersonic speeds

The British Royal Navy has been testing its new air missile defence system on a boat headed for Japan as tensions with North Korea continue to escalate. Images and footage show the Sea Ceptor missiles being fired from HMS Argyll, a Type 23 frigate, off the coast of Scotland. The tests have been carried out […]

U.S. Says North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Is ‘Begging For War’

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley tells the U.N. Security Council that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is “begging for war,” with the latest nuclear test that Pyongyang says is its first fusion device, a much more powerful weapon than it has exploded in the past. “Enough is enough. War is never […]

Israel army to hold drill simulating war with Hezbollah

Israel’s army will begin Tuesday a massive exercise simulating conflict with Lebanese movement Hezbollah in the country’s north, military sources said, in what would be the largest drill in nearly two decades. The drill will last 10 days and simulate “scenarios we’ll be facing in the next confrontation with Hezbollah”, a defense source said Monday, […]

Netanyahu’s wife Sara expected to be Indicted for fraud in pocketing $110,000 in goods

Israeli Attorney general likely to inform Israeli PM ‘s wife Sara Netanyahu of charges in a few weeks Haaretz newspaper reported on Monday Source  reportedly told s Haaretz  that testimony by state’s witness Ari Harow could change nature of the suspicions against Benjamin Netanyahu from fraud and breach of trust to acceptance of a bribe. Show More Summary

Al Qaeda affiliate mining uranium to send to Iran, Somalia warn U.S.

An Al Qaeda affiliate has seized control of uranium mines in Africa with the intent of supplying the material to Iran, according to a diplomatic letter from a top Somali official appealing to the U.S. for “immediate military assistance.” The letter, reviewed by Fox News, was addressed to U.S. Ambassador to Somalia Stephen Schwartz. Somalia’s […]

Persians hate the Arabs. “Will never forget their defeat by the Arabs in Qadisiya battle”

By SAUD AL-ZAHED DUBAI The relationship between Arabs and Persians has always been a source of controversy, not only owing to the contemporary power struggle in the region, but also because of a long history of rivalry that formed an integral part of the national psyche of both people. Iranian intellectual Sadek Zibakalam provides deep […]

Iran Recruits Captured ISIS Fighters to Target the US

By Bob Kent and Rachel Ehrenfeld With funds from Dubai, the Maliki/Iran/ISIS network has been busy establishing sleeper cells in Western cities, and at least one sleeper agent is now in New York City on a student visa.  The US is intentionally ignoring the invisible puppet master behind ISIS terrorist attacks in Barcelona, London, Paris, Iraq, […]

Why Britain and the US are helping Lebanon fight a secret front against Islamic State

BY LIZZIE PORTER On a craggy hilltop near Lebanon’s border with Syria, a Lebanese soldier is describing the British countryside. “I went to Wales and the north of England for training in 2013,” he says. “There were sheep and cows and green fields.” Knowing it is a sensitive topic, he is loath to expand. Instead, […]

North Korea claims it successfully tested hydrogen bomb that can be missile mounted

North Korea said Sunday that it successfully conducted a test of a hydrogen bomb meant to be loaded onto an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The announcement was made on state-run television. A newsreader called the test a “complete success” and said the “two-stage thermonuclear weapon” had “unprecedented” strength. Show More Summary

Hezbollah urges International community to prevent the US jets from bombing ISIS

Lebanon’s Hezbollah said the U.S.-led Coalition jets were stopping any aid from reaching Islamic State (ISIS) militants and their families stuck in the desert. A convoy of 17 buses carrying nearly 300 lightly armed ISIS militants and 300 civilians has been stuck in Syria’s eastern desert since Tuesday (August 29), with Coalition using airstrikes to […]

One Lebanese pilgrim died of heart attack after performing hajj rituals in Mecca

BEIRUT: A Lebanese pilgrim died as a result of a heart attack after performing hajj rituals in Mecca, National News Agency reported on  Saturday. The pilgrim was identified as Abdallah Amin Hassan and hailed  from the south Lebanon village of Arab Salim. His body was transferred to his village for burial.       Note to Ya Libnan  readers  Ya Libnan is […]

Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision plan: A cultural revolution disguised as economic reform

Over the past three years, as Saudi Arabia’s new heir to the throne was plotting his ascendancy, he surrounded himself with public accounts and private advisers who all drew the same conclusion – the kingdom itself was at serious risk if its people didn’t change their ways. On every front, the house of Saud faced […]

Macron promises to host an aid conference to help Lebanon deal with Syrian refugees

France’s Emmanuel Macron promised Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Friday (September 1) that they would remain the primary recipient of French aid to help with Syrian refugees. For six years, as many as 1.5 million Syrians have poured into Lebanon, equal to around a quarter of its population. Some political leaders say Lebanon has […]

Hariri: Hezbollah and Syrian regime decided on bussing the IS militants to eastern Syria

Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri  revealed that he and President Michel Aoun decided to  allow the Islamic State jihadists to “cross the border” into Syria as part of a ceasefire agreement, but stressed hat “their transfer in air conditioned...Show More Summary

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