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Everything You Need to Know about North Korea's Navy

Kyle Mizokami Security, Asia It might be old but it can kill. The Korean People’s Navy—what North Korea calls its naval force—is one of the most unusual navies in Asia. Starved of funds by Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs, the...Show More Summary

How Japan Could Sink China's Navy in a War: Ramjet Missiles

Kyle Mizokami Security, Asia Tokyo could really bring the thunder. A new anti-ship missile promises to give a tremendous boost to the Japan Self Defense Force's ability to deter naval aggression. The missile, known as XASM-3, can travel at speeds of Mach 3, evading missile defenses to sink enemy surface ships. Show More Summary

How the U.S. Navy Is Waging War on ISIS

Nolan Peterson Security, From aircraft carriers.  USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH, Mediterranean Sea—During the early days of World War II, the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill made a memorable comment about British pilots’ defense...Show More Summary

Exclusive: An Inside Look at USS Gerald R. Ford (America's Newest Aircraft Carrier)

Dave Majumdar Security, We should know--we toured it.  Ford seems to be delivering on the promise of a more efficient carrier that will take naval aviation into the future. Ford—which is based on the Nimitz-class hull form—restores weight...Show More Summary

Is North Korea's ICBM Really a Hoax?

Uzi Rubin Security, Or is it the real deal?  The Hwasong-14 missile that arched over North Korea on July 4 was hailed by its leader as an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), “capable of reaching anywhere in the world.” The announcement...Show More Summary

Hypersonic Weapons: Everything You Need to Know About the Ultimate Weapon

Kris Osborn Security, Who will get them first?  The US wants to stay in front of China with hypersonic weapons able to travel at five-times the speed of sound and destroy targets with a "kinetic energy" warhead. The Air Force and Australia...Show More Summary

Imagine This: The Air Force Considered Turing the A-10 Warthog into a Nuclear Bomber

Joseph Trevithick Security, Well, at least briefly.  Fast-moving fighter jets would have trouble escaping the aftermath of these massive explosions. On a nuclear mission, the Air Force expected its fighter pilots to fly toward theirShow More Summary

The U.S. Navy Is Turning Its Nuclear Attack Submarines into Cruise Missile Boats

Dave Majumdar Security, A smart strategy.  The United States Navy has test fired a pair of Tomahawk cruise missiles from USS North Dakota (SSN-784), the first Block III Virginia-class submarine. Unlike previous Virginia-class SSNs, the...Show More Summary

Russia Is Building Laser-Armed Nuclear 'Combat Icebreakers'

Michael Peck Security, What more is there left to say? More details are emerging about Russia’s trump card for control of the Arctic: laser-armed, nuclear-powered “combat icebreakers.” In addition to a warship-sized array of weapons,...Show More Summary

Dunkirk: Everything You Need to Know Before You See the Movie

Sebastien Roblin Security, A battle like no other. Christopher Nolan’s film Dunkirk inspired new attention to the famous evacuation by sea, in 1940, of four hundred thousand British troops under harrowing air attack. Had that evacuation failed, the United Kingdom would have been deprived of a land army to oppose Nazi Germany. Show More Summary

Billions Could Die If India and Pakistan Start a Nuclear War

Zachary Keck Security, Asia Forget North Korea. This is the real nuclear threat. With the world’s attention firmly fixated on North Korea, the greatest possibility of nuclear war is in fact on the other side of Asia. That place is what could be called the nuclear triangle of Pakistan, India and China. Show More Summary

Russia's Su-35 Fighter: The Only Thing You Need to Know

Sebastien Roblin Security, The Su-35 may be the best jet-age dogfighter ever made. The Su-35 may be the best jet-age dogfighter ever made and a capable missile delivery platform—but whether that will suffice for an air-superiority fighter...Show More Summary

How the U.S. Military Would Strike Iran: Everything You Need to Know

Zachary Keck Security, 5 weapons of war that could do it.  In the event of an armed conflict with Iran, the single-seat, twin-engine F-22 would be integral in the opening minutes as the U.S. sought to gain air superiority over Iranian skies. Show More Summary

What a War Between Iran and America Would Look Like

Harry J. Kazianis Security, Middle East It would be total hell.  The facts are simple: Washington and Tehran are locked into a long-term geopolitical contest throughout the Middle East that will span decades—a similar contest in many...Show More Summary

The U.S. Navy's Ultimate Fantasy: Underwater Submarine Bases to Take on Russia

Steve Weintz Security, Could it happen?  Did the Navy ever actually pursue the Rock-Site concept at Point Sur or elsewhere? A 1971 study discussed various methods of sea-floor excavation, but by then most man-in-the-sea development was classified. Show More Summary

America's Secret Plan to Track Down Russian and Chinese Submarines

Kris Osborn Security, Thanks to DARPA.  Instead of using passive sonar technology which listens for acoustic “pings” picked up from undersea enemy movement, MOCCA plans to use active sonar technology able to proactively send active acoustic pings forward and analyze the return signal. The U.S. Show More Summary

Russia's Secret Weapon: Armored Vehicles That Can 'Fly'

Sebastien Roblin Security, Since the 1970s, the Russian military has possessed a diverse fleet of armored vehicles it can drop out of airplanes … with parachutes, of course. Since the 1970s, the Russian military has possessed a diverse...Show More Summary

Could Textron's Scorpion Light Attack Jet Take Over the OA-X Competition?

Dave Majumdar Security, Could this be the winner?  Textron is preparing its privately developed Scorpion light attack jet for the United States Air Force’s OA-X experiment this summer. Together with the company’s Beechcraft AT-6 turboprop...Show More Summary

The World's Most Powerful Aircraft Carrier Will Soon Join the U.S. Navy

Dave Majumdar Security, And it will pack quite a punch.  The United States Navy will formally commission Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) into service on July 22 at Naval Station Norfolk on the Virginia coast. The new vessel is America’s first new carrier design in over 40 years since USS Nimitz (CVN-68) entered service in May 3, 1975. Show More Summary

Iran and the Collision between Trump and Reality

Paul R. Pillar Iran Nuclear Proliferation, Middle East Donald Trump’s disdain for the truth does not prevent reality from repeatedly bumping up against his policies, the most consistent theme of which has been to try to destroy his predecessor’s...Show More Summary

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