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Why America's Biggest Nuclear Weapons Test Ever Was a Total Disaster

Paul Richard Huard Security, The March 1, 1954 experiment was the first thermonuclear explosion based on practical technology that would lead to a deliverable H-bomb for the Air Force’s Strategic Air Command. The shock wave destroyed buildings supposedly outside of the calculated damage zone. Show More Summary

America and Its Allies Just Flew F-35s and Big B-1 Bombers Near North Korea

Dave Majumdar Security, Asia Get the hint, Kim.  The United States, the Republic of Korea and Japan have conducted yet another combined airpower exercise over the Korean peninsula in response to North Korea’s latest provocations. Coming...Show More Summary

World War III: How America Planned a Nuclear War to Crush Russia

Joseph Trevithick Security, Millions would have died.  Regardless, the Air Force explained it simply couldn’t afford to care about these concerns. “While … the probability of radioactive fall-outs [sic] affecting friendly forces andShow More Summary

Russia's Unmanned Aircraft Are Getting Lethal New Munitions

Samuel Bendett Security, But the success of such weapons will depend on the available military budget... Russian engineers have designed munitions specifically for the nation’s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) fleets, according to RIA-Novosti news agency. Show More Summary

Russia's Robotic Armada Emerges

Samuel Bendett Secuirty, Russia will likely seek to fast-track some of these developments into its forces. This year's Army-2017 military expo in Russia has featured a myriad of systems designed to showcase current Russian achievements fielded by the country's forces, as well as to show prospective new technologies. Show More Summary

Getting The Most From The Army’s Humvee Fleet

Dan Goure Security, The overall effect of this plan would be to provide the Army with a modernized light tactical vehicle fleet. The tragedy of Hurricane Harvey provided a clear demonstration of the National Guard’s role in responding to natural disasters and domestic crises. Show More Summary

Is America About to Dump the INF Treaty?

Dave Majumdar Security, Abrogating the INF treaty would be a victory for Russia, which could claim that it was Washington rather than Moscow that is undermining the arms control regime.  A group of arms control experts is urging Senators...Show More Summary

RANKED: The 6 Most Powerful Armies in History

Zachary Keck, Akhilesh Pillalamarri Security, The best of the best.  America was true to this model through the end of World War II, raising large armies during wartime but quickly dismantling them afterwards. Even still, the U.S. Army since the start of the 20th century as been highly effective, especially in battle against nation-states. Show More Summary

Why North Korea Is Destined to Collapse

Jamie Metzl Security, Asia The story we are all missing.  The good news is that this collapse has the potential to be a win-win for nearly everyone. The North Korean people will end their terrible suffering, North and South Korea will...Show More Summary

The U.S. Air Force's Built a Mach 2 Nuclear Super Bomber to Destroy Russia

Robert Farley Security, But it never, ever dropped a bomb. Why?  The B-58s most lasting contribution came in popular culture, where its futuristic, dangerous appearance made it attractive to artists and directors. Most famously, a group of B-58s (redubbed “Vindicator”) destroyed Moscow in the 1964 film Fail-Safe. Show More Summary

This Is China's Master Plan for a Nuclear War Against America

Lyle J. Goldstein Security, Asia This makes the North Korea problem seem simple.  The author also cites U.S. intelligence reports, concluding that four tests have now been conducted, including one that demonstrates multiple-reentry vehicle (MIRV) technology. Show More Summary

How the U.S. Navy Plans to Crush China and Russia in a Naval War

Kris Osborn Security, A new Tomahawk missile.  The idea is to engineer a Tomahawk missile able to engage and destroy fast-moving near-peer rival ships and land targets in a wide variety of anticipated threat environments. For instance, should there be combat engagements with Russia or China, U.S. Show More Summary

America May Push Iran Into Becoming the Next Nuclear Crisis

Ted Galen Carpenter Security, Middle East Using North Korea’s behavior as an excuse to trash the nuclear agreement with Iran is at best a dangerously simplistic reaction. It’s no secret that the Trump administration is busily building a case to have the United States repudiate the P5+1 nuclear agreement with Iran. Show More Summary

The Terrifying Tale of How Russia Exploded the Biggest Hydrogen Bomb Ever

Steve Weintz Security, It makes North Korea's latest test look small.  Big Ivan was a one-off, essentially a technical stunt. There are hints that the clean 50-megaton design was considered for weaponization, but nothing concrete. Curiously...Show More Summary

Why America's Missile Defenses Might Not Work Against North Korea

Dave Majumdar Security, Asia And that's a huge problem.  Late last week, the United States tracked a North Korean intermediate range ballistic missile (IRBM) test that once again overflew Japan before landing in the Pacific. The IRBM...Show More Summary

Why Russia and China Will Hate America's New Super Tank

Kris Osborn Security, Lots of new tech, for starters.  Advanced networking technology with next-generation sights, sensors, targeting systems and digital networking technology -- are all key elements of an ongoing upgrade to position...Show More Summary

The U.S. Army's Potential Helicopter Replacement Is Ready to Take Flight

Task and Purpose, Jared Keller Security, North America Bell Helicopter’s advanced V-280 Valor tiltrotor prototype is “100 percent” complete and ready for its maiden flight. Bell Helicopter’s advanced V-280 Valor tiltrotor prototype,Show More Summary

This Is the Story of a U.S. Soldier Who Fought World War II in His Tank

Warfare History Network History, Europe From North Africa to Sicily to Normandy to the heart of Germany, bow gunner Irving Bromberg fought the war in a Sherman tank. Private First Class Irving Bromberg saw a huge puff of smoke erupt from the German tank’s cannon muzzle as it headed straight for his M4 Sherman tank. Show More Summary

Why Isn't There a Debate about America's Grand Strategy?

Christopher A. Preble Politics, North America There has been neither a major retrenchment, nor even a debate over whether such a retrenchment is warranted or wise. “The United States needs a new set of ideas and principles to justify...Show More Summary

How Submarine Warfare Was Changed Forever after the Sinking of This British Ship

Warfare History Network History, Europe London feared death by torpedo. In October 1939, illuminated by the northern lights, the German submarine U-47 threaded its way through sunken barriers and slipped into the British anchorage at...Show More Summary

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