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An Attack from Just One of These U.S. Nuclear Submarines Would Destroy North Korea

Sebastien Roblin Security, Asia Everything you need to know about the Ohio-Class Submarine  The Ohio class will serve on until the end of the 2020s, and may even receive some additional acoustic stealth upgrades until they are replaced by a successor, tentatively dubbed the Columbia class. Show More Summary

Report: China's J-20 Stealth Fighter Won't Deploy on Aircraft Carriers

Asia Times Security, Asia Should we really be shocked?  Chinese party mouthpieces have been set into operation, playing up the might of the J-20, the People’s Liberation Army Air Force’s fifth-generation “air supremacy” stealth fighters. Show More Summary

Russia's New Stealth Torpedoes Have a Neat Trick: They Can Pretend to Be Giant Fish

Michael Peck Security, Europe Yes, you read that right.  "Hey, that's no turtle. That's a torpedo headed toward us!" This is what U.S. ship captains will scream too late, if Russia has its way. Russia is promising to develop smart mini-torpedoes...Show More Summary

6 Classic War Movies That Deserve a 21st-Century Reboot

Task and Purpose, Carl Forsling Security, North America Modern audiences need updated versions of these classics. One of the common complaints about Hollywood is that everything is either a reboot, remake, or sequel. Some of them are horrible, some are entertaining. Show More Summary

Russia’s New Navy Plan: More Submarines, Frigates and Cruise Missiles

Dave Majumdar Security, and hypersonic missiles, too.  The Kremlin’s new state armament plan, which will run from 2018-2027, is shifting its focus away from the Russian Navy. Compared to other branches of the Russian military, the navy will sink to last place in securing a piece of the defense budget. Show More Summary

South Korea Has a Secret Weapon If North Korea Starts a War

Kyle Mizokami Security, Asia And Kim can't match it.  In modern Korea’s relatively short history, amphibious warfare has played a key and pivotal role. The United Nations essentially liberated South Korea from invasion with a single amphibious stroke, and the country has maintained a large and powerful Marine Corps ever since. Show More Summary

The Forgotten Story of How America and Japan Almost Went to War (before Pearl Harbor)

Warfare History Network History, Asia When U.S. Navy gunboat Panay was sunk by Japanese aircraft on a Chinese river, the two countries were pushed to the brink of war. While America and Europe struggled through economic depression and...Show More Summary

1.2 Million Casualties: If North Korea Attacked Los Angeles with a Nuclear Weapon

Daniel R. DePetris Security, North America All the more reason why there should never be a second Korean War.  What would an actual nuclear exchange between the United States and North Korea look like? How many civilians would be killed?...Show More Summary

North Korea Is a Bad Actor—but That Doesn't Make It a State Sponsor of Terrorism

Doug Bandow Security, Asia Redesignating Pyongyang as a state sponsor of terrorism is a political act, a declaration that the DPRK is on Washington’s naughty list. President Donald Trump demonstrated his contempt for the law in naming North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. Show More Summary

It's Official: U.S. Aircraft Carrier George Washington Is Getting the F-35

Kris Osborn Security, And that is a really big deal.  The emergence of a first-of-its kind F-35C carrier-launched stealth fighter is intended to give the Navy more combat attack flexibility and attack sophisticated enemy air defenses or fortified targets from a sea-based carrier. Show More Summary

A-10 Pilots Reveal Why No Nation Can Beat America's "Flying Tank"

Kris Osborn Security, The pilot of the A-10 is surrounded by multiple plates of titanium armor, designed to enable the aircraft to withstand small-arms fire and keep flying its attack missions. By virtue of being able to fly at slower speeds of 300, the A-10 can fly beneath the weather at altitudes of 100 feet. Show More Summary

Japan's Giant Aircraft Carrier Was the Largest Warship Ever Sunk by a Submarine

Michael Peck History, Asia A history lesson like no other.  If weight alone could determine victory, then the Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft carrier Shinano might still be afloat. At 69,000 tons when launched in 1944, the Shinano would have remained the world's largest aircraft until the 1960s. Show More Summary

Could a New Type of Ammo Be a Game Changer for the U.S. Military?

Charlie Gao Security, North America Is CTA revolutionary or evolutionary? Recently, much attention has been focused on the state of the U.S. military’s arsenal of small arms. After the announcement and subsequent cancellation of the U.S. Show More Summary

How One Really Big Tank Helped Save Russia from Hitler Capturing Moscow

Sebastien Roblin History, Europe Stalin's secret weapon?  In the first six months of Operation Barbarossa, the brutal Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, Panzer tanks overran hundreds of miles of Soviet territory and reached the outskirts of Moscow before winter weather and reinforcements from Siberia brought a halt to their advance. Show More Summary

Why the Korean DMZ Would Be One of the Deadliest Battlegrounds Ever

Kyle Mizokami Security, Asia In the event of war, North Korea’s plan is to use overwhelming firepower and speed of action to conduct a “One Blow Non-Stop Attack.” The recent defection of a North Korean soldier across the demilitarized zone (DMZ) that separates the two Koreas highlighted how difficult it is to cross from one Korea to the other. Show More Summary

North Korea's Ballistic Missile Submarine: A Major Threat or a Paper Tiger?

Dave Majumdar Security, Asia While the new Sinpo-C SSB and its missile are not exactly state of the art--but we should be worried.  North Korea appears to be building its first operational ballistic missile submarine. Satellite images...Show More Summary

The Misuse of Terrorism Lists

Paul R. Pillar North Korea Terrorism Nuclear Proliferation, East Asia President Trump’s placement of North Korea on the official U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism continues a manipulation, by several administrations, of this list for reasons other than terrorism.  Neither an earlier removal of North Korea from this list (by the George W. Show More Summary

Why North Korea Is Destined to Test More ICBMs and Nuclear Weapons

Asia Times Security, Asia The next step for the Kim regime is to test its ICBMs further, as the Hwasong-14 has only undergone one ballistic launch and is pending a full-scale, full-range test to ensure its reliability. The North Korean...Show More Summary

8 Million People Could Die in a Nuclear War with North Korea

Harry J. Kazianis Security, Asia And that is just for starters.  The last war game, however, was the most shocking of them all. We assumed a similar scenario, with allied forces preparing for a possible invasion, but this time Kim decides to launch a preemptive attack on the U.S. Show More Summary

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