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Mischief and FON in the South China Sea

Hannah Suh Security, Asia  The restrained yet unequivocal nature of the FONOP hopefully signals that the Trump administration is starting to grasp the importance of policy, not just bluster. The U.S. Navy has conducted its first freedom of navigation operation (FONOP) under the Trump administration. Show More Summary

Russia Has One Super 'Cannon' That Can Kill Cities

Sebastien Roblin Security, It holds the title of the largest mortar system in use today.  Russia maintains just one active battalion of eight 2S4s in service, with over four hundred in reserve. In 2000, Tyulpans played a prominent role...Show More Summary

One of America's Most Dangerous Bombers Also Flew for Russia and China

Sebastien Roblin Security, The B-29 went to war for Moscow.  A major difficulty for the massive plagiarizing effort was that the B-29 had been designed according to imperial units of measurement (yards, feet, inches, etc.) while theShow More Summary

F-22 vs. PAK-FA: What if Russia and America's Stealth Fighters Went to War?

Sebastien Roblin Security, If U.S. Air Force exercises pitting Raptors against F-15s and F-16s are anything to go by, long-range missiles will ravage Fourth Generation fighters at distances at which they have little to no ability to detect and shoot back at stealth fighters. Show More Summary

Silence Is Falling on the South China Sea

Jay Batongbacal Security, Asia Renewed Chinese beneficence has had its intended impact: by thawing formerly ice-cold ties, emphasizing cooperation ‘in other areas’ and drawing attention away from the maritime disputes. Philippine–China...Show More Summary

Is the U.S. Air Force's B-21 Raider Too 'Stealth' (From the Public)?

Kris Osborn Security, While the Air Force has revealed its first sketch or artist rendering of what the B-21 might look like, there has been little to no public discussion about what some of its new technologies may include. SecrecyShow More Summary

The U.S. Military Needs "Second Strike Capability" in the Space and Cyber Arenas

Dave Majumdar Security, And Russia and China are the reasons.  The United States must develop some form of “second strike capability” in domains such as space or cyber to help deter aggression in those arenas. The development of ballistic missile submarines helped to slow down nuclear escalation during the Cold War. Show More Summary

The Battle of Dunkirk: The Real Turning Point of World War II?

Robert Farley Security, Europe Hitler lost perhaps his only chance to crush Churchill—and we’re still fighting about it to this day. The seventy-seventh anniversary of the Dunkirk evacuation has already received a great deal of attention, in no doubt due to the pending release of Christopher Nolan’s new film treatment of the battle. Show More Summary

The Russian Military's Ultimate Goal: To Kill Its Enemies from Long-Ranges

Dave Majumdar Security, Europe Russia is not the USSR--but it is no longer weak.  The shape of Russia’s military in 2035 will largely be determined by how successfully Moscow can transition from projects originally conceived by the Soviet Union into efforts that originated in today’s Russian Federation. Show More Summary

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Soon to Be Armed with AIM-9X Missile and JDAM

Kris Osborn Security, The AIM-9X missile, which can also be fired at surface-to-air and air-to-surface, is currently in use on a number of existing fighter aircraft such as the Air Force’s F-15E and F-16 and the Navy’s F-18 Super Hornet. The...Show More Summary

Manchester Terrorist May Have Made His Own Bomb

Russ Read Security, Europe The bomb appears to have been expertly made. It included metal nuts, nails and other forms of shrapnel included to ensure maximum damage to human targets. The tactic is common among jihadi groups. The terrorist...Show More Summary

NATO vs. Warsaw Pact: How the Ultimate Cold War Showdown Could Have Killed Millions

Kyle Mizokami Security, Europe The plans for war were truly terrifying.  Guarding against these attacks and providing rear-area security were twelve brigade-sized units of West German reservists. Bonn also had three brigades of paratroops that could be quickly rushed to defend threatened areas. Show More Summary

ISIS-Linked Rebels Behead Philippine Police Chief, Slaughter Civilians

Ryan Pickrell Security, Thousands of people are fleeing.  Militants with ties to the Islamic State have taken control of a city in the southern Philippines. Violence erupted in Marawi after a botched raid to take down Abu Sayaff leader Isnilon Hapilon Tuesday. Show More Summary

U.S. Lost Track Of Nearly $1,000,000,000 Of Arms Sent To Iraq

Saagar Enjeti Security, Middle East What could go wrong?  The Pentagon lost track of nearly a billion dollars worth of weapons bound for Iraqi Security Forces in the fight against ISIS, documents obtained by Amnesty International reveal. The weapons transfer program is a lynchpin of U.S. Show More Summary

New Jersey Accidentally Got Told Nearby Nuclear Reactor Was About To Meltdown

Andrew Follett Energy, Fakenews.  New Jersey officials apologized Wednesday for accidentally broadcasting false alerts to residents that a nuclear power plant disaster was underway. State officials sent out a televised alert shortly before 9:00 p.m. Show More Summary

The Trump Administration's First FONOP in the South China Sea: Why Now?

Ryan Pickrell Security, Asia And how did China respond?  A U.S. Navy destroyer challenged China’s contested claims to the South China Sea in the first freedom of navigation operation of the Trump administration. The Arleigh Burke-class...Show More Summary

Is the B-21 Stealth Bomber Too Secret?

James Hasik Security, How secret is too secret?  For Bloomberg Politics, Anthony Capaccio reports recently that the US Defense Department’s Inspector General (DoD IG) has opened an investigation, at the behest of the Congress, “intoShow More Summary

U.S. Air Force Working to Update 'Brain' of F-35 to Combat Russian and Chinese Stealth Fighters

Kris Osborn Security, The mission data files are being engineered to adjust to new threat and intelligence information as it emerges. The Air Force is accelerating development of a special, high-tech, on-board threat library for theShow More Summary

How America Could End Up in an Unexpected War with China

Doug Bandow Security, Asia The Chinese are prepared to yield before superior force, but are not prepared to concede that America always will possess that edge. Three decades ago the People’s Republic of China was an economic backwater. Show More Summary

Is the U.S. Navy Dying?

Dave Majumdar Security, Thanks to the U.S. Congress, that is the question.  The United States Navy is in a dire situation when it comes to the readiness of its aircraft, ships and submarines. The blame for the situation can be laid directly at the feet of the U.S. Show More Summary

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