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Examining the Real Cost of Donald Trump's Wall

13 hours agoHumor / odd : Cool Infographics

Real Money has done the math and shared their findings in the infographic Examining the Real Cost of Donald Trump's Wall, designed by DesignBySoap. It appears that the actual cost of the wall would end up being 2-3 times more expensive than the publicly released estimate. Show More Summary

The Right Wine in the Right Kind of Glass

Just like how specific wines bring out the best flavors in certain foods, specific wine glasses bring out the best characteristics of each wine. The Right Wine in the Right Kind of Glass infographic from Wine Coolers starts off by showing...Show More Summary

Strata-Hadoop World NYC Conference Pass Giveaway & Discount

The O'Reilly Strata+Hadoop World conference is coming up September 26-29 in New York City, NY! First, I have a discount code from O'Reilly that will get you 20% OFF the registration cost! Click THIS LINK and use the code PCCOOL during...Show More Summary

Customizing 360 Photos - I Need Your Votes

I NEED YOUR VOTES! SxSW 2017 PanelPicker is open until September 2nd, and this is the community voting portion of the SxSW conference. This is a big part of getting accepted to speak at SxSW, and I need your votes to help support two proposals. Show More Summary

The Fastest Men in the Olympics Since 1896

To put Usain Bolt's 3rd consecutive Olympic Gold Medal for the 100m dash into perspective, the NY Times designed this great graphic showing Usain Bolt and the Fastest Men in the World Since 1896 – on the Same Track. Usain Bolt’s historic...Show More Summary

Animated and Interactive Global Shipping Visualization

This is a fantastic detailed animated and interactive data visualization of the world's Global Shipping Traffic. You can see movements of the global merchant fleet over the course of 2012, overlaid on a bathymetric map. You can alsoShow More Summary

Predicting iPhone Release Date With DataViz

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Cool Infographics

With no inside knowledge, I predict the new Apple iPhone announcement on September 7th, with an actual release on the Friday of the following week, on September 16th. How do I know this? I fully expect Apple to stay true to their pattern for releasing iPhones every September. Show More Summary

Comparing Presidential Election Forecasts

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Cool Infographics

In addition to their own forecast, the NY Times maintains a great graphic Comparison of Presidential Election Forecast Models showing the current results from of seven different election forecasts based on statistical models, expert predictions and even betting markets. Show More Summary

23 Reasons to Get Excited About Data (Free eBook)

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Cool Infographics

The team at IBM Watson Analytics has released a free, new eBook 23 Reasons to Get Excited About Data that explores the latest trends, practical applications and predictions about big data. I'm honored to have been included in the book...Show More Summary

Big Design 2016 Discount & Giveaway

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Cool Infographics

The Big Design 2016 conference is coming up September 8-10 in Addison, TX (in the DFW area)! Big Design is a fabulous conference covering User Experience, Design, Data Visualization, Digital Marketing, Content Strategy and Usability!...Show More Summary

Very Few Americans Nominated Trump and Clinton

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : Cool Infographics

Designed by Alicia Parlapiano and Adam Pearce for the New York Times, this short series of data visualizations tell a very clear story about how Only 9% of America Chose Trump and Clinton as the Nominees For the 2016 Presidential election. The United States is home to 324 million people. Show More Summary

The Battery Life of iPhones

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : Cool Infographics

When your iPhone says 100% battery, what does it really mean? The Battery Life Of iPhones infographic from the iPhone Doctor gives the hours of battery life for each model of iPhone based on how you are using it. The iPhone packs quite a punch in terms of design, features, functionality and overall sexiness. Show More Summary

Why DFW? 2015

Why DFW? A guide to starting, building, and growing your business in Dallas-Fort Worth Based on data from 2015, I designed this infographic (InfoNewt) very quickly over a weekend in conjunction with Debra Swersky (@DebraSwersky) andShow More Summary

Global Connectivity Ranking

The Global Connectivity Ranking from Rome2rio includes a beautiful interactive data visualization showing how connected we are on a global scale. Above you can see the direct flight connections from London, the most connected city on...Show More Summary

Made in France

The Made In France infographic by Raconteur uses a Sankey Diagram to plot the many-to-many relationships of top exports with top destination countries. Infographic outlining French exports and top 10 importers, alternative exports including...Show More Summary

PopWaves: Making of the Genealogy of Pop/Rock Music

This is one of my favorite designs! PopWaves is a fantastically detailed, hand-drawn poster that visualizes over 60 years (1955-2015) of the evolution of Pop and Rock music. It's a huge poster, measuring in at 89" x 24", over 7ft long!...Show More Summary

Which Foods Are Really Healthy?

2 months agoHumor / odd : Cool Infographics

After surveying nutritionists and Americans, the NY Times has plotted the results, showing some surprising disagreements. Is Sushi ‘Healthy’? What About Granola? Where Americans and Nutritionists Disagree charts the differences in opinion,...Show More Summary

The Ultimate Hot Dog Style Guide

2 months agoHumor / odd : Cool Infographics

The Ultimate Hot Dog Style Guide from Food Republic is your go-to guide for all the popular styles of hot dogs! It’s not just a sausage in a bun; it’s a beautiful blank canvas. It’s a hot dog, which is a foodstuff eaten worldwide. Here...Show More Summary

The U.S. MiseryMap of Flight Delays

2 months agoHumor / odd : Cool Infographics

Stuck in an airport? The MiseryMap from FlightAware shows a real-time view of flight delays and cancelations at the top 30 airports in the U.S. Doughnut charts highlight the totals for each major city (combining airports if there are...Show More Summary

How Britain Voted in the E.U. Referendum

2 months agoHumor / odd : Cool Infographics

Britain voted on Thursday to part ways with the European Union. The vote was incredibly close, and this choropleth map visualization from the NY Times tells an intriguing story. Britain has voted to leave the European Union, a historic...Show More Summary

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