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21st Century Gerrymandering Is Finally Getting a Close Look

Yesterday the Pennsylvania Supreme Court declared the state’s congressional districts unconstitutional because they had been so badly gerrymandered. The result of the 2016 election bears out how effective the gerrymander was: Republicans won 54 percent of the congressional vote but received 72 percent of the congressional seats (13 out of 18). Conventional wisdom says that […]

Lunchtime Photo

Remember that photo of the yellow house in Ballina, the one with the picture of a window painted on the front? I promised to eventually show you closeups of the painted window, along with another one in Ballina, and today’s the day. The one on the left is from the yellow house. The one on […]

Stormygate Continues to Move Forward, Inches at a Time

Stormygate continues to amble along. By now everyone agrees that evangelical Christians and other Trump supporters couldn’t care less that Donald Trump had a lengthy affair with a porn star shortly after his wife had a baby. I mean, Melania was probably gross looking, right? What was the guy supposed to do? But there’s still […]

A Brief Observation About Our President

Roughly speaking, there are three institutions that can investigate a president: The press The opposition party in Congress The FBI and the Justice Department Donald Trump has declared war on all three. Coincidence?

New Poll Suggests People Are Pretty Satisfied With Work

There’s a new NPR/Marist poll out today titled “Picture of Work in the United States.” It’s got a zillion questions about various aspects of work that I mostly didn’t find especially enlightening,¹ but there was one question that caught my eye. They asked respondents whether they feel their employer values their work. Here are the […]

Quote of the Day: Always Remember Your Twitter Password!

From Hawaii Governor David Ige, explaining why it took him so long to tell everyone that the missile alert a couple of weeks ago was a mistake: I have to confess that I don’t know my Twitter account log-ons and the passwords, so certainly that’s one of the changes that I’ve made. I suppose that’s […]

There’s No Such Thing as Populist Conservative Economic Policy

Over at National Review, Peter Spiliakos writes that Sen. Tom Cotton’s sterling hardline performance in the immigration standoff has strengthened his chance of being president someday: He was the most effective Trump surrogate and has earned the “fighter” reputation that Cruz wanted so desperately. He needs a broader populist economic policy to go along with […]

Christopher Wray Is Finally Fed Up With Trump’s War Against the FBI

The Republican obsession with FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe is too bizarre to bother trying to explain. The nickel version is that he’s literally done nothing wrong, but details are here if you really want to torture yourself. The end result of this jihad, however, has been an increasing drumbeat to fire McCabe even though […]

Trump Slashes Jobs in Solar Industry

America first, bitches: The Trump administration announced Monday that it would impose hefty tariffs on the cheap, imported panels that have driven the rapid expansion of solar power in the United States, a move that industry groups warned would slow the spread of renewable energy and cost thousands of jobs….Companies that install solar panels will […]

We Are All Just Overclocked Chimpanzees

Having spent the weekend arguing about whose “fault” the government shutdown was, we have moved on. The government is back up and running and we’re now obsessed with who “won.” So who did win? Beats me. On the one hand, Democrats caved by agreeing to yet another continuing resolution that doesn’t restore DACA. On the […]

Lunchtime Photo

The Women’s March in Los Angeles on Saturday was huge. I don’t think the crowds were quite as big as Hizzoner Garcetti claimed, but the most reliable estimates still put it at 300-400,000, about as big as last year. I spent several hours there, but my train was late so I went straight to City […]

America Is Getting More Liberal Every Year

Over at Vox, Alissa Wilkinson gives a glowing review to Sorry to Bother You, “the loony directorial debut from rapper Boots Riley….a commentary on race, labor, and American capitalism that veers in so many directions that it’s best to just strap in and let it take you where it wants you to go.” One of […]

Ban Government Shutdowns? Maybe We Actually Need More of Them.

Ramesh Ponnuru wants to get rid of government shutdowns: The U.S. has had four partial shutdowns of the federal government in the last 25 years. Each time we have one, we debate who’s responsible: which party is the formal cause of it, which is being less reasonable in budget negotiations. Maybe it’s time instead to […]

Will Chico Ever Get Commercial Air Service Again?

Six days ago, the Los Angeles Times reported that airlines are abandoning small towns: Chico, with a population of 92,000, is one of 20 small communities in the U.S. to lose regular commercial air service in the last four years….At 91 other small airports nationwide, the number of departures has been cut by at least […]

Whose “Fault” Is the Government Shutdown?

“Why aren’t you writing anything about the shutdown?” The masses demand to know what’s up. Well, I’ve been busy with some other stuff this weekend, and anyway, I’m not even sure what to say. Let’s start with an obvious point: any government shutdown is the result of disagreements between Democrats and Republicans. In that sense, […]

A Decade After the Great Recession, We’re Outsourcing Home Appraisals to India

The Wall Street Journal reports that banks are getting tired of performing actual appraisals for high-volume home loans, and are turning instead to less rigorous broker price opinions: Now these perfunctory valuations abound, underpinning tens of billions of dollars of home deals. Sometimes the process is outsourced to India, where companies charge real-estate agents a […]

How Exactly Is Blockchain Supposed to Change the World?

Rowan Walrath wrote yesterday about bitcoin. He talked to Pai-Ling Yin, a professor at USC: While cryptocurrency investment has a “bubble element,” she says, that doesn’t mean blockchain has no value. To put it simply, blockchain is an anonymized, decentralized system for managing data and keeping accounts, and while it’s most commonly associated with cryptocurrencies, […]

Men and Women View the Seriousness of Sexual Assault About the Same

After a massive set of complex calculations, I now have the results of the sexual assault survey broken down by gender. And it’s genuinely interesting! Here’s the chart: Of the 2,019 responses, about 80 percent were men and 20 percent were women. In general women ranked everyone a consistent half point higher than men. So […]

Friday Cat Blogging – 19 January 2018

Every morning, when I open the door to the backyard, Hopper gallops out as if her tail is on fire. She just has to see if anything has changed in the previous 12 hours. Hilbert, on the other hand, is considerably more cautious about the whole thing. He sits in the doorway and peers out […]

#MeToo Poll Results

I got about 2,000 responses to my survey about sexual assault last night. This is probably obvious to everyone, but please note that this is a self-selected online poll of a specific readership. It’s not scientific and it doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of the broader population. With that said, here’s how you all ranked […]

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