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Donald Trump Still Confused About Life Insurance vs. Health Insurance

This is hardly the most important part of Donald Trump’s interview with the New York Times today, but still: So pre-existing conditions are a tough deal. Because you are basically saying from the moment the insurance, you’re 21 years old, you start working and you’re paying $12 a year for insurance, and by the time […]

Trump: Jeff Sessions Should Have Muzzled the FBI

I can only assume that Donald Trump barely even knows what he’s saying anymore. Here he is during an interview with the New York Times, griping about Attorney General Jeff Sessions: In a remarkable public break with one of his earliest political supporters, Mr. Trump complained that Mr. Sessions’s decision ultimately led to the appointment […]

Too. Many. Ideas.

From a Vox roundup of Republican reactions to the failure of their health care bill, here is senator John Thune: Some Democrats have claimed Obamacare repeal collapsed because Republicans spent years falsely promising on the campaign trail that they had a better alternative waiting in the wings. But Thune said he’d drawn just the opposite […]

Quote of the Day: How to Use Facts and Figures Properly

From the president of the United States, asked about the unemployment rate: When we got those great reports, I kept saying—you know, those numbers were 4.2, 4.3—I said, for a long time, they don’t matter. But now I accept those numbers very proudly. I say they do matter. This is laughable, but here’s the thing: […]

Lunchtime Photo

I like this picture a lot, and it was a stroke of luck. The swells at Huntington Beach were tiny the day I was there, but one of them hit just right to produce a splash about eight feet high. I was in the right place at the right time, and happened to have my […]

Even Trump Fans Want Him to Quit Tweeting

According to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, voters in Trump-friendly places are getting a little more frustrated with the president they elected. Here are the top things they dislike: A couple of days ago, I asked a conservative friend what he thought of Trump after six months. The first thing he said was, “I […]

HHS: Under Cruz Amendment, Premiums For the Sick Will Go Up a Lot

Remember the Cruz Amendment? It’s probably as dead as the rest of Trumpcare, but HHS has released an analysis anyway. Long story short, they project that enrollment will go up and average premiums will go down compared to Obamacare. And that’s actually possible. The Cruz Amendment would allow insurers to offer both full-coverage plans (i.e., […]

Latest Campus Outrage: Instructor Tells Baldly Racist Joke, Loses Job

Just how stifling is it on university campuses these days? What with all the trigger warnings, safe spaces, heckler’s vetoes, diversity worship, and humorless lefties, it’s a wonder there’s any time left to teach classes. But how bad is it really? The Martin Center posts stories about ill-treated conservatives periodically, and these are picked up […]

Zombie Trumpcare Will Get Better at Lunchtime

Zombie Trumpcare continues to shamble along: The Republicans never discuss how good their healthcare bill is, & it will get even better at lunchtime.The Dems scream death as OCare dies! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 19, 2017 It will get even better at lunchtime! Perhaps Trump plans to feed it a yummy vat full […]

Voter Privacy Issues Totally Taken Care Of Now

President Trump’s “Election Integrity Commission” wants to collect voter information from the states, but privacy advocates say that the commission has to first complete a privacy impact assessment as required by the E-Government Act. So now they have a new plan: The plan, more or less, is to have a few people on the White […]

Hamburgers Aren’t the Problem

Josh Barro thinks liberals could do a lot better if they were less annoying. He illustrates this with “the hamburger problem”: Suppose it’s a Sunday in the early fall, and your plan for today is to relax, have a burger, and watch a football game. Conservatives will say, “Go ahead, that sounds like a nice […]

Donald Trump Had a Very, Very Private Meeting With Vladimir Putin

Um, what? President Trump held a second, informal meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the Group of 20 summit in Hamburg earlier this month, according to Ian Bremmer, the president of the international consulting firm Eurasia Group….Trump spoke with the Russian leader for roughly an hour, joined only by Putin’s translator. […]

Lunchtime Photo

This lovely little flower is a Zauschneria, named after Johann Baptista Josef Zauschner. It’s also known as a California fuchsia or a “hummingbird flower.” This is a strangely difficult flower to photograph. There are loads of them along my normal morning walk, and I keep taking picture after picture of them. For some reason, though, […]

Donald Trump’s Job Approval Is Rock Steady

Just in case you’re curious, everything that’s happened over the past two months has apparently had zero effect on Donald Trump’s job approval rating:

New Research Quantifies the Emotional Energy Bound Up in Twitter Mobs

Based on my experience, supplemented by careful and rigorous record-keeping, I have constructed an equation the describes the amount of emotional energy contained in various forms of impersonal nastiness: In English: One nasty phone call is the equivalent of 50 nasty emails or 2,500 nasty tweets. Basically, a nasty tweet is all but meaningless. The […]

The 8th Man Has Been Identified!

There were eight people in Don Jr.’s infamous meeting with a Russian attorney who had promised him “information that would incriminate Hillary” as part of  “Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.” But so far we only have seven names. Who was the mysterious eighth man? The LA Times has the story today: Donald […]

With Trumpcare Dead, Will Republicans Move On to Sabotaging Obamacare?

We now have three Republican senators who oppose a clean repeal of Obamacare, so Mitch McConnell’s spiteful parting shot over the failure of Trumpcare is officially dead too. There will be no Republican health care bill for at least the next two years. The big question now is what Republicans will do instead. They’ve made […]

Fed Report Says Tuition Increases Hurt Later Homeownership

Zaid Jilani of the Intercept points me to an interesting Fed study on the effect of rising university tuition.  The authors make use of the fact that tuition has been rising at different rates in different states, and conclude that rising tuition has no effect on university enrollment. Young people continue to go to college […]

Paul Ryan Wants to Cut the Domestic Budget Nearly in Half

House Republicans unveiled their budget plan today: The House plan envisions major cuts to federal spending over the coming decade, bringing the budget into balance by relying on accelerated economic growth to boost revenue. Under the House plan, defense spending would steadily increase over 10 years while nondefense discretionary spending would decline to $424 billion […]

Donald Trump Is In a Huff Over Iran

The New York Times reports that President Trump is unhappy about keeping the Iran deal in force: At an hourlong meeting last Wednesday, all of the president’s major security advisers recommended he preserve the Iran deal for now. Among those who spoke out were Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson; Defense Secretary Jim Mattis; Lt. […]

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