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Road Funding Isn't Broken. Why Fix It?

James Pethokoukis is skeptical that even with gasoline prices plunging toward the two-dollar mark, Congress will consider raising the gasoline tax. Me too. But then there's this: Of course, another idea — as transportation experts Matthew...Show More Summary

The Itsy Bitsy Ambitions of John Boehner

You can't accuse John Boehner of starry-eyed idealism: When I ask him to name his top priority, he lays out not a grand legislative bargain but a seemingly modest managerial goal that has eluded him for much of his time at the top: exercising enough control over his conference to pass spending bills through regular order. Um, OK. Show More Summary

Republicans Will Never Allow Guantánamo To Be Closed

I guess you can add this to the list of President Obama's executive actions designed to circumvent an unhelpful Republican Congress: In a series of secret nighttime flights in the last two months, the Obama administration made more progress...Show More Summary

It's Omnicom's World, We Just Live In It

Luke O'Brien has a wonderful little story in Politico about the trials and tribulations of being on Russia's PR team these days, and it's worth a read if you have a bit of time to kill. But if you don't have the time, I was intrigued by just the list of names that peppered the piece. Show More Summary

Repeat After Me: Competition Is Good. Competition Is Good.

Did you know that companies facing no competition are likely to charge you more? It's true! But in case you'd like a bit of evidence for this truism, Binyamin Appelbaum directs our attention to a clever study of mortgage rates from the Chicago Fed. Show More Summary

Iowa to Democrats: Please, Please Have a Real Race So We Can Get Lots of Your Money

Last night I noticed a Wall Street Journal piece about Iowa Democrats being slow to "rally" around Hillary Clinton, but I only read the first couple of paragraphs before I got bored. Today, Ed Kilgore tells me I quit too soon. If I had...Show More Summary

Without Fox News, There Would Have Been No Iraq War

Max Ehrenfreund points to an interesting tidbit this morning. A pair of researchers have released a working paper that attempts to figure out if watching Fox News makes you more conservative. They do this by exploiting the fact thatShow More Summary

Facts Are Useless Things — Politically Speaking

Jared Bernstein thinks it makes more sense to push for an increase in the gasoline tax than to try to enact a full-blown carbon tax. But he admits the point is moot: Republicans aren't going to give either one the slightest consideration: Yet here again, the action is sub-national, and some states have moved on this. Show More Summary

Republicans Have Lost Their Window on the Keystone XL Pipeline

The New York Times tells us what to expect when Congress reconvenes this week: Republicans hope to strike early with measures that are known to have bipartisan support. The House is set to pass legislation this week expediting the Keystone XL pipeline; the Senate is making it the first order of business as well. Show More Summary

Lead and Crime: Some New Evidence From a Century Ago

And now from the future to the past: specifically, the period from 1921 to 1936. Let's talk about homicide. James Feigenbaum and Christopher Muller recently published an intriguing paper that looks at the correlation between the introduction...Show More Summary

A Quick Note About the Future

Jus a quick note before I move on to another subject this morning. A fair number of comments to my list of predictions yesterday suggested that it made for pretty depressing reading. But I suspect that might have been due to my tone more than the actual content of the predictions themselves. Show More Summary

16 New Year's Predictions That Are Not For 2015

I'm up early (thanks, dexamethasone!) and there's not really any news in the morning papers that I'm just bursting to respond to. So, since predictions are the thing to do when a new year dawns, here are some predictions. Not for 2015,...Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - 2 January 2015

Let's start off 2015 right. Today Hilbert gets catblogging all to himself. Why? Because he's just that magnificent, that's why. This is sort of a reverse-selfie, the kind of picture Hilbert would take if he didn't have a servant to take it for him. Show More Summary

There's More to the Oil Collapse Than Just Shale

Bloomberg provides us today with the following chart of oil prices over the years: James Pethokoukis has a complaint: There is one major factor affecting oil prices that somehow got left out. Really, nothing on fracking and the shale...Show More Summary

Supreme Court Set to Devastate Millions of Lives Later This Year. But Will They Pull the Trigger?

Greg Sargent notes that the future of Obamacare is one of the big political unknowns of the new year: One of the big, looming questions of 2015 is this: Will the Supreme Court really gut Obamacare subsidies in the three dozen statesShow More Summary

Our Obsession With Mass Incarceration May Finally Be Ebbing

Atrios has a New Year's wish: My hope is that the tide continues to turn (it has, I think, if slowly) against the mass incarceration project this country has been engaged in for decades. It isn't that I wasn't aware of it as a problem before, it's that I now have a much greater sense of how it's the nexus of a whole system of racist horror. Show More Summary

Why Did the Enclosed Mall Die?

Alex Tabarrok links today to a BBC piece on the death of the American shopping mall. But it's really about the death of enclosed American shopping mall. So why did enclosed malls go the way of the dodo starting in the early 90s? Here's...Show More Summary

Happy End of the Year!

For many reasons—some that you know about, others that you don't—2014 has been, let's say, a less than ideal year in the Drum household. So nobody here is bidding 2014 a fond farewell. More like a kick to the curb, with the hope that 2015 can hardly help but be better. So that's that. Show More Summary

NYPD Slowdown Not Likely to Tell Us Much About Broken Windows

As long as we're talking about crime today, the New York Times reports that the NYPD's slowdown in citing people for minor violations doesn't appear to be doing any harm: In the week since two Brooklyn officers were killed by a man who...Show More Summary

Quote of the Day: Obama's Clean Record Is Evidence of How Corrupt He Really Is

From Jonah Goldberg, explaining the "culture" that causes Hillary Clinton's supporters to attack 2016 primary opponent Jim Webb even if she hasn't asked them to: She’s created an infrastructure. The incentives are in place. The culture exists. Show More Summary

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