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Campaign Reporters Fess Up: They Really Can't Stand Hillary Clinton

Last month Politico polled 80 campaign reporters about this year's race. It turns out they hate Nevada and Ohio but love South Carolina—mainly because it has good food, apparently. They think Maggie Haberman is the best reporter covering the race, and Fox News has done the best job of hosting a debate. Show More Summary

Economic Growth Slows to 0.5% in First Quarter

The economy grew at a sluggish 0.5 percent annual rate in the first quarter. The main culprits for the poor performance were downturns in durable goods, nonresidential construction, and defense spending. This is the third year in a row...Show More Summary

Help Us Make Conservatives Even More Miserable

The progressive movement is being torn from within. It’s close to a civil war. The fault line runs straight through the heart of the Democratic coalition, but not through Mother Jones. We stand on one side of the chasm, while many of our friends have set up shop on the other. Show More Summary

Obama Is Right: Reagan's Tax Cuts Didn't Revive the Economy

Here is President Obama, in the course of defending his economic performance: If we can’t puncture some of the mythology around austerity, politics or tax cuts or the mythology that’s been built up around the Reagan revolution, where...Show More Summary

High-Risk Pools Don't Work, Have Never Worked, and Won't Work in the Future

Even among conservative voters, Obamacare's protection of people with pre-existing conditions has always been popular. In a recent Kaiser poll, it garnered 74 percent approval from Democrats, 70 percent approval from independents, and...Show More Summary

Quote of the Day: John Boehner Sure Doesn't Think Much of Ted Cruz

From former House speaker John Boehner, asked what he thinks of Ted Cruz: I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life. The interesting thing about this is that it's not very interesting. It's just par for the course for Cruz.

Democrats Have a Class Gap. Republicans Have a Generation Gap.

What are the big fault lines within the Democratic and Republican parties? According to a recent Pew report, Democrats have a class gap: Democratic elites are far more liberal than less educated members of the party. But there's notShow More Summary

Weekly Flint Water Report: April 16-22

Here is this week's Flint water report. As usual, I've eliminated outlier readings above 2,000 parts per billion, since there are very few of them and they can affect the averages in misleading ways. During the week, DEQ took 302 samples. The average for the past week was 15.03.

The Media Weighs In On Carly Fiorina

The reviews are in on Ted Cruz's choice of Carly Fiorina as his running mate. Can you spot the consensus opinion?

Trump's Foreign Policy Doesn't Improve When Read From a Teleprompter

I kinda sorta listened to Donald Trump's foreign policy speech this morning. You know, the one we were all looking forward to because it was written by an actual speechwriter and would be delivered via teleprompter. That's Trump being presidential, I guess. So how did Trump do? That depends on your expectations. Show More Summary

Cruz-Fiorina in 2016!

The rumor mill says that Ted Cruz plans to announce today that Carly Fiorina will be his running mate. Jim Geraghty comments: Announcing Fiorina today would be a big gamble for Cruz. There’s a lot to like about Fiorina, but will this...Show More Summary

Do Lucky People Feel Better About Paying Taxes?

Robert Frank thinks that we can get rich people to support higher taxes by reminding them of how lucky they are: Underestimating the importance of luck is [] a totally understandable tendency....Most highly successful people are very...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Wants All Millennials to Feel Free to Use Her Lawn

I guess I'm finally curious enough about something to write a post about it. The subject is The Kids Today. Here are a couple of recent posts from Atrios: I know I keep returning this subject, and I probably don't have anything especially new to say about it, but I guess support for Bernie by The Kids Today has brought a lot of it out recently. Show More Summary

Obamacare's Competitive Markets Are Starting to Work Pretty Well

The decision last week by United Healthcare to drop out of Obamacare got a lot of attention, but the truth is that UH was a pretty small player in the exchanges. What's more important—but hasn't gotten much attention—is the fact that more and more Obamacare insurers are getting close to profitability. Show More Summary

Three Awesome Paragraphs — And Only You Can Decide Which Is the Awesomest of All

While we wait for polls to close on Super Tuesday 4 (seriously), I've been catching up on news in the tech biz. And I need your help. Which of these is the greatest paragraph of the day? You have three choices. The first one, from Michael...Show More Summary

Lemonade Is the Opiate of the Masses

I'm having some trouble coming up with political or even quasi-political topics to write about this morning, so instead let's watch Chris Hayes risk his hard-won career in a single tweet: Ok, I'm probably gonna regret this honest (perhaps...Show More Summary

It Was Chinese Tea That Spawned the Tea Party

Today brings a new academic entry in the angry voter sweepstakes. A quartet of high-powered economists took a look at congressional districts and divided them up by how much they were exposed to trade with China. Some districts showed lots of job losses due to trade while others showed very little. Show More Summary

Republicans Aren't Very Happy With the 21st Century

If America is no longer great, when was it great? When asked to select America’s greatest year, Trump supporters offered a wide range of answers, with no distinct pattern. The most popular choice was the year 2000. But 1955, 1960, 1970 and 1985 were also popular. Show More Summary

Final Poll Results for Pennsylvania and Maryland

Here are the final Pollster aggregates for the Democratic primaries in Pennsylvania and Maryland, the two big states up for grabs tomorrow. If this is how things turn out, there's really no case left to be made that Bernie Sanders has a chance to win the nomination. Show More Summary

The Mystery of the Churchill Bust Is Finally Explained

Over the years, conservatives have invented a spectacular set of grievances against President Obama—teleprompters, whitey tapes, Bill Ayers, birth certificates, etc.—but in the category of just plain strange, none of them surpass the tale of the missing Churchill bust. Show More Summary

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