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President Obama Is the Anti-Lame Duck

Quentin Tarantino really likes President Obama: You supported Obama. How do you think he’s done? I think he’s fantastic. He’s my favorite president, hands down, of my lifetime. He’s been awesome this past year. Especially the rapid, one-after-another-after-another-after-another aspect of it. Show More Summary

Fragile Global Economy Is Starting to Crack Up

I woke up a little late this morning, but maybe that turned out to be a good thing. The Dow Jones plunged a thousand points within minutes of opening, but by the time I saw the news it had already recouped about half of that loss: You...Show More Summary

Black Lives Matter Comes Through With a Plan

A few weeks ago, after the disruption at Netroots Nation, I wondered aloud what the Black Lives Matter movement actually wanted. What were their demands? What did they want from candidates for president? I found a list of items on their website, but they were vague enough and broad enough to keep me a little puzzled. Show More Summary

Quote of the Day: GOP Primary Is "One Giant Boob-Off"

This is from the very conservative Jay Nordlinger over at National Review: There’s been some comment of late about Bobby Jindal, and I’d like to add some of my own. As I’ve said before, I love the guy — even when he’s pretending to be a populist boob, in an effort to keep up with Trump. Show More Summary

For Saturday: A Very Long and Possibly Tiresome Conversation About Whether "Anchor Baby" Is a Slur

Yesterday morning, I asked exactly why the term "anchor baby" is offensive. As penance, last night I waded through lots of comments to that post—a few of which were actually on topic!—as well as some email and Twitter and other articles on the subject. Show More Summary

A Peek Inside the Anti-Immigrant Id

An Alabama fan offers some advice to Donald Trump: “Hopefully, he’s going to sit there and say, ‘When I become elected president, what we’re going to do is we’re going to make the border a vacation spot, it’s going to cost you $25 for...Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - 21 August 2015

My old friends at the Washington Monthly sent me an early copy of their latest College Guide issue, and apparently it inspired Hilbert to think about pursuing an advanced degree. Unlike humans, though, he doesn't need to read the issue. Show More Summary

"Anchor Babies" Are the Latest Pawns in the GOP's Crusade to Sound Tough

Anchor babies are back! And back with a vengeance. Yesterday, Jeb Bush unveiled Jeb 2.0, a louder, tougher, more outraged version of himself. Overall, it was a pretty woeful performance—he sounded a lot like a shy teenager practicing...Show More Summary

Hey Denver: Give Chick-fil-A a Break

I can't recall ever agreeing with John Fund about anything, but he thinks this is ridiculous and I guess I do too: Chick-fil-A's reputation as an opponent of same-sex marriage has imperiled the fast-food chain's potential return to Denver...Show More Summary

Falling Stock Markets? Blame China.

Over at Wonkblog, Ylan Mui writes about the plummeting stock market: Is this the beginning of “Rate Rage”? You could be forgiven for thinking so, judging by all the blame that’s been heaped on the Federal Reserve for the selloff in stock markets over the past three days. Show More Summary

Hobby Drones: Not as Cute and Cuddly As You Think

Somebody at the FAA leaked several hundred rogue-drone reports to the Washington Post's Craig Whitlock: Before last year, close encounters with rogue drones were unheard of. But as a result of a sales boom, small, largely unregulated remote-control aircraft are clogging U.S. Show More Summary

Word of the Day: Trumpery

This may be the greatest, classiest entry in any dictionary ever. Yes, it's real.

Carly Fiorina Plans to Run America Via Smartphone

Soon we will all be Trumpists. Trumpets? Trumpettes? Trumpies? Ahem. Anyway, at a town hall today a veteran told Carly Fiorina that he was having trouble getting a doctor’s appointment through Veterans Affairs: “Listen to that story,” Fiorina said. Show More Summary

Have We Reached Peak Internet Annoyance Yet?

I have some horrible news about the search for ALS cures: The breakthrough research unravels the mystery about a protein called TDP-43....In a study of the protein in mice cells....Johns Hopkins scientists detail how TDP-43 — which is...Show More Summary

Donald Trump's Top Ten Liberal Heresies

Right now, Donald Trump appeals primarily to voters who are just plain angry and want a president who's willing to call a spade a spade. Still, these voters are also conservatives. They like Trump's stand on immigration and political correctness and taking away all the oil from ISIS. Show More Summary

Sorry, Donald, You Can't Count Retirees As "Unemployed"

In his interview with Sean Hannity last week, Donald Trump said the unemployment rate wasn't 5.3 percent, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics says. "That's phony math," he told Hannity. "If you add it up, it's probably 40 percent, if you...Show More Summary

Obamacare Is Facing Yet Another Legal Challenge

Do you remember John Boehner's House lawsuit against President Obama over some details of Obamacare? When it was finally unveiled, it turned out it had two parts. The first challenged a delay in implementing the employer mandate. That was a big meh. Show More Summary

Trumpmentum Has Been Losing Steam Ever Since the Debate

I hopped over to RealClear Politics this morning to take a look at their latest poll averages, and it shows something interesting: Donald Trump may have hit his ceiling. On August 5, he hit a peak at 24.3 percent. He then plateaued for a few days and has been falling ever since. Show More Summary

Iran Agreement Looks Like a Done Deal in Congress

From the Guardian: Barack Obama has enough votes to get the Iran deal through the House of Representatives, despite Republican efforts to block the historic nuclear accord, the minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, has said. With a Senate vote...Show More Summary

A Conversation About Scott Walker's Health Care Plan

Ramesh Ponnuru thinks I got Scott Walker's health care plan wrong. Maybe! Let's go through his objections. I complained that Walker's plan would cost a lot but he doesn't tell us how he's going to pay for it without raising taxes. Ponnuru:...Show More Summary

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