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White House Press Office Endorses Originalism

CNN’s White House correspondent is getting testy: Make no mistake about what we are all witnessing. This is a WH that is stonewalling the news media. Hiding behind no camera/no audio gaggles — Jim Acosta (@Acosta) June 19, 2017 Call me old fashioned but I think the White House of the United States of America […]

Lunchtime Photo

Strawberry fields are, alas, not forever. However, the harvest isn’t quite finished yet, and our local grower still has a few lovely, ripe strawberries waiting to be picked. They lease their fields from Southern California Edison, and plant corn, tomatoes, strawberries, and other delicacies on the right-of-way beneath the power pylons. They sell them in […]

Jared Kushner Knows Nothing About Technology

It’s Technology Week at the White House! Jared Kushner is in charge: Kushner is not a very impressive speaker. He’s reciting his speech like a sixth grader, not like a White House aide who actually knows what he’s talking about. But put that aside. It’s the content that’s appalling. Kushner burbles about heading up the […]

Trump Job Approval Just Keeps Sinking

I have bad news for Donald Trump. He was pretty proud of hitting a 50 percent job approval rating in Friday’s Rasmussen tracking poll, but today it’s gone. He’s already back below the halfway point: Of course, Rasmussen is famously pro-Republican, so this doesn’t mean much. Here is Pollster’s latest aggregate of Trump’s job approval […]

Is Donald Trump Under Investigation for Obstruction of Justice?

Is President Trump under investigation for obstruction of justice? His attorney appeared on TV yesterday to say it ain’t so: SEKULOW: I want to be very clear about this, the president is not and has not been under investigation. DICKERSON: How do you know? SEKULOW: Because we’ve received no notice of investigation…. DICKERSON: Is it […]

Supreme Court Will Hear Gerrymandering Case

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a gerrymandering case: The case started when Republicans gained complete control of Wisconsin’s government in 2010 for the first time in more than 40 years. It was a redistricting year, and lawmakers promptly drew a map for the State Assembly that helped Republicans convert very close statewide vote […]

Yes, Of Course the Senate Health Care Bill Is As Mean As the House Bill

Here’s some gossip for you: NEW INFO ON SENATE BILL: Word is bill submitted 2 CBO is actually MORE severe than the House bill. Same House bill Trump described as mean. — Andy Slavitt (@ASlavitt) June 19, 2017 Well, who knows? But I will say one thing: the primary purpose of Obamacare repeal is to […]

Lunchtime Photo

My sister is in London and sends along the following from outside Buckingham Palace. Apparently it earned her a sunburn. I guess it’s sort of warmish in London right now?

Just How Bad Is the Rural Economy, Anyway?

The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation released the results of a pretty interesting poll today. It focuses on the rural-urban divide, and seems to suggest that although people in rural areas are more likely to say that jobs and the economy are a big concern, they actually feel about as positively as urban […]

Friday Cat Blogging – 16 June 2017

Hopper has been giving us all a master class in photobombing lately. Three weeks ago she showed off the classic photobomb. Last week she demonstrated the involuntary photobomb. Today, in an innovative new technique, she photobombs Hilbert from the front. BTW, this picture is brought to you courtesy of burst mode. Remember when I told […]

Republican Senators: AHCA Must Reduce Cost of Health Coverage

The fun folks at Vox asked eight Republican senators to explain what they want their health care bill to do. That is, what problems should it solve and what benefits should it provide for ordinary Americans? The results are mostly pretty hapless, and Chuck Grassley in particular is getting lots of Twitter play for his […]

Health Care Watch Day 42: The New York Times Comes Through!

Still nothing from the Post, the Journal, or the LA Times, but today the New York Times finally comes through with a front-page story about the secret Republican health care bill. It’s not exactly a banner headline, but it is above the fold. Barely. Now if we can just get the nightly news programs to […]

Trump Kills Meaningless Program, Keeps DACA “Mini-DREAM” Act in Place

The Trump administration has revoked DAPA, an Obama immigration program that never went into effect. At the same time, Trump is keeping in place DACA, the “mini-DREAM” act that protects young immigrants. In other words, they’re killing a program that was already dead, and keeping a program that’s actually effective and has prevented thousands of […]

Donald Trump Is Steadily Becoming More Unbalanced Every Day

This story is from yesterday, which is about six months in blog years, but it deserves an extra day: Trump, for months, has bristled almost daily about the ongoing probes. He has sometimes, without prompting, injected “I’m not under investigation” into conversations with associates and allies. He has watched hours of TV coverage every day […]

Lunchtime Photo

Like sunsets, I could take pictures of Monarch butterflies and post them every day. But I need an excuse, so yesterday’s project was to catch butterflies in flight, which is damn near impossible. I quickly decided that the only way to do it was to prefocus on a spot and fire off a burst every […]

Health Care Watch Day 41: Still no Republicans in sight

It’s been nearly seven weeks since Republicans took up Obamacare repeal. There have still been no hearings and none are in sight. Still no CBO score. Still no press conferences. Still no markups. Still no bill that the public is allowed to see. Day 3 folks. Yet again, no p. 1 coverage of health insurance […]

More Chocolate News

More chocolate news today: Nestlé SA said Thursday it is considering selling its U.S. confectionery business, maker of such products as the Butterfinger and Baby Ruth candy bars….The possible sale by Nestlé doesn’t include its much larger global chocolate business, which includes Kit Kat and chocolate drink Nesquik. “Nestlé remains fully committed to growing its […]

All Hail Chocolate Milk

From Caitlin Dewey: Seven percent of all American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows, according to a nationally representative online survey commissioned by the National Dairy Council. ….For decades, observers in agriculture, nutrition and education have griped that many Americans are basically agriculturally illiterate. Show More Summary

If Obamacare Dies, National Health Care Will Take Its Place

Ezra Klein makes an argument about Obamacare that I’ve heard a lot of lately: If Republicans wipe out the Affordable Care Act and de-insure tens of millions of people, they will prove a few things to Democrats. First, including private insurers and conservative ideas in a health reform plan doesn’t offer a scintilla of political […]

We Seem to Have a Failure to Communicate Over Qatar

Wait a second. WTF is going on here? Qatar will sign a deal to buy as many as 36 F-15 jets from the U.S. as the two countries navigate tensions over President Donald Trump’s backing for a Saudi-led coalition’s move to isolate the country for supporting terrorism. Qatari Defense Minister Khalid Al-Attiyah and his U.S. […]

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