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Raw Data: Racial Resentment Among Blue-Collar Whites Hasn't Changed in 30 Years

I asked earlier for data about the racial attitudes of the white working class. There's no foolproof way of determining this, but Phil Klinkner passes along the "racial resentment" scores of white working-class men from the American National Election Studies. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Is Absolutely Kicking Donald Trump's Ass

Back during convention season I warned that election polls wouldn't really mean much until the middle of August. Well, the middle of August is here! So what are the polls showing us? Here you go: Hillary Clinton is ahead by a steady 8 points. Show More Summary

Bleg: Who Has Data on the Racial Attitudes of Blue-Collar Whites Over the Past Few Decades?

Quick question: do we have any good longitudinal data on the racial attitudes of white, working-class men? Maybe something from the GSS? Obviously this is related to Donald Trump. The question is this: if we assume that Trump is trying...Show More Summary

White, Working-Class Men Are Less Racist Than You Think

In my post earlier this morning I made the case that economic anxiety really did play a role in blue-collar support for Donald Trump. However, many of you cleverly noted that I slid in a postscript at the end that basically made a hash of my argument—and everyone else's. Show More Summary

Here Is My Clever Plan to Save the Olympics

Clay Dillow reports that hosting the Olympics is really expensive: When Rio de Janeiro won its bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics back in 2009, the Brazilian government estimated that costs directly related to hosting the games would run just shy of $3 billion. Show More Summary

Yes, Economic Anxiety Really Does Explain Some of Donald Trump's Appeal

Matt Yglesias says it's ridiculous to attribute Donald Trump's support to economic anxiety: While plenty of people, including plenty of Trump fans, certainly have concerns about the economy, it’s racial resentment that drives who does...Show More Summary

The Trump Campaign Is Off the Rails Again—And It's Only Going to Get Worse

The New York Times reports today on the latest about Paul Manafort, favored lobbyist of sleazy dictators worldwide and currently Donald Trump's campaign chairman: Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief Handwritten ledgers show $12.7 million in undisclosed cash payments designated for Mr. Show More Summary

Here Is my Idea to Make Fast Food Great Again

Did I ever mention that I finally finished my quest to eat at all of our great nation's top 50 fast food joints? Well, I did, except for eight places that don't have any outlets in Southern California. However, every one of them seems...Show More Summary

Are Millennials Even More Fed Up With Politics Than Usual? Probably Not.

Yesterday I read this article in the Washington Post: For millennial voters, the Clinton vs. Trump choice ‘feels like a joke’ In interviews this past week with more than 70 young voters in nine states from diverse backgrounds, lifestyles and careers, it is clear their mood is decidedly different from previous elections. Show More Summary

What I Want From My Doctor: Just the Facts, Please

Michael Stein writes about the expectation of kindness when you visit the doctor: It’s reasonable to expect a doctor to be kind at every visit....Today, medical schools teach and evaluate kindness at patients’ bedsides and through role-playing....Yet...Show More Summary

What Happens to Merrick Garland if Hillary Clinton Wins?

David Atkins is unhappy about a Politico story suggesting that "top Senate Democrats" are pushing Hillary Clinton to stick with Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland if she wins in November, rather than replacing him with someone more...Show More Summary

Donald Trump's Secret Weapon: The Non-Christian Christian Vote

Hmmm: Trump's very strong, relative to Romney, among white people who call themselves Evangelical but don't go to church. — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) August 12, 2016 Catholics dislike Trump more than Romney, perhaps because Pope Francis doesn't care for Trump. Show More Summary

Quick! What Is 17 Times 6?

Over at the mothership, Matt Miller reports that the nation's scientists have some questions for Donald Trump and the rest of the presidential field. They want to know about climate change, biodiversity, science education, nuclear power, vaccines, and so forth, but I think they're being a little too ambitious. Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - 12 August 2016

As everyone knows, the best cat toy is also the cheapest: a three-foot piece of string. But everyone also knows that you can make anything better by putting it on a stick. Hot dogs. Grilled peppers. Ice cream bars. Three-foot pieces of string. With that in mind, yesterday we drove by the animal shelter and picked up a few new toy for the cats. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Is Doing Pretty Well Considering That He Isn't Advertising At All

There's been a lot of talk lately about the fact that Donald Trump has so far spent $0 on TV advertising. Here is Jeet Heer: Hillary Clinton has entered the field with $13 million in Olympics ad spending, but her competitor is nowhere to be seen. Show More Summary

Let Us Investigate Hillary Clinton's Latest Email Bombshell

From today's LA Times coverage of the Hillary Clinton campaign: On a day in which Clinton was hoping to inflict considerable damage on Donald Trump — this time, by ripping into his economic agenda — her campaign was on the defensive,...Show More Summary

Griping About NBC's Coverage of the Olympics Is a White-Collar Privilege

Let's get back to the Olympics. In particular, the seemingly endless griping about NBC's coverage of the Olympics. I'm tired of it. Why? Because it emanates from a place of—what? White-collar privilege? Creative-class privilege? Or maybe just plain old class privilege. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Is Recycling LBJ's "Pig Fucker" Strategy

Donald Trump says Barack Obama is the "founder" of ISIS. Let's hear his explanations for this. First, there's this, on the Hugh Hewitt show yesterday: HH: I know what you meant. You meant that he created the vacuum, he lost the peace. DT: No, I meant he’s the founder of ISIS. Show More Summary

Spanish Researchers Determine Four Basic Personality Types. Maybe.

You all know about the Prisoner's Dilemma game, right? You and a partner are arrested and taken to separate rooms. The police offer each of you the deal on the right. What should you do? The best strategy is for both of you to clam up. Show More Summary

Liar or Idiot? Yet Again, Donald Trump Poses the Eternal Question.

For the first time in my career, I've recently gotten a little self-conscious about my blogging. I'm keenly aware of how bad it is to blog nonstop about every dumb thing Donald Trump says or does, and yet, it really is hard to resist. Show More Summary

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