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LA's Parker Center Should Be Relegated to Dragnet Reruns

Behold Parker Center, former home of the LA Police Department and star of many a Dragnet episode: You can see a more recent picture here. Parker Center was built in 1955 but has been empty for years. It's also, as you might expect, the...Show More Summary

When Telemarketers Call, Just Hang Up

At the LA Times, David Lazarus writes about the latest in robocall scamology: It’s the most cunning robocall scam I’ve encountered — and the fact that I’ve fallen for it more than once tells you how successful it can be. The phone rings. Show More Summary

We Have a Bill! But Can It Pass?

It looks like we have a final health care bill. As expected, it eliminates all of Obamacare's essential health benefits. Say hello to health care insurance that doesn't cover hospitalization! The repeal is set for 2018, so states that...Show More Summary

How Paul Ryan Sold Out, In One Chart

Why is Paul Ryan having such a hard time selling his Obamacare repeal to the ultra-conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus? One chart tells the story: According to DW-NOMINATE, when Ryan first entered Congress in 1999 he was the 18th most conservative member of the House. Show More Summary

Friday Is D-Day For the Republican Health Care Bill

From Politico: President Donald Trump is demanding a vote Friday in the House on the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said. If the bill fails, Trump is prepared to move on and...Show More Summary

The Republican Health Care Bill Is In Deep Trouble

Jonathan Chait has a question: From the House Democrats' perspective, isn't the best case that the House Rs walk the plank and pass it? (and then bill dies in the Senate?) — Jonathan Chait (@jonathanchait) March...Show More Summary

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Beware the tree of death. It awaits multitudes if Republicans pass Trumpcare.

Conservatives Demand End to Pre-Existing Conditions Ban

I guess I was wrong last night. The New York Times says President Trump has caved into demands to repeal the minimum set of required benefits for health care insurance: President Trump agreed to the demands of conservative House Republicans...Show More Summary

Republican Health Care Bill Has 17% Approval Rating

Quinnipiac reports today that public approval for the Republican health care bill is a dismal 17 percent. Allow me to put this into perspective with a bar chart: Sad.

Donald Trump Is Always Right: A List

As a public service, here are all the things Donald Trump has been right about: Sweden Anthony Weiner NATO not focusing on terrorism Brexit Election being rigged against Bernie Sanders Obama "wiretapping" him Three million illegal votes Thousand...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Is Always Right

Time's Michael Scherer interviewed President Trump on Wednesday for an upcoming cover story. Scherer's thesis is that Trump deliberately makes unproven charges because "the fact that they are disputed makes them a more effective message, that you are able to spread the message further, that more people get excited about it, that it gets on TV." Sure. Show More Summary

Republicans Now Considering How to Make a Bad Health Care Plan Into a Complete Wreck

Our acronym for the day is EHB, which stands for Essential Health Benefits. These are things which every health care plan is required to cover, and Obamacare spells out ten of them: Doctor visits Emergency room visits Hospital visits Prescription...Show More Summary

CNN: Trump Team Gave Russians "Thumbs Up" to Release Hillary Smears

CNN has some breaking news: The FBI has information that indicates associates of President Donald Trump communicated with suspected Russian operatives to possibly coordinate the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton's campaign,...Show More Summary

Devin Nunes Is Playing a Familiar Republican Game Today

When a big story breaks while I'm at lunch, it can be a real pain in the ass. Instead of following it in real time, I have to rush around later trying to piece together what's happened. On the other hand, sometimes this is a blessing, because by the time I get to the story it's clearer what the real issue is. Show More Summary

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It's been raining around these parts. Well, not raining, really. More like sprinkling a bit now and again. Lightly sprinkling. Nevertheless, Hilbert's disgust with this intolerable situation practically oozes out of him, doesn't it?

Is Another Nominee For Labor Secretary About to Spontaneously Combust?

I really don't know if this a justified line of attack, but hoo boy, this is a headline you really don't want to see about a cabinet nominee: Labor Secretary is turning out to be a little like being the drummer for Spinal Tap. The previous one not only had to withdraw under a hail of criticism, but he even lost his old job in the process. Show More Summary

James Mattis Is Caught Between a Rock, a Hard Place, and a Wrecking Ball

Politico reports that there's been some grumbling on Capitol Hill about Defense Secretary James Mattis: Republican lawmakers and senior congressional aides said in recent interviews they’re running out of patience with Mattis' staffing...Show More Summary

AHCA Is the Legislative Broccoli That No One Wants to Eat

Hardline conservatives in the House aren't happy with AHCA, the Republican health care bill. It's just Obamacare with a fresh coat of paint. And they have a point: When they say that AHCA tax credits are the same thing as ACA tax subsidies,...Show More Summary

It's Time to Meet Rex Tillerson

Erin McPike was the only journalist allowed to accompany Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on his recent trip to Asia. Dan Drezner points out this snippet from the profile of Tillerson that she filed: After watching the contortions of...Show More Summary

A Hundredth of a Percent

Poor Donald. The other kids are always picking on him: Hmm. "If it's off by one-hundredth of a percent, I end up getting Pinocchios." --Trump — Michelle Ye Hee Lee (@myhlee) March 22, 2017 This is from the guy who repeatedly said the real unemployment rate was 42 percent.

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