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Second Look: Greece May Be Recovering, But Only Barely

Yesterday I linked to a Hugo Dixon column arguing that Greece is, improbably, starting to recover. Ryan Cooper points to Greece's stubbornly high unemployment rate and begs to differ: With unemployment still over 27 percent, I'd say let's hold off on talk of a recovery. Indeed, I rather fear this could be the worst of all worlds. Show More Summary

Update: What Do Critics Mean Who Say Obamacare "Isn't Liberal Enough"?

I periodically drone on about the laziness of polls that ask a simple approve/disapprove question about Obamacare. The problem is that a lot of people say they disapprove because Obamacare isn't liberal enough. These are folks don'tShow More Summary

Can Anyone Win the 2016 Republican Nomination?

Ben Smith pours cold water on the idea of Jeb Bush running for president: The notion that Jeb Bush is going to be the Republican presidential nominee is a fantasy nourished by the people who used to run the Republican Party. Bush has been out of a game that changed radically during the 12 years(!) since he last ran for office. Show More Summary

Guess What? Greece Is Finally Starting to Recover

Apropos of nothing in particular, I want to highlight this column from Hugo Dixon that I found at Counterparties yesterday: Greece is undergoing an astonishing financial rebound. Two years ago, the country looked like it was set for a messy default and exit from the euro. Show More Summary

Here's Some Stunning and Unexpected Good News About Obamacare

Today brings yet another take on Obamacare from Rand's latest survey of the health insurance market. Rand's sample size is fairly small, so there are large error bars associated with their numbers, but they also break them down in interesting ways. Show More Summary

Nobody Cares What You Think Unless You're Rich

In a simple model of democratic politics, there are three basic drivers of political decisionmaking: The collective opinion of average citizens The collective opinion of the affluent The lobbying of interest groups But which of these...Show More Summary

Quote of the Day: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Obamacare?

From a Republican congressional health aide who was "granted anonymity to speak candidly," on the difficulties of creating a Republican plan to replace Obamacare: The problem with replace is that if you really want people to have these new benefits, it looks a hell of a lot like the Affordable Care Act.... Show More Summary

My Kinda Sorta Non-Review of Thomas Piketty's "Capital in the 21st Century"

I'm having a hard time finishing Thomas Piketty's Capital in the 21st Century. Is this because it's a long, dense tome? Not really, though that doesn't help. Is it because he has nothing interesting to say? Not at all. Capital present a very provocative thesis. Show More Summary

Unless You Can Do It Blindfolded, Please STFU

I've long suspected this, but now we have Scientific Proof™. Professional violinists who insist that there's nothing like a Strad can't even tell them apart from modern instruments: In this study, 10 renowned soloists each blind-tested...Show More Summary

The OC: No Longer Sprawling, Thank You Very Much

Via Andrew Sullivan, the table on the right shows the most compact, least sprawling large metro areas in the United States. New York is number 1, no surprise, and I've read enough about the "myth" of LA sprawl that I wouldn't have been surprised to see Los Angeles on the list. Show More Summary

Let's Invade Ukraine! (As Soon As We Can Figure Out Where It Is)

A couple of weeks ago, a team of researchers asked Americans to locate Ukraine on a map. You'll be unsurprised to learn that most of them couldn't. But check this out: Accuracy varies across demographic groups. In general, younger Americans...Show More Summary

The New York Times Fails to Explain Why "Super Predators" Turned Out to Be a Myth

Sorry for the radio silence. I went in to see my pulmonary specialist today, and he was very distressed at my lack of progress on the breathing front. So he immediately sent me downstairs for a new battery of tests, including a stat review of the echocardiogram I did last week. Show More Summary

In Defense of "Flash Boys"

Felix Salmon reviews Michael Lewis's Flash Boys today, and he's not impressed. I think Salmon's basic criticism is on point: the big problem with high-frequency trading isn't that small investors get ripped off, it's that the systemShow More Summary

Gallup Confirms Further Fall in Uninsurance Rate

The latest Gallup poll on the uninsured is out, and it shows that the uninsurance rate continues to drop. Using the same 2011-12 baseline I've used before, uninsurance has now dropped about 1.8 percentage points since the rollout of Obamacare. Show More Summary

Why Are We All So Obsessed With Inflation?

Paul Krugman brings up a familiar trope this weekend: why is it that everyone is so obsessed with ultra-low inflation, even in the middle of a sluggish economy that would almost certainly benefit from a few years of 4 percent price growth? His answer: rich people are uniquely vulnerable to high inflation, and therefore fear it. Show More Summary

Russia Demands Lease Refund After Invading Crimea

Russia is threatening to nearly double the price of natural gas that it sells to Ukraine: Russia's natural gas monopoly Gazprom's Chief Executive Alexei Miller said Saturday in a televised interview the company has raised the cost of gas to Ukraine to $485.50 from $268.50 for 1,000 cubic meters from April 1. Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - 4 April 2014

Well, I managed to make it through the morning. In case you're curious about what's going on with me, I'm having difficulty breathing. It came on rather suddenly a couple of weeks ago, and since then I've undergone loads of tests. The results are simple: my heart is fine, my lungs are fine, my O2 saturation is fine, and my ribs aren't cracked. Show More Summary

Can We Please Ditch the Splaining Meme?

Hey there. Is there any chance that we could deep six the splaining meme? You know, mansplaining, straightsplaining, whitesplaining, and all their myriad offshoots. I get that it's a useful term, but it's gotten out of hand. Obviously...Show More Summary

Here's a Second Look at Obamacare and the Uninsured

Here's a quick follow-up on my guess earlier this week that Obamacare will reduce the ranks of the uninsured by about 10 million when we finally close out 2014. The Urban Institute has released its latest survey results and concludes that Obamacare insured about 5.4 million people through early March. Show More Summary

Yep, Most of Paul Ryan's Budget Cuts Come Out of Programs for the Poor

A few days ago I guessed that 80+ percent of the cuts in Paul Ryan's latest budget blueprint came from programs for the poor. Today, CBPP dives a little deeper and puts the number at 69 percent. The cuts come in five categories: health...Show More Summary

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