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The Benghazi "Stand Down" Theory Finally Gets Officially Abandonded

Ever since the Benghazi attacks four years ago, 1 conservatives have been hawking the "stand down" theory. Basically, they're convinced that troops could have gotten to Benghazi in time to help, but someone—Hillary Clinton? President Obama? Ben Rhodes?—overrode the military and told them not to deploy. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Changes His Mind on Value of Tax Returns

Apparently Donald Trump's team is vetting VP candidates and will be requesting tax returns from them: More from @KatyTurNBC on Trump's VP tax request: — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) May 18, 2016 "Trump's not running for vice president." True enough! The guy's got an answer for everything. Still, it's kind of funny. Show More Summary

Giving Birth on the 13th Is Less Popular Than Ever

Here's a fascinating little chart from the good folks at 538: This whole thing, of course, is an artifact of scheduling births instead of just letting Mother Nature take her course. "The effect for the 13th," says Carl Bialik, "was twice...Show More Summary

California Bullet Train Undergoes Routine Bureaucratic Clarification

California's bullet train has already taken hit after hit, with costs rising ever skyward and schedules getting extended relentlessly. Today, Mike Grunwald reports on the latest schedule hit: The first segment of California’s first-in-the-nation...Show More Summary

Why Is the Murder Rate Increasing?

Over at Vox, Dara Lind has a longish piece about the "Ferguson Effect," the notion that homicides are up because police are afraid to do their jobs in an era of viral videos and public backlash against police violence: Just like there's...Show More Summary

The Sad Decline and Fall of Bernie Sanders

So tonight's Democratic primaries basically ended in a tie. There's really nothing of interest left anymore: Hillary Clinton will win the nomination, as we've all known she would for at least the past month. The one thing I do keep wondering about is what happened to Bernie Sanders. Show More Summary

Inflation Is...Still Pretty Low

Ylan Mui reports on the latest CPI inflation numbers: Excluding the volatile food and energy sectors, prices rose a more modest 0.2 percent in April, a measurement economists often refer to as core inflation. Compared to a year ago,Show More Summary

Obamacare Continues to Run Ahead of Projections in 2015

The latest CDC figures on the uninsured are out, and after a small uptick last quarter they were back down again by the end of 2015. The uninsured rate clocked in at 10.3 percent, 1 compared to a projection of 11 percent from the CBO...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Poised to Make Weird Kind of History on June 7

Our own Tim Murphy, in a triumph of data journalism, reports that if Bernie Sanders "can beat Hillary Clinton in Kentucky's Clinton County, he will have defeated Clinton in all nine of the Clinton Counties in the United States." I have...Show More Summary

Tea Party Demands Impeachment Scalp, Republicans Cave In

Jesus. I knew this was happening, but I guess I didn't really know it was happening: The House Judiciary Committee’s decision to hold hearings a week from today on whether to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is a victory for the...Show More Summary

Prescription Drug Ads on TV Are Horrible

Here's the latest from Pollville: Robert Blendon, the Harvard professor of health policy who oversaw the poll, was surprised. "There’s something about these ads that bother people a lot more than we would have thought," he said. I think Blendon needs to watch more TV. Show More Summary

Hold On. What Really Happened In Today's Big Contraceptive Case?

OK, wait. What really happened today with the Supreme Court's non-decision in the contraceptive mandate case? I based my post this morning on a Washington Post story by Robert Barnes that said the court "declined Monday to decide challenges"...Show More Summary

Yet Another State Succumbs to Obamacare's Greatest Weapon: Math

Oklahoma has been resisting expansion of Medicaid for years, but they might finally be ready to cave in: A bust in the oil patch has decimated state revenues, compounded by years of income tax cuts and growing corporate subsidies intended to make the state more business-friendly. Show More Summary

Donald Trump's Feuds Now Span the Atlantic

Let's be fair at the outset. British PM David Cameron has called Donald Trump's Muslim ban proposal "divisive, stupid and wrong." On Monday, a spokesman confirmed that Cameron stood by his comments. At the same time, newly elected London...Show More Summary

Postal Contraceptives Are the Future

When we last met, both the federal government and the Little Sisters of the Poor had submitted their homework assignments to the Supreme Court on the issue of health coverage for contraceptives. Should the Sisters be required to fill out a form saying they declined contraceptive coverage? That would be cooperating with evil. Show More Summary

My 6 Favorite Candidates for Senator From California

Here in California it's not hard to run for a Senate seat. It costs $3,480, which you can pay for in money or in signatures at the going rate of 34.8 cents per signature. This year, 34 people are competing for the seat opened up by Barbara...Show More Summary

In New Superhero Blockbuster, Bill Kristol Wins Coveted Role of "Renegade Jew"

Well, here's an interesting headline from the Trump worshippers at Breitbart. "Renegade Jew" is probably not an attack that Bill Kristol gets often. But maybe Breitbart can back up the charge? The article, it turns out, is by prolific...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Is a Dick, Part 874

Crain's has a story up today saying that Donald Trump received a $302 benefit on the property-tax bill for his Trump Tower penthouse, which is interesting because you can only get this deduction if you have an income under $500,000. Now, I'm skeptical of Trump's wealth, but I don't believe that Trump has an income under $500,000. Show More Summary

Does Donald Trump Really Have a 30% Chance of Winning?

Sam Wang, my go-to presidential forecaster, says Hillary Clinton would have a 99 percent chance of winning if the election were held today. But the election isn't being held today: Historically from 1952 to 2012, the likely range ofShow More Summary

You Can't Please Everyone

This cracks me up. The first two emails I got about our new site design, about five minutes apart, were these: Reader #1: God that is really ugly. Reader #2: I love your new artwork! Kudos to the graphic designer! I like the new design myself, though I'll confess that the logo is...very large and orange. Show More Summary

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