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Trump Promotes His Hotel, Will Maybe Address His Birtherist Past

Good God. Donald Trump has all of cable news on tenterhooks while he makes them wait for his announcement on birtherism. Amazing. Anyway, Trump is looking especially orange today, and naturally he starts off with a commercial for his new DC hotel. Show More Summary

Trump: "I Know Nothing" About Vladimir Putin

Hmmm: Donald Trump actually said this about Putin to Jimmy Fallon on @FallonTonight: — Matt Wilstein (@TheMattWilstein) September 16, 2016 Here's what Trump said about Putin: "I know...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Still Won't Say Obama Was Born in the US

FFS. Once again Donald Trump had a chance to say that he now believes Barack Obama was born in the US, but he refused: In the interview, conducted late Wednesday aboard his private plane as it idled on the tarmac here, Trump suggested...Show More Summary

Can You Cut $150 Billion From the Domestic Budget?

The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities says I'm wrong. Donald Trump's "Penny Plan" wouldn't cut domestic spending by 25 percent. It would cut it by 29 percent. Oh well, what's a few percentage points among friends? Either way, the...Show More Summary

Don't Hate Millennials. Save It For Bernie Sanders.

MoJo's editor-in-chief is in trouble over this tweet: i have never hated millennials more — Clara Jeffery (@ClaraJeffery) September 15, 2016 Now, you'd think that because Clara is my boss, I'm going to defend her over this. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Releases Economic Plan That PT Barnum Would Have Been Proud Of

Donald Trump released a fancifully-named "fact sheet" today about his economic plan. He says it's going to be great! Trump has clearly internalized the lesson of PT Barnum: if you're going to lie, you might as well lie big. So why not...Show More Summary

After a Year of Campaigning, We All Feel About the Same As Ever About the Candidates

Is Donald Trump's lack of transparency really not hurting him? .@kdrum You say "he gets away with it" but he has the highest negatives of any presidential candidate, ever. — Ryan A. Stambaugh (@StambaughRyan) September 15, 2016 That's true. Show More Summary

Barack Obama and the "Post-Racial" Myth

Meghan Daum today: It sounds laughable now, but remember back when we thought a black president portended a “post-racial society”? Daum goes on to make a point about a post-sexist society, which I think we all agree isn't going to happen anytime soon. Show More Summary

What Is Donald Trump Hiding?

From the Washington Post: Trump remains the least transparent major presidential nominee in modern history. He is the first since 1976 to refuse to release his tax returns. He has declined to provide documentation of the “tens of millions” of dollars he claims to have donated to charity. Show More Summary

Sam Wang Wants Everyone to Settle Down

Sam Wang thinks you're all being ridiculous: My reason for generating the best prediction I can is to reduce the noise of campaign news. I thought it would clear mental space for thinking about policies, or downticket issues....The calculation...Show More Summary

Premiums, Deductibles, and OOP: What's Driving the Slowdown in Health Care Costs?

Over at Wonkblog, Carolyn Johnson writes about a new Kaiser study showing that deductibles have skyrocketed over the past few years: During the past five years, deductibles have grown 10 times faster than inflation and nearly six times...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Is Embarking On His Greatest Con Job of All

The eternal wait for Donald Trump's "pivot" for the general election has become something of an inside joke among campaign reporters. People keep saying Trump will pivot any day now, and then he turns right around and says somethingShow More Summary

Famous Economist Paul Romer Says Macroeconomics Is All Bullshit

Macroeconomics is the study of big stuff: interest rates, recessions, unemployment, inflation, long-term economic growth, etc. It didn't exactly bowl anyone over with its predictive success during the Great Recession, and ever since economists have been locked in an epic existential struggle. Show More Summary

Does Donald Trump Have Some Mysterious Medical Malady?

You have to hand it to Donald Trump: he's a master showman. When he announced that he would release a full personal medical report on the Dr. Oz show, it was a stroke of genius. The press would eat it up, millions would tune in, and he'd be able to—wait. Show More Summary

Chart of the Day #1: Household Income Rises Sharply in 2015

I've got good news and bad news for you today. First the good news: Median household income was $56,516 in 2015, a 5.2 percent increase from the 2014 median in real terms.... And now, continuing directly, the bad news: ....but 1.6 percent...Show More Summary

Chart of the Day #3: The Uninsured Rate Dropped Yet Again in 2015

The Census Bureau dropped a second report today, their annual look at the health insurance rate. This is less interesting than the income and poverty report since we already know a lot about the level of health insurance coverage from other sources. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Announces Something, Press Goes Wild

A couple of weeks ago Hillary Clinton announced a plan to rein in excessive price increases by pharmaceutical companies. It was a hot topic at the time thanks to outrage over the 6x price increase of the EpiPen. However, if my sleuthing...Show More Summary

Latest Email Hack Too Dull to Get Outraged About

Another email hack from Guccifer 2.0! So what did we learn? Let's see. Colin Powell thinks that Donald Trump is a racist idiot who has no shame. That seems fair. Also, Powell thinks that Hillary Clinton could have handled her email affair better. Show More Summary

Income Still Hasn't Come Close to Recovering From the Great Recession

Today's announcement that incomes increased 5 percent in 2015 was genuinely good news. But it's also worthwhile to put it in perspective. As most of you know, income growth was very high in the 50s and 60s but slowed down after that....Show More Summary

Donald Trump to Offer Maternity Leave Proposal—But as Usual, It Doesn't Add Up

Here's what we've all been waiting for: Donald Trump's maternity leave proposal. It is, we are told, the result of consultations with his expert on women's issues, Ivanka Trump: Mr. Trump’s proposal calls for allowing taxpayers—bothShow More Summary

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