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Friday Cat Blogging - 12 June 2015

Who can resist a cat in a basket? Hilbert quite enjoyed rolling around in this one, massaging himself on the wicker. He obligingly held this pose for a few seconds before rolling around to massage a different part of his body. When he was done, he hopped out and went to sleep.

The TPP Is Dead. Now Let the Scapegoating Begin.

The House just voted down fast-track authority for the TPP, handing President Obama a stinging defeat. This happened mainly because too few Democrats voted to support it. But why? Here's the Washington Post: Lawmakers said the White House has pushed harder on trade than any legislative issue since the health-care reform effort during his first year. Show More Summary

We Finally Have Something to Thank Michele Bachmann For: She Killed the Iowa Straw Poll

Some interesting news today out of the Hawkeye State: The Iowa straw poll, a political jamboree that has been a fixture in the Republican presidential nominating process for nearly four decades but has come under criticism in recentShow More Summary

Dear Twitter: There's No Need to Piss Anyone Off. Why Not Give Us Two Kinds of Timelines?

Twitter is getting a new CEO, so it must be time for some bold new directions. But what should Twitter do? Here's a suggestion that I've read at least half a dozen times in the past couple of days: Right now, Twitter displays tweets in strict reverse chronological order, but [Chris] Sacca encourages Twitter to relax this assumption. Show More Summary

TPP and Chemo Brain: My Story

You may be wondering what I think of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. All the cool kids are talking about it these days. Unfortunately, I don't really have a position because I haven't studied it enough. But perhaps that will change soon. Show More Summary

Are Police in Baltimore Sulking Over Indictments in Freddie Gray Case?

Crime has increased significantly in Baltimore since the Freddie Gray funeral. Police say it's because of a spike in drug gang warfare. But it also appears to be a result of a deliberate pullback by police officers who are angry at seeing their own members indicted for Gray's death. Show More Summary

Surprise! Paul Ryan Is Misleading People Again About Obamacare.

Rep. Paul Ryan really, really doesn't like Obamacare. And now he's got the facts and figures to prove what a disaster it is: The whole point of Obamacare was to make health care more affordable. But premiums aren’t going down; they’re going up—way up. Show More Summary

"Lily Pads" Are the Latest Attempt to Make Old Iraq Strategy Look New

Excellent news out of Iraq today: The United States is considering establishing additional military bases in Iraq to combat the Islamic State, the top American general said on Thursday, a move that would require at least hundreds more...Show More Summary

Yeah, Scott Walker Is a Social Troglodyte. This Is News?

Greg Sargent: The other day, Scott Walker declared that if the Supreme Court rules for a Constitutional right to gay marriage, he’d support a Constitutional amendment allowing states to ban it. This stance would not have been surprising coming from Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, or Ted Cruz. Show More Summary

Iceland Is Too Tiny to Be a Poster Child For the Financial Crisis

For what it's worth, there's been a bit of talk lately about how well Iceland is doing and how everyone should have followed their example in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Tyler Cowen has a fair-minded response here. In...Show More Summary

Chuck Schumer is Not Working the Refs Very Well

This is kind of fascinating: After almost six months in the minority, Charles E. Schumer says Senate Democrats aren’t afraid to be obstructionists, detailing a strategy of blocking appropriations bills and other Republican agenda items...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton: Master Schemer or Garden Variety Pol?

Jonathan Allen recycles a familiar refrain today: There's a term for the way Hillary Clinton has handled policy in the early stages of her campaign: Clintonian. That is, on the issues that most divide the Democratic base from its centrist...Show More Summary

"Streamlining" Government Is a Dubious Campaign Message, Especially For Democrats

A few days ago I criticized a policy analysis from Stan Greenberg that, among other things, recommended that Democrats run on a commitment to streamlining government. But exactly what concrete proposals would that entail? Today, Mark...Show More Summary

Europeans Reject War; Would Prefer US Just Do the Job For Them

Hmmm. Compare and contrast these two results from a recent Pew poll in Europe: So, for example, only 38 percent of Germans would bother defending a fellow NATO ally if it were attacked by Russia, but 68 percent think the US would do the job. Show More Summary

Obama Announces Bold New Decade-Old Strategy in Iraq

Here's our bold, new, never-before-tried strategy for beating ISIS: In a major shift of focus in the battle against the Islamic State, the Obama administration is planning to establish a new military base in Anbar Province, Iraq, and...Show More Summary

Is King v. Burwell Already a Done Deal?

I'm curious about something. I've read what now seems like a thousand blog posts about whether Republicans are going to offer a plausible legislative fix if the Supreme Court kills Obamacare subsidies in states that use the federal exchange. Show More Summary

Louisiana Republicans Now Wish They'd Never Heard of Grover Norquist

It's hardly surprising when Democrats criticize Grover Norquist, the godfather of the anti-tax movement. But following like sheep behind Norquist's demands to lower taxes always and everywhere has gotten states in so much trouble that even some Republicans are now begging him to be a little less obstinate. Show More Summary

Here Are America's Top 50 Health Care Thugs

As long as we're on the subject of how poor people get screwed in the United States, the Washington Post revisits an old favorite today: the way hospitals gouge the uninsured. Here's their summary of a new study that looks at the 50Show More Summary

How Big Is the Penalty For Not Paying a 34-Cent Bill?

Before we went up to City of Hope, Marian prepaid a bunch of our monthly bills. That way our service providers would all have a little stash of money to draw from in case we missed a bill. As a result, we recently got a bill for 4 cents from the water company. Show More Summary

I'm Against Easy Voting For All. Some People Just Aren't Competent to Vote Rationally.

Ezra Klein notes today that the argument against making it easier to vote is often very simple: it's not a good idea to make it easy to vote: If that sounds a bit odd to you, then read Daniel Foster's argument against Clinton's idea,...Show More Summary

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