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CNN Is Now Just Like the National Inquirer

Earlier today I was idly flipping channels on the TV and came upon a CNN chryon informing me breathlessly that Chuck Hagel had just "blasted" President Obama's Syria policy. Unfortunately, I came in at the end of the segment, so I didn't get to find out just what kind of blasting Hagel had done. Show More Summary

GDP Increases At Not-Bad 3.5% Rate in Third Quarter

Today's economic news is fairly good. GDP in the third quarter grew at a 3.5 percent annual rate, which means that the slowdown at the beginning of the year really does look like it was just a blip. Aside from that one quarter, economic...Show More Summary

Chris Christie Needs to Rehearse His Lines Better

Paul Waldman comments on Chris Christie's latest outburst against a heckler: My favorite part is how Christie keeps calling him "buddy" (reminded me of this). Now try to imagine what would happen if Barack Obama shouted "Sit down and shut up!" at a citizen. Show More Summary

Here's What Democrats and Republicans Are Afraid Of

Wonkblog regales us this morning with the chart on the right, which summarizes a recent Chapman University survey about what we're afraid of. Basically, it suggests that Democrats are more afraid of things than Republicans. This goes...Show More Summary

Most Latinos Don't Hold Obama's Immigration Delay Against Him

This is just raw data, and I suppose you can take in two ways, but here's what a new Pew poll says about supposed Latino outrage over President Obama's decision to delay executive action on immigration until after the election. Basically, the whole thing was overblown. Show More Summary

After Supreme Court Decision, Patent Trolls Getting Cold Feet?

A few months ago, in Alice v. CLS Bank, the Supreme Court struck a modest blow against patent trolls. The court ruled that merely programming a computer to carry out a well-known process isn't enough to qualify for a patent. There has...Show More Summary

In NSA Bills, the Devil Is in the Details

Sen. Patrick Leahy says that his USA FREEDOM bill will stop the NSA's bulk collection of phone data. H.L. Pohlman says it's not quite that easy: In Presidential Policy Directive (PPD-28) issued in January 2014, the Obama administration defined “bulk collection” as the acquisition “of large quantities of signals intelligence data which... Show More Summary

Benjamin Netanyahu, Chickenshit

Jeffrey Goldberg has an, um, unique new perspective on the steadily deteriorating relationship between President Obama and Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu: Over the years, Obama administration officials have described Netanyahu...Show More Summary

Why Do Republicans Hate the Beatles?

Over at the Facebook Data Science blog, Winter Mason shows us how personal likes and dislikes line up with political ideology. Democrats like Maya Angelou, The Color Purple, and The Colbert Report. Republicans like Ben Carson, Atlas Shrugged, and Duck Dynasty. Show More Summary

Quote of the Day: Bush Would Have Punched Putin in the Nose

Here is John Boehner, the leader of the House of Representatives and third in line for the presidency: When you look at this chaos that’s going on, does anybody think that Vladimir Putin would have gone into Crimea had George W. Bush...Show More Summary

Question of the Day: Does Obama Plan to Flood America With Ebola Patients?

From Fox anchor Megyn Kelly to Rep. Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee: So do you believe that the administration is planning on bringing Ebola patients from overseas here to America? Yes, that's an actual question, and I probably don't have to tell you what Goodlatte's answer is. Show More Summary

Republicans Coming On Strong in Last Week Before Election

It's now seven days until Election Day, and unfortunately things are trending pretty badly for us liberal types. The ABC/Washington Post poll on the right shows that Democrats and Republicans are pretty much all planning to vote for their own party next week, which leaves the election in the hands of independents. Show More Summary

Paying for Stuff Will Soon Be Almost as Easy and Reliable as Using Cash

Sarah Halzack describes the difference between between ApplePay and a competing system, CurrentC, due to roll out next year: Apple Pay's system relies on near-field communication chips, allowing users to wave their smartphones in front of a reader and confirm the purchase with a fingerprint scan. Show More Summary

Refusing Medicaid Expansion Is Costing Red States a Bundle

Here's a remarkable chart cobbled together from a survey of state Medicaid directors by the Kaiser Family Foundation. It's a little ugly, but bear with me. This is a projection of Medicaid enrollment and spending for 2015 that compares states that accepted the Obamacare Medicaid expansion with those that didn't. Show More Summary

John Boehner Still Hasn't Sued Obama Over Obamacare. Why Not?

Three months ago, John Boehner threw a bone to the tea-party faction that was nipping at his heels and demanding action against the lawless tyrant Obama and his executive orders that routinely defied both the Constitution and the duly enacted laws of the land. Show More Summary

Here's Two and a Half Cheers for No-Drama Obama

On Saturday I promised to both agree and disagree with Matt Yglesias, but I never quite got around to the agreeing part. So let's do that today. Yglesias was writing in response to a fairly typical complaint from Josh Green that President...Show More Summary

Kobani Still Holding Out -- But Is That Good News?

Like Mark Thompson, I've been a bit out of circulation for the past couple of weeks—enough to pay only minimal attention to Iraq, anyway—and also like Thompson, I'm a little surprised to come back and discover that Kobani is still holding out against ISIS. Show More Summary

Housekeeping Finale

I am home and the cats are becoming re-acquainted with their long-lost daddy. Monday should bring a return to normalcy. That is all.

Profiles in Mainstream Media Courage

Laura Poitras, the journalist who first worked with NSA leaker Edward Snowden and later wrote groundbreaking stories with Glenn Greenwald about the stunning growth and reach of the US surveillance state, describes her initial interaction...Show More Summary

Social Networking Employs More People Than We Think

This is a pretty amazing story from Wired reporter Adrian Chen about the army of workers who spend their days monitoring the raw feeds of social networking sites to get rid of "dick pics, thong shots, exotic objects inserted into bodies,...Show More Summary

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