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Inflation: It's a Real Thing!

Petula Dvorak has gotten a lot of, um, pushback for this column about the kids these days—including hers: The work ethic of our kids: Where is it? Where are the entrepreneurial snow shovelers? For generations of enterprising children, snowflakes may as well have been dollar bills, y’all, falling from the sky. Show More Summary

Why Do So Many People Believe Bernie Sanders?

OK, now for the Democrats. It's really hard to get excited about the state of the race, isn't it? The Clinton campaign's focus on gun control is absurd. Hillary has an NRA grade of F and Bernie gets a D-. That's what we're arguing about? For chrissake. Show More Summary

Why Do So Many People Believe Donald Trump?

I'm sort of bored with the Republican race (and the Democratic race too—about which more later) but I do wonder if a lot of Republicans are getting things fundamentally wrong. Here's Jonah Goldberg: The level of distrust among many of the different factions of the conservative coalition has never been higher, at least not in my experience. Show More Summary

Only a Week to Go Before the Republican Race Starts for Real

With only a week to go, here's the latest poll aggregate for the Republican caucuses in Iowa. No surprises: it's a two-man race between Trump and Cruz, with Trump still holding the lead. But it's close enough that turnout is probably going to be the deciding the factor. Show More Summary

Sting Video Creator Indicted on Charges of Tampering With Federal Documents

Huh: A county grand jury here that was investigating allegations of misconduct against Planned Parenthood has instead indicted two anti-abortion activists who made videos of the organization. In a statement, the Harris County district...Show More Summary

Quote of the Day: The Simple, Ever-So-Simple World of Donald Trump

Behold the business acumen of Donald Trump: Donald Trump says he's unfazed by the prospect of running against Michael Bloomberg....At one point, Trump cast doubt on Bloomberg's business success, suggesting that the head of the Bloomberg media empire wasn't actually worth the $36.5 billion estimated by Forbes. Show More Summary

Raw Data: Lead Poisoning of Kids in Flint

I wanted to get a read on historical levels of lead poisoning of children in Flint, Michigan, so I put together the chart on the right. There's no consistent data available for the entire 20-year period, but I think I made fairly reasonable extrapolations from the data available. Show More Summary

Here's What Passes For a Brilliant Jailbreak In Orange County

My hometown of Orange County isn't in the news much, so it's a little sad that our latest brush with fame is the escape of three inmates from the central jail in Santa Ana. Here's the long version of how they did it: Cut steel screen...Show More Summary

How Big a Dick Is Ted Cruz? A Quiz.

Against my better judgment sometimes, I have focused most of my campaign reporting energy on making the case against Donald Trump. But there are other candidates out there who are plenty loathsome in their own way, and when you say the...Show More Summary

Take It Easy on Hillary Clinton and the 1994 Crime Bill

A few days ago Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote that he was disappointed in Bernie Sanders' opposition to reparations, which I thought was unfair given Coates' own equivocal position in his epic 2014 Atlantic cover story. However, I didn't bother suggesting that it was unfair to pick on Sanders and not Hillary Clinton. Show More Summary

Here Is Today's Viral Correction

I don't usually go in for funny corrections, but this one in the Daily Beast deserves the attention it's getting: Correction: A previous version of the story indicated that Liz Mair would prefer a “dry dog turd” for president over either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. Show More Summary

Raw Data: How #White Are the Academy Awards, Anyway?

The chart on the right shows the trend of black nominees in the four acting categories by decade. In the most recent decade—which includes the past two years, in which no blacks were nominated—there were 18 black nominees, which amounts to 9 percent of the total acting field. Show More Summary

The Anti-Trump Campaign Starts to Get Real

Now we're talking. I'm not sure how much money is behind this, but here's the kind of attack ad against Donald Trump that I've been waiting for. There has to be a ton of stuff like this available, and it doesn't cost much to find it and put it together. Obviously this piece would have to be edited down to 30 or 60 seconds. Show More Summary

Let's Have a Contest For Best Alternate "Against Trump" Cover

Just keep in mind: this is a cover that's supposed to persuade conservatives to turn against Trump.

Theoretical vs. Experimental Physics: Quien Es Mas Macho?

Warning! I have not followed Deflategate except in passing. 1 I don't have the kind of grassy knoll knowledge of what happened that lots of people seem to. The naive question that I'm about to pose may inspire jeers in those of you who...Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - 22 January 2016

Meet Buddy, a lovely cat recently adopted by a friend of mine. Buddy is quite the sociable furball. He was carefully put into an acclimation room after the 6-hour (!) ride home, but only spent about five minutes there. Then he hopped out and started exploring. Show More Summary

I Review NR's "Against Trump" Issue

Everybody is writing today about National Review's big "Against Trump" issue. I did that last night, so today I want to review their effort. I give it a D+. This isn't my usual liberal carping at NR. Normally I carp because I disagree with them, but this time we are joined in a mutual bond of disgust. Show More Summary

Raw Data: State Abortion Restrictions Over the Past Three Decades

Here's what's happened to abortion restrictions since the Republican landslide of 2010. After decades of passing a couple dozen laws each session, the number of new restrictions has skyrocketed. In the aftermath of the Democratic midterm debacle, states have averaged over a hundred per session. Show More Summary

I Still Think Trump Will Lose

Just for the record, I haven't changed my mind: Donald Trump will not win the Republican nomination for president. At some point fairly soon, the other candidates are going to take off the gloves and really go after him. When that happens, Trump will have to fight back in a fairly ordinary way. Show More Summary

When Will It Become Illegal to Drive a Car in the United States?

When will driverless cars become a reality? That is, real driverless cars, where you just tell it where you want to go and then sit back and enjoy the ride? My guess is seven or eight years. Maybe you think five. Or ten. Or fifteen. But...Show More Summary

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