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Hillary Clinton's Big Economic Speech Abridged to 500 Words

Hillary Clinton gave her big economic speech today. As is my wont, I plowed through the transcript and excerpted only those parts that are actual policy proposals. This is sometimes a judgment call, but I think I got most of them. IShow More Summary

Europe's Message to Greece: Don't Let the Door Hit You On Your Way Out

A few days ago everyone thought Greece had capitulated completely to European demands for further austerity. It turns out that was all sorts of wrong. Over the weekend, Europe's finance ministers met in Brussels and eventually released a statement that showed Greece what real capitulation looks like. Show More Summary

It's Time to Cool It On "People Need to Work Longer Hours"

Maybe I'm just being naive here, but I wonder if liberals could give it a rest mocking Jeb Bush for saying "people need to work longer hours"? Yeah, he really did say it, but then again, Obama really did say "You didn't build that."Show More Summary

Here's Why Greece Is Having Such a Hard Time Getting European Agreement to Europe's Own Proposal

The Greek austerity proposal has been approved by parliament, and since it's essentially identical to the European demands of two weeks ago, everything should now be hunky dory, right? The Europeans will accept the Greek capitulation and move on. Um, no. Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - 10 July 2015

Hopper was up in her usual spot on my stomach, but when I crossed my legs she sort of slid on down into the crook between my knees. She seemed pretty happy with it, though in this picture I think she's telling me impatiently to hold still and stop shifting my legs around. Show More Summary

No, Hillary Clinton Doesn't Need a Plan For Passing Gun Control Legislation

Lots of political observers are surprised that Hillary Clinton is talking about guns. That's a loser for Democrats, isn't it? Paul Waldman isn't so sure: The truth is quite a bit more complicated than that — in fact, pushing for measures like expanded background checks is likely to help Clinton in the 2016 election. Show More Summary

Why Do Americans Love Tech Startups More Than Europeans?

Jim Pethokoukis muses again today about the relative success of tech startups in America vs. Europe. He notes that apparently Europe is getting better in this regard, but still lags the US, and offers a few conventional reasons for the...Show More Summary

Alexis Tsipras's Secret Plan for Bailing Out Greece Has Been Brilliant

Some anonymous drone at Free Exchange notes the damage done by the decision by Greece to call a referendum on the European austerity proposals: A lamentable feature of the Greek crisis of the past few months is the extent to which it...Show More Summary

If Little Clouds of Doom Follow You Around, There Might Be Money In It For You!

Via Tyler Cowen, here's an intriguing new paper that claims certain kinds of customer are—not to mince words—"harbingers of failure": We show that some customers, whom we call ‘Harbingers’ of failure, systematically purchase new products that flop. Show More Summary

Greece Caves In

Our story so far: On June 22nd, Greece proposed an austerity package of spending cuts and tax increases worth about €8 billion over two years. European leaders called it a credible proposal, the first they had ever seen from Greece. By June 24th, they had changed their tune. Show More Summary

Quiz of the Day: What Is This Map?

This map was released today as part of a 14-page research report. What is it? Here are your choices: Donald Trump's claim of how many states Republicans will win if they nominate him for president. The creeping spread of socialism in...Show More Summary

Will the Real Death Panel Please Step Forward?

Death panels are in the news again. But it's confusing. First, here's the proposal: Federal health officials are proposing that Medicare begin paying doctors to discuss end-of-life issues with their patients, six years after the “death...Show More Summary

This Year, Everyone Is In Disarray

Democrats in disarray! The ongoing debate over trade legislation within the Democratic Party between pro-business and pro-labor forces has put deep divisions in the party on public display....It is in this context that many in the labor...Show More Summary

Quote of the Day: Jeb Bush Is Still Chasing Economic Unicorns

From Jeb Bush, asked about his economic plans: My aspiration for the country and I believe we can achieve it, is 4 percent growth as far as the eye can see. Which means we have to be a lot more productive, workforce participation has to rise from its all-time modern lows. Show More Summary

Quote of the Day: Second Thoughts Now Plaguing Greece

From Iosif Perdikaris, a Greek pensioner who can no longer find insulin at any of his local pharmacies: “How am I supposed to manage my diabetes without my insulin?” Mr. Perdikaris screamed at the pharmacist. He said he was startingShow More Summary

American Corporations Are Getting Flabby. They Need More Competition.

Greg Ip says American corporations could use more competition. Preach it, brother: In a perfectly competitive world, firms ought to exploit [...] cheap borrowing costs to add profitable new capacity and products, until all the added competition pushes profits down. Show More Summary

Today's Assignment: A Definition of Family That Everyone Can Love

Will Saletan tweets unhappily that his son was "marked down 5 percent on a high school health test because he chose this 'incorrect' definition of family." David French is unhappy too: How reassuring that our educators — in their infinite...Show More Summary

Router Failure Grounds Entire United Fleet

Greece is in trouble. China is in trouble. Puerto Rico is in trouble. The New York Stock Exchange has been shut down over a "technical issue." And United Airlines has halted all its flights: United midday on Wednesday said that the grounding...Show More Summary

If Iran Talks Fail, Iran Will Likely Become a Nuclear Power

Zack Beauchamp points to a valuable piece in Foreign Affairs today about the Iran nuclear negotiations. In it, Dalia Dassa Kaye reminds us that failure wouldn't just mean a return to the status quo that existed before talks began. It...Show More Summary

Greece Puts Off Day of Reckoning Another 24 Hours

Greece submitted its proposal to the Troika today to extend its bailout program for three years. It was one page long. Here's an excerpt: As you might expect, this is going over like a lead balloon. The Inspector Javerts of the eurozone will not be put off with vague promises of reform. Show More Summary

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