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Ted Cruz Really Hates Climate Change

Yesterday I dinged Ted Cruz for blathering about how he'd eliminate five cabinet departments. Big deal. The programs would just go elsewhere. Instead, tell me what programs you'd eliminate. As it turns out, Cruz does have a list of programs he wants to get rid of. Show More Summary

A Question For New Parents

Does it ever bother you that in a few years your kids will be able to Google all the stuff you're now saying on social media? And for not-so-new parents: Do your kids Google all the stuff you said on social media ten years ago? Do you have any amusing stories to tell about this? Any advice for new parents?

Donald Trump Insulted Every Evangelical in Iowa Last Night

Apropos of Donald Trump's temper tantrum in Fort Dodge last night, a number of people have hastened to make the point that you can't blame it on the fact that Trump is now losing to Ben Carson. He's not losing. He's just not as far ahead as he used to be. Show More Summary

Go Head, Make Your Best Case Against the Oxford Comma

Atrios is singing my song: The one "grammar debate" I don't get is the Oxford Comma debate. Of course there should be one. There's no argument for leaving them out, and a million obvious ones for including them. There is no debate. Include it, barbarians. I've never gotten this either. Show More Summary

This Election Is Not About the Economy

Ezra Klein says America is doing a whole lot better than Republican presidential candidates make it sound: They would be surprised to find that unemployment is at five percent, America's recovery from the financial crisis has outpaced...Show More Summary

The Strain of Losing to Ben Carson Has Finally Driven Donald Trump Crazy

From a Republican strategist upset about the state of the primary race: We’re potentially careening down this road of nominating somebody who frankly isn’t fit to be president in terms of the basic ability and temperament to do the job. Show More Summary

Conservatives Need to Admit That Racism Still Exists

I hopped over to The Corner to see what was going on, and the answer is....political correctness. Here are first few headlines I saw: The Hidden Cost to Crazy Leftist Domination of Universities Yale & Missouri: Power Play The Left Is...Show More Summary

The Chinese Are Coming....To Syria

In a typical election, candidates move from the extreme to the middle as the campaign progresses. If you're a Republican, for example, you start out as a fire-breathing conservative in order to win the early primaries, and then slowly move to the center to win the later primaries and the general election. Donald Trump has flipped the script, though. Show More Summary

Ben Carson: Medical Fraud is Bad, Unless One of My Friends Does It

Ben Carson really, really hates medical fraud. Seriously: "There would be some very stiff penalties for this kind of fraud," he wrote a few years ago, "such as loss of one's medical license for life, no less than ten years in prison,...Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Is Not Going to Eliminate the IRS

Ted Cruz wants to eliminate the Department of Commerce, the Department of Energy, the Department of Education, and HUD. Big deal. Even if he could do it, all it means is that all their functions would get divvied up among other departments. Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Was the Most Tweeted Candidate on Tuesday Night

I'm not even sure what this means, but it's a slow news day and I figure a colorful chart might brighten things up. Everyone loves colorful charts, don't they? Anyway, a team of wonks from the Monkey Cage has put together a measure of Twitter activity during the Republican debate on Tuesday. Show More Summary

Jeffrey Lacker Says Real Wages are Going Up. Is He Right?

Binyamin Applebaum asks inflation hawk Jeffrey Lacker why inflation hasn't risen if labor markets are tight, as he believes: ....There’s this confusion about real and nominal that I think infects the discussion, particularly of wages and slack. Show More Summary

What's Up With Jeb Bush's Weird, Wonky, Totally Wrong Riff on Dodd-Frank?

Jeb Bush said a peculiar thing last night: What we ought to do is raise the capital requirements so banks aren't too big to fail. Dodd-Frank has actually done the opposite, totally the opposite, where banks now have higher concentration of risk in assets and the capital requirements aren't high enough. Show More Summary

Here's Why Other Candidates Are Giving Ben Carson a Pass

Why didn't any of the other candidates go after Ben Carson last night? He's a frontrunner, isn't he? Yeah, he is. Here's my guess: when you see a guy digging himself into a hole, why get in the way? More and more, as the stress of the campaign gets to him, Carson is freely exposing himself as a true crackpot. Show More Summary

Chart of the Day: Republican Tax Plans for the Middle Class

Of the five leading candidates, four have released semi-detailed tax plans. We're still waiting on Ben Carson's tithe-based plan. Still, I thought everyone ought to get a look at how their plans affect the middle class vs. the rich.Show More Summary

The Minimum Wage Took a Beating Last Night

Nobody was in favor of raising the minimum wage last night: Trump: Taxes too high, wages too high, we're not going to be able to compete against the world....People have to go out, they have to work really hard and have to get into that upper stratum. Carson: My first job working in a laboratory as a lab assistant, and multiple other jobs. Show More Summary

John Kasich Wants to Slash Everything Except the Pentagon

How would John Kasich cut spending? Answer: his father was a mail carrier blah blah blah. OK, but did you want to name any specific steps, sir? Why certainly: We would move the Medicare system from a 7 percent growth down to about a 5 percent growth. Show More Summary

Trump, Carson Duel For Title of Least Prepared Commander-in-Chief

One of the highlights of last night was watching the outsiders talk about foreign policy. Gerard Baker asked Ben Carson if he approved of President Obama's decision to send special ops teams into Syria. Here's his answer, in all itsShow More Summary

Carly Fiorina Creates Whole New Debate Technique

This was my favorite moment of the debate last night: BAKER: In seven years under President Obama, the U.S. has added an average of 107,000 jobs a month. Under President Clinton, the economy added about 240,000 jobs a month. Under George W. Show More Summary

Here's Why I'm a Bad Debate Watcher

Not that anyone cares, but I think I realized tonight why I have such a hard time judging political debates. There are two reasons: The candidates frequently drift off into mini-stump speeches. When that happens, I tune out. I've heard it all before. Show More Summary

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