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Yes, Trump Owes His Rise Partly to a Gullible Media

Did saturation media coverage of Donald Trump drive his success in the primaries? Reporters swear it didn't: they were just covering a popular candidate, the same as they always do. Given the immense amount of coverage Trump got, especially from cable news outlets anxious to broadcast his every speech in full, this is a little hard to take seriously. Show More Summary

A Black Republican Talks About Driving While Black

When the Supreme Court was considering an affirmative action case in 2003, both Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell broke with George Bush and announced their support for taking race into account in college admissions. "I wish it was possible...Show More Summary

Medical Pot Laws Are Bad News for the Opioid Painkiller Industry

Here's a fascinating study. A pair of researchers at the University of Georgia took a look at what happened to prescriptions for opioid painkillers in states that passed medical marijuana laws. Over at the Washington Post, Christopher...Show More Summary

Don't Worry About the Polls. Nothing Much Really Happened Today.

Hillary Clinton has had a couple of poor showings in the polls recently, but I mostly shrugged them off. It was inevitable that she'd take a hit from the conclusion of the FBI email probe, but those kinds of things are almost always temporary. Show More Summary

Trump's Racist Appeal Becomes More Explicit Every Day

I can't believe I missed this, but I did: During two separate discussions of Black Lives Matters protests on Tuesday, Donald Trump claimed that people have called for moments of silence for Micah Johnson, the gunman who killed five police...Show More Summary

Which Party Platform Is Better For Economic Growth?

James Pethokoukis is unhappy with the Democratic Party platform: Other than more government R&D spending, it hasn’t much to stay about entrepreneur-focused growth and innovation policy....Indeed, the very first section of the platform...Show More Summary

Another Look at Police Shootings of Unarmed Civilians

I got some flak yesterday for posting a chart showing the number of police shootings of unarmed civilians without taking into account crime rates. It's harder to do that than you'd think, since the Department of Justice no longer produces crime statistics by race, but we can get a rough idea. First, we'll use the National Crime Victimization Survey. Show More Summary

Breaking News: Donald Trump Tells the Truth About Something

Exciting news today, folks: That's right: Donald Trump actually told the truth about something. It's front-page news this morning, along with six other Trump-related front-page articles at the Washington Post. The New York Times has three. Politico has twelve. Sigh.

Obama's Red Line in the South China Sea: Scarborough Shoal

In light of today's sweeping decision at the Hague denying China's claim to various islands and reefs in the South China Sea, this is an interesting tidbit from the Financial Times: US President Barack Obama in March delivered a stark...Show More Summary

A Conservative Case for Black Lives Matter

Jonah Goldberg has some sensible things to say about both Black Lives Matter and the killing of five police officers in Dallas: At least for a moment, antagonists on either side of polarizing issues could see beyond the epistemic horizon of their most comfortable talking points. Show More Summary

It's Official: Bernie Endorses Hillary

At the moment, I don't have anything on tap to say about this that I haven't already said, but just for the record: Democrats took a long-anticipated step toward unity Tuesday as Sen. Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton, praising...Show More Summary

Raw Data: Retirement Income Replacement Rates in the US vs. Other Rich Countries

While Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are finishing up their lovefest in New Hampshire, how about another chart comparing retirement in America to retirement in other rich countries? Don't lie: you know you want it. Here's one that makes the US look a little worse than yesterday's charts. Show More Summary

China Gets Crushed in Hague Tribunal Over the South China Sea

For the past year, an international tribunal in the Hague has been pondering China's claim to own the entire South China Sea. China has refused to participate in the trial because they were afraid they might lose. And lose they did: An...Show More Summary

Republicans Driving Their Train Over a Cliff Yet Again

Remember when Republicans held hearings in 1998 about Bill Clinton's Christmas card list? We are getting into that territory again. Driven into madness by James Comey's decision not to recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton over her private email server, Republicans promised last week to demand that the FBI investigate her for perjury instead. Show More Summary

Raw Data: How Does Social Security Compare to Retirement Programs in Other Countries?

Earlier today I wrote about retirement income in the United States, and that got me curious about how we compare to other countries. The obvious source for this is an international organization that does its best to make apples-to-apples...Show More Summary

Behold the Republican Platform Debate

Apparently Republicans are debating their platform right now. Behold my Twitter feed: GOP platform committee now debating what "junk food" is. oreos vs chocolate covered oreos. Seriously. — Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) July 11, 2016 Now...Show More Summary

With the Democratic Platform Done, Bernie Prepares to Endorse Hillary

Our long national nightmare is over at last: Hillary Clinton's campaign is making it official: Former Democratic rival Bernie Sanders will join her at a New Hampshire event on Tuesday where he plans to endorse her. ....Though Clinton...Show More Summary

Meet Theresa May, Britain's Next Prime Minister

Andrea Leadsom has unexpectedly pulled out of the race to replace David Cameron as leader of Britain's Conservative Party. This means not just that Theresa May will become the next prime minister, but that she will become prime minister on Wednesday, rather than a couple of months from now. This means that Brexit is now more likely to happen. Show More Summary

Negative Bond Rates Are the Latest Sign of Global Economic Stress

Negative yields on government bonds! That's the hot topic in investor circles these days, especially now that Switzerland has issued a 50-year bond with a negative yield. But it's worth keeping in mind that the inflation rate is Switzerland is currently about -1 percent, and expected to stay negative for some time. Show More Summary

Expand Social Security? Sure, For Low Earners.

Here is Steven Hill in the Los Angeles Times today: The real problem with Social Security is not a shortfall but that its payout is so meager. Social Security is designed to replace only about 35% of wages at retirement, yet most Americans need twice that amount to live decently. Show More Summary

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