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Emailgate Continues to Be a Nothingburger

Bob Somerby on emailgate: Yesterday, Candidate Clinton said it again, during a press avail: “No matter what anybody tries to say, the facts are stubborn. What I did was legally permitted, number one, first and foremost, OK?” It certainly...Show More Summary

Social Security Cuts Are Fairly Popular If You Talk About Them Right

Paul Krugman writes today that Republicans are engaged in an act of "political self-destructiveness." They consistently support entitlement cuts, including cuts to Social Security, despite the fact that only 6 percent of Americans want to cut Social Security while 51 percent want it increased. Show More Summary

China Seems to Be Lying About Its Unemployment Rate

What's the unemployment rate in China? Last month it was 4.1 percent. The month before it was 4.1 percent. Last year it was also 4.1 percent. And in 2013? That's right: 4.1 percent. A new NBER paper calls this "abnormally low and suspiciously stable," which seems like a fair judgment. Show More Summary

In Shocking News, Scott Walker's Health Care Plan Screws the Poor

This is going to be the most anticlimactic blog post ever, but can you guess how Scott Walker's health care plan compares to Obamacare for the poor? And how it compares for the upper middle class and the wealthy? Damn. You guessed. But...Show More Summary

Chart of the Day: Here's Why the Recovery Has Been So Weak

I don't really have any good hook for posting this chart, but it's one of the most important ones you'll ever see. It's from the Wall Street Journal and it shows total government spending (state + local + federal) during the recession...Show More Summary

Was Ted Cruz a Big Winner or a Big Loser From the GOP Debate?

We now have a second poll showing who gained and who lost from the first GOP debate. It's from CNN/ORC, and its results are similar to yesterday's Fox News poll with two significant exceptions. First, Donald Trump gained significantly in the CNN poll instead holding steady. Show More Summary

E-Cigarettes May or May Not Be a Gateway Drug. (But Probably Not.)

Are e-cigarettes a gateway drug to traditional cigarettes? There's a new study out that suggests they might be: The study focused on ninth-graders at 10 public schools in Los Angeles who had tried e-cigarettes before the fall of 2013. Show More Summary

I Read Scott Walker's Health Care Plan So You Don't Have To

It's health care day for Scott Walker. Today he released "The Day One Patient Freedom Plan," a title that's apparently designed to give the impression that his plan would start on Day One of his presidency. Yuval Levin comments that Walker's proposal "will be familiar to health wonks," and it's true. Show More Summary

We Are All Fans of Self-Deportation

Ezra Klein has read Donald Trump's immigration plan and finds it even worse than he expected. I didn't feel that way: it read to me like a pretty standard right-wing take on illegal immigration, with just a few added Trumpisms (Mexico will pay for the wall, we should force companies to hire Americans, etc.). Show More Summary

#Feelthebern? Not Really: Hillary Clinton Is Still the Odds-On Favorite.

Should Hillary Clinton's recent spate of problems (Bernie Sanders, the email server, sagging favorability numbers) be enough to make people nervous about her chances of winning the Democratic nomination? I can answer that in four words: It's August, folks. Show More Summary

Report: 0.03% of Families in Public Housing Make a Lot of Money

The Washington Post reports today on what's sure to become a shiny new conservative talking point. Here's the inevitable headline: In a nutshell, the story behind this is pretty simple: HUD checks your income when you apply to live in subsidized housing, but they never check it again. Show More Summary

First Amendment Law is Facing Some Very Big Changes

Adam Liptak says that Reed v. Town of Gilbert is the sleeper Supreme Court case of the past year. It unanimously struck down an ordinance that discriminated against signs announcing church service times, but only three justices ruled on the basis of existing law. Show More Summary

Social Security Is More Important Than a Lot of People Realize

The 2015 Retirement Confidence Survey from the Employee Benefit Research Institute is out, and it shows the usual: hardly anyone thinks that Social Security benefits will remain stable in the future. They expect cuts, cuts, and more cuts. This may be part of the explanation for the two charts on the right. Show More Summary

Happy Families: Let's Just Call It a Tie Between Democrats and Republicans

Who's got happier families, Democrats or Republicans? David Leonhardt reports on a new study that says it's Republicans: Among married people between the ages of 20 and 60, 67 percent of Republicans report being “very happy” with their...Show More Summary

What Happens When a Small City Raises Its Minimum Wage?

When a big city raises its minimum wage to $15 per hour, local businesses probably won't lose too much business. A few will lose business to online companies, and a few on the border of the city will lose business to competitors right over the city line, but overall losses will probably be modest. Show More Summary

Carson, Cruz, Fiorina Are the Big Winners After the Debate

It's taken a while, but we finally have a national poll taken following the Republican debate. Fox News conducted a poll starting on the Tuesday after the debate, so the results capture not just reaction to the debate, but reaction to the big Trump-Kelly feud over the weekend. Show More Summary

Maryland Official: Lead Poisoning Is the Royal Road to Riches

Technically this has nothing to do with lead and crime, but since I'm Mother Jones' senior lead correspondent it's up to me to put up this outlandish little item from Maryland: Gov. Larry Hogan's top housing official said Friday that...Show More Summary

Here's How to Talk Like Donald Trump

Back in 1996, Newt Gingrich wrote a memo that explained how to talk like Newt Gingrich. "That takes years of practice," he conceded up front, but he revealed that you could come close just by studying a list of his favorite words. Unfortunately, that was two decades ago and Gingrich is now a has-been. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Still Unclear About His Own Talking Points

Donald Trump gets serious! RADDATZ: Let me ask you a serious foreign policy question. What would you do about ISIS using chemical weapons? TRUMP: I think it's disgraceful that they're allowed and you can't allow it to happen and youShow More Summary

AT&T Is the NSA's Best Friend

New Snowden documents indicate that AT&T has been the biggest and most cooperative supplier of internet and phone data to the NSA: AT&T has given the N.S.A. access, through several methods covered under different legal rules, to billions of emails as they have flowed across its domestic networks. Show More Summary

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