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Quote of the Day: "I am coming after you with everything I have"

From Bill O'Reilly, to a reporter who called to ask about a Mother Jones report that he had wildly exaggerated his coverage of the Falklands War: During a phone conversation, he told a reporter for The New York Times that there would be repercussions if he felt any of the reporter’s coverage was inappropriate. Show More Summary

Once Again: What's the Deal With the Pretense That the Academy Awards Are Supposed to Last 3 Hours?

Kelsey McKinney writes today about why Joan Rivers was left out of the "In Memoriam" segment at the Oscars last night: The sequence, ultimately, only has so much room. Every year dozens of Academy Award nominees die, but there's only room to memorialize about 30 of them in a show that almost always runs over time already. Whoa. Show More Summary

New Retirement Regs Might Pose a Campaign Problem for Republicans

Congress is now controlled by Republicans, and it's unlikely they're going to pass any of the items on President Obama's agenda. But what about executive actions? Are there any more of those left in Obama's toolkit? Jared Bernstein says yes. Show More Summary

Is It Fair to Keep Peppering Scott Walker With Gotcha Questions?

Lately Scott Walker has been asked: Whether he agrees with Rudy Giuliani's comment that President Obama doesn't love America. Whether he believes in evolution. Whether he believe that Obama is a Christian. Is this fair? Why is Walker...Show More Summary

Factlet of the Day: Office Workers Will Soon Have Less Space Than Supermax Prisoners

The open plan revolution has wrought its havoc: The average amount of space per office worker in North America dropped to 176 square feet in 2012, from 225 in 2010, according to CoreNet Global, a commercial real estate association. Here's...Show More Summary

Climate Change Deniers Take Yet Another Hit

Climate change deniers don't have a lot of credible scientists who support their view. But they have a few, and one of the busiest and most prolific is Wei-Hock Soon, who insists that global warming is caused by variations in the sun's output, not by anything humans are doing. Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - 20 February 2015

The quilts are back! This is Hopper peering down from the second story hallway and surveying her domain from between the quilts hanging over the railing. Amusingly, Hilbert saw her and immediately started fussing and mewling, trying to figure out to get up to her. Show More Summary

Will Stonewalling Work For Bill O'Reilly in Falklandsgate?

Over at the mothership, David Corn and Daniel Schulman report that Bill O'Reilly might have a problem with the truth that's surprisingly similar to Brian Williams'. Basically, they both seem to have a habit of exaggerating their war-reporting prowess. Show More Summary

Quote of the Day: The Surveys Will Continue Until Morale Improves

From a study of low morale in the Department of Homeland Security, explaining why the authors hadn't made much progress in figuring out why morale was low: “Other entities had already engaged employees in efforts to assess morale,” and...Show More Summary

Men Complain Far More Than Women About Work-Family Conflicts

Danielle Kurtzleben points to an interesting chart today from the White House's Economic Report of the President. It's based on only two data points (1977 and 2008), but it's still kind of intriguing. Since 1977, two things have happened. Show More Summary

Despot-in-Chief Back to His Lawless Ways Yet Again

Cue up the cries of tyranny, folks. The despot-in-chief is at his lawless ways yet again: The Obama administration said it would allow people to sign up for plans on through April to avoid tax penalties for going uncovered in 2015. Show More Summary

Sorry, But Working for the Government Is Not a "Get Out of Jail Free" Card

First it was the police union in New York City, now it's the transport workers union: The arrest last week of a bus driver who struck a 15-year-old girl angered union officials, who sent a memo to members this week warning that bus drivers...Show More Summary

The NSA Has Access to Your Cell Phone's Encryption Key. And Everyone Else's Too.

The surveillance state, it turns out, is even bigger and badder than we thought. Previously, the story from the NSA has been: yes, we have access to petabytes of telephone metadata (who you called, what time you called, etc.), but we don't have routine access to your actual conversations. Show More Summary

How Big a Deal Would It Be If Red States Lost Their Obamacare Subsidies?

What happens if the Supreme Court somehow persuades itself that Obamacare subsidies shouldn't be available to people in states that rely on the federal exchange? Answer: in the red states that have refused to operate their own exchanges,...Show More Summary

Walmart's Surprise Wage Increase Might Be Good News About the Economy

This is interesting news, especially in the wake of my earlier post about the dismal state of earnings growth in 2014. Walmart is raising wages: The retail giant, which has been criticized for continuing to pay some employees the bare...Show More Summary

Scott Walker's Tax Cuts Are Coming Back to Haunt Him

Via Ed Kilgore, this might prove to be Scott Walker's biggest Achilles' heel: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, facing a $283 million deficit that needs to be closed by the end of June, will skip more than $100 million in debt payments...Show More Summary

Chart of the Day: Wages Are Down For Almost Everyone

EPI's Elise Gould provides us with wage data for 2014 today, and the results aren't pretty: Every group has seen a cumulative drop in wages since 2007 except for the top 5 percent (red line). Every group saw a drop in wages in 2014 except...Show More Summary

Giuliani's Anti-Obama Rant Is a Big Opportunity for Jeb Bush

Here is Rudy Giuliani telling us how he really feels about President Obama during a private group dinner last night featuring Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: I do not believe that the president loves America. He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me. Show More Summary

The American Public Is Becoming Ever More Rabid for War Against ISIS

It sure isn't hard to gin Americans into a war fever. President Obama isn't even trying, but support for sending U.S. ground troops back into Iraq to fight ISIS continues to grow. According to a new CBS News poll, it now stands at 57 percent. It's not just conservatives, either. Show More Summary

Obamacare Will Cover About 19 Million People This Year

With the signup deadline now past, we have a pretty good idea of how many people will be getting health care coverage via Obamacare in 2015. Here's a rough estimate: +11.4 million: confirmed signups for private coverage. -1.8 million:...Show More Summary

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