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Donald Trump Is a Dick, Part 874

Crain's has a story up today saying that Donald Trump received a $302 benefit on the property-tax bill for his Trump Tower penthouse, which is interesting because you can only get this deduction if you have an income under $500,000. Now, I'm skeptical of Trump's wealth, but I don't believe that Trump has an income under $500,000. Show More Summary

Does Donald Trump Really Have a 30% Chance of Winning?

Sam Wang, my go-to presidential forecaster, says Hillary Clinton would have a 99 percent chance of winning if the election were held today. But the election isn't being held today: Historically from 1952 to 2012, the likely range ofShow More Summary

You Can't Please Everyone

This cracks me up. The first two emails I got about our new site design, about five minutes apart, were these: Reader #1: God that is really ugly. Reader #2: I love your new artwork! Kudos to the graphic designer! I like the new design myself, though I'll confess that the logo is...very large and orange. Show More Summary

Uber Needs to Start Acting Like a Grownup

Adam Ozimek is dismayed by progressive excitement over the regulation of Uber in the city of Austin: There’s a lot of celebrating in some corners about Austin’s recent passage of a law mandating that ridesharing companies like Uber fingerprint...Show More Summary

Can Donald Trump Get Away With Proposing to Destroy the US Government?

Today the Wall Street Journal asks a vital question: Donald Trump’s Plans Don’t Add Up. Do Voters Care? Oh please. Bernie Sanders' plans don't add up and his followers couldn't care less. Paul Ryan's plans don't add up. Republicans don't care. Show More Summary

A Very Brief Timeline of the Bathroom Wars

A very brief Twitter conversation yesterday got me curious about the timeline of transgender bathroom hysteria. Where and when did it start? I'm not interested in going back to the beginning of time and regaling you with the history of Jim Crow bathroom laws and the origin of sex-segregated bathrooms in 18th-century Paris and Victorian Britain. Show More Summary

BinC Watch? What's That Supposed to Mean, Anyway?

Well, originally it meant Bullshitter-in-Chief. But this is a family site, so— Actually, no, it's not a family site. Still, endless repetitions of bullshit can put people off. So a reader suggested Buffoon-in-Chief. I kind of like that. Or...Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - 13 May 2016

Hopper has learned how to take selfies. It turns out that opposable thumbs are entirely unnecessary. All you have to do is jump up on Daddy's lap while he's reading on his tablet and tell him to take a picture. She looks pretty smug about the whole thing, doesn't she?

Three Sentences About the Cocoon

Sentence #1: Drew Altman on whether people are satisfied or not with their Obamacare coverage: In the Kaiser survey, which will be published next week, 29% of Republicans in marketplace plans (i.e., Obamacare) say they have benefited...Show More Summary

Transgender Bathrooms Might be the New Gay Marriage for Conservatives

Jim Geraghty asks a question that's been on my mind too: How happy do you think Hillary Clinton is with the Obama administration’s decision that schools must permit transgender students to use the bathroom they prefer? Here’s an issue that will irk a lot of parents of daughters who might otherwise not care that much about politics. Show More Summary

Ask an Economist: Are Living Standards Higher Than They Used to Be?

So how are we doing these days? Let's ask some economists. Their consensus, apparently, is that we're way better off compared to the golden days of our youth, but not so much compared to more recent years. In fact, economists are split...Show More Summary

Investigation Into Sailors Captured By Iran Appears to Be Winding Down

Hey, remember those ten sailors who were briefly held by Iran a few months ago when they drifted into Iranian waters? Of course you do. Donald Trump and Fox News will never let you forget. Well, it looks like maybe the investigationShow More Summary

Chart of the Day: Hooray! We're Shopping Again!

A couple of days ago the big headline was "Why Aren't People Shopping?" Today it's "U.S. Retail Sales in April Grew at Best Pace in More Than a Year." What a difference a single new report makes. Anyway, retail sales were up 1.3 percent from March and 2.8 percent over the past year. Show More Summary

BinC Watch: Donald Trump Rambles Incoherently About Amazon

I just—I can't wrap—I just don't know what to say anymore. Here is Trump doing his best Sarah Palin imitation: Trump goes after @JeffBezos in Hannity interview tonight, implies Bezos is why WaPo is digging into his history —...Show More Summary

Bill Clinton...Did Something Back in 2010

I'm trying hard to remove my partisan hat and look at this objectively, but I'll be damned if I can figure out what the problem is supposed to be with this: The Clinton Global Initiative, which arranges donations to help solve the world’s...Show More Summary

Another Look at Young High School Grads

Over at the Economic Policy Institute, I'm in hot water over my question about the unemployment rate for young high school grads: Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum seems to dislike a New York Times article calling job prospects for young high...Show More Summary

Weekly Flint Water Report: April 30-May 6

Here is this week's Flint water report. As usual, I've eliminated outlier readings above 2,000 parts per billion, since there are very few of them and they can affect the averages in misleading ways. During the week, DEQ took 397 samples. The average for the past week was 10.91.

BinC Watch: Trump Knows All the Best People

Donald Trump has based his entire campaign on the idea that the government is managed by idiots and will run better once he appoints smart people to head things up. The smartest, in fact! So who has he appointed so far? Let's take a look: VP search: Ben Carson, then Corey Lewandowski. Show More Summary

Corrupt IRS Spells Doom For Donald Trump Later This Year

Should Donald Trump release his tax returns? Sure. So why won't he? There are probably a few embarrassing things tucked away in there, but I doubt this is the real reason. The real reason is that they'd show Trump isn't worth $10 billion. Show More Summary

Should Liberals Be Concerned About Liberal Bias at Facebook?

As I mentioned the other day, conservatives are outraged over a report that Facebook manipulates its "trending topics" feed to favor liberal issues. So far, this allegation comes from one (1) ex-Facebook guy, so I'm inclined to wait a bit and see if it turns out to represent anything real or not. Show More Summary

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